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Jan 10 2020

372,000 Anchor Babies Dropped in USA Last Year

Democrats call for America to be less like America and more like the rest of the world. They are likely to get their way, as the USA undergoes colonization by the rest of the world at a pace that will marginalize American culture within a few decades. Luis Miguel notes that about 372,000 anchor babies were born here last year, 72,000 to noncitizen foreigners who were in the country legally, the rest to undocumented Democrats.

These children, commonly referred to as “anchor babies,” serve as an anchor by which illegal-alien parents justify their stay in the country in defiance of federal immigration law.

Anchor babies also give their parents hope of one day receiving legal status in the country, as current immigration law allows U.S. citizens to sponsor their non-citizen parents for legal permanent residence as “immediate relatives” — a category that is given priority and that is not limited by visa availability as other categories are.

Dropping an anchor baby also lets foreigners climb aboard the welfare gravy train.

As CIS [Center for Immigration Studies] notes, 67 percent of new mothers who are illegal aliens are either uninsured or on child support, compared to 42 percent of native-born mothers. Beyond hospital costs, illegal-alien mothers are more likely than their citizen counterparts to rely on taxpayer-funded welfare programs to sustain their children.

This can’t be sustained forever, but it doesn’t have to be. Democrats only have to keep it going long enough to make Americans a minority in their own country. Then they will attain the dominance nationally that they recently achieved in California and Virginia.

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