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Dec 10 2023

$7.5 billion for Zero EV Chargers

Democrats have spent $billions upon $billions of our money in the name of getting us to drive dangerous, expensive, inefficient, unreliable, and environmentally harmful electric cars, for reasons they have not divulged but that probably don’t have anything to do with the allegedly problematic climate, which will remain unaffected. What are we getting for the money? Nothing:

The 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act included $7.5 billion to build 500,000 public charging stations across the country. Under the program, states can qualify for as much as 80 percent of the cost to build chargers and bring them online. But as Politico reported this week, not a single charger funded by the program is yet operational.


Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency mandated that by 2030, half of all vehicles sold in the U.S. must be electric.

In other words, EPA bureaucrats have mandated that we will be going without cars, in accordance with the totalitarian power evidently bestowed upon them by the US Constitution. There will be nowhere near enough chargers to support them.

“The slow rollout…primarily boils down to the difficulties state agencies and charging companies face in meeting a complex set of contracting requirements and minimum operating standards for the federally-funded chargers, according to interviews with state and EV industry officials,” the article notes.

Too bad vehicles can’t run on red tape. Then our moonbat rulers could offer a viable alternative to normal cars.

No worries. Biden’s bureauweenies can just issue another decree dictating that we must drive electric vehicles whether there are charging stations or not.

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