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Mar 28 2019

$9 Million Awarded to Attempted Cop-Killer’s Family

Moonbats can be relied on to side with sociopathic maniacs against those who protect us from them — all the more enthusiastically when there is big money in it for them. This does not bode well for the future of public safety. A California jury has awarded $9 million to the family (and its lawyers) of a woman who was shot while trying to kill a police officer:

The federal jury reached the verdict in favor of 37-year-old Sinuon Pream’s parents and her four children on Friday. Pream was shot by Long Beach Officers Bradley Muhlenkamp and Elieser Domingo on Jan. 15, 2017, after she refused repeated orders to drop a knife.

At the time, Long Beach police said Pream had tried to cut and stab several civilians with the knife, swung it at officers and advanced on them.

Why didn’t they use their Tasers?

They said both Muhlenkamp and Domingo used their stun guns on Pream to no effect before they shot her.

Muhlenkamp opened fire due to the immediate threat to his life. The city could find no evidence of wrongdoing by the officers.

But who needs evidence when you have bleeding heart rhetoric?

“She needed help, not bullets,” said Rodney Diggs, one of the Pream family’s attorneys. “The family is pretty torn up because their mother and their daughter suffered from a sickness that wasn’t her fault.”

From the liberal point of view, being a white male is your fault, necessitating Joe Biden’s appalling apology tour. Attempting to plunge a knife into a police officer’s chest? Not your fault. Only a hater would judge people by the way they behave. Therefore, Muhlenkamp should have let Pream kill him and continue to run amok.

The consequences of this lunacy could be devastating.

Every time a lowlife of politically preferred pigmentation manages to get himself shot by the police, progressives raise a hullabaloo. Innocent cops’ lives are targeted for destruction; riots break out with tacit encouragement from the media and top Democrats.

In the future, they will go straight to lawsuits, punishing the supposedly racist police with ever-escalating jackpot justice verdicts that are financed not by the police but by taxpayers.

To keep cities solvent, cops will have to adopt a hands-off approach to crime, as in Baltimore following the Freddie Gray spectacle. Law-abiding citizens will be best advised to stay behind their locked doors.

Things will work out fine for Rodney Diggs though.

On a tip from Bluto.

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