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May 27 2024

90%–95% of Welfare Loot to Foreign Invaders

The welfare state exists to confiscate wealth from those who create it to buy votes from those who don’t. Aside from our quasi-Marxist rulers, who benefits most from this system? Let’s ask Harrison Deah of General Assistance and Social Services for Westbrook, Maine:

Ninety to 95% of the welfare department’s “clients” are “New Mainers.” To translate out of liberal Euphemese, in the context of the massive ongoing invasion Biden has facilitated, this means they are overwhelmingly illegal aliens.

It can be assumed that Westbrook is no outlier, and that a similar state of affairs prevails in small towns throughout the country. The situation in big cities is even worse.

The American people are being forced to finance their own conquest and displacement. Our ancestors would have fought to the last man before submitting to this.

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