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Apr 20 2024

How an “Anti-Racist” Feels About Jews

Lest you think Naziesque anti-Semitism won’t get as bad in the USA as in the UK, consider the current climate in academia under the regime of DEI:

As observed by Western Journal,

Her insidious remark drew a look of astonishment but also an open-mouthed smile from an androgynous-looking person seated to her left. The male-looking person to her right wore the cloth mask of the COVID cult. His reaction, therefore — perhaps thankfully — remains a mystery.

Our radicalized universities are excreting tomorrow’s political leaders.

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Apr 20 2024

Joe Scarborough Says You Hate America

It’s cliché to say it because it is true: liberals incessantly accuse their opponents of what they themselves are guilty of. To take a comically obvious example, the pernicious kooks at MSNBC accuse patriots of hating the country that leftists have been systematically destroying in accordance with their ideology:

This from the party that refuses to repudiate Muslim colonists chanting “Death to America!” in Michigan.

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Apr 20 2024

Threatened With Arrest for Being “Openly Jewish” in UK

Jews might want to rethink their support for leftism. A society succumbing to moonbattery is not safe for them. In Britain, the police already threaten to arrest people for being “openly Jewish”:

Metropolitan Police officers threatened to arrest an “openly Jewish” man for walking in central London during a pro-Palestinian protest.

The force suggested Gideon Falter’s presence was “provocative” and that he was “antagonising” protesters.

How could you further antagonize people who already want your race eradicated?

Falter, the chief executive of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, had just left a synagogue and was wearing a kippah skullcap.

Muslims have not yet achieved majority status in Britain and already this is very nearly a crime, thanks to their liberal allies being in charge. What they do to Jews they will then do to Christians, then to anyone else who does not make a spectacle of revering Islam. See Iran for details.

London has already fallen and is no longer a safe city in which to be Jewish. Mayor Sadiq Khan personifies the Muslim–moonbat alliance as surely as Brussels Mayor Emir Kir.

The British fought off the Nazis only to allow leftism to rot them into this:

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Apr 20 2024

Self-Immolator Maxwell Azzarello Was a Moonbat

No matter how far they take their depraved ideology, progressives manage to progress still further. Less than 2 months ago we were shocked when lefty Aaron Bushnell set himself on fire to demonstrate his support for Hamas following the terror atrocities of October 7. Before long, it will be a fad, before moonbats move on to something more horrifying still. Already we have a copycat in Maxwell Azzarello:

A man set himself on fire in front of the Manhattan courtroom on Friday as a CNN live broadcast reported on the jury being seating in former President Donald Trump’s trial.

Azzarello died of his self-inflicted injuries.

He left a manifesto, which reveals an unsurprising political orientation.

Azzarello had a paranoid interest in conservative tech billionaire Peter Thiel, believed that “capitalism is unsustainable,” and fretted about fascism and climate change. He had worked for Democrat congresscritters Tom Suozzi and Ami Bera, as well as for the self-described “social justice organization” Liberty Hill Foundation. His LinkedIn photo was a picture of him standing next to Bill Clinton. He described himself as “a huge proponent of left unity” and an “anarchocommunist” — i.e., a radical moonbat of the type you might expect to do something really crazy in a public park.

Nonetheless, the media will spin his viewpoint as nonpartisan even pro-Trump if they think they can get away with it.

VIEWER ADVISORY: Death by moonbattery can be disturbing:

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Apr 20 2024

Andrea Ye Bid to Be Next Audrey Hale Foiled

Authorities continue to keep transsexual mass murderer Audrey Hale’s writings from the public, evidently because they do not want to draw attention to the conspicuous connection between transgenderism and psychotic violence. The politicized FBI has been using the lame excuse of a supposed ongoing investigation — a full year after the fact. It would look less ridiculous for them to claim they don’t want to encourage copycat kooks — though Audrey Hale may have had her influence anyway. Fortunately, Andrea Ye’s plans were foiled:

Ye, whose preferred name is Alex, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with making threats of mass violence after allegedly planning to shoot up Wootton High School in Rockville, Maryland.

Police swooped on Ye after finding a ‘manifesto’ written by the teen which they said ‘writes about committing a school shooting, and strategizes how to carry out the act’.

Writes the 18-year-old Ms. Ye,

“I have also considered shooting up my former elementary school because little kids make easier targets.”

Her fellow LGBTists in the education and media establishments would concur on children being easier targets.

Ye has a long history of inpatient care for mental health issues, according to the court documents seen by ABC, and had openly expressed thoughts of homicidal and suicidal ideation.

According to the court documents, Ye was previously hospitalized ‘for threatening to ‘shoot up a school’.

Female transsexuals tend to take male hormones. This splashes gasoline on the flames of their psychosis.

Although she fortunately hasn’t murdered anyone yet (that we know of), Ye fits right in with her compatriots in the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors.

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Apr 20 2024

Open Thread

I am opposed to any individual taxes until we eliminate all of the unconstitutional agencies, and I suspect we wouldn't need a tax after that. - Michael Badnarik

Apr 19 2024

African Invaders Complain That Americans Speak English

On Tuesday some of the numberless hordes of illegal aliens from Africa pouring into New York City swamped the area around City Hall and aired their belligerent grievances. As noted at the time:

Their dissatisfaction will be easy for Democrats to weaponize against the native population the newcomers have been imported to displace.

What could they possibly have to complain about, considering they have invaded our country in contravention of our laws, yet instead of being kicked out are provided with free food, housing, and even prepaid debit cards? For one thing, we keep speaking English instead of learning Africa’s many languages:

Via Modernity:

At another point in the hearing migrants began complaining about the free food and housing they have been provided, saying it isn’t good enough.

They described the situation as “unacceptable,” and “shameful,” and even calling New York City “Anti-African, racist and Xeonophobic,” charging that the council is “responsible for this pain and suffering” that will affect migrants “for generations to come.”

They will certainly be dissatisfied for generations to come, making it easy for the liberal establishment to find participants when it is considered politically expedient to launch another wave of race riots.

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Apr 19 2024

Slippery Slope Summarized

Their incremental strategy is right there in the word “progressive.” Yet in an attempt to prevent us from defending ourselves against it, progressives sneer that the slippery slope is a fallacy. This guy proves in a few seconds that it is not:

What’s next, subject your children to horrific sex change procedures or they will be confiscated and you will face arrest? No; Not the Bee reminds us that this milestone has already been passed.

The great Leonardo da Vinci tried to warn us:

It's easier to resist at the beginning than at the end. - Leonardo da Vinci

Apr 19 2024

Welcome Home Scranton Joe

As part of the absurd pretense that he somehow represents the regular Americans that his regime has been eradicating through open borders, socialism, and the DEI ideology of the liberal elite, the figurehead of our degenerate ruling class presents himself as “Scranton Joe,” on the grounds that he happens to have been born in the working class town before moving to Delaware. LANGUAGE ALERT — here’s how Biden is welcomed by the actual residents of Scranton:

Biden’s visit to Scranton was intended to contrast his middle class background with Trump’s privileged upbringing. Marxists forget that in America, it isn’t where you start; it’s where you end up.

Creepy Joe represents the decadent rich. The wealthiest have grown wealthier with him in office, whereas the rest of us have been incrementally impoverished by inflation. In contrast, Trump represents resistance to their misrule, which is why they hate him so much.

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Apr 19 2024

Why NPR Must Be Immediately Defunded

NPR has always been moonbatty, often to the point of inducing nausea, but in recent years it has gone overboard into hardcore leftism. Uri Berliner worked there for a quarter of a century. He was recently driven out for publicly noticing the extreme bias of what is supposed to be an objective news outlet:

The change, he said, started with the election of Donald Trump. He described how the programming relentlessly pushed the Russian-collusion story only to leave it largely unmentioned once the Mueller report did not establish collusion; how NPR consciously refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story in the runup to the 2020 election; and how during Covid, its journalists portrayed the lab-leak theory as having been debunked when it had not been.

There is a thin line between spinning and lying. NPR crosses it on behalf of a profoundly destructive ideology.

In the wake of the George Floyd killing and the ensuing riots, NPR followed other institutions in imposing a DEI framework organization-wide.

NPR pushed its trademark flakiness to new extremes with “affinity groups”…

… including “MGIPOC (Marginalized Genders and Intersex People of Color mentorship program); Mi Gente (Latinx employees at NPR); NPR Noir (black employees at NPR); Southwest Asians and North Africans at NPR; Ummah (for Muslim-identifying employees); Women, Gender-Expansive, and Transgender People in Technology Throughout Public Media; Khevre (Jewish heritage and culture at NPR); and NPR Pride (LGBTQIA employees at NPR).”

Imagine expecting accurate coverage from this collective of kooks.

NPR regards identity group diversity as its “North Star.” As for viewpoint diversity,

When Berliner did a search of voter-registration records of editorial employees of the D.C. newsroom, he found 87 Democrats and zero Republicans.

They say a fish rots from the head. The head of NPR is CEO Katherine Maher:

“I do wish Hillary wouldn’t use the language of ‘boy and girl,’” she lamented in 2016, “it’s erasing language for non-binary people.” In 2020, she defended rioters, posting, “I mean, sure, looting is counterproductive. But it’s hard to be mad about protests not prioritizing the private property of a system of oppression founded on treating people’s ancestors as private property.” She also wrote, “Lots of jokes about leaving the US, and I get it. But as someone with cis white mobility privilege, I’m thinking I’m staying and investing in ridding ourselves of this spectre of tyranny.”

That must be a reference to Donald Trump, whose participation in a fair election represents what NPR types would call a “threat to Our Democracy.”

At another point, she posted a picture of herself — masked outdoors, naturally — with a “Biden for President” hat. In a meandering TED Talk that makes Vice President Kamala Harris’s musings seem coherent, Maher blurted out the gem that, “We all have different truths.”

Prepare to be condescended to as the head of NPR explains the concept of truth:

She clarifies that although all “truths” are equally valid, truths that do not comply with woke ideology are not valid; bitterly clinging to these wrong truths is what causes deplorables to distrust the liberal establishment:

Maher calls the First Amendment the “number 1 challenge” to suppressing “bad information” — i.e., “truths” she doesn’t like:

In this apparatchik’s conception of utopia, everything except the corrosive lies spewed on NPR would be illegal.

Bad enough that the federal government forces us to fund a news program. This is obviously unnecessary given the alphabet soup of news outlets (ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC/ETC.) and outside its constitutional purview. Forcing us to fund propaganda that does not pass the laugh test as objective news is corrupt.

Grotesquely excessive federal spending threatens the viability of the American economy. To save the country, a Javier Milei style chainsaw is required. Defunding low-hanging fruit like NPR/PBS is a no-brainer.

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Apr 19 2024

Police Shut Down Conservative Conference in Brussels

Brussels is the de facto capital of the European Union. The city has fallen to Europe’s worst enemies, both external and internal. Consequently:

Police descended upon a Brussels conference venue on Tuesday morning on the orders of local mayor Emir Kir to prevent a political conference from taking place. Delegates and speakers who had not yet made it into the building were blocked from entering… The conference is slated to feature a range of political speakers including Brexit leader Nigel Farage, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, former UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman, and other conservative thinkers and legislators.

Such speakers are regarded as offensive to the Islamoleftist alliance as personified by the socialist Turk Emir Kir.

Former French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour was among those physically prevented from entering the conference venue.

Zemmour accused Brussels municipal mayor Emir Kir of being “close to the Turkish Islamists” and using the police as “a private militia” to shut down discussion.

As noted by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Belgian constitution. Apparently this document does still apply even in colonized Brussels:

A conservative conference in Brussels has resumed after a court overturned the local mayor’s order to shut it down. …

The Mayor of Brussels justified the order to ban the conference to “guarantee public safety”, adding “the far right is not welcome”.

Extrapolating from current trends, such a conference will be inconceivable in Europe in the coming decades.

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Apr 19 2024

Open Thread

Every civilization depends on the quality of the individuals it produces. If you over-organize humans, over-legalize them, suppress their urge to greatness-they cannot work and their civilization collapses. - Frank Herbert

Apr 18 2024

Biden Demands Israel Not Move on Haifa

If Joe Biden is clever enough to serve as Commander in Chief of the USA, he ought to be put in charge of Israel’s fight for survival against Islamomaniacs. Never mind; he already is in charge of it. Watch as he delivers orders not to move on Haifa:

Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel. This is equivalent to Netanyahu demanding Biden not move on Chicago.

The liberal establishment would be hard pressed to find a more appropriate figurehead than this clueless moron.

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Apr 18 2024

Surgical Oncologists Required to Be DEI Compliant

To work as a surgical oncologist, you must meet certain requirements. Prominent among these at UC Davis is compliance with DEI ideology:

Applicants for a job as a surgical oncologist must submit a “Statement of Contributions to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” to be considered at the University of California Davis.

“Contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion documented in the application file will be used to evaluate applicants,” the job listing for an “academic surgical oncologist/breast surgeon” states.

Iran is considered a totalitarian theocracy because everyone is required to comply with Islam. But I doubt you need to submit a statement detailing your contributions to jihad to work as a surgeon. The ayatollahs running the place are fanatical, but not compared to the moonbats running our schools.

[W]hile a DEI statement is mandatory, a “Statement of Teaching” and “Statement of Research” both are listed as optional under the job application instructions.

You can’t prioritize everything.

The effect on patients’ well-being of surgeons being chosen on the basis of social engineering and/or political orthodoxy rather than professional skill is irrelevant to educrats.

It isn’t just UC Davis:

For example, San Diego State University’s job listing in 2022 for a cancer biologist also required a DEI statement, as reported by City Journal.

The subversion of the medical field by leftists and its subordination to moonbattery will lower the quality of healthcare and cost lives.

Then again, if janitors have to submit DEI statements to get hired, equity demands that surgeons should too.

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