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May 28 2018

Andrew Jackson and America’s Second War of Independence

Memorial Day is time to remember great heroes of the USA’s proud history, like Andrew Jackson, who helped win America’s second war of independence:

Currently unworthy of him, Democrats have begun to disown Andrew Jackson. This giant has been judged by dwarves to be a thought criminal for failing to comply with 21st century standards of political correctness. The Obama Administration resolved to take him off the $20 bill and replace him with a Woman of Color, which no doubt will happen sooner or later.

Once progressives feel he has been sufficiently demonized, they will force Andrew Jackson the rest of the way down the memory hole, so that future generations will not be able to take pride in his accomplishments.

War is a blessing compared with national degradation. - Andrew Jackson
Not exactly in tune with today’s Democrats.

On a tip from Lyle.

Jul 24 2015

Connecticut State Democrat Party Begins Erasing Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson

Looks like Alexander Hamilton won’t be the last dead white male to get nudged off our currency. Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson have been deemed politically incorrect:

Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are history in Connecticut.

Under pressure from the NAACP, the state Democratic Party will scrub the names of the two presidents from its annual fundraising dinner because of their ties to slavery.

Party leaders voted unanimously Wednesday night in Hartford to rename the Jefferson Jackson Bailey dinner in the aftermath of last month’s fatal shooting of nine worshipers at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C.

A mentally ill maniac named Dylann Roof didn’t commit the murders. The South did — or so we are led to believe. That’s why the liberal establishment reacted by repressing the flag of the South. Great historical figures from the South will follow the Rebel Flag down the memory hole just as quickly as Democrats can acquire the leverage to make it happen.

By a remarkable coincidence, most of the primary Founding Fathers were Southerners. They will be erased, along with their works, so that a new, more impeccably politically correct society might take the place of ours.

Ironically, the great Andrew Jackson, a key figure in our victory in the War of 1812, was the first Democrat president. How fortunate for him that he didn’t live to see what his party has become.

The decision is believed to be unprecedented and could prompt Democrats in other states with similarly named events to follow suit.

“I see it as the right thing to do,” Nick Balletto, the party’s first-year chairman, told Hearst Connecticut Media on Wednesday night.

Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, is now reviled as a thought criminal. It would be impossible to overstate the significance.

“You can’t change history, but you don’t have to honor it,” Balletto said.

True enough, you can’t change history. But you can erase it and substitute a forgery in its place. That’s how those who control the present control the past, and through it the future.

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Mar 10 2015

Who Will Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20?

As America is fundamentally transformed into a totally different nation bearing no meaningful relationship with the great men who built it, it is only a matter of time until politically incorrect dead white males are removed from the currency. First to be scrubbed will be Andrew Jackson, who stands accused of not being sufficiently obsequious toward Indians as he helped the country expand to the west. Whoever replaces him, it won’t be any white male thought criminal — or any white male, now that achievement takes a back seat to identity politics.

Some would like to rub our faces in the self-hatred of neurotic racial guilt by putting Rosa Parks on the $20:

Parks is among 15 women who made history … to be nominated by a grassroots online campaign aiming to oust the likeness of seventh U.S. President Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill.

With the slogan “A Woman’s Place is on the Money,” the New York City-based Women on 20s nonprofit,, launched an online voting campaign March 1 to coincide with Women’s History Month. The group wants to convince President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, who oversees the U.S. Mint and currency design decisions, to honor a history-making American woman. And it wouldn’t require an act of Congress to do so.

That means it is likely to happen. Once done, the change will be permanent; any future president who changes the $20 back to Jackson will set off a cacophony of shrieking from journalists about misogyny, racism, et cetera. At this point it appears the only Americans who would have enough character to stand up to them live in the past with Old Hickory.

Other candidates include Margaret Sanger, the eugenics advocate who wanted to reduce the population of what she called “human weeds” (e.g., blacks). During her time, Nazis and the KKK were receptive to her views. Democrats revere her to this day as the founder of the lavishly taxpayer-subsidized McDonald’s of abortion, Planned Parenthood.

Rachel Carson, whose hysterical book Silent Spring led to the repression of DDT and the consequent needless death of millions of children from malaria, also makes the candidate list. So does Shrillary Clinton’s favorite interlocutor, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Whoever gets the spot, it is fortunate Jackson never suspected what his country would degenerate into, or he wouldn’t have put up such a ferocious fight at the battle of New Orleans — unless there are Andrew Jacksons among us even today who can reverse our slide into moonbattery.

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Dec 17 2014

Andrew Klavan on Al Sharpton

Given that Al Sharpton has a prominent seat at the president’s elbow, his background needs more attention. The MSM won’t do its job, so Andrew Klavan tries his hand:

Actually, when it comes to cartoonishly obvious displays of pure evil, not even Shrillary can compete with black “civil rights” leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

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Jan 31 2013

Jesse Jackson Calls for Looting Pension Funds

As Margaret Thatcher observed, sooner or later socialists run out of other people’s money. But the looting won’t stop until they have stolen your last penny. Did you expect to have a secure retirement after working your whole life? Sucker:

At a three-day conference in New York that began on Wednesday, [Jesse] Jackson discussed a proposal for increasing the availability of capital by using pension money to make loans in low-income communities. The idea is getting a prominent debut at the 16th annual Wall Street Project Economic Summit, hosted by Mr. Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the Citizenship Education Fund.

He isn’t just shouting this Marxist lunacy through a bullhorn at some ghetto street corner.

The conference features some big names, with a keynote speech from former President Bill Clinton.

Despite or rather because of his appalling irresponsibility and conspicuous lack of morals and character, Clinton is a demigod among Democrats.

Fundamentally, Mr. Jackson’s proposal is about leveling the playing field.

That is, it is about imposing egalitarianism by reducing everyone to the economic level of Jackson’s welfare-bred supporters.

Most who don’t rely on the socialist media for information are aware that the 2008 crisis and subsequent continuing economic decline were set off by federally coerced loans to these very “low-income communities.” Such loans are not even intended to be paid back, as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed as he was helping to set the collapse in motion as HUD secretary.

In plain terms, Jackson is advocating a smash and grab theft of pension money. His criminal ilk controls the government and is likely to loot America to the point of total collapse.

jesse jackson
Thieving lowlifes are running the show.

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Nov 12 2018

Vintage Countermoonbattery from John Wayne

Amazingly, old movies featuring countermoonbattery can still be seen on television. Turner Classic Movies ran Without Reservations just today. Try to imagine the current culture in Hollyweird producing a scene like this one featuring John Wayne:

Hopefully, someone other than the libs at TCM is storing a copy of these old treasures. If great historical figures (e.g., Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson) can be retroactively punished for violating current standards of political correctness, the same will inevitably come to be true of old movies. The only question is whether the films will be selectively edited or will just vanish altogether down the Memory Hole.

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Apr 30 2018

Poised for Victory, Democrats Endorse Ultra-Radicalism

Democrats are jubilant over the predicted blue wave backlash against Trump. We had better not let it happen. The ascendant ultra-radicalism of today’s Democrat Party is not something that Andrew Jackson, JFK, or even the Clintons could recognize. Obama opened the door to radicalization; now that door has been taken off the hinges.

Bernie Sanders, a communist who runs as a socialist and gets elected by Democrats, has gone openly Bolshevik, promising healthcare benefits and a $15/hour job to everyone as an entitlement. The Soviet Union collapsed because an economy that pays two people to watch each cow graze is not sustainable. No matter; Sanders is an expert at Marxist demagoguery, not economics or history — and Marxist demagoguery is what appeals to Democrat voters.

Scrambling to keep up, Senators and presidential hopefuls Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker also back the economically insane notion of jobs as entitlements. Inflation alone would cause devastation if this lunacy were imposed, never mind the astronomical expense to taxpayers and all the jobs that would be destroyed because only the government can afford to pay $15/hour for work that isn’t worth it.

Dems haven’t figured out what to do about people who neglect to show up for the jobs they are entitled to, other than granting Labor Department bureauweenies power to “take disciplinary action if needed.” A vision of Vietnamese slaving in rice paddies with AK-47s poking them in the spine comes to mind.

Sanders-level radicalism has become mainstream among Dems. In addition to the $15/hour job as an entitlement lunacy,

Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., said he was proposing a bill that would boost the Earned Income Tax Credit to almost double the current payout for families and tenfold for childless workers. He urged Democrats to go bold with big visions in response to the election of President Trump.

That is, the IRS would be turned into a firehose to blast other people’s money at Democrat voters.

Not to be outdone,

Andrew Yang, an entrepreneur and a Democratic presidential hopeful, told Fox Business Network [last] Monday that he is proposing $1,000 a month for all citizens between the ages of 18 and 64 as part of a universal basic income program…

Get ready for taxes and inflation to skyrocket; there’s more:

The Washington Free Beacon also reported that a wealthy Democratic donor club used an event attended by Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to call for “reparations” — presumably to black people for slavery — along with other big spending projects.

Apparently the $trillions that have been wasted subsidizing poverty don’t count as reparations because the extravagant handouts don’t go exclusively to Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation.

“It’s 2022 and we are celebrating policy victories across the nation: Medicare for All and Free College, and next on the agenda is Reparations,” Democracy Alliance said in invitation to the event.

Other Democrats bark about impeaching Trump for no real reason other than because they don’t like him. This would place our system of government in jeopardy.

More radicalism:

“ICE operates as an unaccountable deportation force,” former Clinton spokesman and Democratic consultant Brian Fallon tweeted in January. “Dems running in 2020 should campaign on ending the agency in its current form.”

Combined with opening the open border still further, the gargantuan redistributive spending Democrats plan on would collapse the economy. Americans would quickly become a minority in a floundering Third World collectivist hellhole. A nuclear war might be less permanently devastating.

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Nov 24 2017

Open Thread

War is a blessing compared with national degradation. - Andrew Jackson
Aug 18 2017

War on History Continues: Lincoln’s Memory Attacked in D.C., South Side Chicago

Lincoln freed the slaves. He gets the thanks we have come to expect:

A ninety-year-old bust of Abraham Lincoln, our sixteenth president, was destroyed in a South Side Chicago neighborhood overnight on Wednesday.

The bust was wrapped in tar paper and set aflame.

Honest Abe has been caught up in the latest frenzy to destroy anything that reminds liberal social engineers and the mobs of idiot savages they mobilize of America’s heritage. It started with Robert E. Lee but predictably hasn’t ended with him. As noted earlier, the memories of Lincoln’s fellow great presidents George Washington and Andrew Jackson are also unwelcome in Chicago.

Nor is Chicago the only place where the Great Emancipator is under siege. In our nation’s capital:

Someone vandalized the Lincoln Memorial, the National Park Service said.

The words “F— law” were found written in red spray paint early Tuesday on a pillar at the monument that overlooks the Capitol building and National Mall, NPS said Tuesday afternoon.

America’s answer to Mao’s Cultural Revolution is well under way. If it is successful, we will start fresh with no history, no heritage, no culture. The leftists who control the media and education establishments will have a blank slate to draw upon.

Abe Lincoln says, “You’re welcome.”

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Aug 17 2017

Next After Robert E. Lee: George Washington

They haven’t even finished tearing down everything they can find that reminds them of the Confederacy and already, as predicted, they are going after presidents — starting at the top with our greatest national hero. From Chicago:

A bronze statue of George Washington on horseback stands at the corner of 51st and King Drive, at the northwest entrance to Washington Park.

Bishop James Dukes, pastor of Liberation Christian Center, said he wants the statue gone, and he wants George Washington’s name removed from the park.

Washington isn’t the only one slated to become an unperson for failing to comply with current liberal ideology.

The pastor also said President Andrew Jackson’s name should be removed from nearby Jackson Park, because he also was a slave owner. He said he’s not necessarily asking the city rename the parks altogether. He suggested Washington Park could be named after former Mayor Harold Washington, and Jackson Park could be named after civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson or singer Michael Jackson.

Jesse Jackson is a professional race baiter who got rich by mau-mauing — i.e., through extortion. Michael Jackson was a transracial pervert who molested little boys before dying of degeneracy. Both represent the sort of heroes who will replace the heroes liberals frog-march down the Memory Hole.

You don’t agree that the father of our country was a scoundrel who must be erased? You must be a Nazi. You know what happens to Nazis these days.

They aren’t just erasing the South. They are erasing America, so as to replace it with a totally different society that the Founding Fathers would have found intolerable. If they don’t encounter enough resistance, they will succeed.

On tips from J and Bodhisattva.

Sep 23 2016

Daily Show Host Accidentally Ridicules Gun Control

Daily Show host Trevor Noah, a moonbat who barks that great men like Christopher Columbus, Cecil Rhodes, and Andrew Jackson were worse than Hitler, would never intentionally argue against something as moronically left-wing as gun-free zones. He thought he was ridiculing the owner of an ice cream shop in St. Cloud, Minnesota (site of a recent Muslim terror attack) for posting a sign reading “MUSLIMS GET OUT.” But his argument applies perfectly to signs declaring gun-free zones:

You know what’s also strange is this man genuinely thought people who go around blowing people up would be stopped by a sign? You realize you’re talking to terrorists, not vampires. They don’t need to be invited in, all right? Or maybe he’s onto something, because if you think about it, we’ve never tried that. We’ve never actually tried to repel terrorists with signs. Yeah, maybe that’s all the airports need is a sign that says “No Terrorists,” yes? Yeah, and then guys are going to be walking going, “Oh, I was going to blow up the airport, but the rules are rules and they said I can’t come in. They said I can’t. They said I can’t come in.”

We have never tried “No Terrorists” signs, but we have tried “Gun-Free Zone” signs many times. They don’t work:

The Sandy Hook massacre? Gun-free zone. Columbine? Gun-free zone. The Aurora movie theater shooting? Gun-free zone. The shooting last year at an Oregon community college? Gun-free zone. The shooting at a movie theater in Lafayette? Gun-free zone. The attack on a military recruiting center in Chattanooga? Gun-free zone. The Ft. Hood shooting? You guessed it: gun-free zone. The San Bernardino attack? Gun-free zone. And the massacre perpetrated by an ISIS enthusiast at an Orlando night club? Gun-free zone.

Noah’s argument applies not only to gun-free zones but to gun laws in general. Neither have much effect on criminals, other than to reassure them that their victims will not be armed.

With the arguable exception of abortion clinics, the entire country is a murder-free zone. That doesn’t stop Islamic terrorism or gun violence by psychos and hoodlums. That’s why law-abiding citizens need to be armed, so as to be able to defend themselves.

Noah stumbles upon his first clue?

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Sep 16 2016

Daily Show Host Begins Rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler

What’s so bad about Adolf Hitler? After all, he was a socialist, who made sure no one in the private sector could either succeed or fail except within parameters determined by the government, thus guarding against inequality. He provided many “free” government services. He protected his people against the potentially dangerous liberties that Americans enshrined in the First and Second Amendments. Just as the Founding Fathers are becoming villains to be eradicated, maybe it’s time for moonbats to rehabilitate Hitler.

Trevor Noah, current host of The Daily Show, seems to think so. He applies the cherished progressive tool of relativism to demonstrate that Hitler wasn’t any worse than many others, including heroes deserving of great respect. Heatstreet shares highlights from his new book Born a Crime.

Americans and Europeans may think Hitler was the worst guy in the world…

But if black South Africans could go back in time and kill one person, Cecil Rhodes would come up before Hitler. If people in the Congo could go back in time and kill one person, Belgium’s King Leopold would come way before Hitler. If Native Americans could go back in time and kill one person, it would probably be Christopher Columbus or Andrew Jackson.

The great philanthropist Cecil Rhodes probably did more to raise the standard of living in Africa than any other person who ever lived. The same might be said for Christopher Columbus and the Western Hemisphere, since he lifted it out of Stone Age savagery; see Apocalypto to get an idea of what life was like here before Columbus arrived. Andrew Jackson was a war hero and a great president whose portrait is featured on the $20 bill for good reason.

Yet all are arguably worse than Hitler according to Trevor Noah, who concludes, “So in Europe and America yes, Hitler is the Greatest Madman in History. In Africa he’s just another strong man from the history books.”

Everything is relative, after all.

Good title, since moonbattery is a crime against sanity.

On a tip from J.

May 05 2016

Organization Calls for White Men Who Are Not Sexual Deviants Not to Run for Office

The problem with America is that too many white men who do not make a public pageant out of being perverts run for public office. This has saddled us with leaders like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan. A Colorado political action committee attempts to address the situation:

A new political action committee has one question for straight white men with political aspirations.

“Dude, can you not?”

It’s a question embedded in the name of the organization. The Can You Not PAC plans to discourage straight white men from running for office in Colorado’s diverse districts. The hope is that will clear the lane from female, minority and LGBTQ candidates.

Democratic activists Jack Teter and Kyle Huelsman registered the organization last month.

There is more to it than traditional liberal bigotry against normal white guys:

Teter said studies show that women and people of color tend to produce more progressive policies than liberal white males.

Imagine a PAC that pushed for fewer minority politicians on the grounds that such politicians are overwhelmingly more likely to promote deleterious leftist policies.

So far the PAC has raised an impressive $120. Donors should have saved their money. After the GOP has finished imploding, there won’t be many straight white men running for office anyway.

jack teter
I believe this young woman is the correct Jack Teter.

On a tip from Steve T.

Dec 11 2015

Campus Snowflake Fascists Declare the Name “Lynch” to Be Racist

No one could be more politically correct than Loretta Lynch, who was appointed to carry on Eric Holder’s jihad of black supremacist activism. Yet she may find herself thrown down the Memory Hole with the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Jackson, et al. Militant campus snowflakes have discovered that her very name is a hurtful thought crime:

Students are demanding that (among other things) [Lebanon Valley College] administrators remove or modify the name of the “Lynch Memorial Hall” — not because the man it was named after was a racist, but because these students cannot handle the word “lynch.” Lynch, of course, is a term that means to put to death (as by hanging) by mob action without legal sanction.

All types of people have been lynched, but all types of people don’t matter. As all three Democrat presidential candidates have cringingly confirmed (see here, here, and here), only black lives matter. Since blacks have been lynched, the word “lynch” is racist.

The hall was named after Clyde A. Lynch, who served as president of the college during the Great Depression and raised more than $500,000 dollars for the physical education building that bears his name.

If his name is a thought crime, so is Loretta Lynch’s. In the interests of political orthodoxy, she must erase herself at once, lest someone be offended.

Not even moonbats are safe from the Thought Police. Via the Patriot Post.

On tips from Stormfax, Torcer, and Bodhisattva.

Dec 07 2015

Met Sued Over Paintings of White Jesus

To achieve ideological perfection, we will need to do more than consign major historical figures like Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Jackson, and even Thomas Jefferson to the Memory Hole. Like great men, great art must be purged:

A New York City man has reportedly sued the Metropolitan Museum of Art for housing four “offensive” and “racist” masterpiece paintings that depict Jesus as white and blond.

Justin Renel Joseph, 33, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court alleging that four of the museum’s paintings by Italian masters — “The Holy Family with Angels” by Sebastiano Ricci; “The Resurrection” by Perugino; “The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes” by Tintoretto; and “The Crucifixion” by Francesco Granacci — are guilty of “offensive aesthetic whitewashing” of Jesus, who the man claims had “black hair like wool and skin of bronze color.”

“The implication that someone who possesses physical features like the plaintiff could not be the important historical and public figure of Jesus Christ . . . caused the plaintiff to feel, among other things, rejected and unaccepted by society,” the complaint says, according to the New York Post.

Joseph said the paintings caused him “personal stress” and said the Met housing the paintings represented “an extreme case of discrimination.”

“They completely changed his race to make him more aesthetically pleasing for white people,” Joseph told the paper. “I’m suing a public venue which by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 can’t discriminate on a protected basis.”

Decades later, demons continue to fly out of the Pandora’s box of that profoundly misguided piece of legislation, which denies Americans the fundamental right of free association, and which laid the groundwork for politically correct totalitarianism with its implications for every conceivable aspect of life.

Hopefully we have not deteriorated to the point where this suit could succeed quite yet. Joseph might have to try his luck again a few years down the road, when no doubt he will be rewarded with a generous jackpot to compensate him for his pain and suffering.

In the meantime, museums should be prudent and avoid offense by replacing politically incorrect works like Ricci’s “The Holy Family With Angels”…


…with works like Chris Ofili’s “The Holy Virgin Mary”:


Since it portrays a black-skinned Mary, desecrates her with elephant dung and pictures of women’s genitals cut out of skin magazines, and was even created by a person of preferred pigmentation, the latter is politically beyond reproach. It is the art of the future. This is what a progressive would call “progress.”

On a tip from Jon.

Jul 25 2015

Leftist Ghouls Desecrate Confederate General’s Grave

Nothing worthy of respect will get it from Black Lives Matter moonbats:

A group was fed up with waiting, so they got a shovel and dug up a patch of grass next to Nathan Bedford Forrest’s grave and statue in a public park in the Medical District [of Memphis].

The group says they wanted the statue and remains removed for a long time, because he was a Confederate soldier, a KKK leader and a slave trader.

“If he’s gone, some of this racism and race-hate might be gone,” said Isaac Richmond with Commission on Religion and Racism. “We got a fresh shovel full, and we hope that everybody else will follow suit and dig him up.”

Others who have been designated thought criminals because many generations ago there was slavery include Andrew Jackson and even Thomas Jefferson. Let’s hope the resting places of these titans are secure.

Richmond et al. aren’t just a bunch of half-wit hooligans waddling around with their pants falling down. They represent the current state of the civil rights movement. The liberal establishment is aggressively on their side.

The City Council agreed to move the statue and the remains.

This is the fate awaiting the rest of our heritage if we don’t put up serious resistance starting immediately.

Moving on from the Rebel Flag to other targets.

Bodhisattva, DinaRehn, and Rob E.

Jul 18 2015

Americans Don’t Know Who Is on Our Currency

Maybe moonbats don’t have to remove the hated dead white males from our currency after all. Their control of education and the media has dumbed down the culture to the point that great American historical figures like Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Ulysses S. Grant, and Benjamin Franklin have already been erased — at least to the extent that people no longer know who they were:

On a tip from Craig B.

Nov 18 2014

Chicago Public Schools Teach 5th-Graders About “Safe” Anal Sex

It is absolutely essential that education be pried loose from the claws of Big Government and Big Unions. Otherwise children will continue to be educated by liberals. For a graphic example of what this entails, refer to Chicago, the political cesspools of which spawned our Community Organizer in Chief:

Parents at a Near West Side school say they are “shocked” and “horrified” after viewing a new sex education curriculum intended for fifth-graders, saying the way the information is presented is over the top and not age-appropriate.

During report card pickup Wednesday at Andrew Jackson Language Academy, the school hosted several parent workshops, including an afternoon meeting on Chicago Public Schools’ newest sex ed curriculum.

At one point, parents could view materials intended for students. A binder labeled as the curriculum for students in fifth grade touted the benefits of female condoms for extending sex and increasing pleasure and encouraged using lubrication.

Fifth graders are typically 10 or 11 years old.

An additional page in the binder instructs students how to use female condoms for anal sex. …

A CPS teacher who did not want to be named confirmed that the new sex ed curriculum was implemented in fifth-grade classes at her North Side school during the last school year.

The slides below indicate what stratospheric property taxes have been paying progressives to ram down the throats of 10-year-olds:



FC = female condom.

What will it take to get people to rebel against our ruling class of moonbat degenerates?

On tips from Bill T and Artfldgr.

Apr 20 2013

School Counselor Gloats Over Dead of West, Texas

It isn’t easy for a black female to get fired from any job in this country, much less a job in education. For Karon Wright, a school counselor at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Grand Prairie, Texas, it took putting this on her Facebook page following the tragic explosion in nearby West:


Give it another few years and people will be so used to it they won’t even get angry anymore, so educrats will let stuff like this slide. After all, the sentiments expressed are politically correct.

On tips from Artfldgr and The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Jan 25 2016

Trump’s National Spokeswoman Katrina Pierson Is Black Lives Matter Type Who Hates Christians

Donald Trump has no political experience, never having held elective office. Normally President of the United States is not regarded as an entry-level position. But that doesn’t matter in The Donald’s case, because he assures us he will surround himself with top people — like Katrina Pierson:

Since joining the Trump campaign as a national spokeswoman in November, Katrina Pierson has served as an attack dog of sorts for Donald Trump, attempting to expose his critics and opponents as faux conservatives who are simply pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people.

And yet, Ms. Pierson’s own statements reveal she is a self-proclaimed devotee of Malcolm X (whom she has referred to as her “idol”) and has a history of attacking conservatives as racists, sneering at Christians who are unable to “handle the truth” and mocking candidates who open up about their faith on the campaign trail as preachers who would be “great if we were electing a Jesus.”

Pierson points to Malcolm X as a large source of her ideological founding, much like the leaders of Black Lives Matter do. Pierson has called the radical figure a hero and is open about her literal idolization of him, explaining that “MLK was too moderate for me.”

Like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others on the left, Katrina Pierson used the 2012 trial of George Zimmerman over the death of Trayvon Martin to accuse conservatives of racism, lies, and “bigotry.”

If Pierson were a student at Dartmouth, she would be storming through the library, flipping white students’ books shut as they try to study and yelling that they are racists. Instead, she is a public representative of Donald Trump, the hero of alt-right anti–anti-racists who inexplicably take his recent rhetoric on immigration at face value.

Like many who despise conservatives, Pierson feels the same way about Christians:

In 2010, Pierson made the remarkable claim that “There are no such things as Christians. Just people who call themselves Christians.” In 2011, Pierson publicly mocked the Catholic church, tweeting: “Just saw a commercial from Catholic Church stating that Catholic Church was started by Jesus. I bet they believe that too. #sad.”

During the 2012 election, Pierson slammed Christians as the, “First to name call and First to judge.”

The values-oriented Rick Santorum has earned her particular ire:

Pierson, who is open about the fact that she voted for Barack Obama in 2008, openly mocked the religious faith of Santorum, whose victory in the 2012 Iowa caucus was due in large part to his strong favorability numbers among evangelicals. Pierson referred to Santorum as “pastor” and his campaign events as worship services and complained about his “preaching,” at one point stating that Santorum would be “great if we were electing a Jesus.”

She has also proclaimed that since he didn’t have enough minority endorsements to suit her, Santorum must be a racist.

Trump’s supporters have responded to these revelations with their usual debate tactic of covering their ears and shouting, “I can’t hear you!” It has been claimed that Pierson’s outrageous tweets are fake. However,

Some Trump supporters have attempted to claim — without any evidence whatsoever — that the tweets were somehow faked, even though they came from Pierson’s account and can still be viewed online.

One article from Breitbart quoted a Tea Party blogger as saying that some of the tweets were “apparently from a fake twitter account,” but these claims are unsubstantiated.

If Breitbart really was paid off by Trump to provide favorable coverage, The Donald is not getting his money’s worth, considering Ben Shapiro's piece yesterday explaining why Trump is not a conservative. Ask yourself how much a rebel like Andrew Breitbart would like an authoritarian statist like Trump; Shapiro confirms the obvious answer. Nonetheless, some hardcore Stormtrumpers appear to regard it as a safe space.

BTW, William Hennessy, author of the pro-Pierson piece at Breitbart, now admits that the tweets are genuine.

It isn’t easy to work in politics without brushing shoulders with people who turn out to be wackos. Pierson was a Tea Party activist in Garland, Texas and reportedly was an advisor on Ted Cruz’s 2012 Senate campaign, although she was on CNN yesterday denying that she ever actually worked for Cruz. Apparently Glenn Beck once put in a good word for her, not being aware at the time that she is a kook. She doesn’t always walk around wearing a sandwich board proclaiming “I am an insane leftist radical.” But making this moonbat a national spokeswoman is damning in the extreme.

A pair of samples from the Katrina Pierson collection:

Katrina Pierson

Katrina Pierson

On tips from Varla and Torcer.

Apr 09 2015

Why Maya Angelou Stamp Features a Different Writer’s Words


Poetaster Maya Angelou, esteemed to the point of worship by the moonbat ruling class, has now been honored with a postage stamp:

A number of luminaries are expected at Tuesday morning’s unveiling ceremony for the new stamp honoring the late author Maya Angelou, among them first lady Michelle Obama. An 89-year-old children’s book author named Joan Walsh Anglund won’t be there. But her words will be: The quote on the stamp originated with Anglund.

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song,” the Angelou “Forever” stamp reads.

“Yes, that’s my quote,” Anglund said Monday night from her Connecticut home. It appears on page 15 of her book of poems “A Cup of Sun,” published in 1967. Only the pronouns and punctuation are changed, from “he” in Anglund’s original to “it” on the stamp.

Why can’t they just put a quote that really is by Maya Angelou on the stamp, instead of plagiarizing from someone else? A sample of Angelou’s poetry provides the answer:

Ain’t That Bad?

Dancin’ the funky chicken
Eatin’ ribs and tips
Diggin’ all the latest sounds
And drinkin’ gin in sips.

Puttin’ down that do-rag
Tighten’ up my ‘fro
Wrappin’ up in Blackness
Don’t I shine and glow?

Hearin’ Stevie Wonder
Cookin’ beans and rice
Goin’ to the opera
Checkin’ out Leontyne Price.

Get down, Jesse Jackson
Dance on, Alvin Ailey
Talk, Miss Barbara Jordan
Groove, Miss Pearlie Bailey.

Now ain’t they bad?
An ain’t they Black?
An ain’t they Black?
An’ ain’t they Bad?
An ain’t they bad?
An’ ain’t they Black?
An’ ain’t they fine?

Black like the hour of the night
When your love turns and wriggles close to your side
Black as the earth which has given birth
To nations, and when all else is gone will abide.

Bad as the storm that leaps raging from the heavens
Bringing the welcome rain
Bad as the sun burning orange hot at midday
Lifting the waters again.

Arthur Ashe on the tennis court
Mohammed Ali in the ring
Andre Watts and Andrew Young
Black men doing their thing.

Dressing in purples and pinks and greens
Exotic as rum and Cokes
Living our lives with flash and style
Ain’t we colorful folks?

Now ain’t we bad?
An’ ain’t we Black?
An’ ain’t we Black?
An’ ain’t we bad?
An’ ain’t we bad?
An’ ain’t we Black?
An’ ain’t we fine?

If you claimed Maya Angelou wrote that, you would be denounced as a vicious racist. Except that she really did write it.

Why issue a stamp to a commemorate a moron with only rudimentary literary skills? Because Bill Clinton says she spoke with the voice of God. Also, after Obama was elected she announced that she was no longer ashamed of America.

The People’s Cube offers an alternate version.

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Jul 18 2013

Brothers Murdered, Possibly by Trayvonistas

There is neither the time nor the space to cover all of the bloodshed caused by the Obama Regime/“mainstream” media’s campaign to whip up racial discord by transforming the Trayvon Martin shooting into a racial issue and then hyping it through the stratosphere. Here is a representative example from Jacksonville:

The shooter behind Sunday night’s double-murder is still on the loose and the deadly shooting had rumors flying that the incident is a race-related retaliation shooting over the George Zimmerman verdict. …

Two brothers 24-year-old Andrew Austin Bohannon and 19-year-old Matthew Ryan Bohannon, both in the same car, were approached by another car carrying multiple occupants.

The car with multiple occupants fired shots into the car carrying the two men.

One victim was pronounced dead on the scene and the other victim was transported to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Now rumors have spread that the deadly shooting is in retaliation to a bumper sticker placed on the Bohannon’s truck that said “Free Zimmerman”.

The story is typical because it may never be known for sure that the victims really were killed as offerings to the moonbat god Trayvon, since the local media and authorities are bending over backwards to discredit that angle and of course the national media wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.

What is known for sure is that America has become a more dangerous place for the law-abiding. Congrats libs. Your community organizing strategy is producing results.

The Bohannon Brothers: Offerings to Saint Skittles?

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It looks like this one is drug-related. Too bad the media so often leaves us guessing and relying on rumors because it can’t be trusted to tell politically incorrect truths.

Feb 21 2013

Reenacting the Housing Crisis

The financial crisis of 2008 — from which the country has still not recovered — was caused largely by the government forcing banks to make Affirmative Action mortgage loans to people unlikely to repay them in order to redistribute wealth. Has the government learned anything from this debacle? Of course it has. By vastly expanding government dependency through increased unemployment, helping get Obama elected and then reelected, and providing fodder for anti-capitalist diatribes by the socialists running the “mainstream” media, the collapse worked out so well for statists that they are applying the same tactic to Hispanics imported from the Third World to displace the American population.

A Texas bank has reached a settlement to pay back thousands of Latino customers after allegations of discrimination practices based on race.

The Justice Department made the announcement on Tuesday that the Texas Champion Bank of Alice, Texas will pay $700,000 to close to 2,000 Latino customers for loan disparities based on the national origin.

Jesse Jackson–style shakedowns are now in the purview of the federal government.

“The complaint filed today demonstrates that the Civil Rights Division is committed to fair lending enforcement across the entire spectrum of credit markets,” Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, said in a press release following the announcement.

Readers will recall that Perez is a hardcore left-wing ideologue, who has put banks into a catch-22 position where they will be punished for “discrimination” both for not making loans to minorities unlikely to pay them back (“redlining”) and for making loans to minorities unlikely to pay them back (“reverse redlining”). When Marxists write the rules, capitalists are not allowed to win.

As part of the punishment, Texas Champion will be forced to provide “equal opportunity training to its employees” — i.e., P.C. brainwashing, probably along the lines of what USDA bureaucrats go through.

Just last week the Obama administration formalized the implementation of the Fair Housing Act’s “Discriminatory Effects Standard” which hold banks accountable for their actions in the foreclosure crisis that hit Latinos especially hard.

The new standard prohibits any practices that result in discrimination “regardless of whether there was intent to discriminate.”

Unskilled, non–English-speaking Third World immigrants are less likely to repay mortgages than regular Americans, especially if banks have been forced to give them loans on racial grounds. Consequently, they are more likely to face disclosure. Voilà: a “discriminatory effect.” The solution is of course more coercion and economic sabotage by our racist and collectivist rulers.

thomas perez
Perez: Sticking it both to gringos and to capitalists.

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