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Feb 01 2019

Christopher Columbus Accused of Causing Climate Change

No wonder liberals hate Christopher Columbus so much for infecting the Western Hemisphere with Western Civilization. According to malevolent kooks in academia who are eagerly amplified by the malevolent kooks at CNN, he caused climate change:

European settlers killed 56 million indigenous people over about 100 years in South, Central and North America, causing large swaths of farmland to be abandoned and reforested, researchers at University College London, or UCL, estimate. The increase in trees and vegetation across an area the size of France resulted in a massive decrease in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, according to the study.

If you believe that European settlers killed 56 million people, that the Stone Age savages they encountered were involved in agriculture on this scale, that there was less agriculture after Europeans came than before, or that any of this had any measurable effect on the constantly fluctuating climate, you might just be a Democrat.

Until Columbus arrived in 1492 to spoil paradise for the noble savages,

“CO2 and climate had been relatively stable until this point,” said UCL Geography Professor Mark Maslin, one of the study’s co-authors. “So, this is the first major change we see in the Earth’s greenhouse gases.”

That is a flat out lie. Anyone with even a vague awareness of the planet’s history knows that both temperatures and CO2 levels have varied tremendously. This is probably because higher temperatures allow for more life; life produces CO2. But then temperatures fall, so afterward there is less CO2.

However, we are now asked to believe that the Little Ice Age was caused by Christopher Columbus.

Since reforestation supposedly resulted in global cooling, look for “experts” to advise that farms be left fallow so as to cool the allegedly overheated planet. That would be consistent with the antihuman agenda of the liberal establishment.

Confirming that this is about Cultural Marxist hatred of European Civilization, not science, Maslin raves bitterly that the “genocide” of American aborigines “allowed the Europeans to dominate the world.”

It is doubtful that the propaganda Nazis generated to defame Jews ever reached the level of viciousness the liberal establishment continuously vomits upon Caucasians. Terrifyingly, gullible people take these insidious calumnies at face value and incorporate them into a dangerously delusional understanding of the world.

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Jan 22 2019

Notre Dame Covers Christopher Columbus Mural

A major purpose of Martin Luther King Day is to displace Columbus Day from the holiday calendar with something more politically correct. So it is appropriate that on the eve of yesterday’s federal holiday, Notre Dame informed students that a historic mural of Christopher Columbus will be covered. This constitutes another step in the Founder of the New World’s frog march to the Memory Hole.

After specifically referencing MLK Day, Notre Dame President John Jenkins droned,

“The murals by Luigi Gregori that adorn the ceremonial entrance to Notre Dame’s Main Building depict the life and exploration of Christopher Columbus. …

“In recent years, however, many have come to see the murals as at best blind to the consequences of Columbus’ voyage for the indigenous peoples who inhabited this ‘new’ world and at worst demeaning toward them.”

Great historical figures are only to be remembered if they are politically fashionable at the moment. Otherwise, down the Memory Hole they go. According to current liberal dogma, spreading Western Civilization was the worst crime conceivable. Jenkins describes it as a “catastrophe.”

We are required to believe that the Stone Age savages of pre-Colombian times were better off running around in loin clothes, bashing each other’s heads in with rocks, not having discovered the wheel or even beer, and toothlessly dying of old age in their 20s than being corrupted by the cultural blight of white people.

Due entirely to the efforts of progressives, West Civilization is currently contracting, most dramatically in South Africa, but also in Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia. Anyone who represents its growth must be erased. That’s why Christopher Columbus statues are subject to vandalism and removal.

The good news is that liberals may not have to change the name of Columbus, Ohio. In another generation of two, no one will remember who it was named after anyway.

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Feb 01 2018

San Jose Banishes Christopher Columbus to the Memory Hole

They started with Robert E. Lee, because even though he was a great man and an important figure in American history, being a Virginian he fought for the South, and the Southerners were the bad guys, since they lost and didn’t get to write the history books. In no time at all, transgression worthy of banishment to the Memory Hole escalated from being from Virginia to being from Europe:

[T]he San Jose City Council late Tuesday night voted to remove a controversial Christopher Columbus statue from the City Hall lobby.

San Jose is the third largest city in California.

The marble statue, hand carved in Italy, was a gift to the city of San Jose from Italian-American groups in 1958.

Italian immigrants assimilated and became successful; therefore, they are denied cherished “marginalized” status, and their heroes are kicked to the curb.

Columbus is a hero not only to Italians but to everyone who treasures Western Civilization, which he played a key role in helping to expand. That makes him a villain to progressives.

[O]ver the decades, the statue has become a focal point in San Jose culture wars.

While some view Columbus as a brave explorer, others see him as a ruthless colonizer.

The statue has been attacked and pieced back together twice.

This isn’t the first time San Jose employed the Memory Hole to prevent regular Americans from taking pride in their culture:

A statue of Thomas Fallon raising the American flag over San Jose during the war with Mexico was kept in crates for years because it offended Mexican Americans.

Having been found guilty of bringing the Western Hemisphere into the West from out of Stone Age savagery, Christopher Columbus will be punished by vilification and then erasure. As progressives progress, he will eventually be followed by every other great man in history.

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Jan 12 2018

Moonbats Demand Removal of Historic Christopher Columbus Mural at Notre Dame

Evidence continues to accrue that the campaign to erase great figures in the history of the South was only the beginning. As a key figure in the expansion of Western Civilization, Christopher Columbus is a prime target:

Some students, employees and members of the Notre Dame community are calling for the removal of a series of paintings of Christopher Columbus that have adorned the walls of the university’s main building since 1884, calling the murals Notre Dame’s “own version of a Confederate monument.”

The 12 murals, hung in the same hallway as the admissions office, depict Christopher Columbus’ journey and arrival to the Americas in 1492. The founder of the university, Father Edward Sorin, commissioned Vatican painter Luigi Gregori to create murals that would inspire, uplift, educate, and be “didactically Catholic,” according to a university pamphlet.

However, the murals are now considered to represent “oppression and hatred” and to present a “highly problematic vision of Western triumphalism, Catholic militarism and an overly romantic notion of American expansion.”

Maybe Notre Dame should replace them with uplifting murals of Aztec priests ripping the hearts out of assembly lines of sacrificial victims with obsidian knives, since the culture that displaced Stone Age savagery is held in such contempt by campus moonbats.

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Sep 01 2017

The Unpersoning of Christopher Columbus Continues

The ultimate villain is not Robert E. Lee, who merely defended his Virginia homeland, but Christopher Columbus, whose crime was to allow Western Civilization to expand into the New World. If no one had achieved what Columbus did, North America would still be populated by half-starved Stone Age savages and the hated United States would not exist. Consequently, La-La Land is the latest city to proclaim that Columbus Day will henceforth be fundamentally transformed into Indigenous Peoples Day:

The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to eliminate Columbus Day from the city calendar, siding with activists who view the explorer as a symbol of genocide for native peoples in North America and elsewhere.

Over the objections of Italian American civic groups, the council made the second Monday in October a day in L.A. to commemorate “indigenous, aboriginal and native people.”

Although Italian Americans seem to be the only ones who put up a fight against the campaign to unperson Christopher Columbus, he represents all Americans of European heritage, or who appreciate living in a civilized country where life isn’t as nasty, brutish, and short as it was for pre-Columbian Indians.

As liberal bureauweenies do their part to advance the cultural Marxist agenda by destroying our heritage, so do their street thug colleagues:

A statue of celebrated explorer Christopher Columbus was found beheaded in a Yonkers park.

Lifelong resident Pat Gamberdella said he called police when he noticed the head of the statue torn off.

“It’s very upsetting that American values have sunken to the level they are today,” Gamberdella said. “It’s unfortunate because I did go up there and I did see it all smashed.”

The head to the bronze-colored statue was found discarded next to a plastic bag in Columbus Memorial Park, a mile north of the Bronx.

This is hardly the first Columbus statue to be attacked since the Left’s War on History went into overdrive following Charlottesville. Elsewhere in New York, Columbus Circle is likely to be erased.

There is no aspect of American or Western Culture that these malefactors will not desecrate, demonized, and destroy. Progressives are doing to America what Muslims did to the rich and varied, mainly Christian cultures that once flourished across the Middle East. Everything that we fail to defend will be lost, starting with our pride.

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Aug 24 2017

Next After Robert E. Lee: Christopher Columbus

You can’t hate the European people and their civilization without hating Christopher Columbus, who personifies their expansion into the formerly savage New World. Consequently,

A proposal to remove a statue of the explorer Christopher Columbus on the Upper West Side will receive “immediate attention” by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office in the wake of violence stemming from a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

Columbus Circle will need a new name. Al Sharpton Circle might be appropriate.

Even in Columbus, Ohio, leftists are demanding that officials remove a statue of Columbus.

What bureaucrats don’t impose, likeminded mobs inflict extralegally:

[Monday] morning someone posted a video showing a man with a sledgehammer vandalizing a monument to Christopher Columbus in Baltimore as he rants about “genocidal terrorists like Christopher Columbus and George Washington.” The Baltimore Brew reports the 225-year-old monument to Columbus is the oldest one still standing in the United States.

The two-minute video also features a monologue that lists capitalism among Columbus’ worst sins. “Christopher Columbus symbolizes the initial invasion of European capitalism into the Western Hemisphere,” the narrator says.

Other Columbus statues have been vandalized in Houston and Detroit.

All of this was easily predictable from the time liberals started demanding that Columbus Day be changed to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and that Martin Luther King Day replace it as a day off work. Yet again we see that if you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

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Oct 08 2018

Happy Columbus Day!

Today we celebrate the great Christopher Columbus, who bestowed upon indigenous people the priceless gift of Western Civilization. The benefit of the comfortable and fulfilling lives that Americans of all ethnicities have the opportunity to live over the nasty, brutish, and short subsistence existences of pre-Columbian Stone Age savages are obvious to everyone — except of course moonbats.

Because liberals want us to be ashamed of Western Civilization rather than take pride in it, they are phasing Columbus Day out of existence, either maliciously changing it to Indigenous People’s Day in order to portray Columbus as a fiend (e.g., Berkeley; Santa Cruz; San Francisco; Cincinnati; Seattle; Portland; Oberlin, OH; Somerville, MA) or just ignoring it altogether, as they now do even in the major American city that is named after Columbus:

Columbus city government will be open Monday, the federal holiday that celebrates the city’s namesake.

The move represents a major change for city government, which up through last year has traditionally shut down operations on Columbus Day. …

Some Native Americans and other groups have criticized the federal holiday honoring Columbus, whose credit for being first to discover the Americas has been questioned by some historians and because of the deaths of indigenous people that ultimately resulted after Europeans arrived here.

The “other groups” consist of Cultural Marxists who exploit centuries-past grievances to advance a destructive agenda.

No one, Indian or otherwise, wants to go back to the hand to mouth existence that preceded the arrival of Columbus. Yet for the crime of personifying the expansion of Western Civilization, Columbus is hated by progressives. After they have erased his holiday, they will unperson Columbus altogether.

Steven Crowder dismantles myths moonbats use to attack Columbus Day:

Leftists screech falsely about genocide. Attempts to abolish Columbus Day are cultural genocide. Resist them. Fly Old Glory today and wish someone a Happy Columbus Day.

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Oct 10 2016

Happy Columbus Day

No, I did not say, “Happy Indigenous People Day” — although that’s what we are supposed to call it now here in Phoenix:

Phoenix, Arizona declared it would recognize Native Americans with its first Indigenous Peoples’ Day this year, reports The Arizona Republic.

“The city of Phoenix is built on what was the Hohokam civilization,” advocate Jeff Malkoon told city council members while lobbying for the change.

But Hohokam culture failed, disappearing before Columbus set sail. It was the civilization brought to the New World by Columbus that built a great city where many centuries ago the Hohokam had dug some canals.

Phoenix isn’t alone. Minneapolis, Seattle, and Albuquerque are among the other cities that stick it to Columbus and the civilization he represents by honoring his alleged victims instead of him.

Proponents say the federal holiday honoring Christopher Columbus – and the parades and pageantry accompanying it – overlook a painful history of colonialism, enslavement, discrimination and land grabs that followed the Italian explorer’s 1492 arrival in the Americas. The indigenous holiday takes into account the history and contributions of Native Americans for a more accurate historical record, activists have argued.

They want an accurate historical record? Then they had better not forget to mention that the denizens of the Western Hemisphere were Stone Age, subsistence level savages when Columbus arrived. They did not even have the wheel. Slavery, cannibalism, and human sacrifice were commonplace. Life was, as Thomas Hobbes might put it, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

The authorities want us to be ashamed of Western Civilization, and to revere the imaginary golden age of the noble savage. This is moonbattery at its most delusional and corrosive.

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Oct 13 2015

Columbus Day and the Rejection of Western Civilization

Western Civilization is far and away the best thing that ever happened to the human race. Without it, we would live as barbarians at best, savages at worse. Our lives would be short, brutal, and unpleasant, as had been the norm throughout human history until the rise of Europe. Medicine would be primitive and ineffective, human rights nonexistent, comfort a luxury known to few if any.

Yesterday was Columbus Day, a dying holiday that once honored a great explorer for extending the blessings of Europe’s culture to the New World. Here the contrast between Western Civilization and its absence was particularly sharp, because the natives were still living literally in the Stone Age, without so much as the wheel. The degree of savagery was nightmarish; read up on the history of the Aztecs if you doubt it. The innocent were ritualistically murdered by the hundreds of thousands to appease evil gods.

Parts of our country are now slipping back toward barbarism. The most obvious example is Detroit, which only a couple of generations ago, before its population was displaced, was the wealthiest city in the country.

Here is how Columbus Day is celebrated in Detroit:

[A] statue of Christopher Columbus in downtown Detroit was vandalized just in time for this year’s Columbus Day.

The statue, located at Jefferson and Randolph right next to city hall, was splashed with fake blood, and a hatchet was taped to his forehead as if it had just been struck.

Maybe it was just a prank in bad taste, but the incident brings to mind the statue of Cecil Rhodes at the University of Cape Town. Rhodes was a great philanthropist who attempted to bring Africa into the light. Now that South Africa is sinking back into savagery, the primitives he once tried to lift out of the darkness smeared their feces on his statue until it was removed.

Despite its greatness, Western Civilization has a fatal flaw. It can be turned against itself by the shameful disease currently known as “liberalism.” That is what killed South Africa.

It is killing the USA too. Our “president” marked Columbus Day by denouncing the arrival of our ancestors in this land:

“Though these early travels expanded the realm of European exploration, to many they also marked a time that forever changed the world for the indigenous peoples of North America. Previously unseen disease, devastation, and violence were introduced to their lives — and as we pay tribute to the ways in which Columbus pursued ambitious goals — we also recognize the suffering inflicted upon Native Americans and we recommit to strengthening tribal sovereignty and maintaining our strong ties.”

Vomiting this sort of rhetoric on Columbus Day is the equivalent of the acts of vandalism noted above.

It is no secret that Obama hates Western Civilization; this hatred has been identified as his driving force.

What kind of society elects a leader who hates it? A sick one, obviously. If we don’t regain our health, the greatness of our ancestors will be betrayed, and their incredible gift to the world will be destroyed. The human race will disintegrate back into brutal, miserable, meaningless darkness.

We don’t have a lot of time. A house divided against itself cannot stand for long.

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Oct 12 2015

Happy Columbus Day

Western Civilization is the apex of human achievement. Columbus Day is a time to celebrate its expansion into the cultural vacuum of the New World. As a holiday it will soon be abolished because liberals oppose Western Civilization. They would prefer we celebrate the backwards, dysfunctional, savage cultures that Europeans made the world a better place by displacing.

Several city councils across the country are voting to abolish Columbus Day — and celebrate the holiday as Indigenous People’s Day.

Officials in Portland, Ore., on Wednesday became the most recent to approve the new name for the holiday.

The day — which is traditionally celebrated on the second Monday in October — celebrates Christopher Columbus discovering the so-called New World.

However, [moonbat] historians and activists over the years have tried to dethrone Columbus’ reign as a famed explorer and instead hold him responsible for the mass genocide and enslavement of natives who had been in the Americas long before Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

“Learning about the history of Columbus and transforming this day into a celebration of indigenous people and a celebration of social justice…allows us to make a connection between this painful history and the ongoing marginalization, discrimination, and poverty that indigenous communities face to this day,” Kshama Sawant, a Seattle City Council member told the Seattle Times in 2014.

As the reference to “social justice” indicates, Kshama is a socialist. She is an Indian of the dot not feather variety, who presumably came to this country because of the opportunities Western Civilization offers. The history of her ideology suggests that the last thing she would do is alleviate poverty.

Is there really even a single person who would rather live in the Western Hemisphere pre-Columbus than post-Columbus? The romanticized life of a savage is revered in the faculty lounge, but in reality it was poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

On tips from Steve A, Torcer, and Stormfax. Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.

Oct 08 2014

Seattle Replaces Columbus Day With Indigenous Peoples’ Day

In the unlikely case that you don’t get it yet that our liberal ruling class despises our civilization and would like to see it obliterated by the Third World, this sharpened stick to the cornea might get the point across:

The Seattle City Council has voted to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the same day as the federally recognized holiday, Columbus Day.

The resolution that passed unanimously Monday honors the contributions and culture of Native Americans and the indigenous community in Seattle. Indigenous Peoples’ Day will be celebrated on the second Monday in October.

Some thought criminals like Ralph Fascitelli of Seattle consider Columbus Day to be Italian Heritage Day, forgetting that as Europeans, Italians do not deserve to take pride in their culture.

“This is a big insult to those of us of Italian heritage. We feel disrespected,” Fascitelli said. He added, “America wouldn’t be America without Christopher Columbus.”

Exactly. That’s why progressives hate Columbus.

Seattle councilmember Bruce Harrell … said he co-sponsored the resolution because he believes the city won’t be successful in its social programs and outreach until “we fully recognize the evils of our past.”

Those evils prominently include the spreading of Western Civilization to the Americas centuries ago — a supposed evil that our ruling class is striving to undo.

Since moonbats hate Christianity as much as they hate the European race and its culture, lefty apparatchiks’ next move might be to recognize December 25 as Satan Day.

On a tip from Mr. Mentalo.

Nov 06 2019

Learning About World War II Deemed to Be Too Stressful

Every minute of our history will go down the memory hole, even World War II. You might think it would be spared, since the conflict is remembered as pure good triumphing over pure evil, and allows partisans of the left and right alike to identify with the winning side. But it still has to be erased, as surely as Robert E. Lee, Christopher Columbus, and the slave-owning Founding Fathers. You see, learning about WWII might be stressful:

Reality TV star Freddie Bentley, 22, told Good Morning Britain [Friday] that he thinks schools should trim back what they teach on the conflict.

Whimpers Freddie,

“I remember learning it as a child thinking ‘Oh my God it’s so intense.’”

Possibly intense enough to melt a snowflake. No one should have to suffer discomfort; that would be oppression.

He is fearful that the bloody subject may worsen any mental health issues that children already have.

True enough, mental health issues are probably the most immediate threat to today’s youth. Nazis and their allies don’t attack from overseas these days; the enemy comes from within our own heads.

On a tip from Lyle.

Nov 01 2019

Open Thread

Nothing that results in human progress is achieved with unanimous consent. Those that are enlightened before the others are condemned to pursue that light in spite of the others. - Christopher Columbus
Oct 30 2019

Moonbat Obsession With Creepy-Crawlies Escalates

If it is disgusting and degrading, progressives will do their best to push it down your throat — sometimes literally. Their obsession with getting us to eat creepy-crawlies (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here) begins to focus on kids:

According to the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, its “Eat a Bug!” Free Family Arts Day is the venue’s most popular event, providing children with the chance to gobble “fried crickets” or “fried mealworms that are provided by a local pest control company. …

Kids who consume the insects also receive a “fun ‘I ate a bug’ sticker.”

Those who don’t want to trade their cheeseburger for a plate of dead bugs hate the planet. Also, they are racist. We know this because Christopher Columbus — the villain who spread Western Civilization into the New World — didn’t regard bug-eating as suitable for civilized people. So argues Yara Elmjouie of Al-Jazeera:

If Christopher Columbus called the savages “savages,” it might have been not only because they ate bugs, but because they ate each other and cut children’s hearts out to appease the weather gods. They weren’t just pre-Columbian; they were pre-wheel, subsisting at a literal Stone Age level.

Getting back to bugs, moonbats also turn to them and other creepy-crawlies for sexual gratification:

VICE is showcasing the fetish of formicophilia where people “incorporate insects into their sex lives.” …

A video uploaded to the hipster outlet’s YouTube channel features “two different people who enjoy playing with bugs (alone and with a partner) to find out what’s behind the fetish.”

As one of the “bug play” participants explains, “When I’m feeling insects crawling all over me, it creates this sensation that washes up and down my body that’s just pure pleasure and feeling that closeness with these creatures makes me feel wonderful and loved inside.”

From there, the depravity gets too horrific and obscene to go into. The video is here for those who have the belly for it.

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