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Mar 16 2020

Extinction Rebellion Considers Show Suicides

It isn’t easy to get attention when the only story the media will acknowledge is coronavirus. Extinction Rebellion may be forced to push its theatrical brand of ecomoonbattery ever further over the top.

Via Breitbart:

Mooted tactics include: committing suicide in public (perhaps at the UN’s next climate summit in Glasgow later this year); hunger strike to the death; painting parliament green; spraying traffic lights black; blocking every station, airport, and motorway in Britain; and “scare the [f***] out of people”.

These are among the actions proposed on a leaked XR discussion document titled ‘Vital Additions to Action Strategy.’ They appear in a list under the heading ‘Top Ideas from the Sessions.’

Now for the bad news:

There is no evidence of any XR member having actually volunteered to commit suicide or go on hunger strike in order to save the planet.

The dangers of the Wuhan virus may be overhyped, but they are real, whereas the dangers of global warming are not real. This is a problem for climate crusaders that not even public suicides will resolve. If they were less childlike, they would have the patience to lay low until the virus passes and people forget that we get enough grief from reality without wallowing in bleak fantasies.

On a tip from Kate P.

Nov 07 2019

Extinction Rebellion Neighbor From Hell

HOAs can be overbearing, but maybe they are a good thing after all. The rules they impose might save the whole neighborhood if the neighbor from hell decides to convert a £750,000 home into a shrine to Extinction Rebellion, as happened in Carshalton, a suburb of London.

From Daily Mail:

Paul Barrett has enraged his neighbours by turning his three-bedroom semi into a rainbow house, erecting a giant 12-foot robot made from plastic bottles and installing multi-coloured rocks in the front garden.

A broken fridge has been converted into a letter box while roof tiles have been painted different colours leaving residents worried about the value of their homes.

Complains one neighbor,

“I have children and I no longer feel safe for them as so many people, many of them undesirable, are hanging round the house. It is awful.”

Barrett is a supporter of Extinction Rebellion, a moonbat cult that takes the global warming hoax seriously. He inherited the property from his parents. There goes the neighborhood.

On a tip from Kate P.

Oct 21 2019

Extinction Rebellion Invasion of In-N-Out Burger Fails

It isn’t only in London that Extinction Rebellion moonbats have worn out their welcome. Earlier, leftists tried and failed to wage a boycott against the countermoonbat company In-N-Out Burger. Now, XR fails to take over one of its restaurants.

Watch and laugh as a dutiful employee in California allows customers to eat in peace by giving a climate kook the bum’s rush:

As noted at Townhall, an employee named Tim repeatedly told the bearded moonbat to get off the business’s property:

The lefty refused, and Tim called the cops. Then, perhaps unaware of the irony, the video cut to another protester complaining that her property, the blow horn she used to berate and harass families enjoying a nice meal and employees earning a living, was thrown in the trash. That girl ended up being handcuffed, but it is unclear if any charges were filed.

Property rights are for me not thee, from the leftist point of view.

On a tip from Varla.

Oct 18 2019

Public Gets Fed Up With Extinction Rebellion Climate Moonbats

Looks like London is finally fed to the teeth with Extinction Rebellion climate moonbats causing havoc on behalf of their demented and malevolent antihuman ideology.

Via Daily Mail:

Extinction Rebellion’s reign of mayhem in London finally hit the rocks [yesterday] when commuters took matters into their own hands and pulled activists from a tube train – prompting the group to cancel its planned Gatwick ‘shutdown’.

As their eco-protest enters its 11th day XR activists launched a co-ordinated strike on three London Underground stations, clambering on top of carriages and glueing themselves to doors despite Monday’s city-wide ban issued by the Met Police.

I doubt the planet appreciated it. I know people with jobs to go to didn’t. Watch and cheer as a crowd in Canning Town unceremoniously drags the screwballs off a train:

That went about as well as their slapstick attack on Her Majesty’s Treasury.

Good thing for the ecokooks that transport workers were on hand to save them from the beating they richly earned.

This nonsense has been going on for too long:

So far more than 1,642 protesters have been arrested, and 133 charged.

XR’s stated tactics are to overwhelm the capacity in police custody, including by refusing bail after being arrested.

If the police are not able to maintain public order in the face of soft terrorism, maybe they should just give a green light to the public to deal with XR moonbats as it sees fit. That might put a quick end to the sociopathic posturing.

On tips from Don M and 😈 😈 BLACK 😈 DEVIL 😈 😈.

Oct 11 2019

The Truth About Extinction Rebellion

The global warming agenda has a special appeal for lunatics. Among the most conspicuously insane to attempt to impose it are the climate Jacobins of Extinction Rebellion, as Paul Joseph Watson illustrates:

Fun as it is to guffaw at the theatrics and hypocrisy of ecomoonbats, the damage malicious cults like Extinction Rebellion would to inflict on our liberty and standard of living is no laughing matter.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Oct 05 2019

Extinction Rebellion Stunt Goes Hilariously Wrong

According to Extinction Rebellion, Her Majesty’s Treasury has blood on its hands because it puts money into the politically incorrect fossil fuels that Britain requires if it is to feed its people. Actually, it is the climate Jacobins who have fake blood on their foolish faces. Watch as one of their sociopathic stunts goes hilariously wrong:

There. I’m sure the climate feels much better now.

On a tip from R F. Hat tip: Watts Up With That?

Apr 29 2019

Extinction Rebellion Ecomarxist Glues Breasts to Road

Extinction Rebellion reminds us that trying to have a rational debate is not always a constructive use of time. Imagine trying to explain that climate will always fluctuate regardless of how high leftists raise taxes to someone who would glue her breasts to a road on behalf of the environment:

On the final day of the Extinction Rebellion protests – which have disrupted journeys for thousands of commuters – campaigners glued themselves to the London Stock Exchange and climbed on top of a train at Canary Wharf.

Targets associated with capitalism were chosen because according to ecomarxist dogma, economic freedom makes it be too warm outside.

Just before 7am [Thursday] morning two men and five women dressed in black suits, red ties and visors glued themselves in a chain to a wall and to each other at the Stock Exchange.

They wore LED signs saying “climate emergency”, “tell the truth” and “you can’t eat money”.

You can’t eat moonbattery either. But you can eat the food that money buys and that money allows to be produced.

One of the militants put the melon in watermelon (green outside, commie red inside) by gluing her breasts to the road outside a Fleet Street Goldman Sachs office. Top that, PETA!

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Mar 25 2020

Radical Environmentalists Welcome Wuhan Virus

Some are enjoying the Wuhan virus, and will enjoy it even more if it lives up to the hype and massive numbers die. I’m not talking about the congressional Democrats who have tried to exploit it as a gun to hold to the head of the economy so as to impose their agenda. I mean radical environmentalists. According to their ideology, anything that kills people is good:

Presumably in response to outrage, Extinction Rebellion’s official leadership is spinning this as a false flag operation. However:

If it has been a ‘far right’ disinformation operation, it appears to have fooled pretty much the entirety of the XR movement – which has repeatedly tweeted its views and seems to share many of them.

It is also consistent with the concept that people are bad for the planet and therefore the population must be reduced, which is a pillar of environmentalist dogma. As United Nations climate commissar, Christiana Figueres explicitly called for doing “everything possible” to reduce the human population. Some have taken the ideology to its logical conclusion by calling for human extinction.

Radical environmentalists are politically ambitious. In destabilized times, they could end up in a position to impose their will. Already the Democrat Party has packaged part of their alarming agenda as the Green New Deal.

Communists and Nazis killed a lot of people. Imagine maniacs just as authoritarian coming to power with a platform that holds human life as inherently bad. Radical environmentalism is the most malevolent ideology ever devised.

On a tip from Frances J.

Mar 05 2020

Legalizing Ecoterrorism on the Left Coast

Law & order break down where liberals rule. San Francisco is an obvious example. Portland is another:

Five climate radicals arrested for sabotaging train tracks used by Zenith Energy to transport crude oil are free today because Portland, Ore., jurors just couldn’t bring themselves to convict the earth’s saviors. The five jurors believed the defendants’ “climate necessity defense,” which argues you can break the law if you’re saving the planet.

This goes beyond even Berkeley’s insane “right to rescue” into the realm of legally sanctioned terrorism.

The five defendants, who belong to the group “Extinction Rebellion,” put a “garden” on top of train tracks in Portland last April to stop Zenith Energy from transporting crude oil and were charged with trespassing.

Sabotaging train tracks can cause more than economic damage; it can get people killed.

The faux garden was put on top of the tracks to cause a potential derailment.

Here’s how crazy it’s getting in moonbattery-addled Portland:

Even though the district attorneys presented video showing the trespassing, only one juror voted to convict the direct-action monkey-wrenchers last Thursday. Five other jurors were persuaded that the sabotage was “necessary” to save the environment. The case ended in a hung jury and now the notoriously left-leaning district attorneys office will decide whether to retry the five.

If the DA’s office is half as left-wing as Chesa Boudin’s down the coast in San Francisco, the decision will be no.

One of the ecoterrorists is Ken Ward, “who was convicted in Washington State for turning a valve to shut down an oil pipeline, which could have ended in catastrophe.” He got off in that case too:

An appeals court has overturned Ward’s conviction in that case, ruling that he was denied the “right” to use the “climate necessity defense” in his case.

According to liberal ideology, any human activity might exacerbate the imaginary global warming crisis. Theoretically, you could use “climate necessity” to justify murdering someone for eating hamburgers, since liberals believe that consuming meat makes it be too hot out. Progressivism has progressed to the last extremes of clinical psychosis.

On the Left Coast, left-wing activists are increasingly able to engage in terrorist activities with impunity. These same Portland ecomoonbats have publicly proclaimed that “There are too many people in this world. We need a new plague.” There is no limit to how far they will take their antihuman ideology.

On a tip from Kate P.

Feb 05 2020

Climate Activist Reveals Ultimate Goal

Now we know the ultimate objective for radical environmentalists. You might have guessed it, by the conspicuous unreasonableness of their demands and their nihilistic, antihuman outlook. Now Simon Bramwell, cofounder of the global warming activist group Extinction Rebellion, has admitted it outright.

LBC quotes Bramwell addressing his fellow climate warriors:

“[I]t is up to all of us, en masse along with doing things like shutting down fossil fuel industries, direct sabotage, mass civil disobedience, we must also transform the myths that have got us here, the myths that we are in fact civilised.”

Bramwell proposes to prove we are not civilized by destroying civilization.

“[W]e’ve also got to not only take down civilisation but shepherd ourselves and incoming generations back into a state of wilding as it were, into like a feral consciousness that is also one of the biggest tasks remaining to us.”

To judge by the feral behavior of environmental activists, they are making progress on this task.

Now that we know that the objective is to take down civilization, how do we accomplish it? Bramwell is still working on that:

“We can’t convince people that we are going to have to do without food. We can’t convince people that they’re going to have to do without more flights.

“We can’t convince people that they are going to maybe *have to see their child die* because we don’t simply have the machinery and technology to keep them alive any longer.”

This must refer to the “machinery and technology” that would be forbidden on the grounds that it allegedly offends the climate with carbon emissions.

“So we have to offer them something else along as these trajectories of civil disobedience and direct sabotage of civilisation…”

What these malevolent lunatics could possibly offer normal people is unclear, but they do offer gullible fools a bogus sense of self-righteousness.

Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove.

Jan 11 2020

Train Kept A-Rollin’, Despite Moonbats on the Tracks

A story from last month illustrates what some might do if they are delivering the fossil fuels that keep us all alive by serving as the lifeblood of the economy, and moonbats attempt to prevent them on behalf of a foolish, juvenile, antihuman, but highly fashionable ideology:

About a dozen activists attempting to stop a coal resupply train near Worcester [Massachusetts] were forced from the tracks when the train failed to stop…

No one was injured or arrested.

The activists — some of whom were affiliated with groups like the Climate Disobedience Center, 350 New Hampshire Action and 350 Mass Action — said in a press release that the action was part of their campaign to shut down the Merrimack Generating Station in Bow, N.H.…

Good thing for the moonbats they hadn’t chained themselves to the tracks.

Give these kooks the power to shut down the power supply with Extinction Rebellion tactics and they will do it. Then they will find some way to blame capitalism when the lights go out and water freezes in the pipes.

On a tip from Steve T.

Dec 27 2019

Whatever Happened to Rowan Williams?

Whatever happened to the moonbats of yesteryear? The unfortunate truth is that many of them continue to wallow in moonbattery, even if they spew their pernicious nonsense into a vacuum of obscurity. A case in point is Rowan Williams, whom longtime readers will remember as the Archbishop of Canterbury — i.e., principal leader of the Church of England, which Williams helped to subvert with leftist ideology.

For those who have forgotten him, a few blasts from the past:

English Clergy: Christianity Causes Domestic Abuse

A Rowan Williams Moonbat Christmas

Archbishop of Canterbury Bashes America, Sucks Up to Muslims

Archbishop of Canterbury Calls for Sharia in Britain

Britain Considers Another Step Toward Sharia

Church of England Donating Fortune to Primarily Muslim Worship Center

Archbishop of Canterbury Declares Christianity to Be Offensive to Islam

Given his tendency to compromise the Christian faith, it should come as no surprise that he appears to have discarded it in favor of global warming theology.

Via Breitbart:

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has claimed that man-made climate change is “the largest challenge ever to the human race” and that those who do not believe in it have fallen for conspiracy theories.

Here we see that Williams has mastered a core principal of leftism: always accuse the opposition of your own shortcomings. Those who don’t believe in the global warming hoax are dupes, just as the party whose leading presidential candidate is Joe Biden accuses Donald Trump of a corrupt relationship with Ukraine.

The former archbishop has voiced his support for the Greta Thunberg-led climate school strikes and last year backed Extinction Rebellion in its calls for mass protest in reaction to the “unprecedented global emergency” of anthropomorphic climate change.

Too bad Williams retired back in 2012. He might be able to get Greta canonized, now that we know she has preternatural powers.

As for Extinction Rebellion, it represents the last extreme in unhinged sociopathic moonbattery, so you can see the appeal for him.

Williams isn’t the only extreme moonbat who has infiltrated the Church of England. His woke work is carried on by others:

Last year, the current archbishop, Justin Welby, called climate change an “ethical crisis” whilst a London vicar compared the disruptive Extinction Rebellion activists who brought London to a standstill in 2019 to Jesus Christ.

Too bad for Stalin that he didn’t have Rowan Williams and Justin Welby on his team. They would have been much more effective weapons against Christianity than throwing priests into gulags.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

Nov 24 2019

What to Do if a Moonbat Attacks Your Car

A masked moonbat identified as an “Antifa/Extinction Rebellion protester” stands in front of someone’s SUV, then attacks it with what looks like a baseball bat. He probably won’t do it again. LANGUAGE ALERT:

On tips from Henry B and Steve T.

Sep 16 2019

Children Treated for Ecoanxiety

Rational adults do not take global warming rhetoric seriously. If they did, coastal property values would plummet, and Phoenix, the hottest major city in the country, would not also be the fastest growing. Children are another matter. They trust adults enough to take their hysteria at face value even when it is fake. The endless barrage of shrill climate change propaganda has resulted in kids being treated for “ecoanxiety.”

From The Telegraph:

Protests by groups such as Extinction Rebellion, the recent fires in the Amazon and apocalyptic warnings by the teenage activist Greta Thunberg have prompted a “tsunami” of young people seeking help.

Fools caused the problem; other fools know just how to solve it:

The Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) told The Daily Telegraph some children complaining of eco-anxiety have even been given psychiatric drugs.

CPA wants senseless anxiety over the imaginary peril faced by the planet to be recognized as a psychological condition.

However, they do not want it classed as a mental illness because, unlike standard anxiety, the cause of the worry is “rational”.

The CPA people should cure themselves of their half-believed delusions before they try to help the kids their fellow moonbats have terrified into a state of despair.

In 2017 a report by the American Psychological Association produced a report recognising [ecoanxiety’s] impact and calling for dedicated research into the mental health consequences of climate change.

The global warming hoax is a vicious cycle, both a cause and an effect of poor mental health.

On a tip from R F.

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