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Jan 11 2021

Google/Apple/Amazon Crush Parler

Twitter is a private company, they tell us. If you don’t like the way it suppresses opinion and information that undermine the progressive quest for power, then find an alternative. So people found an alternative: Parler. The Big Tech cartel promptly crushed Parler.

Via Legal Insurrection:

Google and Apple now have removed the Parler App from their stores, and in the coup de grace, Amazon Web Services, the largest corporate hosting service, gave Parler 24-hours notice that it was terminating hosting services, effectively removing Parler from the internet.

Parler is now offline.

Parler’s other vendors are afraid to help the company, including Parler’s law firm. This is part of a tactic we have seen develop for years where lawyers and law firms are pressured not to represent controversial conservative causes and people — but representing al-Qaeda members at Gitmo is just fine.

Only those who enjoy the sympathy of the liberal establishment are entitled to free speech and legal representation.

Collapses, it’s said, happen slowly, then very suddenly. And so it has happened with the collapse of internet freedom through the domination of a handful of companies that control the flow of information and whose platforms are indispensible for political discourse.

Big Tech is the government now. Biden/Harris are figureheads. This is no longer a free country.

Maria Bartiromo interviews Parler CEO John Matze on this horrifying development:

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Dec 15 2020

Google Warns 7-Year-Old of Parental Monitoring

Thanks to advances in information technology, we don’t need parents anymore. Big Tech can be the parents. They are cool parents, who let kids explore the last extremes of degeneracy, just so long as they never wander to the right of center. If old-fashioned biological parents attempt to interfere, Big Tech provides a warning:

Not the Bee notes that “we’re just a few steps away from a Google van pulling up next to your child and offering him candy” and provides multiple examples of the Twitter mob actually agreeing that a 7-year-old should be warned by Google if his parents are checking in on his school account.

Oct 28 2020

Google Tightens Garrote on Breitbart Traffic

This gives an idea of how arrogantly ham-fisted the Big Tech ruling clique is about tilting the election in favor of their pawns. If you want information that does not favor Joe Biden — on the shocking Hunter laptop revelations, for example — you can only get it from the conservative media. Google isn’t going to help you find it:

In July, Breitbart News published data showing that Breitbart’s Google search visibility is down 99 percent compared to the same period in 2016.

RealClearPolitics later published data corroborating this, and showing that the same silent expulsion from Google search results has happened to a variety of other conservative news websites as well.

With the election approaching, left-wing information gatekeepers have become even less subtle:

It appears that Breitbart News links are being hidden on Google searches even when users search for the exact string of words in an original Breitbart headline. When links to Breitbart stories do appear, it is often below obscure websites that plagiarize Breitbart’s content.

Breitbart is not an obscure website, but one of the top five news publishers in the USA, according to the hardly right-wing (owned by Amazon).

What fossil fuels are to the economy, traffic is to the Internet. Google controls it:

Search ranking is critical for web traffic from Google. The search analytics industry has found that the top three search results on Google drive over 70 percent of clicks.

If you think Big Tech censorship is bad now, wait until Democrats consolidate control of Washington. Even bombshell stories like Biden’s influence peddling to the communist Chinese are likely to vanish without a trace.

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Sep 07 2020

Censored on Google’s YouTube

At first, I didn’t understand why Google killed its ads on Moonbattery and stole the money it owed me for running them. An unspecified violation of their community guidelines did not seem like much of an explanation. But it is all clear to me now, thanks to this video by AwakenWithJP:

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Sep 13 2021

Washington University 9/11 Memorial Destroyed

Patriots at Washington University in St Louis acknowledged the 20th anniversary of 9/11 Saturday with a display of flags commemorating the innocent lives taken through Islamic terrorism. Student Union Vice President of Finance Fadel Alkilani acknowledged it by destroying the display.

From WU’s Student Life:

The College Republicans had placed the 2,977 flags Friday night, with each representing a victim of the 9/11 attacks. Sophomore Nathaniel Hope saw Alkilani removing the flags on Saturday morning and started filming a video, which showed Alkilani holding multiple plastic bags containing American flags and which has circulated widely.

Alkilani defended his actions in a statement Saturday night, clarifying his intent to critique the Islamophobia and American military interventions that followed the 9/11 attacks.

Grieving those murdered in the name of Islam constitutes “Islamophobia.” Muslims have zeroed in on infidels’ Achilles heel: moonbattery.

Rather than express contrition, Alkilani predictably cast himself as the victim:

Alkilani described experiencing verbal and physical harassment by both students and WUPD officers, which he said he would report through official channels.

At last word, WU educrats would not say whether the insolently unremorseful Alkilani would face consequences. That means he will not, unless there is significant pressure, under which educratic invertebrates bend — sometimes even when it comes from the right.

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Sep 11 2021

CRT Primer: How “All Lives Matter” Leads to Mass Murder

Biden’s outrageous Covid degrees confirm that we are entering an authoritarian moment, as Ben Shapiro puts it. Authoritarian regimes require an ideology to justify the crimes they commit against liberty and humanity. The ideology of ruling Democrats is critical race theory.

Because this is a totalitarian creed, progressives increasingly impose it on every aspect of society. If we are going to live under it, or better still overcome it, we need to understand it.

Like many powerful corporations, Google subjects its employees to indoctrination in CRT theology, according to which one level of thoughtcrime inevitably leads to another: indifference to minimization to veiled racism to discrimination to calls for violence to violence to mass murder. This is why if you aren’t willing to loot a shopping mall and tear down statues of George Washington on behalf of Black Lives Matter — or if you think all lives matter, not only black ones — you are morally equivalent to a mass murderer.

Per CRT dogma, Ben Shapiro is also the moral equivalent of a mass murderer. For the time being, he is still allowed to fight back via the Google subsidiary YouTube:

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Sep 10 2021

ChiComs Escalate Aggression From Within and Without

Meanwhile, as the ChiCom-comprised Biden signals abject weakness to world, our most formidable adversary escalates its threatening posture, preparing to attack the USA from both within and without.

Even CNN admits China is cranking up a disinformation war:

A pro-Chinese government online influence operation is targeting Americans in an effort to exploit divisions over the Covid-19 pandemic and “physically mobilize protestors in the US in response,” according to a new report from cybersecurity firm Mandiant and experts at Google.

The operation, which initially attempted to discredit pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong in 2019, has expanded into a “global campaign that’s operating in seven languages, on at least 30 social media platforms and across 40+ website & forums,” experts at Mandiant and Google say, noting parallels to the Russian disinformation campaign around the 2016 presidential election.

One difference from Russia is that China represents a more direct military threat. From the Washington Examiner:

The Global Times called on People’s Liberation Army Navy warships to travel to “U.S. military bases in the Asia-Pacific and the U.S. allies’ coastlines to conduct close-in reconnaissance operations and declare freedom of navigation.” The editorial added that “the U.S. will definitely see the PLA show up at its doorstep in the not-too-distant future.” …

The Global Times operates under Central Foreign Affairs Commission Director Yang Jiechi. Its words represent a credible threat.

China is rattling this particular saber because US ships cross the international waters of the South China Sea.

U.S. Navy transits of international waters are one thing. PLA transits within 12 miles of sovereign U.S. or allied coasts would be a very different matter. Put another way, where the U.S. is walking through a public park, China claims a right to seize public parks and then engage in home invasions.

As the Mandiant report notes regarding the social media campaign,

Accounts in the network have actively sought to physically mobilize protestors in the U.S. … [T]his direct call for physical mobilization is a significant development compared to prior activity, potentially indicative of an emerging intent to motivate real-world activity outside of China’s territories.

America’s self-inflicted decline as personified by Biden is an open invitation to the world’s worst. The Taliban accepted it, and so will the ChiComs.

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Aug 07 2021

Us and Them

One reason the leftist ruling class does not object to authoritarianism is that restrictions do not apply to them. Unlike the deplorable little people, billionaires like Google cofounder Larry Page can travel wherever they please. They are not likely to die because lifesaving medical treatment has been denied in the name of the ChiCom virus, even in a place that has totally succumbed to Covid tyranny like Australia.

While millions of regular people have been financial ruined by pointless lockdowns, WaPo-owning zillionaire Jeff Bezos saw his wealth grow by $billions upon $billions.

Covid has been so good to our moonbat elite, it is no wonder no one in power is willing to let it go. Thanks to the DAISNAID policy of our arrogantly hypocritical rulers, they live free as we endure increasing totalitarianism.

The coming climate lockdowns (see here, here, and here) will similarly crush us while making them still more powerful — unless serious pushback gets underway.

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Aug 01 2021

YouTube Suspends Sky News Australia

Australia has gone nuts with Covid tyranny, but at least it has Sky News, which offers an alternative to leftist propaganda. However, Sky News Australia will be harder to access, thanks to tyranny inflicted from abroad by Google’s YouTube:

Sky News Australia has been temporarily suspended by YouTube following a review of old videos published to the channel.

For now, it is suspended for 1 week on charges of permitting viewpoints that do not conform to Google/YouTube’s politicized Covid policies.

Sky News Australia has 1.85 million YouTube subscribers.

The Sky News Australia YouTube channel has published more than 20,000 videos over the past year.

No doubt Google employees with the same job title as Winston Smith are pouring over each one to determine which must go down the memory hole before Sky News Australia will be allowed back on the information highway.

It was recently revealed that Sky News Australia has become one of the country’s most engaging news brands across multiple digital platforms and is reaching more than a third of all Australians each month.

That’s why it needs its kneecaps cracked by the Big Tech overlords on behalf of ideological homogeneity.

This is political censorship at the Soviet Union level. It makes no difference that technically Google is not a government. It controls the information infrastructure, and suppresses information that does not suit its leftist ideology, just as a totalitarian government would do. This is not consistent with a free society.

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Jul 06 2021

Rashad Gober, Accused Cat-Torturing Moonbat

After watching them tear down our country for the past year — looting stores, burning police stations, defiling and destroying statues of our heroes, advancing Marxism, attacking the concept of family, promoting perversion, making sports unwatchable, spewing poisonous lies at America even on the Fourth of July — you may think there could be no lower lifeform than a Black Lives Matter supporter. Yet there is: a Black Lives Matter supporter who tortures cats.

Sick ideologies attract sick individuals. Introducing Rashad Gober:

Cambridge Police announced the arrest of Gober, 31, at his home on Thursday, and charged him with four counts of animal cruelty, dating from March to May of this year. The investigation was initially opened after the discovery of a cat called Gosha on May 6th, who was huddled underneath a car, with her legs bound by masking tape. Further analysis on the deceased cat found a large percentage of her fur missing, also concluding that she had been shot repeatedly with a BB gun, with officers concluding that she had been subject to cruel torture.

The investigation then discovered two further cases of animal cruelty that they linked together, including a BB gun being used to wound a cat called Tammy on March 3rd/4th, who survived, and the case of Buddy on May 5th, who had suffered chemical burns.

As with many criminals, Gober may have been done in by his own low IQ. He posted fantastic social media claims presenting himself as a savior of cats. More incriminating was the trail of cat food that he apparently used to lure victims into his apartment. Google queries taken from his phone include:

• Ways to torture a cat without killing it

• Will Clorox burn a cat

• How to lure neighborhood cats

• I hate cats and caught one

• Cat cruelty video clips

Gober is an enthusiastic BLM supporter. He wrote a mock obituary memorializing himself for having been killed by a racist white police officer. Predictably, he seems to blame his legal predicament on the police, racism, etc.:

In a series of tweets a few days before his arrest and charge, potentially at the time of his questioning, Gober attempted to blame the actions of the police on racism, not the fact that he had clearly behaved suspiciously enough to be called in. “I seriously hate [Boston],” Gober tweeted. “This is the most racist place I’ve ever lived and I grew up in South Carolina.” He proceeded to describe Cambridge Police as “the most incompetent group of insecure pieces of sh*t that I’ve ever encountered,” and said they should be ashamed of themselves.

Gober probably wishes the police really were incompetent. He could get away with torturing helpless cats to his heart’s content if they were as clueless as the white liberal community, which…

…seemingly contacted Massachusetts State Representative Mike Connolly, a radical anti-police BLM supporter, on [Gober’s] behalf – according to online posts, Connolly then “went out of his way” to get in touch with Gober and assure him he would be able to fight for him against the seemingly racist police.

Brace yourself for a terrifying glimpse into the abyss of depravity that is moonbattery:

One of those who reached out to Connolly was Buddy’s owner himself, Craig Garvin, who in a statement said that he had “made us feel sympathy for you when you reached out to us with a moving story about how a raid by the police had left you distraught and emotionally damaged,” adding that it was “obvious from these deceptions that you wanted a larger impact than just the harm of an animal.”

According to the woke ideology that prevails in Cambridge, home of Harvard, a left-wing gay black person in trouble with the police is the ultimate paragon of virtue, regardless of context.

If we can’t even agree on the topic of torturing cats, there is truly no hope of reconciliation.

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Jul 05 2021

Big Tech Sides With ChiComs

America has done more to improve the human condition than any other nation. The communist regime running China has killed more of its own people than any other, including as many as 80 million just under Mao. Who do you suppose Big Tech favors? That’s right, the Chinese Communist Party:

A human rights group that attracted millions of views on YouTube to testimonies from people who say their families have disappeared in China’s Xinjiang region is moving its videos to little-known service Odysee after some were taken down by the Google-owned streaming giant, two sources told Reuters. …

Serikzhan Bilash, a Xinjiang-born Kazakh activist who co-founded the channel and has been arrested multiple times for his activism, said government advisors told him five years ago to stop using the word “genocide” to describe the situation in Xinjiang – an order he assumed came from pressure from China’s government on Kazakhstan.

China has reached Stage 10.

Atajurt Kazakh Human Rights’ channel has published nearly 11,000 videos on YouTube totaling over 120 million views since 2017, thousands of which feature people speaking to camera about relatives they say have disappeared without a trace in China’s Xinjiang region, where UN experts and rights groups estimate over a million people have been detained in recent years.

Not that this is any concern of American liberals, who continue to support ChiCom tools like LeBron James and even Joe Biden.

Lame excuses offered by YouTube for blocking the videos include accusations of “cyberbullying” (which can be defined as “saying something Big Tech cyberbullies don’t want heard”) and supposedly promoting criminal organizations.

The most violent criminal organization in the history of the human race is the Chinese Communist Party, yet Google has no problem with it.

As for Twitter,

Life isn’t as “nuanced” as liberals would like you to believe. There are good guys and bad guys. Big Tech is controlled by the bad guys.

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Jun 13 2021

Chinese Authoritarianism Not Working as Well as Advertised

The origins of Covid have been suppressed largely because our ruling class is more sympathetic to the Chinese Communist Party than it is to the American people. The CCP represents a model of top-down, centralized control that the Democrat oligarchy wants to emulate. However, this authoritarian approach does not work as well as progressives believe.

That this video by a 10-year resident of China was demonetized tells you all you need to know about Google/YouTube and the rest of the ChiCom-friendly Big Tech establishment:

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Jun 10 2021

Amazon Sells Blue Lives Murder Products but Not…

Hypocrisy is prominent among the characteristics that make our liberal rulers insufferable. Everything that does not support their agenda is subject to cancelation. Yet they squawk pieties about freedom and choice. For example, the totalitarians at Amazon, who took down Parler out of sheer partisan repression, tell us that the reason they sell “Blue Lives Murder” memorabilia (t-shirts, headscarves, caps, bandannas, etc) is that they want to provide customers “with the widest possible selection” of products.

Coming from the Bezos people, this lie is grotesque. As noted at the Washington Free Beacon,

Amazon has cracked down on other political products, including a “Joe and the Hoe” T-shirt, for violating its “selling guidelines.”

The “Hoe” refers to Kamala Harris, whose only notable qualification, other than being a Woman of Color and as far left as you can go, is her willingness to exchange sexual favors with a man 30 years her senior for political advancement.

The site also banned Ryan T. Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally because, the platform said, it “frame[d] LGBTQ+ identity as a mental illness.”

Only a few years ago, no reasonable person would have denied that what is now called “LGBTQ+ identity” is mental illness. Now, products are banned by Amazon for suggesting it. We can only guess what facts might be banned in the future. But calling the police murderers and implying that violence against them is justified won’t be banned, because the people running the company endorse this sentiment.

The looting of Amazon trucks by Black Lives Matter thugs taught them nothing. To be progressive is to be impervious to experience.

The Blaze provides other exceptions to Amazon’s commitment to the widest possible selection:

In February, Amazon pulled a documentary about conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during Black History Month without explanation. And in 2019, the company kowtowed to the progressive Council on American-Islamic Relations and removed a litany of products — including bath mats and doormats — considered offensive to Muslims.

Since September 11, 2001, anything offensive to Muslims offends moonbats too.

The Rebel flag that graces the covers of classic Southern rock albums because it represents the culture and heritage of the South is unavailable at Amazon. But advocates of political violence will have no problem finding Black Lives Matter and Antifa flags.

Amazon, like the rest of the Big Tech world, proves that you do not have to be the government to impose authoritarianism. Selective censorship is tyranny.

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May 11 2021

United Nations Likes Global Minimum Tax

Biden’s people advocate for a global tax, so that victims of their confiscatory taxation policies cannot escape the country, the way people have been escaping hypertaxed Democrat-ruled states like California and New York. Unsurprisingly, our embryonic world government loves the idea. A high-level UN panel issued recommendations in February:

The High-Level Panel for International Financial Accountability, Transparency and Integrity for Achieving the 2030 Agenda (FACTI) said a 20% to 30% global corporate tax on profits would “help limit incentives against profit shifting, tax competition and a race to the bottom.”

If countries are not allowed to compete with each other on tax rates, these rates will only go higher and higher. When they reach 100%, utopia will have been achieved.

Globalism offers plenty of pain, and spreads it widely. Even globalist Big Tech companies may get their share:

One of the panel’s other recommendations includes a tax on digital services. France has already moved forward with such a tax, which would hit tech giants like Facebook and Google.

The concept of taxation imposed globally could put a crimp on techie plans to build their own city on a Mediterranean island so that they don’t have to deal with greedy and oppressive Big Government. Ironically, Big Tech plutocrats have been eager to impose excessive government on the rest of us through their aggressive support for the Democratic Party.

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