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Apr 19 2020

NY Times Editorial Links COVID-19 to Green New Deal

The sort of moonbats who publish editorials in the liberal establishment’s Paper of Record view everything through a lens comprised of unmitigated moonbattery, so that whatever they look at, all they see is their own ideology, as if they were using a View-Master as a pair of binoculars. For example, Rhiana Gunn-Wright looks at the Wuhan coronavirus crisis and sees the need to waste fortunes on the economy-smothering Green New Deal. She rages that stimulus spending intended to help people and businesses to survive and the economy to recover must include money to hamstring the economy in the name of “climate and environmental justice.”

Ms Gunn-Wright lets us know straight off how she manages to get published by the New York Times, proclaiming that she is “too black” to believe in the “inherent goodness” of America. Before long she is coughing up paragraphs like this:

Pandemics like the coronavirus may occur more often when climate change is unabated. Warming and changing weather patterns shift the vectors and spread of disease. Heavily polluting industries also contribute to disease transmission. Studies have linked factory farming — one of the largest sources of methane emissions — to faster-mutating, more virulent pathogens. The same corporations that exacerbated the climate crisis are literally helping to create deadlier diseases, more quickly, in a world that keeps changing how they spread.

Here I was thinking it was a virology lab run by communists, and then the suppression of vital information by those same communists, that inflicted the disease on the rest of the world. But if Ms Gunn-Wrong is right, the real culprits could be climate change, pollution, agriculture, and corporations. No doubt we should end all of these at once even if it saves only one life (as Elizabeth, New Jersey Mayor Chris Bollwage would say).

But wait, what about race? Everything bad has something to do with the evils of the white man. Here it comes:

Similarly, the same populations that are bearing the brunt of the health and economic effects of the coronavirus are the same populations that bear the brunt of fossil fuel pollution — which, in turn, makes them more vulnerable to serious complications.

Those populations are the ones oppressed by white privilege.

If blacks are more likely to succumb to the disease, it can’t be due to less healthy lifestyles. So maybe it is because of this:

Oil, gas and petrochemical industries have concentrated so heavily in low-income, majority-black-and-brown areas that black people are 75 percent more likely to live near industrial facilities than the average American.

Big Oil is making sacred Persons of Color die of the Chinese virus. Racist fiends!

Fortunately, this can be resolved by crushing what’s left of the economy under $zillions of wasteful spending on useless green energy boondoggles. That’s why we should replace the recent stimulus spending with AOC’s demented Green New Deal, which Ms None-Too-Bright says she helped create — and after reading this editorial, I have no reason to doubt her.

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Nov 15 2019

Commies Propose Green New Deal for Public Housing

The point of the global warming hoax is to justify massive government overreach as exemplified by the Green New Deal, which is a euphemism for communism made more miserable than ever with environmental radicalism. In case anyone doubts it, socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez provided confirmation yesterday by announcing a Green New Deal plan exclusively focused on public housing.

Via The Hill:

The proposal calls for an investment of $180 billion over 10 years to sustainably retrofit and repair public housing with the goal of eliminating all carbon emissions. The housing units would meet the zero-emissions goal through the use of solar panels and renewable energy sources.

“Investment” is liberal propagandese for “flagrant waste.”

Something similar has been tried on a smaller scale on AOC’s home turf. The New York City Housing Authority paid an average of $1,973 per unit to install LEDs in housing projects so as to stop global warming. Multiply that by a number too large to comprehend and you have the Bernie/AOC Green New Deal for Public Housing.

Even if Bernie and AOC acquire enough power to inflict this madness, and hold on long enough to achieve national bankruptcy, the climate will continue to fluctuate as it always has and always will.

Lest anyone kid themselves that Elizabeth Warren is less radical than the aforementioned green Stalinists, she endorses this massive, senseless waste of money, just as she endorsed AOC’s literally insane original Green New Deal.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

Oct 04 2019

“Army of Young People” to Push Green New Deal

A radical left sect calling itself the Sunrise Movement is pushing hard in early primary states to get a Democrat nominee who will help impose environmental extremism, enthusing the moonbats at BuzzFeed.

Barks Iowa-based Sunrise organizer Kaleb Van Fosson,

“Our top priority is to build an army of young people to elect a candidate in the caucuses who will be a champion of the Green New Deal.”

Van Fossen and other revolutionaries have been busy in Iowa.

Since early September, 1,425 people in Iowa have signed cards pledging to vote for candidates backing a Green New Deal, a 10-year plan to transition the US off fossil fuels in order to cut the nation’s climate pollution, create jobs, and tackle economic inequality.

The last two words get to the actual issue, which is not the ever-fluctuating climate. Saikat Chakrabarti appeared to do most of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s thinking for her at the time she presented her ultra-radical Green New Deal. He has publicly admitted the obvious: this is not about the climate, but rather about imposing economic equality — i.e., it is about inflicting communism or something very like it.

“I think this is the number one issue young people care about,” Van Fosson said about climate change.

Those who are young enough don’t remember when some of the same people were yelling about global cooling rather than global warming. The very young and unworldly sometimes even take the eco-left’s apocalyptic predictions seriously. No wonder they chose a 16-year-old to personify their movement.

On a tip from R F. Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove.

Aug 26 2019

The Bernie Sanders Green New Deal

The Great Leap Forward imposed by communists under Mao Zedong killed about 43 million Chinese. Bernie Sanders may top that. His answer to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal would totally devastate the American economy, likely resulting in the death of a still higher percentage of the population.

This isn’t hyperbole. The proposals coming out of this top Democrat presidential candidate would make Pol Pot gasp in horror.

The price tag alone makes it obvious that the USA would not survive intact. Federal debt is already higher than the $21 trillion total annual economy, constituting a very serious problem that needs to be addressed. Sanders wants to spend $16.3 trillion to combat carbon emissions in the unfounded belief that they make the weather too warm.

This vast fortune of money that we don’t have would be spent taking a wrecking ball to the economy in order to inflict what Sanders calls “a wholesale transformation of our society.”

Via the Wall Street Journal:

To start, he’d switch electricity and transportation to 100% renewables by 2030. He would ban fracking; ban drilling offshore and on federal lands; ban “imports and exports of fossil fuels”; cancel oil pipelines already being built; and halt permitting of “new fossil fuel extraction, transportation, and refining infrastructure.”

Energy would become prohibitively expensive where available at all. Lights would go out across the country.

Yet Sanders promises that electricity would “be virtually free.” The word “free” works like magic to energize his supporters.

Anyone who truly believes that CO2 is harmful should advocate nuclear energy, which produces virtually none of it, is economically feasible, and has less impact on the environment that wind or solar. Not Bernie:

Nuclear power would be phased out. He calls it a “false solution” …

A false solution to a false problem would be fitting. But nuclear power is a viable option, so it won’t do.

Sanders would match Mao’s China not only for economic mismanagement, but also for vindictive tyranny:

He says that fossil-fuel companies, driven by “greed,” have “evaded taxes, desecrated tribal lands, exploited workers and poisoned communities.” He believes this amounts to “criminal activity,” and as President he would tell his Justice Department to pursue it …

Not only would he not allow the efficient production of energy, he would jail those who have provided it in the past.

As with AOC’s Green New Deal, the Sanders plan boils down to suppressing energy production and expanding the welfare state. It includes “free, universal school meals” and an expansion of the already overextended food stamp program.

He also wants to hand out free money to “farmers of color”; this may be implemented as another expansion of the insane Pigford Pigout, by which blacks have been able to collect other people’s money by claiming to be farmers.

Among the money-wasting proposals:

• $36 billion to help people “transform their lawns into food-producing or reforested spaces.”

As you can see, Bernie Sanders is rubber room crazy. People this crazy sometimes end up in charge. When that happens, millions die.

Meanwhile, the hoax that supposedly necessitates this maniacal scheme is collapsing. Unadulterated raw data shows that despite rising carbon levels, temperatures have remained basically flat since as far back as 1930.

Mao’s horrific Great Leap Forward at least attempted to accomplish something real: rapid industrialization. Democrat plans to inflict a Green New Deal are based on hype, misinformation, and fantasy.

On a tip from Varla.

May 30 2019

New Mexico Imposes Its Own Green New Deal

Prior to the 1990s, New Mexico was a red state. Then came demographic transformation, gradually reducing Republicans to irrelevance. Formerly cowboy country, now the Land of Enchantment is so far left, it is attempting to impose a variation of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s demented Green New Deal.

From Fox News:

Newly-elected Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the “Energy Transition Act” in March. This law requires that New Mexico move to 100 percent carbon-free energy – the same long-term goal as the “Green New Deal.”

Running anything resembling a modern economy without emitting harmless CO2 is not even remotely feasible. To impose such an economy would require a level of tyranny unprecedented in human history.

This destructive law is essentially a hidden carbon tax and will threaten the jobs of thousands of energy workers, raise utility rates, cut state revenue, and make green energy companies rich at the taxpayers’ expense.

Even if the law could prevent any carbon from being emitted in New Mexico, it would have no perceptible effect on the supposedly problematic climate. But the global warming hoax isn’t about the weather. It is about two things: Democrats’ lust for control and the greed of crony capitalists in the “green energy” sector.

The Energy Transition Act could double electric bills, according to the Heritage Foundation. Succumbing to moonbattery is not cheap.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and 1-Bodhisattva.

Apr 20 2019

AOC Doubles Down on Green New Deal

Despite the cascades of ridicule, despite it not winning a single vote in the Senate, despite it revealing the Democrats as the party of maniacs in the tradition of the Khmer Rouge, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez still has not given up on the apocalyptic Green New Deal. WARNING: the video below may diminish IQ and/or induce uncontrollable vomiting in those who have not developed a high tolerance to moonbattery.

There you have it; only a sinister capitalist conspiracy could explain resistance to the leftist plan to cripple the economy and plunge us into a subsistence level existence under an all-powerful oligarchical collectivist regime.

Imagine being ruled by people who actually believe this B.S., or who are wicked enough to pretend to believe it. AOC is literally too stupid to understand that planting mangroves is not going to generate as much wealth as distributing oil. Dems who are not cognitively disabled know that the Green New Deal would be an economic death blow and a prescription for mass starvation; they back it anyway.

Coal country responds:

Hat tip: Conservative Tribune.

Feb 18 2019

Green New Deal Applied in NYC

To get an idea of how the Green New Deal championed by AOC and all the major Democrat presidential candidates would work, look to a public housing project near her office. The New York City Housing Authority (Nycha) decided to insignificantly reduce harmless carbon emissions by changing to LED light bulbs…

One recent project focused on 23 housing developments, and changing the light bulbs and fixtures there cost $33.2 million. Supplies account for a fraction of that cost. Under Nycha’s Project Labor Agreement, electricians make $81 in base pay and $54 in fringe per hour, and overtime is usually time and a half. Add administrative and contracting expenses. All in, Nycha paid an average of $1,973 per apartment to install LEDs.

This sheds some light on the economic aspects of the Green New Deal.

For Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, sky-high labor costs are part of the plan. Her Green New Deal resolution would create “high-quality union jobs that pay prevailing wages” and reinforce “the right of all workers to organize, unionize, and collectively bargain.” It also mandates upgrades for “all existing buildings in the United States” to “achieve maximal energy efficiency.” In this worker’s paradise, there’s a $1,973 LED in every socket.

Who pays for it? The “rich,” until they run out of money. That won’t take long.

As for the tenants,

they’d rather see money go first to getting rid of vermin, mold and lead paint, tidying filthy premises, or improving safety.

They live in government housing; what do they expect? Looting sprees dressed up in leftist ideology will always take priority over getting the rat population under control.

At least taxpayers will save a few pennies thanks to the more efficient light bulbs. Or maybe not:

LED lights and other energy-efficiency upgrades may drive Nycha’s utility bills down, but those savings aren’t directly passed on to taxpayers for as long as 20 years. Under the federal Energy Performance Contracting Program, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development continues to reimburse Nycha for utilities at pre-LED levels.

AOC’s fellow commie Bill de Blasio wants the city to confiscate property from private owners and turn it over to Nycha, which has been named the worst landlord in the city. Eventually, it will be the only landlord. Think of the savings, and how grateful the planet will be.

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Feb 12 2019

Turning Students Against Green New Deal

It’s easy to change students’ minds about Democrats’ Green New Deal. Unless they are insane, all you have to do is tell them what is in it:

Thanks to Cabot Phillips, these students won’t graduate without learning anything at all.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva. Hat tip: I Love My Freedom.

Feb 12 2019

Green New Deal Would Cause Mass Starvation

The Democrats’ Green New Deal is not just bad policy. It is lunatic social engineering on a scale not attempted since Pol Pot killed a quarter of the Cambodian population. If it is implemented, Americans would not be so lucky as to have 75% of the population survive. Deliberately collapsing the economy as a pointless gesture on behalf of the planet would result in mass starvation. Fortunately, a few people understand this — including a former president of Greenpeace:

The “Green New Deal” proposed by congressional Democrats is a “recipe for mass suicide” and the “most ridiculous scenario I ever heard,” Greenpeace Co-Founder Patrick Moore (shown) warned in an exclusive interview with The New American. In fact, Dr. Moore warned that if the “completely preposterous” prescriptions in the scheme were actually implemented, Americans could be forced to turn to cannibalism to avoid starvation — and they still would not survive.

Moore notes that without fossil fuels, food could not be delivered into cities. The situation would quickly resemble a zombie apocalypse.

The trees and animals so ostentatiously beloved by environmentalists would not fare well either:

“[I]f you eliminated fossil fuels, every tree in the world would be cut for fuel. There is no other source for heating and cooking once you eliminate fossil fuels. You could use animal dung, if there were any animals left, but the animals would all die too because they would all get eaten.”

That’s what happened to pets and zoo animals when socialists destroyed the economy of Venezuela.

Moore could not help but notice that the global warming dogma Democrats use to justify the Green New Deal is fraudulent:

Moore also explained that so much of what climate alarmists were pushing was pseudo-science and easily discredited lies. For instance, carbon dioxide is actually doing great things in terms of greening the planet — after all, it is plant food, Moore said. He also lambasted those who say coral reefs are dying due to alleged man-made global warming, something he said was not true.

Unsurprisingly, this thought criminal is not with Greenpeace anymore. He left when the organization began “characterizing people as the enemies of the Earth — the human species as the enemies of nature, as if we were the only evil species.”

The Democrat Party has become suffused with this same radical ideology.

On a tip from Stormfax.

Feb 08 2019

The Literal Insanity of AOC’s Green New Deal

If Bernie Sanders is America’s Hugo Chavez, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is our Pol Pot. Her demented Green New Deal would require totalitarian social engineering on a scale not seen since the Khmer Rouge killed off a quarter of the population of Cambodia. The more we learn about it, the more loudly sane people laugh — unless they have read up on their 20th century history and realize that people like her sometimes end up in power.

Yesterday AOC et al released an overview. It is staggering.

Stalin only had 5-year plans. AOC doubles that with a 10-year plan that eliminates all greenhouse gas emissions. This alone is impossible; merely breathing creates greenhouse gas emissions. But this isn’t really about global warming malarkey. It is about leaving “liberalism” behind and going whole hog for communism.

Per OAC’s website (although it looks like they just now took this down), the Green New Deal explicitly guarantees everyone the following at everyone else’s expense:

• A job with family-sustaining wages, family and medical leave, vacations, and retirement security
• High-quality education, including higher education and trade schools
• High-quality health care
• Clean air and water
• Healthy food
• Safe, affordable, adequate housing
• An economic environment free of monopolies [except for Big Government, which would have an absolute monopoly on everything]
• Economic security to all who are unable or unwilling to work

You read that correctly: unwilling to work. Here we see why the dregs of humanity will actually vote for socialists like Bernie and AOC. The plan is for us to work as slaves to finance their workfree lifestyle as they lay around puffing on legalized dope. Because “social justice.”

AOC’s wish list would come at an incomprehensible cost, which she resolutely refuses to address. Even at a 100% taxation rate, there is no chance we could afford any of it after the economy has been reduced to absolute ruin by a ban on the fossil fuels and nuclear energy that make it go. Presumably, the plan is to just print the money, like they do in other socialist utopias like Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

The Federalist lists the 10 most insane requirements of the Green New Deal plus bonus insanity (click through for annotation):

1. Ban affordable energy.
2. Eliminate nuclear energy.
3. Eliminate 99 percent of cars.
4. Gut and rebuild every building in America.
5. Eliminate air travel.
6. A government-guaranteed job.
7. Free education for life.
8. A salubrious diet.
9. A house.
10. Free money.
11. Bonus insanity: Ban meat.

Even a half-serious attempt to bring this to fruition would mean the collapse of the economy, totalitarianism, and the effective end of property rights. In short, this is a call for the end civilization in America.

That’s okay, people chuckle. Everyone knows that AOC is a screwball and far dumber than most of her fellow bartenders. No one takes this stuff seriously.

No one? From Fox News:

The plan, which calls for a massive package of big-government proposals including health care for all, quickly picked up the backing of major 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls including Sens. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Cory Booker, D-N.J. — who all co-sponsored the resolution.

Other presidential hopefuls Kirsten Gillibrand, Julián Castro, and Beto O’Rourke have expressed their support.

Even a token attempt to implement this agenda would be devastating to the economy. The government is already about $22 trillion in debt and counting quickly. Merely to elect someone who would not react to the Green New Deal with horror would be to move the Overton window so far to the left as to exclude wealth and freedom from our socialist future.

On a tip from Stormfax. Hat tip: Philosoraptor.

Jan 10 2019

The Green New Deal and the Killing Fields

Despite its obvious collectivist objectives, the Green New Deal championed by today’s radical Democrats is only superficially similar to something Stalin would have imposed. Stalin only starved a relatively small percentage of the Soviet population. The totalitarianism of malevolent lunatics like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and of course Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (all of whom support the Green New Deal) is more along the lines of the social engineers of the Khmer Rouge, who managed to kill off one-quarter of the population of Cambodia.

These days, leftists would regard a body count on that scale as a good start but insufficient to perfect the weather through reduction of carbon emissions. Jim Geraghty has a look at the fine print of the Green New Deal:

Under the Green New Deal, within eleven years, the United States would be required to eliminate not merely nuclear power — which does not directly produce any carbon dioxide or air pollution — but all natural gas. Natural gas currently provides about 32 percent of America’s energy, and nuclear power produces another 10 percent. The “Green New Deal” would also eliminate coal, which provides almost 18 percent of America’s energy, and liquid natural gas and oil, which generates another 28 percent.

In other words, within eleven years, the United States would need to replace about 88 percent of its current energy sources. This is not possible short of a societal collapse to agrarian subsistence.

An agrarian subsistence economy would support only a small fraction of the USA’s current population. Millions of us would starve so as to usher in an insane conception of utopia, just like in Cambodia under Pol Pot.

The Green New Deal would also:

• Destabilize world politics by cutting the US military at least in half;

• Directly throw out of work millions of people employed in forbidden industries;

• Ban “non-essential individual means of transport” (i.e., privately owned automobiles);

• Replace unemployment insurance with make-work government jobs (i.e., when our jobs disappear, we become federal property).

But since civilization will collapse as soon as the energy mandates are imposed, none of these bullet points matters. Our only concern will be to count ourselves among the few who don’t die of starvation or in the inevitable violence.

At least this would solve our illegal immigration problems. Central America is heaven on earth compared to what Democrats want to turn America into.

On a tip from Varla.

Dec 27 2018

Green New Deal Could Be Economic Death Blow

FDR’s New Deal dramatically expanded the federal government and kept the country mired in depression for years. Democrats dream of recreating this achievement with a Green New Deal:

More than 40 Democratic lawmakers support the “Green New Deal” as part of a broad plan to fight global warming and bring about what they see as “economic, social and racial justice.” A poll found most Americans supported the deal, but knew little about it.

All they need to know is that they are good people if they put the Earth first, and bad, greedy people if they don’t want Democrats to confiscate their money and lower their standard of living.

The main backer of the Green New Deal is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a cognitively challenged bartender who next month will become a congresscritter, and who has been christened by both the party establishment and the media establishment as the future of the Democrat Party.

The Green New Deal is not limited to absurd schemes to optimize the climate through massive taxation and regulation, but would also include job guarantees, guaranteed minimum income, and universal healthcare. It is a new name for socialism.

A primary goal is to forbid the use of fossil fuels. If actually implemented, this alone could collapse the economy and result in mass starvation. On the positive side, liberals believe it would make the weather more pleasant for polar bears.

While specifics are lacking, it is clear that implementing the Green New Deal would cost many trillions of dollars. The healthcare aspect alone would cost $32.6 trillion over 10 years, if it came in the form of the Bernie Sanders Medicare for All plan. Universal basic income would probably cost even more, depending on the income. The cost of generating all the energy we require with wind turbines and solar panels is incomprehensible.

Meanwhile, as Democrats prepare their plans to dig deeper at a furious rate, we already find ourselves at the bottom of a very deep hole:

The federal government has added another $1,370,760,684,441.54 to the debt since last December 25, according to numbers published by the U.S. Treasury. …

According to the latest numbers published by the Treasury, which show where the debt stood on Dec. 20, 2018, the federal debt was $21,863,635,176,724.12.

The 1-year increase in debt comes to $10,743.82 per household.

Interest payments on this massive debt will become increasingly burdensome:

Those payments are projected to triple to more than $600 billion by 2023, reflecting rising interest rates as well as the exploding deficit. That figure approaches the amount the U.S. spends on national defense every year, and dwarfs what it spends on agriculture, Medicaid, income security and veterans’ programs…

Like the economists say: if something can’t go on forever, it will stop. The only argument for letting Alexandria et al. take charge is that it would get the inevitable collapse over with quickly.

The scariest part is what will follow the collapse. Progressives are banking on communism or something very like it. That’s why they don’t mind bringing it about.

On tips from 1-Bodhisattva.

Feb 09 2020

New Way Forward — Off the Deep End

The open borders radicals who dominate the Democrat Party are not backing down. On the contrary, they are doubling down. The New Way Forward Act (aka HR 5383) takes immigration extremism to a level of lunacy comparable to the apocalyptic Green New Deal.

Tucker Carlson sounds the alarm:

The legislation is sponsored by 44 House Democrats, including Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York. …

The bill would entirely remake our immigration system, with the explicit purpose of ensuring that criminals are able to move here, and settle here permanently, with impunity. …

Under current U.S. law, legal U.S. immigrants can be deported if they commit an “aggravated felony” or a “crime of moral turpitude” – that is, a vile, depraved act, like molesting a child. Under the New Way Forward Act, “crimes of moral turpitude” are eliminated entirely as a justification for deportation.

Moral turpitude has a loyal friend in the Democrat Party.

No crime, no matter how serious, will require deportation if this bill becomes law — as it might, if November turns out well enough for Democrats.

As if the bill were written by Al Qaeda, falsifying a passport is actually made immune from deportation.

Immigration judges are given the power to nullify deportation orders. Many of these judges are activist liberals.

Illegal entry into the USA is retroactively decriminalized.

According to a document promoting the bill, criminalizing illegal entry into America is “white supremacist.”

Enforcement of immigration law would be all but abolished:

To detain illegal immigrants, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would have to prove in court that the illegal immigrants are dangerous or a flight risk. But of course, ICE wouldn’t be allowed to use a detainee’s prior criminal behavior as proof he or she is dangerous. That’s banned.

ICE would have to overcome even more hurdles if the detainee claims to be gay or transgender, under 21, or can’t speak English and an interpreter isn’t immediately available.

LGBT people are special. It would be homophobic to expect them to obey the law. So if you are a criminal alien who wants to live in America, just say that you have perverse sexual inclinations and the treatment you receive will be extra obsequious.

The bill gets even crazier. Previously deported foreign criminals are granted a “right to come home.”

The bill orders the government to create a “pathway for those previously deported to apply to return to their homes and families in the United States,” as long as they would have been eligible to stay under the new law.

In the book Fahrenheit 451, the fire department starts fires instead of putting them out. America under liberal rule will offer something similar. Instead of defending the border, the Department of Homeland Security will be responsible for transporting previously deported foreign felons back into our communities at our expense.

From 2002 to 2018, 480,000 people were deported for illegal entry or reentry into America. And under this bill, you’d have to buy them all a plane ticket to come back. The tickets alone would cost about a billion dollars, and that’s before Democrats make you start paying for these criminals’ free health care, too. Which they plan to.

The radicals currently charting the course for the Democrat Party are fundamentally hostile to America and its people.

Once they have sufficient power, they will attempt to impose their agenda. At that point, either there will be another civil war, or America will be irrevocably destroyed by a fusillade of malevolent legislation like HR 5383.

The complicit “mainstream” media has ignored this shocking bill, lest resistance to it become organized. One America reports on it, while the MSM pretends not to notice:

Looks like the Officer Tatum is a white supremacist; he doesn’t like the New Way Forward either:

On tips from Occam’s Stubble, Dragon’s Lair, and ScrewyPuppy.

Feb 05 2020

Cost of Green Heating Skyrockets in Scotland

Green energy doesn’t necessarily make the planet any greener, but it certainly takes a lot of green to pay for it. Falkirk, Scotland has seen energy bills skyrocket to about £5,000 (~US$6,500) per year.

Via Daily Mail:

The problems stem from a decision by Falkirk Council to install new, eco-friendly boilers in around 900 council properties over the past ten years, in a project costing £6 million.

Local homes used to be heated by coal fires and storage heaters. Coal is bad, because it offends the climate. The new Thermaflow boilers are electric. That means no fossil fuels are required, because electricity can be generated with wind turbines, solar panels, unicorn flatulence, and happy green thoughts.

But not cheaply.

At first, those who had previously used an incorrect boiler got a special rate on the new green heating. But special rates don’t last forever. Some residents are now spending as much on energy as they do on rent.

Too bad the promised global warming doesn’t kick in. Then it wouldn’t be a problem that people can’t afford to run the heat all day.

If we would just let the market decide on the most efficient way to heat homes, the polar bears would never know the difference.

On a tip from Kate P.

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