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Nov 16 2018

Harvey Milk Redux in Connecticut

Liberal demigod Harvey Milk (who has a street, a ship, a stamp, a movie, a holiday, and a Medal of Freedom in his honor) is far from the only Person of Politically Preferred Sexual Orientation to prey on troubled teenage boys. It goes on all over the country, not only in cesspools of degeneracy and depravity like Milk’s San Francisco, but even in small towns like Tolland, Connecticut:

Like many victims of a Connecticut sex trafficking ring that preyed on troubled young men and teenage boys for more than 20 years, Samuel Marino never told his family or police about being coerced into sexual relations with much older men.

Marino ended up getting himself killed in a police chase after a carjacking at age 26 in what might have been a version of suicide by cop.

In a handwritten note found years later in a raid on one of the suspected sex trafficking ring leader’s homes, Marino wrote he was angry, ashamed and disgusted at how he was taken advantage of. …

The case has illuminated what victims and advocates call the underreported scourge of male sex trafficking.

It is not only underreported but undertreated, despite the severe psychiatric damage it inflicts. There is an assumption that only females are victims of sexual abuse. Besides, we wouldn’t want to draw politically incorrect attention to the exceedingly unsavory aspects of gay subculture, which tends to focus its lustful attention on youth.

The suspects targeted teenage boys and young men who were developmentally disabled, mentally ill and addicted to drugs, police said. One of the defendants, Robert King, found some of his victims at drug rehab centers.

Sure sounds like the sainted Harvey Milk. I wonder if Robert King is in line for a street, a ship, a stamp, a movie, et cetera.

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Jun 29 2018

Harvey Milk Gets a Street Named After Him in Portland

Harvey Milk, whose political career consisted of 11 months on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, is revered among liberals for having been a pervert. He expressed his deviancy by sexually preying on troubled children. One of them was a 16-year-old runaway named Jack Galen McKinley who later committed suicide.

He was also a hate hoaxer who bombed his own camera store and an ally of mass murdering cult leader Jim Jones:

Milk occasionally spoke at Jones’s San Francisco–based headquarters, promoted Jones through his newspaper columns, and defended the Peoples Temple from its growing legion of critics. Jones provided conscripted “volunteers” for Milk’s campaigns to distribute leaflets by the tens of thousands. Milk returned the favor by abusing his position of public trust on behalf of Jones’s criminal endeavors.

Milk aided and abetted Jones’ abduction of a 6-year-old boy who later died at Jonestown, along with 275 other children.

The moonbats who control most everything lionize this scoundrel for having come to personify homosexuality. The Navy named a ship after him. Obama granted him a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom. His face is on a US postage stamp. California celebrates Harvey Milk Day on May 22.

The latest:

Now, city officials in Portland, Oregon, have voted to rename a 13-block section of one of the city’s major streets, Southwest Stark Street, after Harvey Milk…

Portland’s Southwest Stark Street is at the center of the largely LGBTQ Burnside Triangle neighborhood.

Gay militants embrace Harvey Milk as their hero:

According to an article at, “this change symbolizes the districts history as well as the legacy of Harvey Milk.”

You are said to be a bad person if you don’t find this aspect of modern society appealing.

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Jul 30 2016

Navy to Name Ship After Harvey Milk to Honor His Sexual Perversion

How do you go about getting the Navy to name a ship after you in the sort of country this is becoming? By having a reputation for indulging in exceedingly unhealthy forms of sexual depravity, like Harvey Milk:

The U.S. Navy is expected to name a ship after Harvey Milk, the first time it has bestowed the honor on a gay leader and a gesture that underscores the military’s transformative shift on LGBT people.

According to the U.S. Naval Institute News, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus signed a notification on July 14 that he intended to name a Military Sealift Command fleet oiler the USNS Harvey Milk.

Milk was in the Navy during Korea, attaining a rank of lieutenant, junior grade. He was also in the anti-war movement during Vietnam. He went on to get elected to San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors. He was killed along with the Mayor by former Supervisor Dan White, who wanted his job back after having resigned, and who got a light sentence thanks to blaming the murders on eating too much junk food. San Francisco is a crazy place.

An old joke:

Q: How do they separate the men from the boys in the French Navy?

A: With a crowbar!

The social engineers in charge would like this joke to be told about the American Navy. Milk infamously preyed on troubled underage boys, whom he sexually molested.

Bradley Manning should have joined the Navy instead of the Army. They would have named a ship after him too.

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Oct 30 2013

Liberal Demigod Harvey Milk Preyed on Troubled Underage Boys

When decent people gag on learning that the US Post Office is issuing a Harvey Milk stamp, it is not just that Milk’s sole notable accomplishment was to be acknowledged as a pervert. He was a particularly disgusting type of pervert that any healthy society would strive to eradicate rather than deify. Matt Barber has enraged liberals by drawing attention to Milk’s “deviant sexual appetite for underage, drug-addicted, runaway boys”:

Harvey Milk’s only claim to fame is that he was the first openly homosexual candidate to be elected to public office (San Francisco city commissioner). His chief cause was to do away with the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. In 1978 Milk was murdered over a non-related political dispute by fellow Democrat Dan White.

And a “progressive” martyr was born.

Like many in the sacred (to moonbats) gay caste, Milk was drawn to the young — the illegally young:

One of Milk’s victims was a 16-year-old runaway from Maryland named Jack Galen McKinley. As previously mentioned, Milk had a soft spot in his, um, heart for teenage runaways. Motivated by an apparent quid pro quo of prurience, Milk plucked McKinley from the street.

Randy Shilts was a San Francisco Chronicle reporter and close friend to Harvey Milk. Though Shilts died of AIDS in 1994, he remains, even today, one of the most beloved journalists in the “LGBT” community.

Shilts was also Harvey Milk’s biographer. In his glowing book “The Mayor of Castro Street,” he wrote of Milk’s “relationship” with the McKinley boy: ” … Sixteen-year-old McKinley was looking for some kind of father figure. … At 33, Milk was launching a new life, though he could hardly have imagined the unlikely direction toward which his new lover would pull him.”

McKinley later committed suicide.

Milk didn’t have much use for what he called the “heterosexual model” of sexual relationships. He preferred multiple partners. This is how AIDS spreads so quickly. McKinley was hardly his only prey.

Another teen who crossed paths with Harvey Milk was Christian convert and former homosexual Gerard Dols. In a 2008 radio interview with Concerned Women for America, Dols shared of how – as a physically disabled teen – the “very nice” Harvey Milk had encouraged him in 1977 to run away from his Minnesota home and come to San Francisco.

According to Dols, Milk told him, “Don’t tell your parents,” and later sent him a letter with instructions. Thankfully, the letter was intercepted by Dols’ parents who then filed a complaint with the Minnesota attorney general’s office.

Too bad the authorities dropped the ball on this, no doubt for political reasons. If Milk had been thrown in prison where he belonged, California might have been spared the ignominy of an actual state holiday called Harvey Milk Day, and the nation as a whole might never have to behold Harvey Milk postage stamps.

You can tell a lot about people by the people they admire. Sometimes you can tell even more by the people they demand that others admire. Evidence that normalization of pedophilia will be the next great civil rights crusade continues to accrue.

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Oct 14 2013

Harvey Milk Stamp

The Just Move! stamps based on the Bitter Half’s Let’s Move nanny state campaign were a disaster; the entire run of stamps had to be destroyed when bureauweenies realized they featured kids engaging in physical activities without wearing helmets or other protective gear. But none of the diseased rodents scurrying around inside Big Government will object to this:

Thirty-five years after Harvey Milk made history as California’s first openly gay elected leader, he’s closing in on another historical first.

The U.S. Postal Service said Friday that the late San Francisco supervisor and civil rights leader will join the likes of John F. Kennedy, Rosa Parks and Jackie Robinson by being recognized with a commemorative stamp – an honor that had apparently never before gone to an openly gay politician.

Our degenerate rulers would not want to risk our health by giving the impression that it’s okay to skateboard without kneepads. But they feel self-righteous about glorifying depraved sexual acts that lead to ghastly, incurable, lethal diseases.

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May 18 2012

Resistance to Naming Navy Ship After Harvey Milk

Militant perverts have been pushing to disgrace the Navy by naming a submarine or aircraft carrier after Harvey Milk, a San Francisco city supervisor whose main accomplishment was to be openly homosexual. Fortunately they are getting resistance from some people our rulers might actually listen to — other militant perverts:

[S]ome gay activists, at least one city supervisor and others have said Milk was anti-war and wouldn’t want a ship named after him.

Why does it matter what Milk would want? Would the vociferously anti-communist JFK, who was killed by a communist, want to be exploited as an emblem of a party that since his death has been taken over by communists?

San Franfreakshow’s Board of Supervisors voted 2-1 to name a ship after Milk, apparently having appropriated that responsibility from the Navy. The dissenting supervisor was Christina Olague, who observes that Milk was opposed to resisting communism in Vietnam.

Milk actually served in the Navy in the 50s, but as activist Tommi Avicolli Mecca points out,

“The Milk who served in the Navy and the Milk who, less than two decades later, defied the taboos of his day to have sex with men, grow his hair, smoke pot and oppose the war in Vietnam, were completely different individuals.”

However, adding anti-war credentials to his publicly proclaimed sexual deviancy makes Milk ideal from the liberal point of view. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has already given the go-ahead to naming a ship after John Murtha, a notoriously corrupt congressman who bellowingly opposed the war in Iraq and did everything in his power to bring about our defeat.

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Apr 30 2012

Next Insult: USS Harvey Milk

In terms of disgracing the Armed Forces they so openly loathe, liberals may never top installing Barack Hussein Obama as the Commander in Chief. But if not, it won’t be for lack of trying:

An upcoming addition to the Navy’s fleet may be the USS Harvey Milk if Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., and other San Diego gay rights leaders have their way about it.

The GLBT Historic Task Force of San Diego County and Filner sent letters to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta last week asking for Harvey Milk to be considered as a name for a submarine, carrier or other appropriate vessel, according to a PR Newswire press release.

Harvey Milk was a San Francisco bureaucrat whose main contribution to civilization was letting everyone know that his lifestyle and personal identity centered on indulging in revolting and disease-spreading acts of perversion. Moonbats worship his memory.

In his letter, Rep. Filner wrote “this action would be a fitting tribute to Mr. Milk’s support for equality, an ideal exemplified in the military’s recent repeal of its former Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy,” according to the press release.

This disgusting insult certainly would be in harmony with the “ideal exemplified” in the Obama Regime’s attempt to homosexualize the military.

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Feb 04 2020

California Bill Protects Child Molesters

Give today’s Democrats enough power and they can dispense with pretense and move more quickly toward imposing the sort of world they really want. Under single-party rule, California is a case in point. The Dem-dominated legislature has introduced a bill protecting adult sex criminals who prey on minors.


State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblywoman Susan Eggman (D-Stockton) reportedly co-introduced the legislation, dubbed Senate Bill 145, which would explicitly exempt sexual predators who are within 10 years of age of their minor victims from automatically having to register as sex offenders in the state’s official database.

An 18-year-old molesting an 8-year-old could get a pass on registering. The idea is supposedly to “end blatant discrimination against LGBT young people.” You can excuse any means with such a noble end.

In California, it is illegal to work as a freelancer, but authorities are less worried about sexual predators molesting children, as liberal icon Harvey Milk was wont to do.

Progressives take their name from their approach. They know that normal people would react with horror if they went straight for their ultimate objectives. So they boil the frog slowly, turning up the gas one notch at a time.

What ultimate objective does Senate Bill 145 lead toward?

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Jan 16 2020

San Francisco Finds Another Excuse to Let Criminals Loose

The decriminalization of crime is steadily reducing California from the Golden State to an anarchotyrannical hellscape. Chesa Boudin — who was recently elected San Francisco District Attorney on a platform of F*** the Police — is doubling down.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Boudin on Tuesday announced the creation of a diversion program for primary caregiver parents of minor children — his first policy since being sworn in last week, and an issue that’s personal.

Here’s why it’s personal:

Boudin is the son of incarcerated parents, who were imprisoned when he was an infant for acting as getaway drivers in an armored car robbery in upstate New York in 1981 that left two police officers and a security guard dead.

Specifically, he is the offspring of Weather Underground terrorists David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin. While they sat in prison, Chesa was raised by their colleagues Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who escaped punishment and launched the political career of Barack Obama from their home.

A “diversion program” is effectively a get out of jail free card.

The policy will suspend criminal proceeding for 6 to 24 months while a defendant goes through the program that may include parenting classes, anger management, job training, drug and alcohol treatment, and counseling.

If the defendant completes the program successfully, the court will dismiss the criminal charges.

Assuming he gets word of this down in hell, San Fransicko’s patron saint Harvey Milk, a homosexual who preyed on children, must be delighted about the benefit to sex criminals:

A misdemeanor charge of contacting a minor with the intent to commit a sexual offense, for example, requires an offender to register as a sex offender and future violations carry state prison terms.

No conviction thanks to the diversion program means no registration requirement.

Putting the bad guys in charge has consequences.

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Dec 31 2019

Homosexual Imperialism

No matter who is in the White House, homosexual imperialism flounces forward:

Trump’s U.S. Ambassador to Germany, longtime homosexual activist Richard Grenell, went to the United Nations to promote what he called a global initiative to force all U.N. members to approve homosexual conduct. He was joined in this demand by Trump’s U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Kelly Craft, who lectured the 69 countries which have laws making homosexuality illegal. She told them that “human dignity” requires that every country on the face of the earth embrace the practice of homosexuality.

If the word “dignity” can be associated with homosexual behavior, we are living in an XXX-rated version of the Twilight Zone.

The event featuring Grenell and Craft was hosted by the U.S. Mission to the U.N. and included a representative of the Harvey Milk Foundation, named for the first openly gay politician in California.

Harvey Milk is worshiped by moonbats for personifying moral degeneration. He was known for sexually preying on troubled teenage boys, possibly driving one to suicide. His tastes are hardly unusual within his community:

A major Democratic Party donor, gay activist Terry Bean has been arrested on charges relating to a sex abuse case involving a teenager. Bean was a co-founder of the major homosexual lobby, the Human Rights Campaign.

A Republican administration has little to gain by pushing the same agenda as militant LBGT outfits like the Human Rights Campaign. Democrats own those votes regardless of any pandering from across the aisle.

Homosexual imperialism largely targets African countries that criminalize deviant sex acts. You don’t have to be an epidemiologist to figure out the likely effect on the spread of AIDS.

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Nov 01 2019

Drag Queen Story Hours Invade Churches

Social engineers target the places most associated with innocence in their campaign to corrupt children in the name of the LGBT agenda. Just a few years ago, who could have imagined a phenomenon as grotesque as drag queen story hours staged in the children’s section of local libraries throughout the country? It doesn’t stop there. Progressives have infiltrated churches, which they are purging of holiness so that it may be replaced by sin and insanity. The campaign has already spread throughout the country:

The Park Church, a Lutheran ministry in Greenpoint, Brooklyn held its first Drag Queen Story hour this week with Drag Queen “The Rev. Yolanda” who is known for her “Church With A 2 Drink Minimum” slogan at various spiritual events.

Perhaps Park Church felt inspired by Cincinnati’s Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church which recently greeted its visitors on Sunday with Drag Queen “Sparke Leigh”, complete in purple dress, makeup, high heels and a glitter beard.

Following the song “God Welcomes All” by the church choir, Sparke Leigh walked up on stage and called the children up to sit at his feet. Rather than reading from the Bible, he read the book Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag.

Harvey Milk was a perverted degenerate who sexually prayed on troubled teenage boys. He is worshiped like a deity by the LGBT movement, and apparently by some purported Christians as well.

Church events celebrating transgender depravity are not limited to drag queen story hours:

The Ames United Church of Christ in Iowa held a drag event which assured parents that there would be “adult supervision” for the drag queen and king contest as the youngsters dressed in drag and paraded around, skirting the legal line of child sexual abuse.

They are going to have to widen the gates of hell.

In First Congregational United Church of Christ of Portland, under Minister Michael Ellick, an event was held called “Drag me to Church” which featured a cabaret group called “Caravan Of Glam” to perform, with the donations going to a local LGBTQ community center.

Collecting alms for the poor must be passé these days.

The First Church Somerville UCC in Somerville, Massachusetts held a multi-day celebration of the transgender lifestyle that includes the pastor delivering a LGBTQ-focused sermon interspersed with so-called gospel music and followed by church members, both children and adults, cross dressing as they eat brunch.

Surprisingly, there is no mention of any of these events having been interrupted by a blast of lightning. It’s as if people are being given ample time to turn back, to confirm that they truly deserve what they have coming.

Coopting churches puts an ersatz stamp of moral approval on the transsexual agenda that dupes some churchgoers into floating along on the river of decadence flowing to perdition:

The UK’s mirror newspaper recently featured the story of a 7-year-old child who had recently ‘transitioned’ and the mother commented how important the Anglican church’s transgender ‘rebaptism’ ceremony was in affirming this change by calling the child by their new name.

The targeting of churches is deliberate. Progressives exploit the LGBT agenda for the primary purpose of destroying Christianity. This strategy is working. Homosexual marriage is a frontal attack, potentially forcing churches to choose between blasphemy and committing “discrimination.” Transgender corruption represents a still more devastating attack from within. Congregations will not attend churches that reject scripture and are morally indistinguishable from gay bars indefinitely.

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Jun 25 2019

Drag Queen Story Hour Infiltrates Churches

Explicitly for the sake of “grooming,” transsexuals (sometimes with criminal records for sex crimes against children) have infiltrated public libraries with drag queen story hours. The operation has been such as success that they are extending it to churches:

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports Dan Davidson dressed up as “Sparke Leigh” complete with a purple dress, makeup, high heels, and “a glitter beard” and stood at the Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church door greeting members and visitors.

This occurred a week ago last Sunday.

Following the song “God Welcomes All” by the church choir, Davidson walked up on stage and read the book Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag to the audience. The story was intended for children, some of whom sat at Davidson’s feet during the reading.

Harvey Milk was a perverted degenerate who preyed on troubled teenage boys.

This isn’t the only church to advance the LGBT agenda.

As CBN News reported earlier this month, a liberal church in Texas [Austin, of course] sponsored a drag queen story hour for children after the local library canceled the event.

Homosexual depravity is repeatedly condemned throughout the Bible in the strongest terms. Churches that promote it commit blasphemy by pretending to be Christian.

The door is opened when churches misguidedly attempt to stay relevant in a corrupt age by accepting corruption. The Devil strolls in through this open door and perverts churches until moonbattery is worshiped rather than God.

On a tip from daPenguin.

Jun 03 2019

NYC to Raise Monuments to Rioting Drag Queens

Monuments reflect a society’s values. A healthy society reveres heroes of the past who serve to inspire the current generation to live admirably. New York City under moonbat rule has a different orientation:

Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson … will be honored with a public monument in New York City, officials announced Thursday.

Rivera and Johnson were drag queens. In addition to their psychosexual disorders, Johnson was a violent schizophrenic who required antipsychotic medication.

Their claim to fame is their leadership role in antipolice riots that took place in 1969. The Stonewall Riots “helped usher in a new, militant phase of the movement for gay rights.” That phase continues to this day. The effect on American culture has been catastrophic.

The Stonewall Inn where the riots began is a Greenwich Village bar that was owned by the Mafia. It is now regarded as sacred ground by moonbats:

In 2016, President Barack Obama designated the site of the riots—Stonewall Inn, Christopher Park, and the surrounding streets and sidewalks—a national monument in recognition of the area’s contribution to gay and human rights.

Johnson and Rivera founded the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries. Like many who make a lifestyle out of sin, they died relatively young, at ages 46 and 50, respectively. Johnson’s death may have been suicide.

To put up public monuments to perverts because they took part in riots is so grotesque as to be surreal. It takes place as monuments to truly great men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, and of course Robert E. Lee are under attack.

This story is appalling but no longer surprising, considering that Harvey Milk, who is revered for having been a sexual deviant and who preyed on troubled teenage boys, has a street, a ship, a stamp, a movie, a holiday, and a Medal of Freedom in his honor.

On a tip from Greg O.

Nov 09 2018

Thailand Shows High Price of Sexual Liberation

If the liberal agenda advances far enough, one day America will be as sexually liberated as Thailand, the country to which people fly from all over the world in search of sex. Then we will be able to read more stories like this in the local paper:

Police in Thailand say they have arrested an HIV-infected soldier who allegedly blackmailed and raped more than 70 teenage boys.

Police said they received a complaint that the suspect was using fake social media profiles on Facebook and the gay dating app Blued to win the trust of his victims, so they would send him nude photos before agreeing to meet him. When they found out he was not who he pretended to be online, he then would threaten to make their nude photos public if they balked at having sex with him.

Tests confirmed that the 43-year-old suspect Jakkrit Khomsing has HIV. His victims were as young as 13.

Maybe there will be a street, a ship, a stamp, a movie, a holiday, and a Medal of Freedom in his honor, as with liberal icon Harvey Milk, who also preyed on teenage boys.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

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