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Apr 17 2021

John Stossel: Let Steven Crowder Speak

Steven Crowder has hit his stride, amassing a huge audience with his humor-infused brand of countermoonbattery, which includes legitimate journalism of the type the MSM often avoids. Fellow truthteller John Stossel was a major influence.

We know Crowder is hitting home because the leftist Big Tech thought police have been trying to silence him. He has earned a distinction far more honorable than the Pulitzer Prize by getting demonetized by YouTube.

Stossel defends Crowder against the information gatekeepers:

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Jan 26 2021

John Stossel on COVID-19 Hypocrites

Now that John Brennan has fingered libertarians as potential Enemies of the State who should be investigated by federal intelligence agencies, we had better listen to what John Stossel has to say before people like him start disappearing. Here he sounds off on COVID-19 hypocrites displaying the Do As I Say Not As I Do mentality characteristic of authoritarian liberals:

The bigger Big Government gets, the more unjust the tyranny will be.

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Sep 30 2020

John Stossel on the Mostly Fair News Media

The gloves are off, and so is the mask. It would be hard to survive 2020 without knowing that the “mainstream” news media provides propaganda, not objective information. John Stossel and Joe Concha cover a few of the ways the MSM has made this obvious:

1. Whitewashing Black Lives Matter violence

2. Distorting stories to attack Trump

3. Fact-checking only Republicans

4. Overtly trying to drag Biden over the finish line

5. Asking candidates starkly different questions

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Jan 22 2021

John Brennan: Big Government Must Investigate Libertarians

People cut from the same cloth as Obama’s CIA director John Brennan will now take full control of the vast federal apparatus. They will use it to persecute people they regard as threatening. Libertarians, for example:

Rest easy. John Stossel will no longer menace America with Democrats in charge.

“Racists” who have failed to embrace the Black Lives Matter agenda, “bigots” who don’t want sexually disturbed boys watching their teenaged daughters shower, and “nativists” who want their country defended from foreign invasion will be investigated too.

On a tip from Henry.

Sep 04 2021

Rise of Citizen Journalists

A major development over the past few years has been the collapse of the mainstream media’s credibility. By now, only the most clueless fail to realize that the media establishment regards the public as idiot children to be manipulated on behalf of a political agenda. This creates opportunities for citizen journalists like Tim Pool. Mainstream media refugee John Stossel reports on a genuine reporter:

Despite holding some alarmingly left-wing political views, Tim Pool respects free speech and factual reality, which makes him a menace to the liberal establishment. One of him is worth any number of toadies like Lester Holt.

People who want to know what is really going on will keep tuning out Big Media. Good thing for the Democrat Party that it can count on Big Tech, which will surely crack down on Pool and others when they become sufficiently threatening.

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May 11 2021

Welfare for the Rich

Big Government only seems to be flinging our money randomly to the four winds. Actually, the money tends to go to those with a seat at the table. These are often the people who need it the least, as John Stossel reports:

No wonder pro sports have gone so far overboard with left-wing politics that many fans have sworn them off. Pleasing the audience may be less important than pleasing the leftist bureaucrats who pass out the free money. We pay for their extravagant stadiums regardless of how little interest we may have in the games played inside.

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Apr 06 2021

Making America California

California was the Golden State. Then Democrats established single party rule. Now U-Haul struggles to find enough trailers for all the people moving out. America has been the Land of Opportunity. If they can institutionalize voter fraud by ramming through HR1, Democrats will establish single party rule nationwide. This means they will do to the whole country what they did to California, a concept that liberals openly embrace.

John Stossel explains why this is unacceptable:

Democrat rule in California has been a roaring success from the point of view of Democrats: stratospheric taxes, ubiquitous suffocating regulation, dying middle class — what’s not to like?

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Apr 03 2021

Regulation Overload Smothers America’s Potential

This isn’t the same country that built the Empire State Building in 15 months. Technologically, we are far ahead of where we were when the classic skyscraper opened in 1931. Culturally, we have decayed to the point that we no longer have the will to prevent petty tyrants from binding us head to foot in red tape.

John Stossel and Peter Thiel lament the wasted potential:

It isn’t possible to build high or travel fast with Big Government’s foot on your face.

The ChiCom virus vaccines came out as fast as they did largely because Operation Warp Speed reduced regulatory hurdles. What are the odds of that happening under the Biden’s Handlers Administration?

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Mar 30 2021

SAT and ACT Canceled for Equity

Equity means no identity group will be allowed to get any farther than one favored by the liberal establishment. This requires that objective standards be abolished, so that the only relevant qualification is belonging to a group with precious victim status. In case you can’t guess what that means for college admission tests like the SAT and ACT, John Stossel spells it out:

The main point of college is to serve as a substitute for IQ tests, which employers are forbidden from using because certain preferred identity groups don’t score as well. However, Affirmative Action admissions and curricula that consist of memorizing woke bumper sticker slogans are rendering college degrees useless for this purpose. Dropping standardized admissions tests will accelerate Big Academia’s march into the tar pits of obsolesce.

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Mar 20 2021

The Woke Award Shows

Like the news media, entertainment awards are a propaganda tool of the liberal establishment. You don’t have to be talented or even involved in the entertainment industry to win a Grammy or an Emmy. You just have to represent something the liberal establishment wants to promote. The Oscars will make this explicit by imposing a convoluted quota system based mainly on race.

John Stossel presents the Woke Award Shows:

The concept of “diversity” is sacred in the liberal religion, yet diversity of thought is profane. The Grammys given out for spoken word performances are illustrative:

Three US Presidents have won the award: Jimmy Carter (who has won the award three times), Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (who has won the award twice), along with spoken recordings of John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Four U.S. Senators have won: Barack Obama, Everett Dirksen, Al Franken (won prior to his election), and Hillary Clinton (won when she was First Lady). First Lady Michelle Obama has also won the award after she was First Lady.

What is Everett Dirksen doing in there? He was a Republican. Here’s why they made an exception for him:

He helped write and pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Civil Rights Act of 1968, both landmark pieces of legislation during the civil rights movement.

These acts were milestones in undermining the fundamental right of freedom of association, allowing for expansion of the scope of government coercion.

The repulsively vulgar Grammys ended as we have come to expect, with a Caucasian apologizing for getting an award that supposedly should have gone to a black person. Small wonder people are tuning out from this crap.

The culture presented by our television sets is not American culture; it is moonbat culture, not only alien but hostile to our own. We have to create our own venues.

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Feb 09 2021

Debunking Socialist Lies: Part 2

As promised, John Stossel continues to debunk the lies — or to put it nicely, myths — that prop up socialism:

3. Socialism brings good things if it’s democratic socialism.

If there is no economic freedom, there is no political freedom. That’s why they want to ban independent employment. The word “democratic” is as phony as the word “liberation” in the context of left-wing politics.

4. Socialism does work well in Scandinavia.

Scandinavia, like Cuba, has been moving away from socialism — not that it was ever completely socialist.

5. Socialism is completely different from fascism.

Effectively, fascism is a form of socialism. The actual name of the Nazi party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Fascism is socialism that works more efficiently because it allows limited ownership. Like all forms of socialism, it is incompatible with freedom and dignity.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Feb 02 2021

Debunking Socialist Lies: Part 1

Socialism is dysfunctional, destructive, and morally wrong. Yet it has supporters even among people who understand that they will never be socialist rulers. The reason for this is that socialist ideology is propped up by lies, or as John Stossel politely calls them, myths. The video below debunks two of these lies:

1. That wasn’t real socialism.

2. Venezuela’s Failure Has Little to Do With Socialism.

Stay tuned for more debunked lies when Part 2 comes out.

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Dec 17 2020

Why College Costs Too Much

Why does the cost of college education continue to skyrocket even as the quality of education remains in a tailspin? In a word, because government. John Stossel elaborates:

Don’t worry; once Democrats consolidate enough power, college will be free, so the extravagant cost won’t matter.

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Dec 08 2020

The “Socially Responsible” Scam

Corporate America’s woke ESG posturing has jumped the shark into self-parody. Major corporations lavishly support the conspicuously evil race-rioting Marxists of Black Lives Matter and praise the potentially ruinous global warming hoax.

Extreme foolishness doesn’t explain this seeming lunacy; the people running these companies can’t be dopes. What they are is swindlers; the woke posturing is a scam. John Stossel debunks its application on Wall Street:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

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