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Nov 06 2018

Louis Farrakhan Leads “Death to America” Chant in Iran

Donald Trump Jr. says Democrats will never disavow Louis Farrakhan. Why should they? Prominent Democrats Barack Obama and Keith Ellison both participated in his Million Man March. Obama met with him as a Senator; both Obama and Farrakhan would come to be known for their pro-Iran viewpoints. These days, Farrakhan’s hatred of Caucasians is mainstream in the Democrat Party, although his characterization of Jews as termites undermines recent media attempts to associate Republicans with anti-Semitism.

Speaking of which, the Republican Jewish Coalition has demanded the resignation of seven Democrat congresscritters over their links to Farrakhan: Keith Ellison (D-MN), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Maxine Waters (D-CA), Danny Davis (D-IL), Andre Carson (D-IN), Gregory Meeks (D-NY) and Al Green (D-TX). By a remarkable coincidence, all are persons of politically preferred pigmentation. Could this be proof at last that Republicans are racist?

In light of his recent antics in Iran, Farrakhan’s esteem among Democrats is secure:

Farrakhan is leading a group of Nation of Islam members on a tour of Iran as the Islamic Republic celebrates the anniversary of the seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, just days before the Trump administration reimposes sanctions on Iran’s key oil sector.

Thousands of students in the government-organized rally in the capital Tehran, broadcast live by state television, burned the Stars and Stripes, an effigy of Uncle Sam and pictures of Trump, outside the leafy downtown compound that once housed the US mission.

The fall of the US embassy in Iran was a dark moment not only in American but in Western history. It marked a turning point in the 1,400-year-old war of annihilation Islam has been waging against the West. Thanks to the useless Jimmy Carter’s failure to deal with the situation effectively, militant Islam has been resurgent ever since.

Calypso Louie had a high old time during the festivities:

Nation of Islam leader and prominent antisemite Louis Farrakhan led chants of “Death to America” and claimed that “America has never been a democracy” on Sunday…

He could lead the chant back home. Plenty of moonbats would join in:

Several prominent American activists and politicians have been linked to Farrakhan in recent years. Tamika Mallory, a leader of the Women’s March, praised him as “GOAT” or “Greatest of All Time,” and served as a national organizer of his 2015 “Justice or Else” rally. Linda Sarsour, another leader of the March who participated in the “Justice or Else” rally, has likewise praised Farrakhan and repeatedly refused to condemn him.

Time will tell whether Farrakhan joins the crowded field of 2020 Democrat presidential candidates.

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May 29 2018

Louis Farrakhan Calls for an End to the White Man

Following up on his proclamation that “white people deserve to die,” Democrat favorite Louis Farrakhan has called for an end to white men, on the grounds that the white man’s “nature is not in harmony with the nature of God”:

This puts Farrakhan a half-step past Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters, who appear to be driving the political agenda in South Africa by forcing the ANC ever further into radicalism. Malema says he is “not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now” (although he has exhorted his followers to “go after the white man” and cut “the throat of whiteness”).

Farrakhan is a full step ahead of Joe Biden of the relatively moderate wing of the Democrat Party, who has stopped short at barking that he wants America to be a white minority country — although people like Farrakhan and Malema make it obvious where that would take us.

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Feb 19 2018

Louis Farrakhan Hits It Off Well With Democrat Politicians

This recently revealed picture…

…was suppressed at the request of the Congressional Black Caucus, so that Obama’s warm relations with the anti-American and anti-Caucasian maniac Louis Farrakhan would not hurt him politically. Obama is not the only Democrat who sees eye to eye with Calypso Louie:

Democratic California Rep. Maxine Waters attended a Nation of Islam convention where the hate group’s leader, Louis Farrakhan, defended Palestinian suicide bombers.

The convention took place in California in 2002.

“We have Maxine Waters here,” Farrakhan told the convention audience, gesturing to the seats behind him, “our great congresswoman from this area.” The audience cheered Waters’ name.

Later in his speech, Farrakhan excused Palestinian suicide bombers and defended Iran for arming Palestinian terrorists.

That’s nothing. Farrakhan has proclaimed that “white people deserve to die.”

He appears to enjoy the unanimous support of the Congressional Black Caucus, none of whom would condemn him when asked.

Farrakhan’s closest ally in Congress is probably Keith Ellison, a former member of Nation of Islam and current Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Ellison attended a private dinner with Farrakhan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in 2013.

Here we should note that the Iranian regime, which consists of Islamofascist terrorists, has been in effect at war with the USA since 1979. It has been developing nuclear weapons with which to attack us, and enjoys so much influence with reflexively treasonous Democrats that Obama allowed Hezbollah to smuggle cocaine into the USA on Iran’s request, as reported by Politico. Meanwhile the FBI and media fret about Russian Facebook posts.

Ellison has praised Farrakhan as “a role model for black youth.” He organized a local delegation for Farrakhan’s 1995 Million Man March spectacle. His politically necessary (for now) attempts to distance himself from Farrakhan have not been convincing.

If you like Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, you’ll love where the Democrat Party’s momentum is taking it.

Farrakhan gets a squeeze from Mad Maxine.

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Jul 10 2016

What Louis Farrakhan Had to Say Immediately Before Dallas Bloodbath

Micah Xavier Johnson didn’t need to get these notions directly from Louis Farrakhan. The general sentiment has been screeched in a deafening chorus both before and even immediately after last Thursday’s bloodbath in Dallas. But unlike Obama and the media that put him in power, Calypso Louie dispenses with dog whistles and lays it right out:

“When you are willing and not afraid anymore to pay the price for freedom — don’t let this white man tell you that violence is wrong,” Farrakhan said. “Every damn thing that he got, he got it by being violent — killing people, raping and robbing and murdering. He’s doing it as we speak, and then he has the nerve to come and tell us that violence and hatred won’t get it. Don’t buy that!”

Speaking about white people as one entity, Farrakhan proclaimed, “He is worthy to be hated.” He also claimed that “God hates,” and man is no better than God.

The shocking video was posted on Twitter at around 5 p.m. on Thursday.

You be the judge — should this earn Farrakhan a second Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Trumpet Award from Obama’s church of 20 years?

On a tip from Steve A.

Sep 05 2015

Louis Farrakhan Calls for the Complete Destruction of the American System

For rallying blacks to hate whites, Louis Farrakhan has already received the Lifetime Achievement “Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Trumpet” Award from Obama’s church of 20 years. They would have to invent a whole new honor to bestow upon him if he achieves the objective he recently stated: to take down the entire American system — that is, to completely eradicate our way of life.

Friday in Cleveland, OH at a “Justice Or Else!” rally for “10.10.15,” the 20th anniversary of The Million Man March gathering being held in Washington, D.C. on October 10, 2015, Louis Farrakhan said for real racial justice to occur the way God intended the whole American system “has to be taken down” as evidenced by President Barack Obama being elected and still not being able to change anything.

Calypso Louie should show a little patience. A fellow product of the Chicago black leftist milieu is taking down our system just as fast as he can without setting off a rebellion. Give the $18 trillion debt and a nuclear armed Iran a little time to work.

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Aug 04 2015

Louis Farrakhan Urges Followers to Murder Whites

Louis Farrakhan ought to get another Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Trumpet Award from Obama’s church of 20 years for this gesture of racial healing:

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan called late last month for black Americans to “rise up” and “kill those who kill us” if the federal government fails to “intercede in our affairs.”

The call for violence came during a July 30 speech the radical leader delivered at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Miami.

“The Koran teaches persecution is worse than slaughter. Then it says, retaliation is prescribed in matters of the slain. Retaliation is a prescription from God to calm the breaths of those whose children have been slain,” Farrakhan said.

“So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling,” he added.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Obama to throw a wet blanket on his ideological compadre’s rhetoric. That would defeat the point of his own rhetoric.

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Jun 25 2015

Louis Farrakhan: Liberal Jihad Should Be Targeting Old Glory

Louis Farrakhan did not receive his Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpet Award from Obama’s church of 20 years for his patience:

Louis Farrakhan stated “We need to put the American flag down. Because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate flag” in remarks before the Metropolitan AME Church in Washington, DC on Wednesday first reported by DC’s WMAL. …

He added, “Who are we fighting today? It’s the people that carry the American flag.”

You can almost hear his colleague Obama purring from behind him, “One flag at a time.”

Farrakhan has also been calling for a violent revolution to create a separate black homeland ruled over by Obama. I don’t see why violence should be necessary.

Moonbats hate both of them.

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Dec 02 2014

Louis Farrakhan Calls for Murder of Whites

Louis Farrakhan’s brand of Islam is essentially identical to the bastardization of Christianity taught by Obama’s close friend and mentor Jeremiah Wright at the church Obama attended for 20 years. That’s why this church granted Farrakhan the Lifetime Achievement “Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Trumpet” Award. Against that background, this story goes from alarming to terrifying:

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan went on a fiery tirade about Ferguson on Saturday — threatening that if the demands of protesters aren’t met, “we’ll tear this goddamn country apart!”

The demands of some protesters include the abolition of private property and the institution of a communist tyranny.

But Farrakhan didn’t seem to have Marxism on his mind. He was focused on encouraging more violence:

Farrakhan stated in his speech — given at Morgan State University, a black college located in Baltimore, Md. — that violence was justified in response to the decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson and peaceful protests are only in the interest of “white folks.”

“We going to die anyway. Let’s die for something,” the radical figure told the crowd to roaring applause.

He even said the parents of teenagers should teach their kids how to throw Molotov cocktails. “Teach your baby how to throw the bottle if they can. Fight,” the minister advised, and then imitated throwing the explosive device.

He should have mentioned that if it’s too much trouble to make Molotov cocktails, hammers can also prove useful for inflicting social justice.

Here he explicitly calls for murdering whites:

“As long as they [whites] kill us [blacks] and go to Wendy’s and have a burger and go to sleep, they’ll keep killing us,” the self-proclaimed minister said. “But when we die and they die, then soon we’re going to sit at a table and talk about it! We’re tired! We want some of this earth or we’ll tear this goddamn country up!”

Imagine what the rhetoric would be like if Officer Wilson’s use of deadly force to defend himself from the maniacal Michael Brown hadn’t been proven to be indisputably justified.

Why doesn’t the mainstream media take an interest in this explosive story? Because being on Obama’s side means being on Farrakhan’s.

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Sep 08 2015

Farrakhan Takes a Break From Calling for the Killing of Whites to Validate Eminem

There could be no higher honor for a wigger. Louis Farrakhan has been increasingly vehement lately as he explicitly exhorts his following of cretinous savages to murder people for being white. But instead of murdering white rapper Eminem, Calypso Louie posed with him in a photo op that is sure to help record sales:

The head of the Nation of Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan, met politicians, pastors and a police chief during his visit to Detroit last week.

But it’s his unprecedented meeting with rapper Eminem over a 2 1/2-hour dinner in his Detroit hotel room that has garnered the most attention.

The leader of the Detroit-founded group was in Southfield and Detroit in recent weeks to talk about his plans for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March with an event called Justice or Else.

By “justice” they mean “social justice” — a race-based form of oligarchical collectivism that establishes whites as a slave class and blacks as a master race devoid of responsibilities.

Also present was Eminem’s Jewish manager Paul Rosenberg. If there is anyone Farrakhan has been noisier about hating than whites, it is Jews. But self-hating Jews are probably okay, like self-hating whites.

Farrakhan talked to Eminem about “using his influence and using his power through rap music and hip-hop culture to influence people positively, so our children, our youth, can grow into more positive humans,” [local Detroit Nation of Islam Grand Poobah Troy] Muhammad said.

That is, he wants Eminem to propagandize on behalf of the black supremacist agenda. The meeting reportedly went well.

Congrats, Eminem. You have been validated.

On a tip from Rob E.

Aug 17 2015

Farrakhan: Whites Deserve to Die

A little bad press has Louis Farrakhan trying to spin his way out of his recent call for blacks to “rise up” and kill more whites. But amid his shouts of Allah Akhbar, he doubles down on his assertion that whites deserve to die:

“I wouldn’t bring our young women and young men into some place to be slaughtered. But that’s what the white man hopes for. That’s why he makes mischief with my words. ‘Farrakhan wanna get an army to kill people,’ because, you see, white people deserve to die. And they know so and they think it’s us coming to do it. No, no, no.”

The declaration that whites deserve to die should be good for another Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Trumpet Award from Obama’s church of 20 years.

There is one thing about the race war moonbats have been pushing us toward that even Charles Manson understood but that Screwy Louie doesn’t seem to grasp. It won’t be fought between whites and blacks. That war would be over within a few days.

The actual war would be fought between whites who take their own side and whites who take blacks’ side. Progressives are pushing us toward this war on the assumption that the former would be vastly outnumbered by the latter. How often do you see whites taking their own side?

On a tip from Rob E.

Jul 24 2015

Did Obama Give Farrakhan the Bomb Too?

Or maybe he has some kind of poison that only works on white people that he is planning to put in the water supply:

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Feb 26 2014

Farrakhan Calls for Separate Judicial Systems for Whites and Blacks

They say there is one justice for whites and another for blacks. When you consider the likelihood that Obama would have been impeached by now if he were not our Historic First Black President, you almost have to agree. Louis Farrakhan — who has confirmed Barbara Walters’s faltering belief that Obama is the Messiah — wants to make the separate justice official:

“We want equal justice under the law,” Farrakhan said on the last day of the Nation of Islam’s annual convention, held in Detroit this year. “Our people can’t take much more. We have to have our own courts. You failed us.” …

Farrakhan suggested that African Americans rely on the Quran and Bible to help set up their own legal system that would be more fair to African Americans.

You might think most blacks would prefer a few months watching TV in jail to getting their hands chopped off for petty theft. But the important thing is escaping from racist oppression.

On Thursday night, Farrakhan spokeswoman Ava Muhammad said that African Americans needed to separate because eventually, “planes are going to destroy every area that is not dominated by Islam.” She said Detroit might be the city Nation of Islam members choose to migrate to in order to form their own community.

Maybe after it has been repopulated by Muslims, Detroit will secede from the union. After all, Farrakhan makes it clear that his outfit feels no loyalty to the USA.

Farrakhan also blasted Muslims for fighting each other in the Middle East.

You’re “slaughtering your own people for America” and the “European infidel,” Farrakhan said. He also told the crowd that if the U.S. launched a war on Iran, “we ain’t fighting. We’re not killing no Muslims for these infidels.”

One problem with Farrakhan’s idea regarding separate legal systems for blacks and whites: which one takes care of mulattoes? He had better give it some thought, because like his messiah Obama, Farrakhan obviously has a whitey in the woodpile.

I’m darker than that by the end of August.

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