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Sep 28 2019

Urinals Banned in Portland Building

To the many things moonbats would take away from us in the name of political correctness, we can now ad urinals. From where else but Portland, via KGW8:

The City of Portland banned urinals in the remodeled Portland Building.

The 15-story Portland Building is also known as the Portland Municipal Services Building; it scurries with bureaucrats of the City of Portland.

Urinals are wrong because their existence reinforces the difference between male and female. This undermines liberal ideology and could be hurtful to the sacred sexually perplexed.

In an email to employees last February, Chief Administrative Officer Tom Rinehart wrote:

“We will continue to have gender-specific (male and female) multi-stall restrooms that are readily available to any employee that prefers to use one. But, there will be no urinals in any restroom in the building. This will give us the flexibility we need for any future changes in signage.”

Already some of the bathrooms will be for men and women to use together, like in utopia. Those that are still segregated won’t be for long, so why allow urinals?

Urinals take up less space, use less water, make for shorter lines, et cetera. But leftist social engineering always comes first where leftists have secured control.

On tips from ABC of the ANC and Tchhht!!!.

Aug 18 2019

Antifa Chaos in Portland

Washington Examiner reporter Julio Rosas attempted to cover the Antifa chaos in Portland in response to right-wing demonstrations yesterday. The American flag on his shirt was found to be offensive by an Antifa freakazoid of incomprehensible gender:

Later Rosas was extricated by police to avoid violence:

Others were not lucky enough to find police protection from Antifa:

No worries; the moonbats running Portland are sure to get everything in hand. On Friday they arrested Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer for rioting. Patriot Prayer has been violently targeted by Antifa goons. Somehow, the arrest of Gibson — who was not connected with yesterday’s events — failed to prevent Antifa violence, but no doubt ultraleft Mayor Ted Wheeler is trying his best.

Actually, Antifa is spiraling out of control. Liberal authorities and the media are letting it happen, content to let Antifa serve as a cat’s paw to intimidate opposition.

On a tip from Scott D.

Jul 24 2019

Portland Library Hides Drag Queen Story Hour Photos

The nationwide drag queen story hour phenomenon has featured perverts with rap sheets for sex crimes against children dressing up in women’s clothes to promote the LGBT agenda to little kids at public libraries (e.g., Albert Garza, William Travis Dees). Now we read this:

A public library has deleted photos of small children lying on top of drag queens and fondling their false breasts at a Drag Queen Story Hour.

Multnomah County Library, the library system serving Portland, Oregon, quietly removed from Flickr the photos of the Drag Queen Story Hour that took place at St. John’s Library and then circulated on Facebook…

The event took place last October, featuring a deviant named Anthony Hudson who calls himself “Carla Rossi.” Its stated target audience was “children 2–6 years old.”

LifeSiteNews has archived photos that the social engineers running the library don’t want you to see.

There were more:

Photos posted by the library also reveal toddlers and young boys dressed in feather boas at the event.

If these “grooming” efforts are successful, there will be plenty more kids like “Desmond Is Amazing,” “Queen Lactacia,” and “Kween KeeKee” to serve as trophy transsexuals for woke parents and sex objects for perverts.

There are laws against endangering the welfare of a child. The LGBT agenda apparently overrides them.

On a tip from DCGere.

Jul 02 2019

Savage Antifa Beating in Portland

Bad as it was for Andy Ngo, he did not get the worst of it when Antifa was allowed to go wild once again in Portland Saturday. A pair of countermoonbats named John Blum and Adam Kelly were present in support of Haley Adams, who had previously been assaulted by Antifa. Adams is the leader of Him Too, which defends men from phony #MeToo allegations of the type leveled at Brett Kavanaugh. Blum and Kelly were set upon by Antifa vermin. They were attacked with mace, nunchucks, metal water bottles, a metal rod, and fists. One of the attackers appeared to be wielding a padlock in a sock or something similar.

Behold leftism on display:

Where are the police, you ask? In Portland, the police take orders from the very wokest of the woke, so the streets belong to Antifa.

Someone is going to get killed by these animals. Antifa has gotten out of hand. Mayor Ted Wheeler seems to like it that way.

Hat tip: Summit News.

Jun 29 2019

Portland Sucker Punch

Warning: the video below is disturbing in the extreme. A brutal sucker punch demonstrates what it means for the corrosion known as moonbattery to cause civilization to start to break down:

The mainstream media as a rule does not report black on white violence, so we turn to Andy Ngo:

This happened this week in Portland, Ore. with absolutely no media coverage. Steps away from the iconic Voodoo Doughnut in downtown, Daniel Tuski Bertrand suddenly attacks a woman. Her eye socket was ”crushed,” says a source. The man was only charged with a misdemeanor & released without having to pay bail.

For an editorial take, the mainstream media’s silence forces us to turn to the Burning Platform:

This is what the media wants. Whites are the new Kulaks. The constant White demonization results in this. How do you think the low IQ blacks interpret the refrain that “Whiteness must be eradicated; Whiteness is violence; Whiteness is racist“? They simply hear “Whites are bad. Attack them.” The media keep amping up the hatred, and yet will this brutal attack make the news?

To learn the answer, plug Daniel Tuski Bertrand into a Google News search. Currently all it returns is a foreign news source, the Daily Mail, which confirms that the woman’s eye socket was broken, and informs us that Bertrand is a Person of Homelessness in addition to possessing preferred pigmentation. It is horrifying yet unsurprising that he is already back on the street.

Combine the liberal establishment’s perpetual Two Minutes Hate targeting Caucasians with the legions of mentally ill drug fiends who have been encouraged to dominate the major cities of the Left Coast and it is a wonder that such incidents do not occur every hour.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

May 13 2019

Portland: No-Go Zone for Journalists

The USA has not yet imported the massive numbers of Muslim colonists Europe has. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have no-go zones. In addition to Dearborn, there is the no-go zone for journalists Antifa has created in Portland (with the tacit support of local authorities).

This is not a problem for “mainstream” journalists, since they have no interest in reporting on likeminded Antifa’s appalling tactics anyway. But it is a problem for Andy Ngo, who reports here on what he is up against:

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

Apr 07 2019

Why Nobody Wants to Police Portland

As mentioned earlier, law enforcement agencies from the surrounding area have begun to balk at helping to police Portland out of concern for their officers, because attempting to enforce the law in a city run by moonbats like Mayor Ted Wheeler is not the job they signed up for. Unfortunately for Portland, nobody else wants to sign up for it either.

Officers are retiring left and right. Replacing them is not easy in the current environment. Those willing to take the job are not always the cream of the crop:

Portland police are struggling to fill officer vacancies as recruits wash out during probation at about double the rate they have in the past. …

The failed recruits couldn’t perform on the job, had problems multi-tasking or making good decisions under stress during field training, [Assistant Chief Chris] Davis said. Others decided on their own that the job wasn’t working out for them or were terminated due to misconduct, he said.

Getting even subpar recruits has been difficult, due to a variety of factors including a sclerotic bureaucracy that takes nearly a year to process an applicant and the attitude toward police that prevails in a city dominated by moonbats. It can’t help that municipal government sides with leftist hooligans against both peaceful citizens and law enforcement.

The Portland PD has been relying on overtime to get sufficient manpower on the street. That is not a permanent solution. The only permanent solution would be to scale back the moonbattery. Yet Wheeler et al only continue to double down on it.

Matt Christiansen sums up the situation:

On tips from Pork_Soda.

Apr 05 2019

Portland’s Unfair Fair Access in Renting

Why is housing such an issue in Left Coast cities? Portland offers a clue by threatening to inflict Fair Access in Renting:

It would require landlords to give a 72-hour notice before taking applications for a rental property, and would require them to then process those applications on a first-come first-serve basis, rather than picking through a stack of applications to pick someone of their choosing.

Owning property is major responsibility. You have to be very particular who you rent it out to, or the property can be rendered useless. But discriminating would be discriminatory.

It sets guidelines for traditional barriers to renting, like income ratios, low credit scores, and even criminal histories.

For instance, a person could not be denied solely based on the fact that they have a felony conviction older than seven years or a misdemeanor conviction older than three years.

Leftists see reality as a Manichean struggle between the oppressors and the oppressed, and themselves as benign dictators who grind the former into the ground on behalf of the latter. Per liberal ideology, property owners are oppressors. Therefore, landlords are well advised to steer clear of cities run by moonbats. This state of affairs does not make housing more readily available for the supposedly oppressed.

On a tip from Pork_Soda.

Apr 04 2019

Portland Hate Hoax Mania

Hate crimes recently exploded in Portland. Experience suggests that they are hoaxes. The New York Post reports:

[In February], Sophia Gabrielle Stanford was at the center of a fundraising campaign. The GoFundMe page described the trans activist as a victim of a “brutal and aggressively blatant hate crime” in which assailants had beaten her unconscious with a bat in southeast Portland.

Emergency services had found Stanford on the sidewalk with scrapes to his [I’m assuming “Sophia” is a guy] face and knuckles, smelling of alcohol. Apparently, he had drunkenly fallen and hit his head. The responding officer reports that Stanford threatened,

“If you don’t treat me right, my people will get you.”

“My people” would refer to militant sexual deviants, who have used crybully tactics to establish themselves as more equal than the other animals.

Hate hoaxes do more than exert power on behalf of identity groups. They can also turn a nice profit. Stanford wasn’t in the hospital long enough for police to give him belongings he lost during the incident — and yet:

The GoFundMe page stated that Stanford had suffered a “serious concussion” and would need intensive physical therapy, CT scans and counseling.

A bias crimes unit investigated, but could not substantiate Stanford’s claims. Nonetheless, he raked in about $10,000.

This set off local copycats. One week after Stanford’s drunken stumble,

Jenny Bruso, a self-described fat-queer activist, posted a claim on Facebook and Twitter that echoed Stanford’s harrowing story. She said that her partner, Brie Jones, was attacked by “two young white men” in a maroon SUV who pulled up beside her at a busy intersection, called her a homophobic slur and threw a full can of beer at her face.

Yet no one witnessed the attack.

When Bruso’s post went viral on Facebook and commenters raised questions about the incident, she deleted the post.

According to Portland police, there is no case number for the alleged incident. Bruso hostilely rejected attempts to learn more.

Portland became awash in transphobic hate crimes:

[T]he number of alleged hate attacks ballooned through uncorroborated and vague online rumors. These stories were then amplified by progressive media, nonprofit groups, businesses and politicians.

Militant deviants and their allies exploited the wave of fake violence to work themselves into a lather of belligerent victimhood. The Proud Boys were blamed for imaginary attacks that were not reported to police, yet included kidnapping and murder

“These are the faces of the attackers that have been terrorizing the queer/trans community lately. If you see any of these faces in public, hit them with a brick, because the police don’t do anything to stop it,” read one widely shared post on Instagram. It included a group photo of the men and names.

This constitutes incitement to violence. Artificially posing as a victim is an increasingly aggressive act these days.

Mayor/Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler, the Democratic Socialists of America, and the Portland Mercury all took part in spreading or amplifying the torrent of hoaxes.

Those who spread the rumors were cheered for bringing “awareness” to LGBT issues. Lost in all this was any concern for the people victimized in the process.

These include the falsely accused Robert Zerfing, who has been inundated with death threats.

Hate hoaxes are characterized by “lack of evidence, reluctance to cooperate with police, sensational claims, the presence of fundraising and the involvement of radical activists.” These hallmark features were conspicuous during Portland hate hoax mania.

Please welcome Sophia Gabrielle Stanford and Jenny Bruso to the Hate Hoax List. They are to be congratulated for raising awareness — that is, awareness that moonbattery is a lie.

On a tip from rpp618.

Apr 03 2019

Neighboring Law Enforcement Pulls Back From Portland

As they sink into moonbattery, Left Coast cities could become pariah jurisdictions, shunned by law enforcement from surrounding areas. Again, Portland blazes a trail into dysfunction:

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts wrote to his deputies, “I will not place our staff at unnecessary personal risk when acting under law and authority as a police officer.”

In the letter, he explains, if a Clackamas County deputy responds to a case within Portland’s jurisdiction and it results in the use of force, that deputy can be held financially liable in court.

The leftist kooks running Portland tend to side with criminals. They turned down Roberts’ request to have the city cover legal expenses for his deputies when they assist Portland police. Law enforcement officers run a high risk of getting sued for doing their job in cities where moonbattery prevails.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office as well as the suburban Vancouver Police Department may join the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in restricting cooperation with the Portland PD. This could mean turning down Portland when it needs more manpower for crowd control during the Antifa riots that characterize the City of Roses. It could also affect SWAT operations and hinder drug and gang investigations. Despite exceptions, even life-threatening situations could be impacted.

Portland has come to an inevitable fork in the road. It can have law & order, or it can have moonbattery. Since it is likely to choose the latter, it may have to follow the Chicago precedent and just surrender to the criminals.

According to ICE, Mayor Ted Wheeler et al created “a zone of terror and lawlessness” when they allowed Occupy vermin to lay siege to a local facility for weeks on end. If moonbattery continues unchecked, the entire city may soon constitute a zone of terror and lawless.

On a tip from Pork_Soda.

Mar 21 2019

Travel a Portland Multi-Use Path

Bike paths are a priority in cities run by moonbats. Other characteristics of cities run by moonbats include widespread vagrancy and general social decay. Consequently, bike paths don’t always resemble a road through the Mister Rogers neighborhood. For example, a multi-use path in Portland is usable only by riffraff. From KGW8:

Bicyclists are frustrated over the mess that appears to be out of control along the I-205 multi-use path.

Many said the path is harder and harder to use because of all the trash and homeless tents spread out on it. Some said they do not feel safe going through there anymore.

Consequently, cyclists have been refusing to use the path.

When a KGW crew was on the path Monday, they witnessed several people using drugs and yelling profanities. Our crew did not feel very safe either.

Good thing we don’t have to take the path ourselves to see how bad it is. We can just take a video tour:

On a tip from Steve T.

Feb 03 2019

Portland Resolution Against White Supremacy

Liberals can relax now. White supremacy is no longer a threat. Portland has issued a resolution condemning it:

It’s always nice to see our friend Jo Ann Hardesty again. If we continue on our current path, we will find ourselves increasingly ruled by people like her.

“Alt Right” in the context of her brand of politics can be defined as “anything to the right of all the way left.” Open hostility from local government on the basis of political views does not bode well for the future of civil society.

Entitled “The City of Portland Condemns White Supremacist and Alt-Right Hate Groups,” the resolution presents the following definition of white nationalism, which it also stridently condemns:

the belief that national identity should be built around white ethnicity, and that white people should therefore maintain both a demographic majority and dominance of the nation’s culture and public life

The main reason North America and Europe face the existential threat of demographic transformation is that nonwhites throughout the world exhibit a strong preference for living in nations where whites have a “demographic majority and dominance of the nation’s culture and public life” rather than their own countries. Maybe the Portland City Council should issue another resolution condemning the swarthy white nationalists who have inundated the southern border.

Alarmingly, although the resolution acknowledges that “free speech is a core principle of American democracy,” it counters this by stressing that “every person shall be responsible for the abuse of this right” (emphasis in original). Free speech is respected, but not if you say something these Jacobins disagree with; then you are an Alt Right white nationalist, who does not deserve free speech.

The immediate application of the demented resolution will be increased “training” — i.e., intensive brainwashing with corrosive Cultural Marxist ideology.

On a tip from Pork_Soda.

Feb 02 2019

Portland 7/11 Not Allowed to Annoy Bums

If a business is forced to resort to blasting out a sound like a dog whistle to keep derelicts from scaring all the customers away, and the bums object because it would be too much trouble to go sit on the sidewalk doing nothing somewhere else, which side do you suppose bureaucrats and the media would side with in moonbattery-addled Portland?

You are correct. Confirmation:

Whoever works the counter at that 7/11 during the night shift deserves combat pay.

On a tip from Pork_Soda.

Jan 18 2019

Portland City Commissioner Denounces White Men

Everyone has a right to be heard in a democracy — except noncompliant white guys. They need to shut up. Because privilege. Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty explains.

She denounces “disruptions” at City Council meetings, which she said in a press release “seem to be caused largely by a small group of white men who use their privilege to: Act disruptive, Act disrespectful, Act self-centered.”

Lest anyone miss the point that they are to be defined as white men, Hardesty drives it home repeatedly.

“The reality is that they are white men who think it is their job to come in and disrupt city council,” Hardesty told KOIN 6 News…

Hardesty, a former activist who looks the part, just started on the Council at the beginning of the year. She remembers what it is like not to be in power and want to be heard. However,

“As someone who has spent time a lot of time on the other side of this podium demanding accountability, I find it chilling and disrespectful that there are a few white men who think that everything this council does is about them. It isn’t.”

Nothing is about white men anymore. Except the Two Minutes Hate.

Hardesty denounced Oregon for being “a state built on white supremacy” and scolded the disruptive white guys who speak up at meetings, snarling, “you should be aware that using your privilege in this way cannot continue.”

Behaving obnoxiously at City Council meetings is bad, but evidently being white is worse.

Asked if he believes race is a part of this issue, Mayor Ted Wheeler told KOIN, “Jo Ann is factually correct.”

Wheeler is a white guy himself. But he is also a moonbat, who obediently says what is politically correct. That makes all the difference.

On a tip from Pork_Soda.

Nov 28 2018

Portland: The Bloom Is Off the City of Roses

There is no need to import the sh**holes of Central America and the rest of the Third World when we have our own, vibrant with moonbattery. As documented here on a regular basis, Portland is prominent among them. San Francisco may top it as America’s epicenter of excrement, but Portland offers serious competition when it comes to depravity, degeneracy, and moonbattery in general, as Paul Joseph Watson demonstrates:

On a tip from Lyle.

Oct 17 2018

Portland Cache of Sniper Rifles

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler set the liberal media’s hair aflame by proclaiming that Patriot Prayer countermoonbats brought a so-called “cache” of rifles to the roof of a parking garage prior to an August 4 protest.

Portland Mercury denounced the “right-wing provocateurs.” “Why didn’t the mayor know?” Willamette Week demanded. Characteristically, Newsweek outdoes the rest for breathless hysteria:

Members of the far-right group Patriot Prayer armed with sniper rifles had to be “redirected” from a rooftop ahead of a planned march in Portland, Oregon, police have revealed. …

Patriot Prayer, who deny allegations they are a hate group, have staged several rallies in Portland in recent months, each one breaking out into violence and being met with counterdemonstrations.

Making a point of stating that they deny they are a “hate group” is of course the media’s unsubtle way of calling them a hate group, even if the victims of their alleged hate are left unspecified.

Hate group snipers have taken over the rooftops of Portland! Hide the women and children!

A more responsible report from The Oregonian explains what really happened:

Police said they found four people on top of a parking garage at Southwest First Avenue and Jefferson Street on Aug. 4 with three rifles, all in cases.

Some cache.

They let the police inspect the rifles, none of which was loaded and only two of which were even assembled.

The men told police they planned to stay at the garage and “act as a quick extraction team” in case someone from their group was injured during the demonstration.

This is a concern because Patriot Prayer rallies are invariably set upon by Antifa goons spoiling for a fight — thus the violence that Newsweek implies is the fault of Patriot Prayer.

A sergeant instructed the men to store the rifles in a locked container in the back of one of their pickups and place any ammunition in a different part of the truck, and they complied. Police made no arrests.

No laws were broken and there was no imminent danger to the public, police said Tuesday.

Nonetheless, the cache of sniper rifles hysteria sparked by Wheeler and amplified by the media may help him impose new restrictions on the First Amendment rights of assembly and free speech:

Portland may put new restrictions on when and where protesters may demonstrate if the groups protesters belong to have a history of violence, Wheeler announced.

The ordinance, a draft copy of which was circulated by the mayor’s office, would also allow Wheeler to restrict protests if public safety “is being threatened or will be threatened” or if there is “a substantial likelihood of violence at the planned demonstrations.”

Given Wheeler’s history of refusing to maintain law and order when his fellow leftists run riot (see here and here), it is highly likely that the new restrictions would apply only to right-of-center groups like Patriot Prayer.

On tips from Pork_Soda.

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