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Apr 16 2019

How $15 Minimum Wage Affects Seattle Employer

Moonbattery-addled Seattle was a pioneer in imposing the $15 minimum wage that has been a rallying cry for leftists like Bernie Sanders. Subway demonstrates how that has worked out for people at the bottom rung of the ladder:

Boost minimum wage, boost prices and unemployment. The only sensible explanation for their enthusiasm for minimum wage hikes is that Democrats are pursuing Nikolay Chernyshevsky’s “the worse, the better” strategy of paving the road to power with misery. There is no question that $15 minimum wage has made things worse for Seattle’s low-wage workers.

What a tangled web Big Government weaves when it ham-fistedly meddles in private economic matters. Seattle employees who have not been replaced by robot waiters have found themselves pleading for reduced hours so that the higher minimum wage doesn’t cost them subsidized housing. This results in less work, resulting in turn in less wealth for Big Government to redistribute.

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Mar 23 2019

Seattle Is Dying

The consequences of liberal rule include contempt for law and order, the reverent coddling of sociopaths, and wanton lack of personal irresponsibility, all of which encourage recreational drug use. The result is the rampant decay on display in Left Coast cities like San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. Regarding the latter, local KOMO reports on just how unlivable the Emerald City has become in an alarming special entitled “Seattle Is Dying”:

It’s about parents who won’t take their children into the public parks they pay for. It’s about filth and degradation all around us. And theft and crime. It’s about people who don’t feel protected anymore, who don’t feel like their voices are being heard. …

You can watch the special on KOMO 4 when it re-airs Saturday March 23 at 10 p.m. (20/20 will air at 1:05 a.m. instead) and Sunday, March 31 at 3 p.m.

Or you can watch “Seattle Is Dying” below right now. It’s an hour long but well worth the time.

Don’t let moonbats do to your city what they have done to Seattle.

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Oct 19 2018

Seattle Church Firebombed

You don’t have to travel all the way to Argentina during National Encounter of Women to witness moonbats throwing Molotov cocktails at churches while beleaguered Christians pray within. America’s utopian progressive future is now in Seattle:

About fifty people were worshiping inside a Seattle church when someone threw Molotov cocktails at it starting a small fire, the Seattle Fire Department said.

Fortunately, the fire at the Iglesia ni Cristo Church was put out before the SFD arrived. Although services were in session at the time, no one was hurt. But there is always next time.

The nontrinitarian Christian denomination Iglesia ni Cristo is big in the Philippines. Whether this is a person grudge or more acting out on behalf of the liberal mob is unknown.

Regardless, churches aflame may become a common sight if progressives continue to go off the rails. Nancy Pelosi might call it “collateral damage.”

On a tip from ComradeJ.

Sep 19 2018

Emblematic Seattle Target Rampage

Both Target and Seattle are well known for their progressive politics. What better place to relish the cultural enrichment of America’s progression into a Third World nation than in a Target store in Seattle? Jason L. Lewis, age 41, pillaged a downtown location last month.

He confronted workers, headbutted a Target sales associate, destroyed displays, tried to kick open a locked display containing Apple iPads, and threw the heavy display down a store escalator while customers scrambled to get out of the way.

Possibly not wanting to end up like Starbucks, Target management let him engage in these activities unmolested for an extended period of time.

Lewis loaded every iPad and Apple watch from the case into his duffel bag, which police say he stole the same day from the Columbia store down the street, along with the clothes he was wearing.

He walked out of the store lugging a heavy load of loot. Black Lives Matter will be horrified to learn that the racist police arrested him later that day for car prowling.

Authorities let him out of jail almost immediately. He returned to loot the same Target twice more over the next few days.

Lewis’s contributions to society unsurprisingly consist of a long criminal history.

No doubt Jason Lewis has endured a hard life of microaggressions and discriscrimination. But don’t go through too many boxes of tissues crying for him; the system that breeds and encourages Jason Lewises is sure to let him out of jail again soon.

On a tip from Dave.

Sep 08 2018

Jail Time for Putting Junk with Seattle Homeless People’s Garbage?

Let’s see, what could the moonbats running Seattle do to make the city still more tyrannical? I know — throw people in prison for the minor infraction of putting their trash with the junk the city collects from homeless encampments.

There are 10 homeless camps in Seattle where the city comes and picks up the trash as if they were legitimate addresses. When taxpayers found out and started dropping off their own trash, outrage ensued:

At a Seattle City Council committee meeting, there was talk of making illegal dumping at illegal homeless camp[s] more than just a fine — maybe jail time. It’s currently $150 fine for illegal dumping, and every offense after that is $500.

To catch non-homeless people who put their garbage with the approved homeless garbage, a local recommends mounting cameras on telephone poles.

Given the location, the cameras would inevitably record more serious criminal activity. The police had better not follow up on it, or they will be denounced for targeting the homeless, as in another Left Coast city that has been overrun by derelicts attracted by liberal policies, namely Portland.

On a tip from Jim A.

May 14 2018

Seattle’s Kshama Sawant: Way to the Left Even of Amazon

It would be hard to imagine a more liberal company than Amazon, which supports the last extremes of LGBT militancy and whose CEO Jeff Bezos owns the leftward lurching Washington Compost. But as in the case of Starbucks, pandering to moonbattery does not make it safe from moonbats. Seattle City Councilcommie Kshama Sawant ominously denounces Bezos as a bully:

“Jeff Bezos is a bully, I think we are in broad agreement on that. … What is happening is Amazon and Jeff Bezos are using their incomprehensible amount of wealth to hold an entire city hostage, to hold construction jobs hostage, saying they can’t pay a pocket change worth of taxes — that’s the behavior of a bully.”

The reference is to a greedy head tax Sawant and her fellow leftists want to impose on corporations foolish enough to do business in a burg that actually features a statue of communist dictator Vladimir Lenin.

Companies making $20 million or more annually in Seattle are to be punished for hiring full-time workers at a rate of $500 per year per worker.

Amazon announced it was pausing construction on a new office tower in downtown Seattle while the city debates a controversial “progressive tax on business.” The projects they’ve paused would bring 7,000+ new jobs to the Seattle, plus the construction-related jobs.

Not liking to have your lunch money stolen makes you a bully, according to Sawant. This odious tyrant is actually working with a union front group called Working Washington to criminally prosecute Amazon for “intimidating a public servant” for holding off on the expansion until learning whether the head tax passes.

When a progressive calls you a bully, get ready to be bullied.

On tips from Becky in Washington and Jack S.

May 09 2018

Seattle Landlords Sue for Right to Screen Tenants for Criminal History

Homelessness is out of control in Seattle. One reason is a shortage of housing. This in turn may be exacerbated by few people wanting to be a landlord in a city run by moonbats:

A landlord group has sued the city of Seattle over an ordinance passed in August that prohibits them from making rental decisions based on a tenant’s criminal background. …

The complaint alleges the city has violated property owners’ due process and free speech rights.

It also violates their property rights and their right of free association.

Landlords take a big risk every time they accept a new tenant. The wrong tenant can lead to major problems, even bankruptcy. If you want to invest in property and rent it, don’t do it in moonbatty Seattle, or any other city run by left-wing authoritarians.

But then, maybe the bliss of total equity is only one more repressive regulation away. It would be a shame to come so close to a world where no one has to take responsibility for their own behavior, but then turn back over a silly little thing like basic human rights.

On a tip from Steve T.

May 01 2018

How Moonbattery Has Made Seattle Unlivable

Science writer Alex Berezow used to love Seattle. But as he explains in an editorial, he is leaving after 14 years because moonbattery has rendered it unlivable:

Seattle has become an angry place. Councilmember Kshama Sawant called a police shooting a “brutal murder.” She also tweeted that it was “terrible” for a feminist organization to wish that Barbara Bush, on her death, rest in peace. As a congressional candidate, Pramila Jayapal supporters implied that her respectable opponent, Brady Walkinshaw, was a misogynist and racist. And former Mayor Ed Murray, whose pattern of alleged sexual behavior finally caught up with him, remained defiant until the bitter end.

Murray, accused by many of homosexually molesting underage boys, blessedly finally resigned last year.

Being run by the same sort of moonbats who run California, Seattle has the same problems,

such as a restrictive housing policy that artificially caps supply. Seattle is well on its way to becoming the next Vancouver, British Columbia, with the median housing price having spiked to an eye-watering $820,000, far outside the reach of the middle class. Unless they are able to save for about 14 years to afford a down payment, millennials can forget about homeownership entirely.

That’s why Seattle has one of the worst homelessness problems in the country.

Progressivism is a pincer attack, comprised of rich liberal overlords and the poor they farm for votes. The Left closes these two pincers on the throat of the middle class so as to gorge on the blood that spurts forth.

The $15 minimum wage has added gasoline to the fire. Though it hasn’t even been fully implemented yet, the most recent study last summer revealed that when the minimum moved from $11 to $13 an hour, low-wage workers lost about $125 per month. That means that the law raises costs for businesses and customers while actually harming employees it was meant to help.

He almost gets it, but not quite. The poor are of no use in the pincer strategy if they use the free market to climb out of poverty. It is doubtful that minimum wage laws are intended to help anyone other than Democrat politicians, who feed on unemployment.

[T]he City Council … seems far more concerned about issues over which it has zero control — such as climate change and foreign policy — than it does about issues over which it has at least a modicum of control, such as the cost of living, homelessness, crime, traffic and potholes. For our City Council, virtue signaling is more important than governing.

The same moonbattery pertains at the national level, with posturing pols promising to perfect the weather and impose a dreamily harmonious rainbow utopia rather than addressing relevant real-world tasks like balancing the budget and defending the border from incursion.

Fed to the teeth, Berezow and his wife are moving to suburbia.

We really would prefer to stay in Seattle. But if safe streets, clean sidewalks, an affordable place to live and polite discourse is asking too much, we’ll gladly seek refuge in a city where quality of life and civility still matter.

Mind the moonbats don’t follow you. You owe it to your new neighbors not to vote for Democrats.

On a tip from TCS III.

Jul 14 2017

Seattle City Councilmember Says Cleaning Excrement Off Sidewalks Is Racist

One problem with placing a courthouse too close to a homeless shelter is that jurors have to wade through human excrement to get in the door. One problem with electing moonbats is that they will object to hosing the excrement away, because that would be racist:

Councilmember Larry Gossett said he didn’t like the idea of power-washing the sidewalks because it brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists.

Anything other than wallowing in filth is racist.

Too bad we can’t power-wash the moonbats out of the Seattle City Council. But voters would just elect more of them anyway.

On tips from R F, J, and Dan F.

Jun 27 2017

Study: Seattle’s High Minimum Wage Is Hurting Low-Wage Workers

Seattle has taken the lead in hiking up minimum wage. Considering the city’s growing economy and low unemployment, if higher minimum wage doesn’t work there, it won’t work anywhere. The results are in. Minimum wage doesn’t work there:

Seattle’s first-in-the-nation $15 per hour minimum wage law is hurting the workers it aimed to help, a new study has found.

The working poor are making more per hour but taking home less pay. The University of Washington paper asserts the new wages boosted worker pay by 3 percent, but also resulted in a 9-percent reduction in hours and a $125 cut to the monthly paychecks.

The law also cost the city 5,000 jobs, the report said.

But this no reason for other cities (and whole states like California) to refrain from following suit. Any mental defective could figure out that artificially raising the cost of unskilled labor doesn’t help the poor. It just makes the poor more numerous, by sawing off the bottom rung of the economic ladder. This helps Democrats, who cater to those reliant on government handouts, and who can be expected to impose exorbitant minimum wage at the national level as soon as they are back in power.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

May 09 2017

Seattle Mayor Taxes Diet Soda to Combat White Privilege

The liberals running big cities justify their greedy soda taxes on the grounds that if they didn’t punitively tax us for our own good, we would consume too many calories and get fat. But how to justify taxing diet soda? Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has the answer — white privilege:

After it was suggested to him his proposed two-cents-an-ounce tax on soda sweetened with sugar would be borne disproportionately by the poor and people of color, Murray lowered the levy and included all sweetened drinks, including diet soda. …

Diet drinks, Hizzoner reasoned, were more likely to be consumed by “upper middle class white people.” It had become for him “an issue of equity,” a way to tackle “white privileged institutionalized racism.”

So long as it punishes white people, Seattle voters probably won’t mind if sin tax on soda has the same effect there as it did in Philadelphia:

Philadelphia’s soda tax—which went into effect in January—has seen price hikes of 30 to 50 percent along with job losses in the beverage industry. has reported that one of the city’s largest drink distributors said it will cut 20 percent of its workforce, while an owner of several ShopRite stores said he will cut some 300 jobs.

Now for some good news. In a special election, Santa Fe just nixed a soda tax, despite extra-governmental Nanny State plutocrat Michael Bloomberg spending over $1 million trying to impose it.

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Apr 04 2017

Seattle’s Bike Share Program Goes Belly Up After Wasting $Millions

Moonbats, prepare yourselves for heartbreak. Seattle’s bike share program has passed away:

The program, known as “Pronto,” was launched in October 2014, costing $4.4 million (including $1.75 million in state and federal taxpayers’ money). From the start, there was fanfare and hype, with promises of widespread use of the bike sharing program — despite our hills and rainy weather.

When Pronto ridership proved to be far below projections, Transportation Director Scott Kubly urged the city to take over the program. So the city council voted to buy Pronto, wasting another $1.4 million of the people’s money. For a year, under city ownership, the program continued to fail.

Where you have moronic programs run by a bloated government, you have corruption. Turns out Kubly used to be the president of the company that operated Pronto. He was fined $10,000 for this ethics violation. No worries though; he can afford it, since he still has his cushy government job.

Now, the Seattle DOT will spend the next two weeks dismantling the 54 bike sharing stations. The program’s 500 bicycles? They might be sold at a loss to another city, but so far, no takers.

With the free market, ideas have to be sensible or it is difficult to raise the money to implement them. With Big Government, ideas only have to be moonbatty. When they fail, taxpayers are forced to pick up the tab.

On a tip from Becky in WA.

Mar 15 2017

Seattle Anti-Landlord Measure Takes Tyranny to Surreal Extremes

Leftists have always had a particular hatred of landlords, probably based on their feeling that housing should be provided free of charge. So it is no surprise that when it comes to leftist tyranny, abuse of landlords is at the cutting edge:

With a heavy-handed new law that is the first of its kind in the nation, Seattle has set its regulatory crosshairs on landlords, attempting to police their inner thoughts and eliminate the possibility that their decisions could be motivated by “implicit” or unintended bias.

Known as the “first in time” rule, the mandate forces landlords to rent to the first qualified applicant, rather than choosing the best fit from among prospective tenants.

Sponsors contended that this unprecedented restriction is needed because traditional anti-discrimination laws do not protect against unconscious prejudices. Landlords, it was alleged, can’t be trusted to make decisions based on their “gut instincts,” because there’s no way to know whether those instincts are “pure.” The only solution is to take away their right to make discretionary decisions altogether…

Not even a liberal could conceive of repression more totalitarian than violating property rights so as to police not only thoughts but even the unconscious.

The deck is already stacked against landlords. They can easily be ruined by one bad tenant who refuses to pay rent, cannot be evicted without an extended and expensive legal battle, and then pours concrete down the toilet before finally leaving. Making their lives still more miserable in the name of political correctness won’t make decent housing any easier to come by.

On a tip from R F.

Jan 24 2017

Seattle Politicians Give People Each Other’s Money to Donate to Politicians

The moonbats running Seattle are actually giving citizens each other’s money so that they can use it to fund political campaigns. Presenting Marxist principles applied to democracy:

Seattle is offering voters $100 in “democracy vouchers” to donate to political candidates in an effort to limit big money in politics and boost civic involvement in elections. …

The four $25 vouchers each person received from the Seattle Ethics and Election Commission can be split among candidates or given to one.

It has been forecast that there will be $60 in administrative expenses for every $100 wasted on the vouchers. The money will come from higher property taxes.

The idea is to enable lesser-known candidates, who are not taken seriously enough to be able to raise funds. Evidently, someone believes that even less qualified officer seekers are what we need to get the country back on the right track.

On their way to Seattle to run for office.

On a tip from Torcer.

Jan 12 2017

Seattle Mayor to Spend Quarter $Million on Pro-Illegal Posturing

Seattle’s fashionably gay Mayor Ed Murray has announced that he will spend $250,000 confiscated from American citizens on defending foreigners who are in the country illegally from the consequences of violating American law.

Regarding the specifics of how the money will be wasted:

Part of the city’s funding will be used to hold multiple community-education forums at Seattle Public Schools buildings and other venues, Murray said.

Organizations with legal expertise will offer information to [illegal] immigrant students and their relatives, he said.

The forums will cover topics such as the importance of power-of-attorney documents and who to call for help when someone is in danger of being detained by immigration authorities, the mayor said.

Furthermore, the city will provide immigrant-rights training and technical assistance to Seattle Public Schools teachers, counselors and administrators, he said.

And attorneys from the Northwest Immigrants Rights project will respond to calls from students and parents in danger of being detained.

Together, those efforts will be called the Family Unity Project and will eat up about half of the city’s $250,000, said Benton Strong, spokesman for the mayor.

As for the rest of it,

The city will spend some of its remaining funding on counseling and peer-support groups for middle and high school students from immigrant families, Murray said.

He specifically mentioned Muslim students…

Making a show of wasting taxpayer money in the name of assisting Muslim illegal aliens is the sort of posturing that you can build a political career on, out on the Left Coast. He might have gotten even more mileage out of the taxpayers’ money if he had specified transsexual Muslim illegal aliens.

Some of the remaining funding will also be used to make sure people of all ages can easily report incidents of hate speech and violence, the mayor said.

Thank you Mayor Murray, for helping the Hate Hoax List to flourish.

In case anyone doubts that the expenditure is a political gesture,

Additionally, the money will help the city host an immigrant rights and education event on Jan. 20, the day Trump is inaugurated president, Murray said.

Seattle is a sanctuary city that arrogantly flouts federal law. Time to cut off federal funding.

Murray spends other people’s money on moonbat gestures.

On a tip from Tchhht!!!

Nov 04 2016

Seattle Uses Data From Supermarket Discount Cards to Go After Unlicensed Pet Owners

If knowledge is power, the Information Age is allowing Big Government to become very powerful indeed. From Seattle:

A King County letter that ended up in the mailboxes of thousands of pet owners is raising concerns over privacy.

The letter told pet owners to license their pets or face a $250 fine.

It is how authorities knew them to be pet owners that has people alarmed.

Turns out for the last four years, King County has been using data companies to target specific taxpayers, or in this case pet owners. That means every time customers swipe those rewards cards, they’re gathering data.

Buy a can of cat food, swipe your Safeway card to get a few pennies off, and bureaucrats know you have a cat.

Cameron Satterfield of King County Animal Services assures us we should have no worries.

“This is not King County going and grabbing this data, you know, big brother watching what you buy at the grocery store,” said Satterfield.

Instead, the county said they pay the company who pays stores such as Safeway and QFC for access to customer data contained in every one of those reward card swipes.

Okay. I feel much better now.

The implications are endless. Imagine Washington continues its incremental nationalization of healthcare. You need bypass surgery before your ticker gives out. But wait, what’s this? We see you bought a box of Twinkies. Sorry, no operation for you, in accordance with regulation 82934792374DLGE, section 3495793DGEROIGJ, paragraph 3.


On a tip from Jim.

Oct 27 2016

Black Lives Matter Thuggery at Suburban Seattle High School

Thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement, every school discipline problem involving a person of politically preferred pigmentation is a potential racial incident; those with the responsibility of maintaining order are punished for doing their job; and everyone, black, white, or other, must allow themselves to be absorbed by the black supremacist borg or suffer the consequences — as we can see at Todd Beamer High School in the Seattle suburb Federal Way:

It all started when a girl at the school got into a ‘confrontation’ with either another student or school officials and the SRO [school resource officer] responded and restrained the girl. As the officer attempted to restrain her, she slapped the officer. The student was placed in handcuffs and removed from the school, according to KIRO7.

The SRO has been reassigned, despite evidently doing nothing wrong.

Now, a chaotic divide has erupted at the school as students who don’t join the Black Lives Matter protests over the incident are being bullied and called racists, according to one student’s mother.

Students were told, even via the school’s intercom that they needed to wear all black to school in support of the BLM movement.

“It sounds like it was a child who was out of control, but somehow it turned into a race thing,” the mother told KIRO. “My daughter didn’t wear all black, she refused to do that. She didn’t believe this was a black or white issue, it was a disciplinary issue.”

Consequently, the daughter was bullied and denounced as a “racist,” marking her as fair game for mob violence.

“Some of the kids are afraid to speak out because they are afraid of what would happen,” the mother continued. “The school bus drivers had chaos on their buses on this day – kids were being yelled at because they weren’t wearing stickers[*] … What it boils down to is that this girl misbehaved, and it had nothing to do with her race. (My daughter) feels like it’s being forced down her throat and if she doesn’t buy it, or drink the Kool-Aid, then she’s racist.”

*Teachers passed out Black Lives Matter stickers that students were expected to wear to demonstrate their ideological allegiance or submission.

It is encouraging to see that a few of the students have the guts to stand up to this. If they didn’t, they would have to change the name of the school. Todd Beamer became famous for his courage in the face of an evil ideology.

On a tip from seaoh.

Oct 21 2016

2,000 Seattle Teachers Wear Black Lives Matter Shirts to School

If you want to know the worst regarding the corrosive lunacy children are being taught in public schools, consider this — on Wednesday, 2,000 Seattle teachers wore Black Lives Matter shirts to work:

Schools across the district held “Black Lives Matter at School” rallies before classes began for the day. Students, parents and teachers also wore stickers and buttons emblazoned with the “Black Lives Matter” slogan.

This is the direct equivalent of holding KKK rallies at schools throughout a major city — which I doubt has ever happened.

Before school started Wednesday at Chief Sealth International High School, dozens of educators and students gathered outside the building and held up banners and signs.

Lest anyone be lulled into complacency by the warm milk rhetoric about inclusion, the Black Lives Matter movement has inspired numerous riots (e.g., Milwaukee, Mall of America) and the assassination of police officers (e.g., Dallas, Baton Rouge). The political platform is about tearing down American society in the name of racial Marxism. Demands include letting black criminals run riot, cash payments for being black, green energy hogwash, kicks in the teeth for Israel, and of course more political power to impose their malevolent will on others.

Learning the three R’s: racism, radicalism, and rabid cultural Marxism.

On tips from Steve A and Rob E.

Sep 19 2016

Entire Seattle High School Football Team Disrespects America During National Anthem

Given that public schools tend to be run by flaming moonbats, this should come as no surprise:

The entire Garfield High School football team, including the coaches, took a knee during the national anthem Friday night before their game against West Seattle High on Friday night to protest “social injustices.”

The head coach projects responsibility onto the kids:

After the game, which [unfortunately] Garfield won, Garfield High School head football coach Joey Thomas said that “the players decided to do this” to bring attention to “social injustices,” emphasizing that it was “a player-driven” move and that his players plan to continue the practice during the anthem before every game “until they tell us to stop.”

As in the NFL, that is not going to happen. Seattle Public Schools issued an official statement supporting these disgusting displays in the name of the First Amendment. If the players tried to pray on the field, they would be stopped in the name of that same amendment.

The NFL’s failure to put a stop to this has allowed the disease to spread far and wide. Once the national anthem united us in pride and respect. Now it is an occasion for moonbats and those easily cowed by moonbats to denounce our country and our heritage. Very soon the Star-Spangled Banner will be regarded as controversial, and will no longer be played so as to avoid the acrimony.

Everyone who refuses to stand for the national anthem should be kicked off the Garfield team, especially the coaches. Instead they will be congratulated on their political correctness, and Kaepernick disease will spread further, throughout high schools and down to the junior high level.

Garfield High School: United in moonbattery against the USA.

On a tip from Steve A.

Aug 19 2016

Moonbats Flock to Seattle Brainwashing Sessions on “White Fragility”

Are you tired of being denounced, denigrated, marginalized, belittled, demonized, physically assaulted, and systematically discriminated against because you are white? If so, you suffer from white fragility. Don’t worry, government has a cure:

A city-run cultural program in Seattle is offering residents classes on “white fragility” to [help] white folks understand why they can’t seem to handle matters involving race, and tickets have sold out.

Lecturer Robin DiAngelo, who coined the term, is teaching the taxpayer-funded class for the city Office of Arts and Culture. She defines white fragility as “a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.”

Background on the government-sponsored lecturer:

DiAngelo, who is white, has made a career out of studying whiteness. She earned her doctorate in Multicultural Education from the University of Washington in 2004. Ten years later she became a tenured professor in whiteness studies at Westfield State University. Now she is back in Seattle working as a lecturer at the University of Washington. She’s also director of equity for Sound Generations, Seattle/King County and was recently appointed to co-design Seattle’s Race and Social Justice Anti-Racism Training program.

In “African American studies,” you learn all about how black supremacism is justified. But you won’t hear anything positive about whites in “whiteness studies” classes.

When they get around to the Final Solution, instead of “Arbeit Macht Frei,” the sign above the gate will read, “Renounce Your White Fragility.”

On a tip from Dennis in Redmond.

Mar 29 2016

Hate Hoax: Seattle Africatown Center Graffiti

The Trump campaign could breathe new life into the racial grievance industry, given the Donald’s appeal to white supremacists. Hate hoaxers are already going to town:

Staff at the Africatown Center for Education and Innovation in Rainier Vista came upon evidence of a burglary and racist vandalism [Saturday]. The center, which operates out of the UMOJA Peace Center, runs educational and arts programs for African-American students as well as women’s and immigrants groups. It is temporarily suspending all activity.

Some equipment was stolen, but more alarming were the messages left scrawled on whiteboards, including swastikas, “N****r babies/Vote Trump,” and “Kell [sic] Wyking”—a death threat directed to Wyking Garrett, a respected community activist who runs the center. The center shared photos of the graffiti and the damage on Facebook.

The vandal couldn’t spell “kill,” but knew the name of the activist in charge of the center. That’s called doing your homework.

Next comes the pious puffing from gullible officials:

“Seattle will not tolerate this kind of hate,” Mayor Ed Murray said on Twitter. “We are ready to support Africatown Center as they work to recover, and know they’ll be back stronger than ever.”

Mysteriously, no one seemed to know how the vandal got inside.

Africatown Development Coordinator Yalonda Allen… said the vandals may have been “emboldened by a culture that’s allowing hate speech in mainstream media.”

You can see why leftists should take charge of what we are allowed to say.

The center is appealing for community support.

We have possible motive. As for the culprit, he was revealed in an update to the original story:

The [Seattle Police Department] says on its website it suspects an East African male of commiting the crime. The police have arrested him.

Here I was thinking it would turn out to be Sean Hannity or some other avid Donald Trump supporter.

Too bad news reports aren’t giving the vandal’s name. He could have been immortalized on the Hate Hoax List.

Yet another hate crime turns out to be a hoax.

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