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Feb 05 2019

Female Boy Scouts

Congrats, moonbats. The Boy Scouts were a pillar of traditional American culture at its healthiest. Their subversion is a big win for you:

Washington, D.C., marked the end — and the beginning — of an era this weekend when the Boy Scouts of America established its first all-girl troops in the nation’s capital.

All-girl Boy Scout troops. It’s a new era, all right.

“It brings unity to the female gender,” said 11-year-old Tatiana Johnson, whose shirt also made a statement, reading: “Anything boys can do girls can do better.”

At least that is probably true when it comes to reciting feminist talking points. But maybe the boys will catch up, as BSA moves away from teaching honor, godliness, and self-reliance in favor of a more politically correct orientation.

As Robert Conquest observed, any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing will sooner or later become left-wing. The Boy Scouts were right-wing in their values. But they surrendered those values when they gave in to social justice warriors pushing the feminist, homosexual, and transsexual agendas.

Next comes desegregation, so that the boys and girls can help each other put condoms on cucumbers or whatever other tasks liberals see fit to set them to. Countermoonbats are already abandoning the corrupted farce that was all that remained after BSA started caving to leftist bullies.

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Dec 13 2018

Moonbattery Reduces Boy Scouts to Brink of Bankruptcy

The Boy Scouts of America represented America at its best: rigorous, clean, self-reliant, godly, patriotic, strong. So progressives set out to destroy it in the name of the LGBT and feminist agendas. Rather than recognize that their very existence depended on pushing back, the Boy Scouts gave ground. Consequently, the campaign to eradicate them is succeeding:

The Boy Scouts of America is considering filing for bankruptcy protection as it faces dwindling membership and escalating legal costs related to lawsuits over how it handled allegations of sex abuse.

If you want to avoid allegations of sexual abuse, it is a good idea to stand up to militant homosexuals who try to bully you into letting them take little boys out in the woods. Refer to the Catholic church to see how much damage sexual deviants can do to both reputation and finances. Obviously, a less supine approach would also help with the dwindling membership.

Participation in the organization’s programs has fallen in recent years, though the group opened some of its programs to girls and transgender boys [i.e., girls whose parents declare them to be boys].

“Though”? What do they mean “though”? Pandering to leftist social engineers is exactly why participation is cratering. That’s why the Mormons, previously one of its largest sponsors, dropped BSA like the runny turd that cowardice in the face of moonbattery has reduced it to.

The Boy Scouts group has drawn scrutiny over its slow pace to become more inclusive, including … lifting a ban in 2015 on gay men and lesbians serving in leadership roles.

Oh, so that’s the problem. They are swirling down the toilet because they have not flushed themselves down the toilet fast enough to please the media. It’s all clear now.

BSA still represents America, as it has for over a century. But now instead of mirroring our health, it mirrors our sickness and decline.

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Nov 07 2018

Girl Scouts Sue Genderless New Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts — long a proud organization and a vital part of American culture — now reap the reward for succumbing to moonbattery. Yielding to militant social engineers who want girls and boys to be interchangeable has earned them a lawsuit from the Girl Scouts:

[P]roblems arose when “core gender distinction” was altered by the Boy Scouts of America, which announced in October 2017 it would open its doors to girls beginning in 2019. …

The Girl Scouts’ lawsuit said the Boy Scouts of America had no right under New York State and federal law to use words like “scouts” or “scouting” by themselves “in connection with services offered to girls, or to rebrand itself as ‘the Scouts. ’”

Some thought the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts had merged. In time, maybe they will. More specifically, the Girl Scouts will absorb the tattered remnants of the Boy Scouts after the latter knuckling under to militant homosexuals inevitably results in devastating lawsuits on behalf of raped children. Boys will get to be Girl Scouts so long as they pledge to despise boyhood.

On tips from Stormfax and Steve T.

May 10 2018

Mormons Bail on Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts have shown us that once you let moonbattery’s nose into the tent, you will soon find yourself outside on the sand. Less than a week after they changed their name to Scouts BSA to be more “inclusive,” we begin to see what that entails. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is bailing out:

The church announced Tuesday evening that it will sever ties with the organization, effective Dec. 31, 2019, according to a news release.

This ends a partnership that has lasted for over a century. It constitutes an oversized shovelful of dirt on the coffin of the Boy Scouts.

The LDS Church is the biggest participant in American Scouting, with approximately 425,000 LDS youths in Cub and Boy Scout programs. Mormons account for about 19 percent of the BSA’s membership, which totals about 2.3 million, according to the Boy Scouts.

The LDS Church will be starting its own youth program, which will be grounded in the healthy values that characterized the Boy Scouts before they allowed social justice warriors to bully them into incrementally embracing the liberal agenda.

The fissure began when the Boy Scouts started knuckling under to LGBT militants:

After the Scouts allowed openly gay men to be leaders in the organization in 2015, the LDS-affiliated troops were allowed to continue operating in accordance with their faith standards. That meant that though no BSA-wide ban exists for gay leaders who are sexually active or are in same-sex relationships, one is practically imposed in Mormon-run troops.

The LDS Church gave the Boy Scouts every chance to stay true to their formerly shared values, but the pathetic name change finally convince it that, as Conservative Tribune puts it,

The Scouts have apparently decided the group’s future consists of a never-ending progression of appeasement to the forces of political correctness, a cycle that’s ultimately hollowing out an organization that used to be revered for its influence on American youths.

Let’s hope Mormons do not forget the lessons of this tragedy: do not allow your organizations to be infiltrated by subversive moonbats, and do not ever give an inch to the progressive bullies who continue their Long March Through the Institutions, turning each of them into sewers.

On a tip from Guy B.

May 03 2018

Mark Dice: Boy Scouts Go Full Social Justice Warrior

Mark Dice weighs in on the appalling capitulation of the now gender-neutral Boy Scouts to the grotesque agenda of the transformative Left, setting it in the wider context of the bizarre war on gender:

May 03 2018

Boy Scouts Drop “Boy” from Name

You can see why leftist social engineers wanted to destroy the Boy Scouts. The organization represented everything liberals despise: tradition, wholesomeness, self-reliance, patriotism, decency, strength, godliness. What is harder to understand is why the Boy Scouts gave in to liberal bullies again and again, until their backs were to a cliff and they inevitably fell off into oblivion:

The organization on Wednesday announced a new name for its Boy Scouts program: Scouts BSA. The change will take effect in February. …

On social media, there was widespread criticism of the name change, generally suggesting it’s a misguided display of political correctness that undercuts the Boy Scouts’ legacy. But…

…that is wrongthink; we are expected to embrace progressives doing to the Scouts what they have been doing to marriage. After all, the purpose is to be inclusive:

“Scouts BSA perfectly represents the new, inclusive program for older Scouts that the Boy Scouts of America is proud to offer,” said Effie Delimarkos, a spokeswoman.

Only bad people who must be shunned don’t want to be inclusive.

Thought criminal Matt Walsh recalls how the Boy Scouts got to this point:

First, they ceded to the Left’s demands and admitted gay scouts. Then it surrendered again and admitted gay scout leaders. Then it surrendered again and admitted “transgenders.” Then it surrendered again and admitted girls. Then it surrendered once more and abandoned its name and any last vestige of its identity. Now it is just a dry, pitiful husk…

It’s not enough just to crush something. First progressives have to turn it against itself, reducing it to something pathetic. That’s why Stalin had his show trials.

More Matt Walsh:

I won’t let my sons anywhere near this embarrassment of an organization. I want them to be men, not simpering, pathetic, little effeminate weaklings, which is what the “Scouts” embody at this point. But the Scouts will provide a very helpful example for my boys. I plan to use this sad story as a cautionary tale to teach them one crucial thing:

Never, ever, ever, ever surrender to the enemies of truth and reason.

Do not give them an inch.

Forget the camel with its head in the tent. The Boy Scouts serve as the ultimate parable for the insidious incrementalism inherent in the word “progressive.”

Did the Boy Scouts think that anything less than total capitulation would appease the Left? If so, they were fools. Every concession was an invitation to further demands.

Imagine the NFL being bullied into dropping the word “football” from its name. That’s how much of a joke the Boy Scouts have become.

Never refer to sexually deranged men with female pronouns. Never accept sick social engineering mandates. Never nod along with B.S. liberal platitudes that you know are lies. Never give an inch or you will end up like the Boy Scouts.

On a tip from Eddie_Valiant.

Oct 12 2017

Ever More P.C. Boy Scouts Now Accepting Girls

The historically wholesome Boy Scouts of America has become a battleground in the Culture War, with leftists racking up one win after another. BSA agreed to send small boys out in the woods with noisily homosexual scoutmasters. It agreed to accept girls who pretend they are boys. Now BSA accepts girls who admit they are girls:

In its latest momentous policy shift, the Boy Scouts of America will admit girls into the Cub Scouts starting next year and establish a new program for older girls based on the Boy Scout curriculum that enables them to aspire to the coveted Eagle Scout rank.

The Girl Scouts of the USA — which only accepts boys if they pretend to be girls — is not happy about the competition:

Girl Scout officials have suggested the BSA’s move was driven partly by a need to boost revenue, and they contended there is fiscal stress in part because of past settlements paid by the BSA in sex-abuse cases.

An increase in settlements for sex-abuse cases will be an inevitable consequence of allowing militant gays to bully their way into the pup tent. Speaking of which,

The Boy Scouts’ new policy on girls was hailed by Zach Wahls, an Eagle Scout who played an active role in pressuring the BSA to end its ban on gays. However, he urged the Boy Scouts to take one more step and end its exclusion of atheists and non-believers who do not profess a “duty to God.”

For progressives, there is always another hill to take.

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Jan 31 2017

Boy Scouts Will Now Accept Girls Whose Parents Declare Them to Be Boys

The Boy Scouts were too constructive, positive, American, and worst of all wholesome for the Left to tolerate; this inspired a relentless campaign to corrupt them. Congratulations, moonbats; you have achieved another sick victory:

The Boy Scouts of America announced Monday that it will allow transgender children to enroll in scouting programs.

That is, if leftist parents convert their little girl into a trophy transsexual by declaring her to be a boy, that girl will be accepted as a boy by the Boy Scouts, regardless of the effect on the girl’s mental health or on sanity in general.

In 2015, the BSA was forced to accept openly homosexual scout leaders, defiling this once venerable institution beyond recognition and making it unsafe to trust with children. Having been conquered by liberals, it will now serve as a social engineering laboratory.

Luke 17:2 comes to mind once again.

On a tip from Varla.

Feb 02 2016

Sexual Abuse Victim Suing Boy Scouts

After a relentless campaign by gay militants, the Boy Scouts of America finally caved to pressure and allowed openly homosexual troop leaders. In the future, we can expect to read more stories like this:

A Marion County, Fla. man claims in court that the Boy Scouts of America and others failed to protect him from a twisted assistant scoutmaster who sexually molested him for years.

In a complaint filed in Marin County Circuit Court, the plaintiff, identified only as “A.A.” claims that George Fout, an assistant scoutmaster with Troop 448 in Ocala, Fla., began sexually abusing him in 2002, when he was eight years old, and continued to do so through 2012, when he was just about to turn 16.

A.A. claims Fout began showering him with special attention shortly after he joined the troop, and that shortly thereafter “George Fout committed oral and anal sodomy and other acts of sexual battery” upon him.

The sexual abuse occurred at least once a month, and in a variety of locations, including the home Fout shared with his parents, including troop leader Steve Fout.

George Fout was arrested back in 2012 and is serving double life sentences. He admitted to molesting at least three other boys. It isn’t Fout who is getting sued.

A.A. maintains that the defendant Boy Scouts of America, North Florida Council Inc. and Silver Springs Shores Presbyterian Church, where the scout meetings were held, “… should have known of the special relationship between the Fouts and A.A. and that A.A. would leave the meetings held on its premises with Scoutmaster Steve Fout and Assistant Scoutmaster George Fout to spend time at the Fout’s residence, in violation of Boy Scout policy.”

A.A. seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages on multiple claims of negligence against the Boy Scouts of America and the church.

Ironically, the BSA dropped the ban lest they be sued into bankruptcy by gay militants. Instead they will be sued into bankruptcy by raped children.

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Jul 28 2015

Boy Scouts Forced to Accept Noisily Homosexual Troop Leaders

It’s official: in fundamentally transformed America, it is no longer safe to send your son into the woods with a Boy Scout troop leader.

The Boy Scouts of America have ended a blanket ban on gay adult leaders while allowing church-sponsored Scout units to maintain the exclusion because of their faith.

The new policy, aimed at easing a controversy that embroiled the Boy Scouts for years and threatened the organization with lawsuits, takes effect immediately. It was approved Monday by the BSA’s National Executive Board in a teleconference.

Good thing they escaped from law suits — at least until the inevitable sexual molestation begins. For details, refer to the homosexual infiltration of the Catholic priesthood.

The stage had been set for Monday’s action on May 21, when the BSA’s president, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, told the Scouts’ national meeting that the long-standing ban on participation by openly gay adults was no longer sustainable. He said the ban was likely to be the target of lawsuits that the Scouts were likely to lose.

“I truly fear that any other alternative will be the end of us as a national movement,” he said.

The threat of government coercion topples another domino. There isn’t much left of our civilization at this point. But so long as any decent people are still breathing, we can still resist.

On a tip from Lyle.

May 22 2015

Boy Scouts Will Cave to Government Pressure, Send Kids Into the Woods With Openly Homosexual Troop Masters

The people in charge of the Boy Scouts recently issued a fatwa against squirt gun fights while sanctimoniously intoning, “What part of pointing a firearm [simulated or otherwise] at someone is kind?” You had to know that this would follow soon:

Robert Gates, president of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), said the organization’s “status quo” on membership, which prohibits openly homosexual adults, could not be sustained and strongly suggested that the BSA fall in line with the pro-gay “changes taking place” in America today, during a speech at the BSA National Annual Meeting on Thursday.

During his address, Gates referenced the Boy Scouts’ oath that mentions “duty to God and our country,” but he added that “our country is changing.”

That it is, thanks to liberal social engineers — and not for the better.

Gates did not mention that part of the oath where a Boy Scout pledges to keep himself “morally straight.”

Good thing. Merely mentioning the concept of moral rectitude could be construed as a hate crime.

Throughout his speech, Gates sought to balance his push for a policy change with a pledge to protect the religious beliefs of the thousands of churches that financially sustain the BSA.

That is, Gates is officially throwing these churches under the bus, but he will still take their money.

According to the BSA’s website, more than 70 percent of all BSA charters are supported by faith-based organizations.

You can see why liberals set their sights on the intolerably wholesome Boy Scouts.

Pules Gates:

“The country is changing and we are increasingly at odds with the legal landscape at both the state and federal levels.”

That is, he is folding to relentless pressure from our coercively degenerate liberal rulers.

“If we wait for the courts to act, we could end up with a broad ruling that could forbid any kind of membership standard, including our foundational belief in our duty to God and our focus on serving the specific needs of boys,” he continued.

Give the bully your lunch money, and maybe he won’t take your new sneakers too.

The current policy that is being chucked out in favor of total capitulation to militant homosexuals and their cultural Marxist enablers was an attempt to compromise, which one can never do with progressives:

The BSA voted in 2013 to add a provision in its membership policy stating that a boy could not be denied membership based on his sexual orientation alone. The provision passed with a 61 percent majority.

The BSA’s current troop leader policy states: “While the BSA does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the BSA.”

Sorry, not good enough to suit Obama, Dan Savage, and the fanatics who run our courts.

Those who saw the results of the Catholic priesthood becoming infiltrated by homosexuals know what follows next: raped boys, lawsuits, the decline and end of the BSA. One more pillar of traditional America will have been subverted then destroyed.

On a tip from MrRightWingDave.

May 20 2015

Boy Scouts Ban Squirt Gun Fights for Being Politically Incorrect

Just as the moonbats in charge use the Girl Scouts to advance sexual deviancy, they use the Boy Scouts to push other social engineering objectives — for example, hoplophobia and wussification:

The Boy Scouts of America, an organization with semi-military origins, has put out approved activities for its members, and water gun fights are strictly prohibited.

A blog for the organization’s leaders said May 6 that pointing simulated firearms at people is not allowed.

“Why the rule? A Scouter once told me this explanation I liked quite a bit: A Scout is kind. What part of pointing a firearm [simulated or otherwise] at someone is kind?” said Bryan Wendell on the scouting website.

What part of taking all the fun out of being a kid is kind?

This is not parody, but the actual world we live in now:

The rule is clarified in the Boy Scouts of America National Shooting Manual, which says “For water balloons, use small, biodegradable balloons, and fill them no larger than a ping pong ball. […] Water guns and rubber band guns must only be used to shoot at targets, and eye protection must be worn.”

The manual includes a lengthy list of other prohibited items — boomerangs, crossbows, potato guns, spear guns and throwing stars. Scouts also may not use “marshmallow shooters that require placing a straw or similar device in the mouth.”

Meanwhile the kids who will grow up to fight our kids play like this:


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Jun 17 2013

Boy Scouts of America Reaps the Rewards of Compromise

Bowing to intense pressure from our militantly degenerate liberal ruling class, the Boy Scouts betrayed the principles that are the whole purpose of the organization by allowing avowed homosexuals to be scouts — the equivalent of a church allowing noisily atheist altar boys. But this wasn’t good enough for the Establishment. Capitulation must be absolute, even if it means sending little boys out in the woods with scout masters who make a public persona out of being perverts:

Caterpillar Inc. is no longer giving money to the Boy Scouts because the organization discriminates against homosexuals, a spokeswoman for the Illinois-based heavy equipment manufacturer confirmed Thursday.

Caterpillar spokesmoonbat Rachel Potts denounces BSA’s policy of putting children’s safety ahead of left-wing radicalism as “discriminatory.”

Other corporations to pull the plug on the scouts in the name of sexual deviancy include Intel and UPS. Meanwhile,

Since the Boy Scouts’ decision last month to allow openly homosexual children to be scouts, a number of churches around the country — which often sponsor local scout troops — have cut ties with the group.

Compromise means taking it in the neck from both sides. Ever since the Left targeted the Scouts for being too wholesome, the BSA has had a simple choice: stand by its principles and possibly be destroyed, or compromise them and certainly be destroyed.

boy scouts bsa logo
Timeless means timeless.

On a tip from StanInTexas.

May 24 2013

Boy Scouts of America Caves, Accepts Open and Avowed Perverts

Nothing as wholesome and decent as the Boy Scouts could be allowed to exist unmolested by the degenerates comprising our ruling class. The BSA held out longer than most against the siege. Now it is giving in:

After lengthy and wrenching debate, local leaders of the Boy Scouts of America have voted to open their ranks to openly gay boys for the first time…

OnMyHonor.Net is a coalition of people who have the character to defend scouting’s values. From its statement in response:

The Boy Scouts of America has a logo that bears the phrase ‘Timeless Values.’ Today, the BSA can no longer use this phrase in good faith. It has demonstrated by its actions that the organization’s values are not timeless, and instead they are governed by changing tides of polls, politics and public opinion.

The saddest part of today’s decision is what the organization is teaching our children and young people in the program.

The BSA is teaching our kids that when your values become unpopular, just change them.

The BSA is teaching our kids that when your convictions are challenged, just cave to peer pressure.

The BSA is teaching our kids that public opinion polls are more important than principles.

Today, the BSA is teaching our kids that you should not stand up for what is right instead you should stand up for what is popular.

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to “prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.”

BSA is teaching our kids through its new mission that we don’t make ethical and moral choices through the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law but we make them like an unprincipled politician does, by putting your finger in the air and seeing which way the wind is blowing or by looking at the latest polling results.

What kind of a message are we sending to young people about being brave when its top adult leaders don’t even have the courage to stand up to the pressure of a militant lobby when the bullies in Washington DC, Hollywood or even some of their own renegade councils start pressuring and harassing them?

Giving in to them is the last thing that will prevent militant homosexuals from pushing their agenda even further. The BSA has already abandoned its principles. The next step backward toward the edge of the cliff — allowing openly homosexual adult scout leaders — is only months away.

We know what comes next after that, because we watched what happened when homosexuals infiltrated the Catholic priesthood. Children will be raped by perverts. Their bodies will be damaged; their minds will be shattered. They will be infected with lethal, ghastly, incurable diseases. The BSA will then be sued out of existence, constituting another progressive step forward toward our glorious rainbow future.

Fortunately OnMyHonor.Net is already laying the groundwork for a new character development organization to replace the corrupted BSA.

The values are timeless, but the BSA’s time is running out.

On tips from Varla, Muddypaw, Clingtomyguns, Lyle, and IslandLifer.

Apr 11 2013

California Bureaucrats Target Boy Scouts

Incensed that the Boys Scouts would dare protect children from homosexual predators, the leftists running California have declared war:

California lawmakers are considering taking some tax exemptions away from youth groups that do not accept gay, transgender or atheist members — a move intended to pressure the Boy Scouts of America to lift its ban on gay Scouts and troop leaders.

By “gay,” they mean aggressively, loudly homosexual. Private perversions are not an issue here. The idea is to force the Boy Scouts to let perverts who want everyone to know they are perverts take children out in the woods.

The bill by State Senator Ricardo Lara, a Democrat from Long Beach,

would require [the Boy Scouts] to pay corporate taxes on donations, membership dues, camp fees and other sources of income, and to obtain sellers permits and pay sales taxes on food, beverages and homemade items sold at fundraisers.

The power to tax is the power to destroy.

As for those who collaborate with homophobic thought criminals,

an array of nonprofits, ranging from the Young Men’s Christian Association and Pop Warner football to the American Youth Soccer Association and 4-H clubs would have their tax returns and membership policies scrutinized by the state Franchise Tax Board, according to an analysis by the Senate Governance and Finance Committee.

It is hard to imagine a more fundamental right than freedom of association — or a more fundamental duty than to protect children from corruption.

Boy scouts of america
Anathema to liberals.

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Mar 18 2013

Madonna Attacks the Boy Scouts

Just as Obama personifies America’s political decline, the tasteless pop star calling herself “Madonna” definitively represents our cultural degeneration. In jarring contrast, the Boy Scouts reflect what health remains in our society. So it comes as no surprise that when the militant homosexual outfit GLAAD asked her to present an award honoring CNN propagandist Anderson Cooper for his sexual deviancy, Madonna took the opportunity to denounce and ridicule the BSA:

Dressed in an oversized Boy Scout uniform, Madonna took the organization to task for its policy that bans gay people from joining. “I wanted to be a Boy Scout, but they wouldn’t let me join,” she said during a 10-minute speech. “I think that’s f–ked up. I know how to build a fire. I can pitch a tent … most importantly, I know how to scout for boys.”

So do the sort of belligerently homosexual predators from whom the Scouts have been protecting children. This has required more courage than most organizations show these days, as libs have made a major campaign out of opening the BSA to a pedophilia scandal like the one that did so much damage to the Catholic Church after homosexuals infiltrated the priesthood. Let’s hope that courage holds.

Moonbat vulgarity incarnate.

On tips from Wiggins and Bob Roberts.

Feb 07 2013

Boy Scouts Stall on Sellout to Homosexual Militants

Pushback appears to be working once again. Due to public outrage, plans by the Boy Scouts to sell out to militant homosexual bullies and their moonbat allies have at least been delayed. From the NY Slimes:

The Boy Scouts of America, which confirmed last summer its policy barring openly gay people from participation, then said last week that it was reconsidering the ban, announced Wednesday that it would postpone a decision once more, until May, as talk of gay men and lesbians in the ranks has roiled a storied organization that carries deep emotional connection and nostalgia for millions of Americans. …

Even proposing the change created fracture lines. Some supporters of the ban said they feared a wave of departures by conservative church-sponsored troops, while supporters of a new policy said the risk was in not going far enough — although each side acknowledged that scouting, with fewer boys every year wearing the uniform, needed to find new ways to connect with young people.

New ways to connect with young people? At least the pedophile enablers at the Slimes have a sense of humor.

Why would anyone who isn’t flat out evil consider sending scoutmasters who are not only homosexual but who insist on everyone knowing that they are homosexual out in the woods with little boys? Because the hard left has learned how to play cowardly corporate donors like a Stradivarius:

As WND reported last week, a major drop in corporate funding came last September after a gay-rights blogger for the Huffington Post published a collaborative report that named the donors and chastised them for violating their own policy of not discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation.

Since the September report, Intel, UPS and Merck are among the corporations that have declared they have stopping funding the BSA.

The homosexual-rights group Scouting for All lists some of the corporations that have refused to fund the BSA’s national organization. They include IBM, Levi Strauss and Company, J.P. Morgan, American Airlines, Medtronic, Portland General Gas and Electric, Hewlett Packard, Textron, Fleet Bank, CVS/Pharmacy Stores and Carrier Corp.

The point is not merely to express reverence toward disease-spreading homosexual depravity, nor to sexually corrupt children — although both of these are worthy goals from the point of view of a moonbat. For generations, the BSA has served as a bastion of decency and morality against the rising tide of cultural decay that is both the cause and the result of liberalism. Forcing the BSA to betray its own values, then looting it out of existence with lawsuits when the inevitable molestations come to light as they did after homosexuals infiltrated the Catholic priesthood, will remove this obstacle on the path to progressive utopia.

The bad guys are pushing hard. To push back, you can
contact Wayne Brock, Chief Scout Executive, at 972-580-2000 or by email at, or sign the American Family Association petition.

Compliments of Red State.

On tips from Son of Taz, Wiggins, and Tchhht!!! Hat tip: AFA.

Jan 29 2013

Boy Scouts Knuckle Under to Homosexual Agenda

One of the last bastions of decency appears to be caving to the relentless onslaught of liberalism:

The Boy Scouts of America, one of the nation’s largest private youth organizations, is actively considering an end to its decades-long policy of banning gay scouts or scout leaders, according to scouting officials and outsiders familiar with internal discussions.

Actually, it never banned homosexual scout leaders. It only banned the sort of people who want everyone to know they are homosexual. Effectively lifting this ban by leaving it up to local sponsoring organizations opens the door to militant deviants who will become scout leaders simply to advance their agenda and to defile something clean, which is apparently a prime motivator for the belligerently homosexual.

Inevitably, some deviants will exploit the BSA’s shameful capitulation to put themselves in a position to molest children, just as the Catholic priesthood was infiltrated by perverted degenerates. There will be appalling scandals, shattered children, children infected with AIDS, lawsuits — all of which the same media that has been browbeating the Scouts for years will use as further ammunition to destroy the organization, just as pedophile priests have been used to propagandize against the Catholic church. Nothing that even reminds a liberal of wholesomeness can be allowed to survive in fundamentally transformed America.

So much for the part in the Boy Scout Oath about remaining “morally straight.” Moral straightness has fallen out of favor.

It is bad enough that our civilization is dying. Why does it have die so disgracefully?

The values are timeless. Apparently the BSA isn’t.

On tips from Chris W, Clingtomyguns, and Islandlifer.

Nov 15 2012

UPS Pulls Plug on Boy Scouts

How did UPS become brown? This offers a clue:

After the July announcement that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) would uphold its ban on homosexual scout leaders, corporate supporters have come out swinging. Computer giant Intel was the first to pull its support. Now, Georgia-based UPS is following suit. After years of generosity, UPS (whose policies are 100% aligned with the homosexual movement) said it was pulling the BSA’s funding because its non-discrimination policy doesn’t match UPS’s. In a statement, UPS executives announced that they would “cease all future funding to the Boy Scouts until gay Scout leaders are welcome within the organization.”

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. What UPS and other corporations refuse to acknowledge is that the Scouts’ policy isn’t a matter of intolerance — but security. After hundreds of cases of child sex abuse plagued the organization, the BSA tried to create a membership criteria in the best interest of kids’ safety and parents’ rights. Over the years, the Boy Scouts have paid millions — possibly hundreds of millions — to boys victimized by same-sex predators. And the financial toll was nothing compared to the emotional trauma of these children, whose lives are forever scarred by those encounters. For more than 100 years, the Scouts have focused on instilling character and leadership into America’s boys. They aren’t about to compromise that mission just to placate liberal companies and activists.

Sending children out in the woods with open homosexuals who bully their way into scout master positions also entails the risk of them being forcibly infected with AIDS. But that is a small price to pay for UPS’s reputation for impeccable political correctness.

Use FedEx.

Still under siege.

On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

Aug 09 2012

Heads Lib Press Wins, Tails Boy Scouts Lose

Once you’ve found your way into the crosshairs of the liberal establishment media, you are damned no matter what you do. Even as the Boy Scouts take heat from the press for attempting to protect boys in their charge from perverts…

The Boy Scouts of America … reaffirmed its policy to exclude gays from joining or being leaders, disappointing gay rights groups. …

GLAAD President Herndon Graddick expressed dismay over the decision.

“With organizations including the Girl Scouts of the USA, the Boys & Girls Club and the U.S. military allowing gay Americans to participate, the Boy Scouts of America need to find a way to treat all children and their parents fairly,” said Graddick in a prepared statement.

“Until this ban is lifted, the Scouts are putting parents in a situation where they have to explain to their children why some scouts and hard-working scout leaders are being turned away simply because of who they are. It’s unfair policies like this that contribute to a climate of bullying in our schools and communities. Since when is that a value worth teaching young adults?”

Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest U.S. gay-rights group, called the Scouts’ decision “a missed opportunity of colossal proportions.”

“With the country moving toward inclusion, the leaders of the Boy Scouts of America have instead sent a message to young people that only some of them are valued,” he said. “They’ve chosen to teach division and intolerance.”

…the BSA also gets heat when its measures to keep perverts away from children fail:

Internal documents from the Boy Scouts of America reveal more than 125 cases in which men suspected of molestation allegedly continued to abuse Scouts, despite a blacklist meant to protect boys from sexual predators. …

Predators moved from troop to troop because of clerical errors, computer glitches or the Scouts’ failure to check the blacklist, known as the “perversion files,” the newspaper said.

In at least 50 cases, the Scouts expelled suspected abusers, only to discover they had re-entered the organization and were accused of molesting again.

We all know how it will be when the Scouts are inevitably forced to knuckle under to our liberal rulers, discard their religious convictions, and knowingly let perverts take little boys out in the woods. The obvious consequence will be raped children. The lib press will screech sanctimoniously, just as it did when homosexuals infiltrated the Catholic priesthood. Then will come the lawsuits that will drive the Boy Scouts out of existence. Mission accomplished.

Jerry Sandusky on openly homosexual Scout leaders.

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Jul 19 2012

Boy Scouts Stand Firm Against Homosexual Agenda

It takes spine to stand for what is right in opposition to what is politically correct. Once again, the Boy Scouts prove they have it:

After a confidential two-year review, the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday emphatically reaffirmed its policy of excluding gays, ruling out any changes despite relentless protest campaigns by some critics.

The BSA is supposed to instill Christian values. Obviously these do not include the homosexual depravity that has become so politically fashionable among our ruling elite. Equally obvious is the danger of sending kids into the woods with Jerry Sandusky types.

But there is a price to be paid for standing up to the degenerate establishment. Here’s the lead paragraph in Truthdig's take on the story:

The Boy Scouts of America confirmed its position as one of the most bigoted groups in the U.S. after a confidential two-year review led it to uphold its ban on gay and lesbian members.

To be called a bigot by notoriously bigoted liberal elitists may be the highest honor Scouts can achieve.

Sorry, social engineers. Not going to happen.

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May 18 2015

Girl Scouts Welcome Transgender Boys

Progressivism is not so much an ideology as a strategy for implementing the ideology of liberalism. A key element is the infiltration and subversion of institutions. This has already been accomplished with the media, academia, the courts, an increasing number of churches, and virtually everything else that can be regarded as part of the establishment — including the Girl Scouts:

A new Girl Scouts of America policy extends membership to boys who identify as girls. In other words, this girls group is now embracing transgender boys. …

“This means girls in the organization will be forced to recognize and accept transgenderism as a normal lifestyle. Boys in skirts, boys in make-up and boys in tents will become a part of the program. This change will put young, innocent girls at risk,” says Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association. “Adults are willing to experiment on our kids—both the boys who are confused and the girls who will wonder why a boy in a dress is in the bathroom with them.”

This is the nature of the twisted freak show our politically correct overlords are imposing not just on adults, but on children.

The Girl Scouts of America has lost its moral compass and needs your encouragement to rescind this new policy. Think about the potential mind-bending trauma this will cause to girls in Girl Scouts, the distress it will cause many parents and other yet-to-be-understood consequences.

The moral compass wasn’t lost; it was deliberately smashed. GSA will not stop pushing ever leftward until the day comes that it is no longer run by liberals. In the meantime, parents are warned to keep their girls far away from it. Any parents who would enlist their boys in the Girl Scouts are beyond heeding warnings.

The wholesomeness level of fundamentally transformed Girl Scouts.

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May 16 2019

Boyhood Under Moonbats

There must not be enough Desmond Is Amazing to go around. The ascendant LGBT community has produced more than one grammar school drag queen. Another example is Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, aka Lactatia.

His career was already well underway 2 years ago, when…

“Lactatia” was featured in a feel-good video by ELLE magazine. “This 8-year-old boy loves transforming into drag queen Lactatia,” ELLE wrote, “and he won’t let other people stop him from doing what makes him feel accepted.”

At 9, “drag superstar” Nemis was a hit at RuPaul’s drag queen convention, where he had a message for “the haters”…

Unsurprisingly, that message is obscene.

At 10, Nemis was photographed backstage with a naked adult man (well, not entirely naked … he had tape on his junk) for Huck magazine.

Now Nemis is 11, and he’s live streaming jokes about snorting the club drug Ketamine. The tweet’s from back in January, but it started making the rounds on Twitter Wednesday.

The Boy Scouts have been corrupted and all but destroyed. But we don’t need them, now that progress has brought us this:


Note the apparent strangulation marks around his neck. Looks like they put on his bondage collar a little tight. What a wonderfully diverse childhood the LGBT community is treating him to.

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Although the boy featured here is identified by Twitchy as Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden, it appears he is actually Desmond Napoles. It isn’t easy to tell under the bizarre makeup. This came to light in a video by Black Pigeon Speaks.

May 24 2018

Scouts Will Pass Out Condoms at World Scout Jamboree

Now that the Boy Scouts have completely succumbed to the bullying of social engineers by dropping the word “Boy” from their name so as to be more “inclusive,” their motto “Be prepared” has a new meaning. They will pass out condoms at the World Scout Jamboree to be held in West Virginia this summer.

The theme of the jamboree is “Unlock a New World.” This new world is nothing that you would want your kids to be a part of.

An alternative to the defeated Boy Scouts is Trail Life USA. Its Chairman of the Board is Florida Family Policy Council President John Stemberger, who issued a response:

“The fact that they are requiring that condoms be ‘readily accessible’ and are communicating this to everyone– including youth participants–shows that the BSA is both anticipating and facilitating sexual conduct between minors at this event. These policies are both outrageous and completely irresponsible.”

It would have been shortsighted to expect anything else, once the Boy Scouts started knuckling under to liberal demands to accept noisily homosexual troop leaders, girls who “identify” as boys, et cetera.

Future scout jamborees will probably feature drag performances. From there, they will progress to filming porno movies. With progressives in charge, there is always a new world of corruption and degeneracy to unlock.

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