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Apr 13 2017

Sweden, the Canary in the Coalmine of Moonbattery, Found on the Ground With Its Legs in the Air

The mainstream media doesn’t want you to know what its ideology has wrought in Sweden. Roaming Millennial clues us in:

Cultural Marxist progressives are literally eradicating an entire civilization in Sweden. They won’t stop there.

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Oct 09 2015

Sweden, the Canary in the Coalmine of Multicultural Moonbattery

We have no excuse not to turn back on the road to multiculturalism thanks to Sweden, the canary in coalmine of moonbattery that graphically demonstrates exactly where that road leads.

Weasel Zippers reminds of this tale from 2013, before the importation of Muslims had been shifted into overdrive:

Growing unrest turned to violence last Sunday in a north-western suburb called Husby – where more than 80 per cent of the residents are from overseas, mostly Turkey, Somalia and the Middle East.

Trouble then spread to some of the city’s most deprived areas, shattering the country’s proud claim that it is a template for a successful and ethnically diverse society.

Taking pride in being ethnically diverse has gone from silly to insane. A society that is not cohesive is not healthy. When Muslims are involved, this means violence:

On Thursday night there were 90 separate blazes in the capital. Thirty cars were torched and there were eight arrests – mostly of people in their early 20s.

Most of the “refugees” currently pouring in through Syria meet the same description: fighting age Muslim men.

In earlier attacks, groups of up to 100 rioters targeted schools, nurseries and shops – breaking windows and setting buildings ablaze.

All part of enriching the multicultural tapestry.

In Skogas, south of Stockholm, emergency services were kept from a fire in a restaurant when a gang of youths pelted fire engines with rocks.

And in nearby Ragsved a violent mob set fire to a police station – the second to come under attack in two days.

Lars Bystrom, a Stockholm police spokesman, said: ‘Such fires are mainly lit to lure the police to the scene, who are then attacked.’

He admitted officers have been forced to change their tactics, saying: ‘Now if there is a small fire that is not likely to spread, and there is no risk to life, we will send out a patrol and keep an eye on it from a distance.’

Swedes don’t dare put out fires in their own country lest they be attacked by hostile foreigners. Anyone who finds this situation acceptable belongs in a mental institution.

The attacks on emergency service workers have led to private security companies telling employees to stay at home, as mobs have started attacking anyone wearing a uniform.

Several public transport routes have also been cancelled after rioters started hurling petrol bombs at buses. …

Government leaders have been stunned by the ferocity of the violence in a country which has long been touted as a paragon of social justice.

Apparently it doesn’t occur to P.C. fools that it is “social justice” — i.e., pandering to savages — that causes the violence, in Sweden as in Baltimore.

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Jan 25 2019

Sweden’s Moonbat Culture Minister, Amanda Lind

Let’s check in on the canary in the coalmine of moonbattery, namely Sweden, which has a new Culture Minister, Amanda Lind. Peter Sweden provides background:

Amanda Lind is a licensed psychologist and has studied herbal alternative medicine, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She told Swedish website Yippie Härnösand that she is interested in roleplay and cartoons and that she looks at life in a “spiritual way”.

More from Peter Sweden:

They say politics is downstream of culture. Maybe the point of a government having a Culture Minister is to turn the stream into a circular moat in which the stagnant water turns ever more rank with moonbattery.

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Aug 14 2018

Multiculti Sweden Goes Up in Flames

It wasn’t just Gothenburg. Apparent Islamocarbeques burst out all over the country. The canary in the coalmine of moonbattery has had its tailfeathers set ablaze:

More than 100 cars have been set alight in across Sweden overnight, as gangs of masked youths went rampaging in a series of arson attacks believed to have been coordinated on social media.

Dozens of vehicles burned in Sweden’s four major cities – Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg and Uppsala – on Monday evening and in the early hours of Tuesday.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven responded with an impotent curse word. “What the f*** are you doing?” Löfven demanded of the arsonists, who he must know are likely to be welfare colonists imported and bred by his government.

The answer to his question: making it clear who is boss.

Over 100 cars were torched just in the Gothenburg area. Another 13 went up in Stockholm and Uppsala.

No worries; the police are on top of it.

‘We have already started making calls to the parents of the youths who were taking part in this,’ Gothenburg police spokesperson Ulla Brehm told SVT.

They have even made two arrests. The miscreants, aged 16 and 21, could spend whole hours behind bars.

Continues Ulla:

‘We chose not to arrest anyone on the spot, but have identified them.’

Arresting them on the spot before they could torch more cars might have angered them, making these emissaries of Islam feel themselves to be oppressed.

Maybe Swedes should just get used to it, the way Islamomoonbat Mayor Sadiq Khan says London should accept terror attacks as “part and parcel” of life. After all, 3,098 cars were set afire in Sweden just between 2016 and 2017. For perspective, consider that the population of Sweden (9.9 million) is not much larger than that of New York City (8.5 million).

Nowhere does the Daily Mail source article mention the 99% likelihood that the arsonists are of Muslim immigrant background. But it does mention this:

Last year in February, two days after US President Donald Trump’s baffling comments linking crime to immigration in Sweden, riots broke out in the immigrant-heavy northern Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby.

“Baffling.” It doesn’t take much to baffle the liberal establishment that created this mess.

At this point, I believe it would be safe to say that open borders and multiculturalism are not working. Let’s see if that remark suffices to get this site silenced by WordPress.

Occupied Sweden.

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Jul 05 2018

Sweden Tightens Up Borders

Even Sweden — the canary in the coalmine of moonbattery — is tightening up its borders:

[P]olice have increased the number of locations where temporary border checks may take place. The checks have been introduced to a total of 12 new spots, including some of the largest airports across the country, as well as ports in southern and central Sweden. …

Patrik Engström, head of the national border police … said that a government decision in May gave police a mandate to carry out checks in additional locations in order to identify asylum seekers, economic migrants, as well as potential criminals and terrorists.

Too little too late, you might say, considering that Sweden has already submerged itself under a deluge of explosively reproducing Third World welfare colonists. But even the smallest demonstration of respect for a Western country’s territorial integrity is a step in the right direction.

It would be nice to see our own government make meaningful progress in the same direction, rather than knuckling under to the leftist media’s crybully tactics.

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Jun 26 2018

Sweden Could Be Moving Right

The one place socialism supposedly works is in Scandinavia, thanks mainly to what they used to call the Protestant work ethic. Except that Scandinavia isn’t actually socialist — although Sweden comes close enough to serve as a canary in the coalmine of moonbattery. This coughing canary may soon make it out to fresh air:

Paying some of the world’s highest income-tax rates has been the cornerstone of Scandinavia’s social contract, with the political consensus in Sweden to save money for when the economy is less healthy. Yet the country is showing strains all too familiar in other parts of Europe with nationalists gaining support and Swedes increasingly questioning the sustainability of their fabled cradle-to-grave welfare system.

Resentment has built over the influx of more than 600,000 immigrants over the past five years, many from war-ravaged countries like Afghanistan and Syria, a huge number for a country of 10 million people.

There are also soaring crime rates, gang violence, complaints about education and pregnant mothers even being turned away from maternity wards due to a lack of capacity.

Swedes are not getting their money’s worth from their massive tax burden.

In some polls, the Sweden Democrats have even overtaken the Social Democrats as the country’s biggest party, with backing from more than 25 percent of voters.

The Social Democrats represent the entrenched liberal establishment. The Sweden Democrats are right-wing populist upstarts.

The percentage of Swedes who realize that their taxes are too high is rising. The percentage who do not want to see their country stolen away and handed over to Islamic colonists is rising even faster. Change is on the way.

On tip from Lyle.

Apr 24 2018

Elin Krantz: Sweden Personified

The horrific death of Elin Krantz in 2010 highlighted a side of Sweden’s fundamental transformation that you won’t hear about from the mainstream media. Caution — nothing about this video is suitable for the squeamish:

That about sums up the effect of mass Third World immigration on Sweden, the canary in the coalmine of moonbattery.

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Apr 19 2018

Islamized Sweden: More Violence, Higher Taxes

Change a country’s population, and you change the country, because the country is the population. As a result of taking in more Third World welfare colonists per capita than any other E.U. nation, Islamized Sweden will never be the same:

Sweden may be known for its popular music, IKEA and a generous welfare state. It is also increasingly associated with a rising number of Islamic State recruits, bombings and hand grenade attacks.

In a period of two weeks earlier this year, five explosions took place in the country. It’s not unusual these days — Swedes have grown accustomed to headlines of violent crime, witness intimidation and gangland executions. In a country long renowned for its safety, voters cite “law and order” as the most important issue ahead of the general election in September.

The situation may already have deteriorated beyond anything voting can fix. Even if they finally shut the barn door, the country would still find itself without horses. Something has to be done with the zillions of colonists Sweden’s treasonous ruling class has imported. Assimilation for more than a few outliers is not a realistic option.

Sweden has gone from being a low-crime country to having homicide rates significantly above the Western European average. Social unrest, with car torchings, attacks on first responders and even riots, is a recurring phenomenon.

It isn’t Swedes behaving like this. But it is Swedes who will have to put a stop to it or watch their country turn into Somalia.

This site has been referring to Sweden as the canary in the coalmine of moonbattery for years (see e.g. here, here, here, and here). Denmark’s Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen agrees:

“I often use Sweden as a deterring example.”

Not to worry, Big Government knows how to fix the problems it creates:

In response, the Swedish government has launched an international campaign for “the image of Sweden” playing down the rise in crime, both in its media strategy and through tax-funded PR campaigns.

Speaking of Big Government, the extravagantly generous welfare state that drew all these refugees will be needing a permanent massive cash infusion:

Chief forecaster of Sweden’s Economic Research Institute, Ylva Hedén Westerdahl, points out that unless more immigrants enter the labour market in Sweden, taxes will have to rise. …

Nearly six out of ten of those currently enrolled in the Employment Service are foreign born whilst only 25 percent of Swedish residents have a foreign background. The gap between home-born and foreign-born workers’ ability to obtain work is only growing.

Recently, SVT shared a story of a 35-year-old Kurdish single mother of five who has just taken her first job ever as a cleaner, having been in Sweden for 16 years. They intended it as an example of success…

The real success, as far as Sweden’s progressive ruling class is concerned, is the creation of a massive and explosively reproducing underclass that will never assimilate and that will always vote for an ever bigger government, so long as it takes from Swedes to give to them.

The complacency that causes Europeans to put up with this rather than hoist their rulers’ heads on pikes may prove terminal for the entire people.

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Mar 19 2017

Swedish Men Succumb Humiliatingly to Feminist Moonbattery

It could be that the yellow in the Swedish flag is in honor of the canary, since Sweden is the canary in the coalmine of moonbattery. This is what guys working in construction look like in Sweden nowadays.

The picture shows the Byggnads Förbundsstyrelse (evidently a construction union), expressing its solidarity with feminism. They wish to “thank all the women who dared defy gender norms” by working in the construction industry. Looks like these guys are up to defying some gender norms themselves.

Their forefathers were Vikings.

Let’s not let moonbattery do this to us too.

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May 24 2014

Sweden Goes Insane

Pat Condell brings us up to date on Sweden, the moribund canary in the coalmine of multicultural moonbattery:

The liberal fools running Sweden are literally and permanently destroying it. Anyone who points this out is a witch I mean racist and will be punished into silence.

No fate could be worse than for a country to be taken over by liberals. It is cultural suicide by the most disgraceful means imaginable.

On a tip from Glenwood183.

Jun 11 2018

Next from Germany: Government-Funded Feminist Pornography

German bureauweenies must be running low on ways to waste the excessive loot they expropriate from taxpayers. They plan to resort to government-funded feminist pornography.

As usual, the waste is justified in the name of moonbattery. The idea is to “combat sexist stereotypes.”

The material, which would include ‘fat, skinny, young and old people’ will be available on the websites of public broadcasters ARD and ZDF, if the idea goes ahead. …

In the proposal, the [Social Democratic Party] wrote: ‘Mainstream porn generally shows sexist and racial stereotypes in which consent is not a theme and certain “optimal” body types are made as standard. … everything seems to work right away, there is no communication between the performers, no trying out, failure…’

But soon, thanks to Big Government, German porn addicts can become woke by watching fat old people try to have sex and fail.

Been there, done that, scoffs the canary in the coalmine of European moonbattery:

The idea might have been inspired by Sweden, where in 2009 the state film institute spent £44,813 financing Dirty Diaries, a series of short porn films produced by female film artists.

Considering the corrosive effect pornography has on society, the Germans and Swedes might have stumbled onto something. Banning porn would just drive it underground. Having the State produce it would be far more effective in preventing people from indulging in it, because 5 minutes of government-issued feminist pornography might cure even horny teenagers of ever wanting to look at the filthy stuff again.

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Oct 08 2015

Swedish Bishop Wants Church to Remove Crosses, Point Way to Mecca

Even now in Sweden — the canary in the coalmine of moonbattery, where you can get beheaded at your Ikea local store — the ruling class continues to double down on the multiculti dhimmitude:

This is what a society and culture in the midst of suicide looks like.

“Bishop wants to remove Christian symbols in the Seamen’s Church,” translated from “Biskopen vill ta bort kristna symboler,”, September 29, 2015:

Bishop Eva Brunne has proposed to remove the Christian symbols of the Seamen’s Church in Freeport to make it more inviting for visiting sailors from other religions.

That is, other religion (singular): the one displacing Swedish culture, Islam.

The bishop wants to temporarily make the Seamen’s Church available to all, for example by marking the direction of Mecca and removing Christian symbols, as is already done in common prayer rooms at airports and in some hospital chapels.

Liberalism always falls back on its own god in the end. Since that god is government coercion, expect Christian symbols to be made illegal in Swedish churches, and marking the direction to Mecca to be mandatory.

Never in history have conquerors found their job so easy.

Bishop Brunne is an open lesbian. She won’t enjoy Muslim rule any more than the Christians she betrays.

Ezra Levant's insightful take.

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