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Sep 12 2019

Why Is Modern Art So Bad?

Why is modern art so bad? Because art has succumbed to moonbattery. That is to say, it has abandoned its standards.

Will Witt takes to the streets of Los Angeles to demonstrate:

You can’t have greatness and equality at the same time. So instead of greatness, we have modern art, where no artist is any better than another.

What moonbattery has done to art, it will do to everything else it touches.

Jan 26 2019

Obscurantism, Moonbattery, and Modern Art

Liberal ideology, particularly as it is promulgated by universities, is similar to modern art in that both are manifestations of moonbattery that rely heavily on obscurantism to dupe the gullible. Understand what a useless, pernicious, and contemptible racket modern art is, and you may understand the same regarding the dogma of the prevailing intelligentsia.

Paul Joseph Watson offers some help (the usual language warning applies):

Modern art has made real art all but impossible in the modern world. Modern liberalism is doing the same to anything classical liberals like the Founding Fathers would recognize as liberalism.

On a tip from Kate P.

Jun 18 2018

Modern Art in Brooklyn Park Resembles Dung Ball

Looks like a job for Waste Management. More modern art has been excreted:

To some, the three-foot-diameter sphere of soil in Brooklyn’s McGolrick Park is a symbol of humanity’s universal roots and identity.

To others, the big brown ball of dirt “looks like a giant turd.”

But it is a meaningful giant turd:

For three years, Manhattan artist Martynka Wawrzyniak collected 30 pounds of soil from over 150 Greenpoint residents and sculpted it into “a collective portrait of the community,” she said.

This was formed into an orb that, as one local noted, looks like something a dung beetle might roll around.

The final result, unveiled last weekend, was plopped inside an elevated, fenced-off enclosure near the park entrance, surrounded by long grass and shrubs.

Now for the good news: the artist funded the project herself. But it still serves as a reminder of why art should not be funded on a coercive basis. Taxpayers have been forced to finance worse.

Other works by the same artist include “Smell Me,” an installation consisting of a space filled with her “bodily aromas.” We can be thankful that Michael Moore hasn’t taken up modern art.

On a tip from Steve T.

Nov 29 2017

Latest Atrocities in Modern Art

Modern art is a cynical scam, not merely devoid of value, but viciously destructive. Paul Joseph Watson isn’t buying it:

What moonbattery has done to art, it has also been doing to every other avenue of human endeavor. It is a disease that will replace James Madison with Elizabeth Warren as surely as it has replaced Leonardo da Vinci with Cy Twombly.

On a tip from Lyle.

May 27 2017

The State of Modern Art

Now for some cultural enrichment. Straight from the Waterloo Center for the Arts in Waterloo, Iowa, a hairy guy dressed up as Wonder Woman spins around until he falls down. Then he gets up and does it again:

David Thompson provides some background:

“As a queer artist I seek to create a temporal historical rupture,” says Texas-based performance artist Sarah Hill, while describing her – sorry, their – 2014 opus They Wonder. “During the performance,” we’re told, “I repeatedly spin around and around in circles.” The reason being that, as an artist and worker of profundity, Ms Hill is “interested in the continuous action of spinning and getting no-where, falling down and getting back up.”

Practitioners of critical theory can leave the art world alone at this point. That aspect of Western Civilization has already been destroyed. Their energies are more efficiently spent on those that have been infiltrated, corrupted, and corroded, but that have not yet collapsed entirely.

On a tip from Steve T.

Aug 22 2016

The Truth About Modern Art

Do you have a hard time understanding most modern art? You won’t after hearing Paul Joseph Watson explain it:


On a tip from Jack S.

Mar 16 2012

Modern Art Achieves New Extreme of Tastelessness and Absurdity

Art must be more resilient than politics. It only took two centuries for moonbattery to reduce us from James Madison to Barack Hussein Obama. Yet five centuries were required for it to bring us down from Leonardo da Vinci to this:

A New York-based artist has been inviting amorous couples to make creative magic on his canvas by covering themselves in paint and letting their impulses get the better of them.

Here’s how the “artist” Alexander Esguerra got his inspiration:

‘I woke up one morning after a sexual encounter and my normally organized room was a mess,” he told the New York Daily News.

Being much easier than learning how to use a paint brush, the technique is catching on.

Nearly fifty couples have been inspired to sign up for the project.

They cover themselves in non-toxic, water-based paint and set up the canvas on a floor covered in plastic.

Esguerra provides them with the following art lesson:

‘I tell them to take the paint, lay on top of the canvas and pour it on each other. Look in your partner’s eyes and make love as you would normally.’

Any one can take part.

Anyone willing to pay Esguerra $2,500, that is.

‘Sex is basically the great equaliser,’ said Mr Esguerra.

‘You look at these paintings and you can’t tell if the couple was gay or straight or old or young or married or cheating.’

Who says modern art is meaningless? Esguerra is expressing a profound message of moral equivalency, the central pillar of liberal ethics.

On a tip from AC.

Dec 05 2019

Amnesty Bill Chooses Stoop Labor Over Modernization

You don’t want to modernize when you can import Third World peasants to do by hand what a machine can do far more efficiently. At least, not if you are Democrats, who are dependent on the government dependency of the imported underclass.

Via Breitbart:

The Democratic Party is offering the agriculture business an endless supply of cheap migrant labor if business executives pressure GOP legislators to approve an amnesty for roughly one million illegal migrants who will likely vote Democrat. The profits-for-amnesty swap is at the center of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2019, which has passed a House committee and is expected to get a floor vote soon.

Using the word “modernization” in the title is comically Orwellian, given that the importation of cheap labor is an alternative to modernization of farming techniques.

[Migrant workers] harvest the crops with methods that have changed little in 10,000 years: Stooping to harvest crops, reaching upwards to pick fruit, and carrying simple tools to dig, weed, or prune. The crude methods are good enough for many farm companies that are under intense pressure to minimize near-term spending on payroll and investment in equipment.

Other parts of the world are investing in labor-saving machinery rather than farming by crude, archaic methods based on abundant cheap labor. If Democrats prevail, they will surpass us.

U.S. farmworkers and their families will be denied the jobs, machines, and tools they need to earn independent and decent lives in rural America, as their GOP-leaning districts turn blue during the next ten years.

The hardship of American farmworkers and their families doesn’t matter, because regular Americans will be rendered electorally irrelevant by the never-ending tsunami of unskilled Third-Worlders.

Imperial Romans imported an endless supply of slave labor. Post-Roman Europeans were forced to modernize so as to be more labor-efficient. This is why agricultural technology took off in Europe during the supposedly benighted period following the fall of Rome. The resulting rise in the standard of living is enjoyed to this day.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

Apr 01 2019

Postmodern Family

Social engineers have applied moonbattery to art, reducing it from Rembrandt and da Vinci to postmodern weirdos eating paint and barfing on the canvas. A story from Nebraska demonstrates what happens when moonbattery is applied to create a postmodern family:

When Matthew Eledge and his husband, Elliot Dougherty, told Matthew’s mother, Cecile, that they were planning to start their family, Cecile thought fondly of her own parental journey. She’d loved being pregnant decades earlier with her three now-grown children.

So she became a postmenopausal gestational carrier at age 61 and gave birth to her own granddaughter so that her son and his homosexual paramour could raise the girl.

Obviously, this is not the ideal way to bring a child into the world. But that doesn’t matter. Only the agenda matters. Deconstructing the family is an important part of the agenda.

The media aggressively promotes this sort of grotesquerie, demanding that we regard it as healthy and normal.

On tips from Lyle and 1-Bodhisattva.

Jul 03 2018

Crap Art

The piece of modern art in Brooklyn’s McGolrick Park that closely resembles a giant dung ball may be part of a crap art trend.

Statues that glorify Western Civilization, which we are expected to revile, are far more likely to be torn down than erected these days. This was true even back in 1994, when San Jose put up a bronze statue of the Aztec serpent god Quetzalcoatl in Plaza de Cesar Chavez in the middle of downtown. Write “park god” backward and what does it spell? This.

From the Mercury News last summer:

What San Jose got was … a squat, coiled snake of concrete … that bore an uncanny resemblance to a massive dog dropping.

A memorial to fallen firefighters was moved to make way for the giant dog turd with a snake head on top.

The dog crap statute may offer insight into a more recent story from nearby San Francisco:

A foul odor permeated from a massive bag of human excrement sludge left on a street corner in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district Saturday.

The deposit at the corner of Cedar and Polk was described on San Francisco’s Citizen app as “twenty pounds of feces dumped onto sidewalk.”

Maybe this is just an example of San Francisco continuing along its trajectory. But just in case the bag is a work of art, they ought to deposit it at a museum. It would be a shame for it to go to waste if an NEA grant paid for it.

On tips from Dave W and 1-Bodhisattva.

Jun 04 2018

Majestic Splendor: Rotting Fish Artwork Bursts into Flames

We have explosive art news from the Hayward Gallery in London. “Majestic Splendor” (1991–2018), a famous artwork by South Korean artist Lee Bul, delayed the opening of an exhibit when it burst into flames:

Majestic Splendor is composed of sequin-covered rotting fish. When it was shown in 1997 at New York’s MoMA, it had to be removed as the smell made visitors feel sick. For the Hayward show, the fish were placed in potassium permanganate. Although it is not flammable, the chemical does increase the flammability of other combustible materials. On receiving advice, the gallery decided to withdraw the artwork, but it spontaneously combusted mid-removal. …

Only minimal damage has been caused to the gallery by the exploding fish.

What a relief. Who knows what priceless, irreplaceable products of posturing postmodern moonbattery might have been lost.

On a tip from Steve T.

May 02 2018

Applying Affirmative Action to Art

Art is an important aspect of civilization, so it has been targeted by liberal social engineers for degradation and destruction. First they crippled art with postmodernism. Now they will finish it off with Affirmative Action. Baltimore Museum of Art director Christopher Bedford leads the charge:

[T]he museum is due to sell off seven works from its collection by Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and other 20th-century titans. The proceeds from the sale of these works by white men—a sum that could exceed $12 million—will be used to create a “war chest” to fund future acquisitions of cutting-edge contemporary art, specifically by women and artists of color.

Bedford says the move will be “absolutely transformative” for a collection that has woefully underrepresented non-white artists, and African American artists in particular. It also comes at a “historically significant moment,” he says, “in that the most important artists working today, in my view, are black Americans.”

Why are they important? Because they are black.

The actual artistic merit of the art is irrelevant. Moonbattery is a totalitarian ideology; those who adhere to it must adhere completely by rejecting all other standards of value.

At least this might remind museum-goers to think for themselves. You can’t assume some random splotch of paint must be meaningful or it wouldn’t be hanging in a museum. Maybe it is there for no other reason than because it was created by a member of a favored identity group.

Obama continued to exert his corrosive influence by pushing art in this direction when he chose mediocre but racially correct artists to paint the official portraits of himself and his Bitter Half.

Before long, paintings by Rembrandt and da Vinci will be put out with the trash to make room for finger paintings by transsexual cognitively handicapped one-legged dwarves of sacred African heritage. Thus will museums truly reflect the values of a culture that has allowed itself to be dominated by liberals.

On a tip from Bodhisattva.

Nov 26 2017

Common Sense Article Counters Extinction Hysteria… in the Washington Post!

The editors must have intended to generate traffic with controversy. A sensible piece by biology professor R. Alexander Pyron actually appeared in the Washington Post:

Mass extinctions periodically wipe out up to 95 percent of all species in one fell swoop; these come every 50 million to 100 million years, and scientists agree that we are now in the middle of the sixth such extinction, this one caused primarily by humans and our effects on animal habitats.

This causes moonbats to shriek that draconian solutions must be imposed to prevent us from encroaching upon the biosphere.

But the impulse to conserve for conservation’s sake has taken on an unthinking, unsupported, unnecessary urgency. Extinction is the engine of evolution, the mechanism by which natural selection prunes the poorly adapted and allows the hardiest to flourish. Species constantly go extinct, and every species that is alive today will one day follow suit. There is no such thing as an “endangered species,” except for all species. The only reason we should conserve biodiversity is for ourselves, to create a stable future for human beings. Yes, we have altered the environment and, in doing so, hurt other species. This seems artificial because we, unlike other life forms, use sentience and agriculture and industry. But we are a part of the biosphere just like every other creature, and our actions are just as volitional, their consequences just as natural. … [U]nless we somehow destroy every living cell on Earth, the sixth extinction will be followed by a recovery, and later a seventh extinction, and so on.

As for global warming hysteria,

The Paris Accords aim to hold the temperature to under two degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels, even though the temperature has been at least eight degrees Celsius warmer within the past 65 million years. Twenty-one thousand years ago, Boston was under an ice sheet a kilometer thick. We are near all-time lows for temperature and sea level; whatever effort we make to maintain the current climate will eventually be overrun by the inexorable forces of space and geology.

That is assuming that tyrannical nonsense like the Paris Accords would have any effect on the temperature or sea levels whatsoever — which I doubt.

Getting back to extinction, Pyron makes some good points:

Within a few million years of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, the post-apocalyptic void had been filled by an explosion of diversity — modern mammals, birds and amphibians of all shapes and sizes. …

Conserving biodiversity should not be an end in itself; diversity can even be hazardous to human health.

The only end in itself in the physical realm is humanity.

Humans should feel less shame about molding their environment to suit their survival needs. … If this means fewer dazzling species, fewer unspoiled forests, less untamed wilderness, so be it. They will return in time. The Tree of Life will continue branching, even if we prune it back. The question is: How will we live in the meantime?

The thought crime being committed here is anthropocentrism. To judge by the comments on the article, most WaPo readers are ready to form a lynch mob.

Oct 28 2017

Postmodernism and Moonbattery

On the surface, postmodernism is flaky B.S. that only academic chin-pullers could take seriously. Beneath the surface, it is a strategy for achieving power and for destroying Western society as we know it. It is cultural Marxism. Jordan Peterson exposes the postmodernist agenda, Part 1 of 7:

On a tip from Anonymous.

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