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Jul 12 2020

Systemic Racism in Seattle

We are told it is such a problem that it warrants dismantling American society. Yet no one can find any current examples of systemic racism. Despite journalists’ prodigious efforts, they can only produce isolated incidents, a large percentage of which are revealed to be hoaxes.

The problem is, they are looking for the wrong kind of systemic racism. Against blacks, it literally does not exist in this country. Against whites, it is prevalent — and as subtle as a sharp stick to the eye. Consider Seattle:

For details, read the City Journal piece here.

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Jun 23 2020

Party Is Ending in Seattle

Playtime is winding down for the anarchocommies who have destroyed Seattle. They had their fun looting and setting up their own cop-free country in the middle of town. Due to the predictable bloodshed, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has stopped bleating about a “Summer of Love,” and has announced that the city will reassert authority over CHAZ/CHOP:

“The cumulative impacts of the gatherings and protests and the nighttime atmosphere and violence has led to increasingly difficult circumstances for our businesses and residents,” Durkan said at a news conference. …

“We have to make sure that any resident, any business, or any visitor that calls for help gets the help they need,” Durkan said.

Too bad she didn’t consider her duty to law-abiding citizens back on June 8, when the occupation began. By now, the damage has been done. For example,

Coronavirus pandemic or not, an investment advisory company is leaving the cultural unrest in Seattle and moving its headquarters to Phoenix’s Camelback Corridor.

” … The unrest that has taken place in the city of Seattle … there is really is not a downtown business community today,” Smead Capital Management, President and CEO Cole Smead told KTAR News 92.3 FM.

Seattle is no longer a city; it is a punchline. Smead won’t be the last to bail out.

“We’re hearing rumors of 40-story buildings that will be only 20-percent occupied by October,” Smead said.

Smead noted that Phoenix offers a better quality of life. This is because Phoenix has not yet succumbed to end-stage moonbattery.

As of May 31, the firm managed approximately $1.58 billion.

Welcome to the Valley of the Sun. Please do not bring any Democrat voting habits with you. Phoenix will only prosper so long as the ideology that destroyed Seattle is held at bay. Once the disease takes firm hold, employers will have to move on again.

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Jun 21 2020

Seattle Health Bureaucrats Declare Noncompliance With BLM Ideology to Be a Public Health Crisis

It seemed that moonbattery had reached its last extremes in Seattle, where authorities abandoned a police precinct rather than defend it from the mob and have allowed violent revolutionaries to establish their own country in the middle of town rather than uphold property rights and the rule of law, all in the name of black power. But now we read this:

The King County Board of Health on Thursday passed a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis.

Racism can be defined as opposition — real or imaginary — to the radical black supremacist ideology of Black Lives Matter.

The Board of Health presents a course of treatment:

• Participating in racial equity training.

• Engaging and being responsive to communities and residents impacted by racism, especially black and indigenous communities, as partners in identifying and implementing solutions.

• Establishing an agreed-upon understanding of racial equity principles to work towards anti-racist policies and practices and to serve as ambassadors of racial equity work.

In other words, they will address this “health crisis” by spewing the same corrosive rhetoric you would be fed in a university course in victim studies.

Meanwhile, large mobs are encouraged to congregate, spreading COVID-19. But that isn’t seen as a health crisis.

Speaking of Seattle,

The largest labor group in the Seattle area has expelled the city’s police union, saying the guild representing officers failed to address racism within its ranks.

It isn’t easy to purge the ranks of a police department of racism when law enforcement is inherently racist according to the dogma of the violent mob that is calling all the shots.

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Jun 18 2020

Video Confirms: Seattle Protesters Are Violent Revolutionaries

The media establishment describes the “protests” as “mostly peaceful.” Mayor Jenny Durkan responded to the extensive rioting and looting that she allowed to happen by further allowing the rioters and looters to set up their own autonomous country on other people’s property in downtown Seattle. She describes the anarchy as “a summer of love” and a “peaceful expression of our community’s … desire to build a better world.”

Are these “protesters” well-meaning and mostly peaceful, as the liberal establishment claims? Ami Horowitz ventured into Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP anarchy zone and confirmed that not only the followers but also leaders like Jaiden Grayson are violent revolutionaries intent on destroying our country.

Via Fox News:

“Every day that I show up here, I’m not here to peacefully protest,” Grayson told the “U.N. Me” filmmaker, who also embedded himself in Minneapolis protests earlier this month.

“I’m here to disrupt until my demands are met,” Grayson continued. “You cannot rebuild until you break it all the way down.”

Among their demands is the abolition of police, prisons, courts, and the criminal justice system. Grayson says they will pursue their lunatic agenda “by any means necessary.”

Absurd as it may seem, these hooligans are more of a threat to America than the Soviet Union at the peak of its power. This is because we stood up to the Soviet Union. We made it clear that we would rather fight than lose our freedom. The “protests” are happening because it is now clear that this is no longer the case. We will not fight if it means standing up to thugs brandishing the word “racist.”

Every corporation and celebrity that bows to Black Lives Matter, bows to the malevolent vermin on display in this video:

The Black Panthers were violent revolutionary Marxists and criminals. Even they come off like sensible moderates compared to the movement the liberal establishment has thrown its weight behind.

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Jun 17 2020

Seattle: Riot Holiday

Holiday in Cambodia? For real excitement, try a holiday in Seattle.

Here’s a video brochure of the sights to be seen as the all-liberal government provided by the City Council, Mayor Jenny Durkan, and Governor Jay Inslee deliberately allows the city to degenerate into anarchy for political purposes. Sorry about the language, but this needs to be seen:

This riot was brought to you by the liberal establishment as part of America’s reprise of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

That’s what the collapse of civilization due to moonbattery looks like. You won’t get journalism like this from the mainstream media, which would describe this event as “mostly peaceful” without letting you see what actually happened.

On a tip from Jason C.

Jun 16 2020

Escalating Entertainment in Seattle’s Moonbat Utopia

Having spent 74 years under the heel of communism, the Russians running RT are laughing hard at the collectivist utopia that left-wing hooligans have inflicted on Seattle:

Enforcing private property rights in an anarchist utopia has proven difficult. One of the CHAZ occupiers took to Reddit over the weekend to complain that their tent had been looted and their laptop stolen, along with $400 in cash.

Leftists have a gift for euphemisms. Here’s one that tops “undocumented immigrant” and “choice”:

The CHAZ community quickly stepped in to reassure the victim that “a disadvantaged resident was in greater need of the items than you,” and to think of the theft as an “unplanned donation.”

What do you need police for? Justify crime with Marxist ideology and there are no laws to enforce — except for the law of the jungle, which Raz Simone can oversee.

In the absence of courts, revolutionary councils resolve disputes:

Much of the zone’s strategizing and organizing happens on Reddit. Here, some of the CHAZ organizers pondered a conflict resolution process over the weekend, to prevent similar thefts and disagreements. One of the plans discussed was the creation of a “Conflict Resolution Advisory Council.” However, the initial plan of electing one black man, one black woman and one white woman to resolve disputes soon fell apart when the organizers decided to include trans and non-binary representatives of all races, homeless members, mixed-race children, as well as 12 Asian members, as the original plan of including one Asian was deemed racist.

This society consisting entirely of liberals would make a fascinating study for anthropologists — if you can find any anthropologists these days who are not moonbats themselves.

Looks like the entertainment factor might go up a notch:

[A] collection of self-described “American Patriots,” made up of various militia and biker groups, is planning on retaking the zone from the leftists. According to an event posted on Facebook, more than 1,500 members of these “patriot groups” will descend on downtown Seattle on July 4 to “tear down the illegal barriers on public property, clean up the mess these communist kids made, and return the police station over to Seattle Police Department control.”

It would nice to think that local authorities will restore law and order by July. If not, they have no right to tax residents, as Jenny Durkan, Jay Inslee, and the rest of the clowns in charge are not fulfilling the most fundamental responsibility of government: to maintain public order.

On a tip from Henry B.

Jun 16 2020

Watch Seattle Warlord Distribute AR-15s

Anarchy is a juvenile pipe dream. It is not sustainable, because wherever there is no government, someone will step forward to claim a monopoly on force. In Seattle, Raz Simone has answered this call. Watch him distribute AR-15s to his forces:

This could be a violation of several laws, but no one is likely to charge Raz with anything, since laws do not appear to apply to leftist “protesters” in places like Seattle.

The closest thing to anarchy that can actually be achieved is a state of civil war. America is headed there.

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Jun 15 2020

Moonbat Utopia in Seattle

Paul Joseph Watson addresses the jarring disconnect between liberal spin and reality, as unadulterated moonbattery boils over in Seattle and elsewhere:

Seattle is our short-term future unless pushback against the liberal establishment and the mob it has mobilized gets serious quickly. The medium-term future will be totalitarian.

On a tip from Occam’s Stubble.

Jun 15 2020

Profiles in Moonbattery: Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant

The overthrow of civil order in Seattle has been a revolution from within, facilitated and to an extent led by members of the municipal government. Primary among them is an unhinged moonbat that we have encountered repeatedly in the past: Councilwoman Kshama Sawant.

Via Daily Mail:

• Kshama Sawant, 46, has been described as a leader in the creation of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

• The city councilwoman has urged fellow activists not to allow cops back into the six-block zone set up in the center of the city

• Indian-born Sawant worked as a software engineer before migrating to the US, where she was ‘radicalized by the inequality and poverty’ that she saw

• Sawant became the first socialist to be elected to Seattle’s City Council in 2013; she recently endorsed Bernie Sanders for President

• However, she has come under fire for railing against gentrification while being married to a Microsoft engineer; she is also reported to live in a $800K home

• One Seattle Times columnist has compared her to the Queen in Alice In Wonderland, because of her ‘off with their heads’ political style

Seattle’s East Precinct remains boarded up, having been abandoned before the whole neighborhood was ceded to anarchists. In light of response times to emergency calls having tripled in Seattle, the police would like to reopen it. That will never happen if it is up to Sawant.

Via Fox News:

Sawant has said she will introduce legislation to convert the precinct into “a community center for restorative justice.”

You do not want to find yourself on the wrong end of “restorative justice.”

This frightening woman has been leading the municipal equivalent of a putsch:

Sawant has actively participated in demonstrations calling to defund the police and allowed over a thousand demonstrators into City Hall earlier this week in a late-night protest calling for Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign.

The appalling Durkan praises the unlawful occupation of part of her city by an anarchic mob, ranting about a “block party atmosphere” and a “summer of love.” Yet not even she is regarded as sufficiently radical.

If pushback against the far left does not get underway in the immediate future, we will find ourselves ruled by people like Kshama Sawant. Recall that when her type imposed communism on Russia and China, they ran up the body count into the tens of millions. Already she is delirious from the power she almost has in her claws.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Jun 11 2020

Raz Simone Emerges as Warlord of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

That didn’t take long. Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” is already ruled by a warlord:

CHAZ has its first self declared dictator/warlord. Seattle based rapper Raz Simone evidently deputized himself and his crew, and they are patrolling the streets, regulating any unauthorized activity in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

Presenting the closest thing Seattle has to political leadership as the city collapses into end-stage moonbattery:

What a relief: Simone denies allegations by Assistant Police Chief Deanna Nolette that armed goons at checkpoints are intimidating anyone trying to enter the area surrounding the abandoned East Precinct.

Characters similar to Raz Simone will step forward to rule the ruins of Minneapolis. The city will continue to burn as they war with each other, just like in Somalia, the country our country’s future has been modeled after by liberals.

On tips from Bluto, Rapinhoe, and Jester.

Jun 10 2020

Seattle Succumbs to Mob

We are not far now from the total collapse of the United States of America if someone does not start pushing back against the leftist mob that has been terrorizing the country. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and allied hooligans have stormed Seattle’s City Hall.

Via Fox News:

Hundreds of protesters, aided by a sympathetic City Council member, stormed Seattle’s City Hall Tuesday night to demand the mayor’s resignation, just days after seizing a six-block downtown zone that includes a shuttered police precinct.

Mayor Jenny Durkan has been told she must step down if she does not “defund” the police, thereby facilitating even more extreme anarchy. The riotous mob occupied City Hall for over an hour. It can return at will.

After leaving City Hall, the insurgents returned to their “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” — a six-block area from which police have been expelled that includes the East Precinct.

Civilization has been in full retreat in Seattle. Here’s what led up to today’s sacking of City Hall:

Protesters declared a “Cop Free Zone” near where Seattle police boarded up and seemingly abandoned their East Precinct building Monday night…

The surrounding area had seen more than a week of protests, with some of them growing violent. …

Protesters allegedly also threw glass bottles, rocks and “explosives” at police there on Saturday.

Firmly on the side of the mob, city authorities would not allow the police to use tear gas. With defending themselves from criminals out of the question, they had no choice but to withdraw.

Liberal politicians have gone out of their way to support the violent mob at the expensive of civil order:

On Saturday night, in what appeared to be a coordinated effort, several local far-left politicians descended upon Capitol Hill to taunt the Seattle Police Department’s effort to maintain peace.

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda live-streamed portions of the protest and when she heard violent rhetoric from those around her, she didn’t just downplay them — she claimed their anger is valid.

Mosqueda posted live video to Facebook of the scene near a barricade police were trying to use to defend the East Precinct from mayhem. A protester took up a bullhorn:

“SPD, I need you to do me a favor. Take your guns, put them onto your chins, and pull the trigger,” the man yelled. “I need you to kill yourselves. That’s your only redemption. Go ahead, save us the trouble of tearing you apart and *****ing kill yourselves. Did I stutter? I said ‘k-k-k-kill yourselves.” …

Mosqueda then had the audacity to support the message bull-horned over her.

“The anger that you hear is justified,” she said.

Threatening the police with violence has the stamp of approval of Seattle’s municipal government.

Mosquito has posted a list of demands:

Fellow Seattle City Councilmember Dan Strauss was also on the scene. He accused the police of using “weapons of war,” although the police did not even use tear gas to defend themselves. Two officers were sent to the hospital with injuries during the allegedly peaceful protests.

These days, in major American cities, for the most part only liberals have a chance at getting elected to City Council. Seattle demonstrates the results.

It was another Councilmember, Kshama Sawant, who led the attack on City Hall:

In the absence of serious pushback, similar scenes will soon unfold at the White House. If you know anything about the Russian or Chinese Revolutions, you know that you do not want your country ruled by this mob — even if the media does.

On tips from Varla, Kate P, Dragon’s Lair, DCGere, Rapinhoe, and Scott D.

Apr 25 2020

Seattle Closes Streets to Cars Because COVID-19

There is no item on the liberal agenda that cannot be imposed in the named of the ChiCom virus. Not content to restrict cars to “essential” purposes like Bill de Blasio, Seattle is banning them in parts of town:

The city’s Stay Healthy Streets program aims to close about 15 miles of streets across Seattle in the coming weeks to nonessential vehicle traffic to give more space for pedestrians and bicyclists practicing social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

You want social distancing? Put people in separate cars sealed off from each other. But this is about imposing the liberal agenda, not social distancing. That agenda calls for restricting and ultimately banning virtually all automobiles, with the result that we will be packed onto public transportation, helping viruses to spread quickly as in New York City.

The closures will remain in place for the duration of Washington’s stay-at-home order, or until otherwise announced.

You can see why authorities are in no hurry to lift the unwarranted lockdowns. The longer they last, the more accustomed we will become to the pointless restrictions. Don’t expect all of these restrictions ever to go away.

Other cities that have limited vehicle traffic in the name of Wuhan coronavirus include Philadelphia and Denver. We can thank the virus for giving us a glimpse of what Big Government plans to inflict in the near future.

On a tip from Tchhht!!!

Apr 06 2020

Crime Spikes in Seattle as Police Chief Focuses on Racist Name-Calling

Crime is skyrocketing in Seattle:

Burglary cases have exploded in Seattle’s west precinct since the coronavirus stay-at-home order and a county policy prohibiting most misdemeanor jail bookings went into effect. …

As of Friday April 3, burglary cases were up 87% over the previous 28 days in the west precinct according to the Seattle Police Department’s internal crime database.

This precinct includes downtown Seattle. Burglaries in the city as a whole are up 21%.

In addition to the booking policy that puts more criminals on the street right when shuttered businesses present burglary opportunities, there is a critical shortage of staffing. According to Mike Solan, president of the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild, the police are “working on pulling in detectives to wear the uniform and answer 911 calls.”

Another factor relates to the priorities of Police Chief Carmen Best. She has encouraged the public to call 911 for racist name-calling:

So-called “hate speech” isn’t even a crime:

Hate speech is broadly protected by the First Amendment, meaning there is likely little the Seattle Police Department will be able to do if an incident of racist name-calling is reported.

According to state law, calling someone names does not count as a hate crime unless a credible threat is involved. But considering that Carmen Best likely owes her position to political correctness, it is hardly surprising that she would prioritize it over public safety.

On tips from ScrewyPuppy and DCGere.

Feb 16 2020

Seattle Tree Huggers Sing the Tree Murder Song

Last Wednesday, tree-hugging moonbats performed a hilarious rendition of the “Tree Murder Song” before the Seattle City Council’s Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee. The meeting was mostly about a resolution to stall development in this major city by making it even harder to cut down trees, according to The Stranger.

“There’s a hole in the sky where the tree once was, somebody’s making money.” One day, if I study moonbattery diligently enough, maybe I will be able to grasp why these kooks are morally outraged by the idea of their betters making money. If no one makes money, how can Big Government confiscate and redistribute it?

On a tip from Mr. Freemarket.

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