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Dec 03 2019

Zimbabwe Begs for White Farmers to Return

Just last year, Zimbabwe’s current president Emmerson Mnangagwa proclaimed that whites would never get their land back. But already Zimbabwe is begging them to return.

These white Africans had made the country into the Breadbasket of Africa when it was known as Rhodesia, but were brutally oppressed and dispossessed under black rule. After they had been driven out, Zimbabwe predictably collapsed into a basket case.

Now we read this:

Crisis-torn Zimbabwe is on the brink of “manmade starvation” with most households unable to obtain enough food to meet basic standards, a UN envoy has said.

Here’s why the starvation is “manmade”:

News24 reports that Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party launched the controversial land reforms in 2000, forcibly seizing white-owned farms to resettle landless blacks. Mugabe said the reforms were meant to correct colonial land ownership imbalances.

At least 4,000 white commercial farmers were evicted from their farms.

The land seizures were often violent, claiming the lives of several white farmers during clashes with veterans of Zimbabwe’s 1970s liberation struggle.

It wasn’t just black Zimbabweans who were liberated. Now the farmland is liberated too. Instead of having to produce crops, it was allowed to go back to sprouting weeds.

Who would have guessed that it takes skill and hard work to grow food? Normally, grunting Marxist slogans can accomplish anything.

The Zimbabwean government’s message to exiled white farmers is now clear. Come back to Zimbabwe and save us.

The nation is offering land leases to white commercial farmers in an effort to re-start the nation’s agricultural industry.

Any whites who return will inevitably get dispossessed again after their farms become productive, despite the offer of 99-year leases, which had previously been reserved for blacks. Caucasians do not have secure property rights in Africa.

This includes South Africa, which is consciously following the same path Zimbabwe took.

South Africa won’t have to beg white farmers to return, though. The liberal establishment is so invested in the regime it created by pressuring whites to surrender the country that the West will carry South Africa on its back — at least until suicidal altruism turns the West into an extension of Africa.

On a tip from Greg O.

Oct 28 2019

Air Zimbabwe Loses Its Only Operational Aircraft

Zimbabwe — as we now call the starving husk of the Breadbasket of Africa, Rhodesia — continues to blaze a trail that will be followed by others. It established the template that South Africa is explicitly following and that Europe will follow in turn. Here, it demonstrates the near future of air travel:

The Airports Company of South Africa (Acsa) has impounded an aircraft owned by Air Zimbabwe over debt.

That was Air Zimbabwe’s only operational aircraft.

This comes as Air Zimbabwe was suspended from using the airport due to non-payment of debt.

Those who work in the airline industry could be in for a hard landing:

Retrenched workers at the national carrier, Air Zimbabwe, have yet to receive their severance packages a year after being let go.

At least they didn’t get paid off in worthless currency.

The seizure of the aircraft is a new low for the airline which has over the years broken records, including flying with only one passenger, as it struggles to restore customer confidence after successive years of mismanagement.

The good news for Air Zimbabwe is that before long mismanagement will be the new normal.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Jan 17 2019

Collapse of Civilization in Zimbabwe

The scariest thing about the nightmare unfolding in South Africa is that we already know how the story ends — and it is not a happy ending. This recently First World country is following a trail blazed by its role model, Zimbabwe. There, the Internet has been shut down and soldiers are going door to door marauding.

Progressives don’t mind oppression when the victims are white. They don’t even seem to mind that after whites are driven out or murdered, resulting in societal collapse, the victims of the ensuing savagery are black. The important thing is that the former Breadbasket of Africa (when Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia) is now free of white privilege.

None of this stops “mainstream” liberal outlets like Time from explicitly urging America to follow in the footsteps of South Africa, just as South Africa follows in the footsteps of Rhodesia. The demographic transformation that is only just beginning will make this feasible.

On tips from ABC of the ANC, R F, and Thoughtcriminal2084.

Sep 04 2018

Watch Zimbabweans Plead for White Farmers to Come Back

An Australian Broadcasting Corporation account from earlier in the year depicts the inevitable next step after the former Breadbasket of Africa drove white farmers out. Hungry Zimbabweans beg for them to come back so that there will be something to eat:

South Africa is following the same script word for word with a lag of under 20 years. Nelson Mandela took power in 1994, Robert Mugabe in 1980. The push to change the constitution to explicitly allow the seizure of white-owned land that is currently underway in South Africa occurred in Zimbabwe in 2000.

Although the video is a whitewash of the horror that took place after Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, at least it suggests where white farmers driven out of South Africa can go while they wait for their own country to get hungry enough to invite them back — assuming that civilized countries refuse to accept them as refugees on the grounds that they would assimilate.

On a tip from Jack S.

Feb 13 2018

Zimbabwe’s New Ruler Confirms: Whites Will Never Get Their Land Back

Everything will be all right in Zimbabwe, now that socialist dictator Robert Mugabe is out of power. White farmers will be given their land back, so that there will be food again. Or maybe not:

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday said the country will not return land seized from former white commercial farmers almost two decades ago.

“It will never happen,” Mnangagwa said…

Not many whites are left to be found in the former Rhodesia anyway.

Zimbabwe embarked on a violent land reform programme in 2000, taking over white-owned farms to resettle landless blacks.

Thousands of white farmers were forced off their land by mobs or evicted, with Mugabe saying the reforms would help black people marginalised under British colonial rule.

The predictable result was economic collapse, followed by starvation.

The same catastrophe is about to be inflicted in South Africa.

Until colonialism returns, Zimbabwe will never again be the Breadbasket of Africa, or even self-sustaining. When it inevitably does return, it will probably be Chinese doing the colonizing, since Europeans no longer believe in their own civilization enough to want it to survive, much less expand.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Feb 02 2018

Zimbabwe’s New Ruler Says Mugabe Made No Mistakes

Socialist dictator Robert Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe from the time it stopped being Rhodesia in 1980 up until last year. He presided over the confiscation of property from the Caucasians who had made Rhodesia the Breadbasket of Africa. The results were predictable: 79.6 billion percent inflation and starvation. At long last Mugabe was removed in a coup. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss:

Two months after pushing aside his former boss in a military takeover, Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa still carefully maintains that Robert Mugabe made no mistakes while he was in power.

Imposing socialism, driving out the whites who produced the food, reducing the country from breadbasket to basket case, subverting democracy, crushing dissent, looting what little wealth was still created so that his wife Gucci Grace could live like a queen — none of these are seen as mistakes.

Mnangagwa, 75, has said he’ll hold free and fair elections later this year.

Maybe. Even if he does, it won’t make any difference. Free and fair elections have kept South Africa on course to follow Rhodesia straight into hell.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Sep 21 2017

As Zimbabwe Starves, Socialist Dictator’s Relatives Import Rolls Royce Limousines

Socialism has been getting a bad rap lately. True, it entails poverty and tyranny, and often genocide. Yes, it recently reduced the wealthiest nation in Latin America to economic ruin. But it has its positive side. For example, even as their countrymen starve and hyperinflation has reduced the local currency to worthlessness, socialism allows dictator Robert Mugabe’s relatives to live high on the hog:

Grace Mugabe’s oldest son, Russell Goreraza, 33, from her first marriage, imported two Rolls Royce limousines into bankrupt Harare on Sunday.

Grace Mugabe is the wife of Robert Mugabe, who liberated Zimbabwe by driving most of the white people out after confiscating their farms. She is affectionately known as “Gucci Grace” for her ostentatious enthusiasm for the opulent lifestyle socialism permits, if only for the ruling few.

The two vehicles – valued at more then R70 million – were offloaded at Harare International Airport. Their arrival sparked a huge celebration on Sunday night with French Champagne flowing among Goreraza and his Harare friends, all close to the first family.

Goreraza has told pals in Harare his next vehicle, due to arrive in the Zimbabwe capital shortly, is an Aston Martin.

Run for cover if you see a fancy limo coming with Goreraza behind the wheel.

Goreraza … was previously found guilty of culpable homicide after he ran over and killed a pedestrian in central Harare.

No biggie, if you are related to the dictator — another bonus of socialism.

Where does he get the money for new limousines?

[I]nsiders in Harare say he ultimately lives off massive cash donations from his mother who is regularly paid out with public funds from the treasury and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe as well as her bank account at the Central Bank of Zimbabwe.

Where do public funds come from, with the former Breadbasket of Africa in long-term economic collapse? Any wealth generated will of course be confiscated by the government in the name of The People, but circumstances do not permit the generation of wealth. Most likely Goreraza’s limos demonstrate where aid money to Africa ends up.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Aug 19 2017

Zimbabwe: No Prosecution for Killing White Farmers

Someday liberals will achieve their objectives. White privilege will be eradicated, and the white race marginalized. This utopian future has already come to pass in Rhodesia, which we now know as Zimbabwe:

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has said that people who murdered white farmers during a government-sanctioned purge in the 2000s will never be prosecuted. …

Zimbabwe implemented a controversial land reform program in 2000 that saw squatters invade and seize hundreds of white-owned farms around the country. The violent seizures resulted in the murder of several white farmers, with many more displaced, and close associates of Mugabe given large chunks of land.

“Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted. We will never prosecute those who killed them. I ask, why should we arrest them?” Mugabe said, according to Zimbabwean news site NewsDay.

It turns out that shouting leftist slogans about the evils of the white man doesn’t make crops grow. That’s why people are going hungry in what was known not long ago as the Breadbasket of Africa.

Even now, there are a few white farms left producing food in Zimbabwe. But Mugabe recently shouted:

“We are going to take those farms and re-distribute them to our youths.”

Come back in a year or two to read this same story again, except set in South Africa.

On a tip from Torcer.

Apr 15 2017

Zimbabwe Agricultural Update

Rhodesia — named after the great capitalist and philanthropist Cecil Rhodes, who did more for Africa than anyone else who ever lived — used to be known as the Breadbasket of Africa. But then Western Civilization chose to withdraw. Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. Socialist Robert Mugabe took control. Whites had their farms confiscated, and were murdered or driven out. This is the state of agricultural in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe now:

Zimbabwe’s bank managers, already strapped for cash for their customers may soon have to worry about where to put cattle if a new law comes into operation which would allow people to use their livestock as collateral.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa told parliament this week that people in the huge informal sector should be able to use their moveable assets such as cows and goats, as well equipment such as lorries and ploughs, to secure loans.

Zimbabwe has been broke since President Robert Mugabe, facing defeat at elections in 2000, encouraged his political supporters to invade and take over nearly all productive white-owned farms.

With an unemployment rate as high as 90 per cent, most people surviving in the informal sector but they cannot raise loans from banks as they have no security.

This could represent a step toward a prehistoric-style barter economy.

Zimbabwe uses US dollars as its cash since its own currency crashed in 2008 after years of hyperinflation. But now US dollar notes have run out. People who live in the towns and have bank accounts depend on debit cards and virtual cash to finance their lives.

Free at last from racist white people! They must be so happy.

As a kid, I thought the Flintstones represented the past, and the Jetsons the future. A look at the photo accompanying this story reminds me that I had it backward.

South Africa is on the same road Rhodesia took. If demographic trajectories continue as expected, the rest of the planet is only a few generations behind.

The future is Fred Flintstone, except darker and skinnier.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Dec 10 2016

South Africa Accelerates on Road to Zimbabwe

Don’t look now, Zimbabwe, but South Africa is catching up to you fast in the race to replace the last vestiges of colonialism with social justice:

With food prices becoming increasingly onerous for many if not most South Africans, the latest report on farm murders by the Transvaal Agricultural Union and AfriForum makes for disturbing reading – although there are a few positive trends being noted. According to a 2015 World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) study 95 percent of the country’s formal sector food is produced by just 3% of the country’s farmers and the government’s antipathy to white farmers and its proposed policies are driving an increasing number of them to leave the country. Thousands of farms are up for sale. Vast swathes of once productive farm land now lie fallow as a result of the ANC’s failed land reform policies and Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti candidly acknowledges that the billions of rands spent in the past two decades have reduced food security because 90% of the farms re-distributed to black farmers are no longer productive.

Anyone familiar with what happened to neighboring Zimbabwe, the former Breadbasket of Africa become economic basket case, will get déjà vu from what is going on in South Africa now:

Since the beginning of the year 70 people have been murdered in 345 farm attacks and those attacks are becoming ever more sophisticated, military-style raids. …

The Transvaal Agricultural Union has tracked farm murders since 1990 and, during this time, 1848 people have been murdered in farm attacks. According to TAU statistics this number included 1187 farmers, 490 members of their families, 147 farm employees and 24 visitors to these farms who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. …

[Assistant general manager of the TAU Chris van] Zyl said he was troubled by his perception that the SAPS [South African Police Service] crime intelligence unit played no significant role in curbing farm attacks.

What was also troubling, he said, was that the poisoning of stock and threats of illegal farm occupations were increasing.

Western Civilization has flourished in South Africa since the Dutch established a settlement at what is now Cape Town in 1652. That is ending now.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

Dec 07 2016

Socialist Venezuela Plunges Into Zimbabwe-Style Hyperinflation

You don’t have to be in Sub-Saharan Africa to turn your country into Zimbabwe. All you have to do is let government grow big enough. The bigger it gets, the more it spends. The more it spends, the bigger it gets. Eventually this vicious cycle leads you somewhere like here:

Venezuela said it will issue higher-denominated bills as triple-digit inflation and a currency meltdown leave the country’s largest note worth just around 2 U.S. cents on the black market.

The central bank said in a statement Saturday that six new bills ranging from 500 to 20,000 Bolivars will begin circulating on Dec. 15. Currently the largest-denominated bill is 100 bolivars, while a 2-liter soft drink bottle can cost 25 times that amount.

Let’s hope Venezuela can afford to have the new bills printed —which has been an issue.

How did one of the most resource-rich countries in the world get into such a state? Government spending:

There is, certainly, a serious macroeconomic problem underlying the bolivar’s collapse: an enormous, unmanageable fiscal deficit nobody in their right mind would finance. That has led an irresponsible government to create huge amounts of new money out of thin air to cover its spending needs.

Speaking of enormous, unmanageable fiscal deficits that nobody in their right mind would finance, the U.S. national debt is quickly closing in on $20,000,000,000,000.00, not counting unfunded liabilities. The incoming administration promises not to reform runaway entitlements, but rather promises a new one. One of its first orders of business will be to blow another $1 trillion that we do not have on infrastructure boondoggles, similar to what Obama did when he took office.

Venezuela won’t be the last country that will have to make room on its currency for more zeroes.

On tips from Torcer and Lyle.

May 29 2016

South Africa to Be Hit With Zimbabwe-Style Race-Based Land Expropriation

Possibly the most fundamental right we have is the right to own property. Without this right, there is either anarchy or slavery. In South Africa, it is being jettisoned in favor of a race-based spoils system:

Parliament approved the Expropriation Bill on Thursday, which would allow state expropriations of land to redress racial disparities in land ownership.

The bill, in the works since 2008, will enable the state to pay for land at a value determined by a government adjudicator and then expropriate it for the “public interest”, ending the willing-buyer, willing-seller approach to land reform.

The African National Congress (ANC) has said the bill, criticised by some opposition parties and farming groups, would tackle injustices imposed during white-minority rule.

If this sounds familiar, you could be thinking of Zimbabwe, which was known as the Breadbasket of Africa prior to the imposition of similar race-based “land reform.” Now Zimbabwe is known for starvation, tyranny, and hyperinflation.

But there is good news. South Africans will no longer have to watch the savage mobs to whom they turned over their country burning public institutions. The South African Broadcasting Corporation says it will no longer show footage of this widespread phenomenon, lest it encourage more arson.

The public broadcaster also made an “appeal to other South African broadcasters and the print media to stand in solidarity with the public broadcaster not to cover the violent protests that are on the rise”.

Appeals like this won’t be necessary for long. Chances are good that as tyranny continues to congeal in South Africa, non-governmental sources of information will be squeezed out of existence, probably on grounds related to “racism.”

On tips from ABC of the ANC.

Jun 12 2015

Zimbabwe Pulls Plug on Hyperinflated Currency

Through massive Third World immigration and the federal imposition of “diversity,” America is being turned into South Africa. South Africa is turning into Zimbabwe. The condition of the currency gives an idea of what Zimbabwe is turning into:

Zimbabwe’s central bank announced the demonetization of the Zimbabwe dollar will occur from June 15 until the end of September, according to China’s state-run newspaper, Xinhua. …

The process will expunge Zimbabwean notes from the country’s banking system, which now includes a combination of US dollars, South African rands, and Botswana pulas, in an effort to move past the horrific episode of hyperinflation that occurred in 2008. While the official inflation figure during that time was recorded at 231,000,000%, others have suggested the actual inflation rate was greater than 4,000,000,000%.

If you put your faith in Zimbabwe’s currency, don’t worry. The same government that destroyed that currency will make good on it. Of course, you might have to take a slight loss…

Xinhua reports that any bank account holding between zero and 175 quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars will receive a flat $5 payment. Meanwhile, Zimbabweans who hoarded bills at home will receive a rate of 250 trillion to $1 for their 2008-issued notes and 250 to $1 for their 2009-issued notes.

Zimbabwe’s economy fell into a hyperinflationary spell under the leadership of dictator Robert Mugabe, who has been the country’s President since 1987. Mugabe’s economic policy sent the Zimbabwean economy into a tailspin as he implemented price controls and printed endless amounts of money. He was quoted as saying, “Where money for projects has not been found, we will print it.”

Fortunately our own leader, although very similar to Mugabe in his socialist, antineocolonialist ideology, has a different slogan: Where money for entitlements has not been found, we will borrow it.

In the USSA, the printing won’t go into overdrive until the Chinese stop lending, which will happen as soon as they figure out that our government has borrowed more than it could ever pay back without hyperinflating the currency Zimbabwe-style.

On a tip from Lyle.

Mar 06 2015

Zimbabwe’s War on White Farmers Intensifies

Incredibly, Barack Obama prototype Robert Mugabe still has not managed to drive every last white farmer out of the former Breadbasket of Africa, despite willfully turning a blind eye to appalling violence on top of the official oppression. But he hasn’t stopped working on it:

Zimbabwe’s lands and resettlement minister Douglas Mombeshora has reportedly moved to evict at least 163 white commercial farmers in Mashonaland East as government intensifies its war against white farmers.

This comes a few days after President Robert Mugabe vowed to expel the country’s last remaining white farmers from their land. …

The land grabs were set to continue despite Mugabe publicly admitting a few days before his birthday celebrations that he blundered by giving ill-equipped black farmers vast tracts of farmland seized from whites under his controversial land reforms.

“I think the farms we gave to people are too large. They can’t manage them,” he was reported as saying.

A quick history of Hope & Change, Rhodesian style:

Mugabe and his ruling Zanu-PF party launched the land reforms in 2000, taking over white-owned farms to resettle landless blacks.

Mugabe said the reforms were meant to correct colonial land ownership imbalances.

At least 4 000 white commercial farmers were evicted from their farms.

The land seizures were often violent, claiming the lives of several white farmers during clashes with veterans of Zimbabwe’s 1970s liberation struggle.

Critics say the redistribution sparked food shortages and contributed to a massive inflation.

“Critics say”? Is there anyone who denies that applied liberalism has reduced the Breadbasket to a basket case? Inflation has averaged 53,081.99% since 1999. Currently 1 Zimbabwean dollar is worth $0.00276319 US; i.e., it is worthless, so foreign currency is used.

People are starving. They can’t eat the collectivist/antineocolonialist moonbattery that serves Mugabe (and Obama) as an ideological foundation.

In related news, white children will reportedly be a minority in the USA by 2020. Cultural Marxism (a.k.a. political correctness) is transitioning from nauseating to terrifying as progressives finally get their way.

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