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Nov 28 2013

A Bradley I Mean Chelsea Manning Thanksgiving

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! The best way to do it is to avoid moonbats. That would mean steering clear of the odious magazine Slime, which asks the wrist-slapped execution-worthy traitor Bradley Manning — I’m sorry, now he wants us to call him Chelsea Manning — what he is thankful for. Via NewsBusters:

“I’m usually hesitant to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. After all, the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony systematically terrorized and slaughtered the very same Pequot tribe that assisted the first English refugees to arrive at Plymouth Rock.”

Yes, the pilgrims who founded this evil country were evil. If you want to hear details, just say the word “Thanksgiving” in the presence of a hardcore moonbat. Then cover your face as the spittle spews.

Nonetheless, he is thankful for something: the profusion of fellow moonbats, specifically including anti-white National of Islam maniac Malcolm X and the child-molesting pervert bureauweenie Harvey Milk.

Everybody needs to have heroes, even Bradley Manning. I mean Chelsea.

bradley manning as chelsea
Bradley Manning is also thankful for wigs.

On a tip from Mr Mentalo.

13 Responses to “A Bradley I Mean Chelsea Manning Thanksgiving”

  1. big-pete says:

    If the Puritans could have known that their efforts would lead to the likes of Bradley Manning they probably would have just stayed home.

  2. Jeff says:

    Question; Why should any one give a damn about what that mentally unstable and unhinged POS loser snivels about Thanksgiving?

    Listen all you maleducated moonbats! This day was meant to be keept as a HOLY day to give thanks to almighty God. PS, If any one is offended my mentioning God in a respectful way, then FOAD.

  3. | says:

    Moonbats believe in a fairy tale depiction of Native Americans where they’re just peace loving arboreal hunter gatherer pre-hippies who never saw violence. Moonbat mogul depicts them as having blue skin.

    Because you know, it’s not as though their tribes ever warred amongst each other or anything.

  4. | says:

    *Moonbat mogul Jim Cameron

  5. Gordie Anderson says:

    Heroes are people like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Mike Schmidt, John Riggins, Joe Montana, Larry Bird, Ron Reagan, Frank Zappa, H.L. Mencken, George Carlin. Not some queer traitor who divulges info to the enemy and his fruitbowl “heroes” of commie America hating rats are crap too.

  6. chester arthur says:

    I’d be thankful if the wig was rotated the other way around.Publishing that picture is assisting the midget mayor in his quest to ruin thanksgiving.Save a celebration,and cover the face.

  7. 762x51 says:

    A Bradley “passed around the cell block for a pack of smokes” Manning Thanksgiving.

    Fixed that for ya.

  8. Spartan24 says:

    Glad I finished dinner before seeing and reading that. If anyone needs an emetic then look at that thing.

  9. modd kenwood says:

    nobel peace prize nominee

  10. elizabeth says:

    It’s funny that his anti-Pilgrim rant doesn’t mention the fact that the peaceful natives were scalping & killing innocent women, children & men too. I have quite a few ancestors from that time who died at the hands of indians.

  11. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    They’re not “born that way”.

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