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Feb 13 2013

A Life Wrecked Over $2.25

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish, and don’t try to beat the subway fare while packing heat in Chairman Bloomberg’s People’s Republic of New York:

Skipping out on a $2.25 subway fare cost this guy 10 years of his life.

A Manhattan PATH rider was sentenced yesterday to seven years in prison — and another 3 1/2 years’ parole — after cops stopped him for fare-beating and discovered an illegal handgun.

Ruben Sanabria, 37, was caught with a loaded .40-caliber Smith & Wesson at the 14th Street station March 30.

He could have gotten 15 years.

Too bad Ruben didn’t have a copy of the Bill of Rights with him. It would have confirmed his right to carry the gun.

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. said Sanabria got what he deserved. …

“Preventing gun violence is one of my top priorities as district attorney, and I will make sure that this office continues to seek strong sentences for crimes involving firearms.”

But there was no crime involving the firearm. According to Vance Jr. (son of the odious Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of State), the crime was the firearm. According to overwhelming evidence, more guns = less crime.

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On tips from Sean C and The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

16 Responses to “A Life Wrecked Over $2.25”

  1. John says:

    To be fair, if he stole a subway ride and had an illegally acquired gun, he probably was a thug. But yes, 10 years for doing something guaranteed in the constitution is obscene.

  2. StanInTexas says:

    I am also torn on this one. Not sure what his background was or if he had a criminal past (those tidbit of info are not included in the original argument).

    But he did commit a crime by jumping the turnstile while he was carrying what he knew was an illegal weapon. The DA could have just as easily said that Mr. Sanabria was convicted for being STUPID!

  3. Justme says:

    Regardless of the crime he was stopped for, in this case it amounts to a candy bar – the fact remains any US Citizen living by the letter of the US Constitution can be imprisoned for doing so.

    In Bloombergistan, there is no US Constitution. If such clear violations of the Second and Eight Amendments can take place for utilizing a Right Guaranteed in the US Constitution and one that is especially clear in its wording – SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED – Then, there is no rule of law as anything maybe hypercriminlized. Be it Sodium Chloride or Free Speech.

    Acknowledge this for what it is – Firm proof that the US Constitution in no longer in force in the United States and that we already exist under a Banana Republic style Dictatorship- to acknowledge this reality is the first step in either fighting against it or planning to exist under it.

    All of the hyperbole about the rule of law is bovine excrement that our politicians vomit to a nation that laps it up.

  4. Jodie says:

    Note to self: do not commit a stupid crime while carrying a loaded hand gun in New York City…better yet, stay out of New York City!

  5. Mickey Shea says:

    The guy is clearly a moron, and most likely a potential
    troublemaker. I see fare jumpers all the time, and they’re all a pretty “diverse” group of thugs.

  6. Comrade J says:

    “…and I will make sure that this office continues to seek strong sentences for crimes involving firearms…”

    Meaning by the very definition that all other crimes, the ones without involvement of firearms, are less likely to receive the strong sentences. Even if the crime, committed without firearms, itself is more horrific.

    And so ladies and gentlemen here you have a wonderful example of the disease known as Libertadicus Idiot-cretinus.

  7. chester arthur says:

    Another moron prosecutor,and moron Noo Yawk judge,conspire to turn the equivalent of a traffic ticket into felony exercise of constitutional rights.I’ve been in that wretched city,and it was much more dangerous than any city that lives by the constitution.

  8. dan says:

    note to Jodie: ALL crime is stupid 🙂

  9. Was the weapon illegal because it was not legitimately purchased or acquired by him and did not own it? Or was illegally (non compliance to unconstitutional law) carrying a legal gun? Big difference, yes?

    Would be leary of jumping on the bandwagon of supporting this guy yet. Why? Well, after the Left got punked with the conservatives tearing Sandra Fluke apart and also tearing down the image a sweet, lil’ innocent Travon, they are looking for just the right moment for the guntoters to get punked in the same way. Never. Never. jump on the band wagon and make something go viral until all the facts are in. We do not need partial stories to prove the point of the 2nd amendment.

  10. Justme says:

    Facebk: it isn’t that this specific person will spend 7 years in prison, it is the fact that under this draconian Unconstitutional “law” that anyone could face this prison sentence for exercising their Constitutional Right.

    Is it better to have 1000 innocents punished so that one guilty may not go free?

  11. Flu-Bird says:

    Too bad READERS DIGEST dont have its THATS OUTRAGOUS anymore this is a outrage

  12. Jodie says:

    dan says:

    February 13, 2013 at 10:20 am

    “note to Jodie: ALL crime is stupid 🙂 ”

    What are you a cop? Just kidding. LOL!

  13. JUstMe, agree with you. I was just trying to say before we make this the poster boy we need to know more. So little info, and where did the story start from virally? It would be an embarrassment if the rest of the information came out as a gotcha moment showing the guy used to gun to threaten someone to get out of his way or something. The law is unconstitutional. The story, as presented, compels us to be on his side. Of course! Just want more of the story.

  14. Brother says:

    Another low information Obama voter with a gun, off the streets for a while? What exactly is the problem with that?

  15. Infidel says:

    A little research shows Sanabria attempted escape, and the pistol had the serial numbers removed. Not exactly the poster boy for the 2nd Amendment that we need.

    Kudos to the cops on this one.

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