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Jul 30 2019

A Mirror and a Window

Trump’s Twitter attacks send faces into palms on both sides of the aisle. However, Jason Siler points out that he is only a mirror for Democrats, casting back the ugliness they show him:

What if Trump supporters turn this around by showing a friendly face toward leftists? Would that be reflected too? Maybe not:

YouTubers Saleem Juma and Dion Thompson were egged and milkshaked in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle last week while wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats, and holding a sign that read, “Free Hugs from a Trump Supporter.”

Here’s video:

This isn’t a mirror. This is a window onto the implacable malevolence of moonbats.

Antifa has designated Juma and Thompson, neither of whom is Caucasian, as “white supremacists,” confirming that this term means nothing more than “hated by leftists.” The two were speaking at the University of Washington last month when someone tried to chain the door shut after some egging on from Antifa. The culprit was then let go by prosecutors.

On tips from Kate P and Lyle.

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