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Jun 26 2018

A Moonbat Is Coming with Pliers and a Blowtorch

In 2011, a left-leaning schizophrenic named Jared Loughner shot 13 people, including a Democrat Congresswoman. Thereafter, Democrats were all about civility, as they incongruously tried to blame their opponents’ alleged lack thereof for the shooting. But civility is out the window now that Republican officials cannot even eat in a restaurant without risking being thrown out or chased out by a mob. We have Congresswoman Maxine Waters calling for more — and we have moonbats like Andrew James Gregor eager to comply:

You can see why countermoonbats treasure the indispensable right to bear arms.

Gregor’s sputtering idiocy is a hanging slider for countermoonbats. Twitchy has a few examples of how it was knocked into the stands.

If elections are won in the center, radicalized Dems have offered up the next one on a silver platter.

On a tip from TCS III.

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