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Jun 11 2019

A Symbolic Oak Tree Croaks

Nothing could be more emblematic of America’s postwar relationship with France, a country that succumbed to moonbattery generations ago and that never forgave us for saving its bacon in the World Wars. Last year, with theatrical symbolism, Trump and Emmanuel Macron ceremoniously planted an oak tree together on the White House lawn…

Macron, on a state visit to the US at the time, tweeted that the sapling would be “a reminder … of these ties that bind us” and the “tenacity of the friendship” of the two nations. From little acorns, great transatlantic ties would take root and grow, was the message.

Now, just as symbolically with relations strained between the two, the oak tree has reportedly died.

More typical of the current relationship than the planting of the oak tree was Macron’s appalling denunciation of nationalism at a gathering of world leaders in honor of Veterans/Armistice Day. This insulted the American troops who died defending the French nation because they knew that their own nation was threatened. In contrast, the Nazi enemy was antinationalist; its refusal to respect national sovereignty caused the war.

Franco-American relations will be healthy again when France rejects moonbattery. Macron’s popularity over the past 2 years is an encouraging sign.

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