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Jul 11 2018

University of California, Santa Barbara Promotes Child Sex

Child sex is emerging as a major feature of the progressive agenda. As noted earlier, admitted pedophiles are rebranding themselves as MAPs and demanding the same obsequious treatment received by other LGBT Persons of Sacred Oppressedness. Academia, always at the cutting edge of modern liberalism, offers this:

A bizarre site published by UC Santa Barbara argues that children from ages four to seven should engage in “sexual play.” “Sexual play,” as defined by the site, refers to acts as innocent as “playing house,” and as sexual as the touching of their peers’ genitals. According to the site, parents should not react negatively if their young child decides to explore the genitals of another child.

Parents are advised that they must not express disapproval of child sexual behavior, because it could result in feelings of guilt. To grow up with the moral creed “If it feels good, do it, so long as it isn’t un-P.C.,” you can’t have guilt or shame hampering the fun.

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