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Jul 20 2012

ABC Retracts Attempt to Link Colorado Shootings to Tea Party


As with moonbat mass murderer Jared Loughner, it didn’t take the “mainstream” media long to try linking James Holmes to the Tea Party. It also didn’t take long for their eagerness to blow up in ABC propagandists’ faces:

ABC News and Brian Ross are apologizing for an “incorrect” report that James Holmes, the suspect in the Colorado theater shooting, may have had connections to the Tea Party.

“An earlier ABC News broadcast report suggested that a Jim Holmes of a Colorado Tea Party organization might be the suspect, but that report was incorrect,” ABC News said in a statement. “ABC News and Brian Ross apologize for the mistake, and for disseminating that information before it was properly vetted.”

James Holmes being a common name, ABC quickly discovered Aurora Tea Partier James Michael Holmes, but was less quick to discover that the 52-year-old Hispanic conservative is not the 24-year-old Caucasian maniac who shot up the Century 16.

Even Gawker is disgusted by this easily predictable attempt to smear patriots:

When there’s breaking news, especially about terrorism and national security, ABC News’ Brian Ross is there. And under no circumstances should you listen to anything he says. His latest breathtakingly reckless report: Some Tea Party guy on the internet has the same name as the Dark Knight Rises shooter, so, you know, they have the same name. So there you go. Tea Party.

Equally predictable were the immediate attempts by liberal authoritarians Michael Bloomberg and Piers Morgan to exploit the bloodshed to push for greater gun restrictions, so that future victims may be even more helpless. Liberal establishmentarians wouldn’t want any law-abiding citizens behaving like Samuel Williams:

On tips from J, James, Shawn, StanInTexas, blue, Incitatus, and Jared. Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.

40 Responses to “ABC Retracts Attempt to Link Colorado Shootings to Tea Party”

  1. Bo Jangles says:


    A euphemism deployed by American lefties who think we don’t know a clinically bonkers, libertard Moonbat when we see the deranged glint in their eyes. [Related terms: Raving lunatic, Richard Trumka.]

  2. jtm371 says:

    i love it when they have to take a big bit out of that shit sandwich.just like obummer nobody will cover the story and act like it never happened nobody will be disciplined.

  3. St. Gilbert says:

    Damage done, by design.

  4. A. Levy says:

    Someday, i hope, the American people will awaken (perhaps) and realize that a highly-biased group of political operatives (a.k.a. MSM) are enjoying “unlimited Constitutional protections”, far beyond those enjoyed by the rest of us. Why is that? Would we tolerate, say, a group of doctors, or auto mechanics, or truck drivers, or factory workers, those same unlimited protections?

    Wake-up America. You are very quickly running out of time.

  5. Mockingbird says:

    For God’s sake, people, throw out your televisions!

  6. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    “…after expressing his condolences to the families of the victims (and potential voters), the Pres. (upon finding out the shooter was a Democrat) also sent him a message: “Just ’cause you pulled the trigger, you didn’t shoot that. If you’re a killer, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a shooting instructor somewhere in your life. Somebody invested in ammo and tear gas. The 30.06 didn’t get invented on it’s own. The point is, is that when we massacre, we massacre because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.”

    Oh wait…that’s a mistake. A total fabrication. No more so, however, that the “news” reported by ABC.

  7. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    …and if anyone in that crowd had been able to carry a weapon (like the second amendment says we can) there would have been less dead innocent movie-goers and one less evil monster who will now suck off the teat of society for the rest of his useless, incarcerated life.

  8. Sarge says:

    Looks like the shooter was expecting returning gun fire as he was dress in protective gear.

  9. J says:

    Essentially what this is telling me is that ABC news and other news agencies, have a list of Tea Party names that they’re anxiously awaiting to match up to any potential tragedy such as this.

    Too bad they don’t have the same kind of list for the mangy Occupados…

    Colorado theater shooting suspect was neuroscience Ph.D student (PHOTO)

  10. MicahStone says:

    Here we have a repeat by the slimebag socialist media of their Tucson shooting disgraceful behavior in which Loughner was immediately claimed by these pieces of excrement to be a right-wing Tea Party member. Of course, once the leftist BS subsided, everybody learned that Loughner is a leftist, pot-head, nut-job. Similarly, the lunatic-left extremists are crawling out from under their rocks to bash the 2nd Amendment freedoms of Americans, with psycho-nanny, soda-jerk bloomberg and fat-@$$, 1%-er micahel moore leading the leftist mob.

    FYI: there are some reports of photos of Holmes (the real one) in #occupy bank protests. This wouldn’t surprise any rational person – the SEIU and d-cRAT socialist party, which helped create and supports and pays for the #occupy astroturf, has already helped these vermin previously commit rapes and murders, and these leftist extremist groups bear full responsibility for those horrific crimes.

  11. J says:

    ABC News’ Brian Ross Apologizes On Twitter For Tying Colorado Movie Shooting To The Tea Party…

  12. Buffalobob says:

    CBS news Brian Ross and Little Georgie Step in it oupolous making shi* up to be first with the news.

  13. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    They’re not making it up to be first with the news. They’re pushing the agenda. “Call ’em Tea Party extremists. We can retract it later. Nobody remembers a retraction. But everyone will remember that a Tea Party-er did it.”

    But hey…Mitt? Remember: play nice. Be polite. Don’t take off the gloves. Reach across the aisle. Be bi-partisan. Spirit of cooperation.


  14. Anon-Y-Mouse says:

    …and now this, from The Examiner (dot) com. Not sure about the accuracy of the story, but it’s at LEAST as credible as ABC’s coverage…and a hell of a lot more likely:

    Aurora Colorado Shootings

    Radical Left-Wing & Registered Democrat, Obama Supporter, Occupy Black Bloc Member James E. Holmes Shoots Up Aurora Co Movie Theater:

    White Punk Targeted U.S. Military Service members:

    The false stigmas of right-wing Tea Party radicals, once again being shattered in Aurora Colorado.

    A radical far Left-Wing and Registered Democrat and avid Obama Supporter, “Occupy Black Bloc Member James E. Holmes Shoots Up Aurora Co Movie Theater Killing 12 And Wounding 50.

  15. Son of Taz says:

    As much as we now know how moonbatty Walter Cronkite was, I can’t imagine he’d ever go live with such wild speculation and innuendo like the newest nitwit Brian Ross did.

    If there was ever a defining point when the American people should stop watching network news, this is it. It’s too bad the networks are not regulated by the FCC. Perhaps a few license challenges to their owned and operated stations would change their view of things.

    Naw, they’d still slander patriots.

  16. metprof says:

    It’s been reported that the 52 year old Holmes has received death threats and other harassing calls and has had his phone disconnected, all since Brian Ross reported the shooter possibly being a Tea Partier.

    If I was Mr. Holmes I be ownin’ me a hunk ‘o ABC and Stepanopolis/Ross personal property real soon. Fucking reckless assholes.

  17. Jimbo says:

    I feel certain this was a conspiracy hatched by George Bush and carried out by a legionnaire of the National Rifle Association – more than likely hand picked by Wayne LaPierre himself acting under the direction of the ghost of Charleston Heston.

    I mean – it is SO damned obvious.

  18. Jodie says:

    This is what Obama had to say to comfort the country after the Aurora massacre. He sounds like a six year old without the teleprompter:

    “Ultimately it’s how we choose to treat one another and how we love one another,” President Obama said about the shooting in a Colorado movie theater. “It’s what we do on a daily basis to give our lives meaning and to give our lives purpose. That’s what matters. At the end of the day, what we’ll remember will be those we loved and what we did for others. That’s why we’re here. I’m sure that many of you who are parents here have the same reaction that I did when I heard this news. My daughters go to the movies. What if Malia and Sasha had been at the theater, as so many of our kids do every day? Michelle and I will be fortunate enough to hug our girls a little tighter tonight and I’m sure you will do the same with your children.”

    “I think is a day for prayer and reflection,” Obama said in conclusion. “I’d like us to pause in a moment of silence of the victims of this terrible tragedy.”

  19. Robert Peahl says:

    And as soon as the moment of silence was observed, the audience broke into chants of “Four more years!”. Sick.

  20. Out in '12 says:

    Obama ordered flags at half mast to commemorate the tragedy in Aurora.

    Yet, the flag flies high as he ignores his black bretheren in Chicago, shooting each other at an ever increasing rate. Oh nevermind, the mamas make new ones faster than the dead ones are buried.

  21. IOpian says:

    The anti-Second amendment extremists will spend the next two weeks advocating gun control. None will recall that a few years ago, at a Colorado Springs church, a legally armed citizen prevented a potentially similar episode by shooting the lunatic.

  22. Louie says:

    IOpian says, July 20, 2012, 8:46 pm

    Nice catch, IO.

    I stay up to speed pretty well on what’s going on in America and in the world, and I never heard about this. Neither did I ever hear about the other righteous protective shootings mentioned in the comments.

    The MSM sucks, big time.

  23. Wizard45 says:

    On his radio show yesterday Glenn Beck indulged in a little “payback” for Brian Ross. They did what he apparently did with “James Holmes”; they Googled “Brian Ross” and came up eith a child molester and an indicted murder suspect. It was funny as hell.

  24. J says:

    Anon-Y-Mouse, can you post the link to that article?

  25. J says:

    shooter’s possible participation in a group called the Denver Anarchist Black Cross, which states on its Facebook page that it exists “to contribute to the defense of social movements, both internally and externally, working against oppression and for self determination.

  26. J says:

    I found the source of Occupy’s Black Bloc information, but reading it, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything conclusive, it seems like speculation at this point

  27. J says:

    James Holmes Black Bloc OWS Evidence? – Hate Is On the Rise

  28. AnnoyedWithThemAll says:

    I’ve decided to start replying to the anti-gun nuts with the following, “So tell me how peaceful the world was, before guns were even invented? Once you ban all guns, when do you start on your banning knives and stones, campaign?”

  29. Jester says:

    Kudos, IOpian. Thanks for breaking through the media embargo!

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