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Sep 03 2018

Academic Tells Truth About Adolescent Transsexual Craze

For an entire culture to go insane you need totalitarianism, and for totalitarianism you need cowardice. Totalitarianism is not necessarily imposed by an all-powerful government. It is a state of mind, in which no deviation from ideological orthodoxy is permitted. People fall in line with it due to cowardice. In the absence of dissent, ideology can cause even the most advanced civilizations to ride the crazy train all the way until it goes off the rails. It happened to Germany last century, and it is happening to America now. A prime example is the alarming story of Brown University professor Lisa Littman, who dared to tell the truth about the adolescent transsexual craze.

Power Line sums up Littman’s article “Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents and Young Adults: A Study of Parental Reports” as finding that the sudden explosion of transsexual teens is largely a consequence of peer pressure and indoctrination via social media — “It is a fad, like eating Tide pods.”

To suggest that the transsexual agenda does not reflect awareness of a legitimately oppressed identity group undermines the official religion of the ruling class, Cultural Marxism. Therefore, it is a thought crime.

At first Ivy League Brown promoted the article. But when militant moonbats raised a ruckus over this deviation from ideological orthodoxy, the school leaped back in horror. From an official statement:

As you may be aware, Brown late last week posted a news announcement regarding research on gender dysphoria published by a faculty member in the School of Public Health. In light of questions raised about research design and data collection related to the study on “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” the University determined that removing the article from news distribution is the most responsible course of action.

Littman does not have tenure. Now she probably never will. Her future at Brown will most likely be short. Her ruined career will serve as an example to other potential transgressors.

Meanwhile, egged on by the media, adolescents continue to convince themselves that they are transsexuals. Their bodies have been permanently disfigured both chemically and surgically for the sake of this sick agenda. Suicides will inevitably result. But then, you can’t cook a progressive omelet without breaking a few eggs.

On tips from Steve T and Ken in Florida.

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