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Dec 10 2018

Academics Denounce Anthropocentric Value Judgments

There has never been a more profoundly insane and malevolent ideology than the moonbattery espoused in academia by radical environmentalists and animal rights fanatics. Nazism, communism, and even Islam are downright benevolent in comparison to an ideology that is explicitly hostile to the human race. The implications of an article in the journal Biological Conservation will make your hair stand on end if you consider that what is barked by college professors today will be imposed by bureaucrats tomorrow.

From the abstract:

We argue that the interests and well-being of non-humans, youth, and future generations of both human and non-human beings (futurity) have too long been ignored in consensus-based, anthropocentric conservation.

An anthropocentric point of view is bad because it promotes the well-being of human beings. This is in direct opposition to enviromoonbattery.

We propose that authentically non-anthropocentric worldviews that incorporate multispecies justice are needed for a legitimate, deliberative, and truly democratic process of adjudication between competing interests in balancing the preservation and use of nature.

In a truly democratic process, every dung beetle, bacterium, and clot of slime mold that might or might not exist at some point in the future gets a vote that counts the same as yours. Or rather, moonbats get to vote on their behalf to override your interests.

This conception of “democracy” is to be imposed through courts:

Legitimate arenas for such adjudication would be courts that … can consider current and future generations of non-human life.

There is no shortage of liberal judges wacky enough to rule in accordance with this sanctimonious psychosis.

We urge practitioners and scholars to disavow implicit anthropocentric value judgments in their work…

Today, the words “racist” and “homophobic” reduce most of us to cringing, groveling cowards. Tomorrow, it may be the word “anthropocentric.”

Progressivism will always progress to ever more extreme insanity.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC. Hat tip: Evolution News.

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