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Dec 16 2017

Academics Link Civility to “White Racial Power”

If wholesome Christmas movies and rescuing a rabbit are examples of intolerable whiteness, then it stands to reason that so is civility:

Two University of Northern Iowa professors recently argued that practicing “civility” in college classrooms can “reproduce white racial power.”

C. Kyle Rudick and Kathryn B. Golsan assert in a recent academic article that civility, particularly “whiteness-informed civility,” allegedly “functions to assert control of space” and “create a good white identity.”

This civility can reinforce white privilege, Rudick and Goslan argue, because “civility within higher education is a racialized, rather than universal, norm,” according to the field of “critical whiteness studies.”

To see what they mean, consider the civility level of Naima Lowe, whom Evergreen State College is paying $240,000 to go yell obscenities at her colleagues somewhere else.

Rudick and Goslan actually claim that treating everyone equally and even being especially nice to privileged I mean “oppressed” minorities so as not to be denounced as a racist are both examples of upholding “white privilege” and “white racial power.”

If you are white, no matter what you do is bad, so you had better just stop existing. It’s either that or push back against political correctness.

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31 Responses to “Academics Link Civility to “White Racial Power””

  1. Frank says:

    Being a white male on campus must be like being subject to the laws of thermodynamics.
    (1) You can’t win.
    (2) You can’t break even, either.


    Poland VS Germany at Christmas time

  3. Frank says:

    Ignorance is strength. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.

    “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

  4. grayjohn says:

    If you are a believer in this kind of mental feces then nothing you do is good, no matter what color you are, or think you are, wish you were, or want to be.

  5. Chronos Z. Wonderpig says:

    so I can use the N word because if I do not, I am being polite & civil and that’s racist!!!

  6. Swordie says:

    Ah yes, they keep laying the foundation stones of that coming genocide as best they can.

  7. Frank says:

    Your melanin level determines whether you can use the N word.With sufficient melanin you can use it and any anti-white slur that advances your agenda.

  8. Area man says:

    And irony is ironic!!!!

  9. Shortly says:

    If you do away with civility you’re only left with mob rule. Most of the mob would be footie pajama wearing snowflakes.

  10. MAS says:

    Nah, once civility (aka civilized behavior) was gone pajama boys would either starve to death or an alpha male would get tired of them and cull the herd severely.

  11. JackisBack says:

    For decades White parents have been telling their children to be tolerant of little black, brown & yellow children. Their parents have been telling them to hate White Children. It’s time to droop the veneer of civility.

  12. Spiny Norman says:

    Most of the mob would be footie pajama wearing snowflakes.

    And ghetto brothas and sistas who’ll see the footie pajama wearing snowflakes as easy prey (no matter how “woke” they are).

  13. rambler says:

    So do they really want an unruly mob in their classrooms? A space to destroy?

  14. Richard Daniels says:

    No. Time to insist on civilised behavior from everyone. No exceptions due to social/economic/racial/religious backgrounds.
    Giving anyone a pass just encourages bad behavior. For an example just visit any public school.

  15. lgeubank says:

    They’re playing the game, “Six degrees of separation between anything white people do and racism.” Object: find some chain of logic or sophistry to connect the two. Any bigot can play.

  16. Frank says:

    Culling the herd severely couldn’t happen soon enough to suit me.

  17. George Lortz says:

    So it’s OK to link drive-by’s, shit rap ‘music’, riots, assaults on police and black on black shootings to ‘black racial power’ ? Ok, lets go, MFer.

  18. vera says:

    That’s what we got now. Racism to the nth degree. Against us palefaces.

  19. ICEvictim says:

    End federal student loans now!!

    if parents and kids had to justify a college degree loan to a banker, 90% of them would be turned down. The HUGE student loan debacle is financing thousands of room temperature IQ types in useless Liberal Arts degrees like Theater, anything with “Studies” in the title, and Underwater Basket Weaving. None of which are likely to generate a job, much less a career in the field.

    End Dep. Ed. NOW!!

  20. JackisBack says:

    Good point Richard, but looking at the news, it seems we are beyond civility. It seems they have no interest in integration with the enemy (Whites); they are self-segregating.

  21. Scott Davis says:

    Liberals are racist, sexist, bigots. Time to deport them to their favorite Communist hell hole and move on.

  22. FromNJ says:

    I’ll keep my civility, tank you very much.
    You racist clowns who claim you’re not racist can continue doing what you please.

  23. MAS says:

    Problem with that is vigilantism tends towards indiscriminate application.

  24. Allan says:

    Only someone with severe mental illness could twist civility like that. Proof that liberalism is a mental disease.

  25. octa bright says:

    If those individuals are treated with anything less than the most exquisite courtesy their cries of “racism” would shake the heavens and make the Earth tremble beneath our feet. They now have the power, but in time that will change. There WILL be a day of reckoning, there always is.

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