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Jun 29 2023

Acceptance of LGBTism Was Only the Beginning

In case you were wondering why esteemed countermoonbat Ron DeSantis plans to abolish the Department of Education (along with the weaponized IRS), listen to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona explain the objective when it comes to instilling depraved LGBT ideology in children:

Barks the conspicuously creepy Cardona, “Acceptance isn’t the ultimate goal; it’s actually the minimum.” The maximum is brainwashed children having their genitals surgically removed in hopes of making them into lifelong perverts — unless Democrats are capable of conceiving of something even more satanic than their current policy.

Note the flag on Cardona’s lapel, the same one we have seen in the dominant position in front of the White House. Old Glory is our flag. Our rulers prefer a different one.

The federal government’s push to LGBTify children extends beyond the Department of Education:

That chilling scene featuring the rabid racist Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke and cross-dressing freakazoid Richard “Rachel” Levine is from a recent event entitled Creating Inclusive and Nondiscriminatory School Environments for LGBTQI+ Students — duckspeak for “Pushing LGBTism on Children.” The federal government prioritizes this as the nation tailspins into debt and decline.

You can’t say they haven’t produced results. Behold the success liberals have had at recasting American boyhood in their image:

That little guy has already learned to love the power that can be wielded in the name of glorified sexual psychosis. I would say he might be a future Democrat POTUS, but by the time he is old enough, his skin color will be a disqualification for the office.

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2 Responses to “Acceptance of LGBTism Was Only the Beginning”

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