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Aug 15 2019

Acknowledging Quality Writing Is Now Racist

Yet again we see that political correctness is the enemy of excellence. American University strives to impose racial equity by no longer discriminating in favor of quality writing:

Earlier this year, American University invited an outside professor to teach its faculty how to pursue “antiracist ends” through writing assessments.

The idea is that writing should no longer be graded based on its quality, because that would be discriminatory.

The training has now moved in-house, according to a faculty workshop taking place Thursday morning.

Neisha-Anne Green of the Academic Support and Access Center and Marnie Twigg of the Writing Studies Program will lead the session, titled “How to Incorporate Anti-Racist Pedagogy in Your Classroom.”

Faculty will be instructed on how not to accidently indulge in racism by applying objective standards of value when grading. An obedient antiracist judges everything strictly by race, so the quality of writing is irrelevant. The important thing is to combat “white language supremacy,” which often manifests itself as proper grammar, correct spelling, coherent structure, and other implements of racist oppression.

Eradicating writing standards will help solve the problem of illiterate students of politically preferred pigmentation not having the smarts to compete with students who were accepted on their own merits rather than on an Affirmative Action basis.

Individuals have excellence as their goal. Moonbats have a world where no one rises above the lowest common denominator.

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