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Jul 30 2020

Add Blackouts to New York City Chaos

As its leftist mayor defunds the police and ostentatiously sides with rioters, and violent criminals are allowed to run free, crime in New York City has unsurprisingly skyrocketed. But it could be worse — and soon will be. Imagine the current mess plus a blackout:

Bill de Blasio warned that parts of southern Brooklyn are on the brink of massive power outages Thursday — as he directed residents to conserve energy “as much as possible” amid the fourth day of a sweltering heat wave.

De Blasio wants those who have not yet escaped from New York to avoid using “major appliances” and to limit the AC “as much as possible.”

Good luck with that. Insufferably humid NYC remains in the 90s today.

What a great idea liberals had to close Indian Point, which has provided 25% of NYC’s electricity, on the grounds that nuclear energy is politically incorrect. The shutdown of Indian Point is already underway.

On a tip from Sean C.

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