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May 21 2020

Adjunct Professor John Tieso Suspended for Tweets Criticizing Democrats

If “diversity” means “discriminating against white people,” then it is mandatory on college campuses. If it means not everyone being on the same page regarding their political attitudes, then it is forbidden. It didn’t take much for adjunct assistant professor John Tieso first to have to kill his Twitter account and then to be suspended from his job teaching business classes at Catholic University of America, which he has relied on to pay his wife’s medical bills.

Tieso’s life was turned upside down when a Journalist of Color named Larry Miller apparently decided that he is a racist based on tweets.

Miller … cited a tweet that he said was dated May 5. It referred to Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris – whose parents are Jamaican and Indian immigrants – as a “former escort.” (Harris has been dogged by accusations since the start of her political career that she dated Willie Brown – at the time the speaker of the California Assembly, twice her age and still married – to kickstart her entry into politics.)

The other tweet referred to a speech by former President Barack Obama in Africa, where he allegedly talked about his wealth. Tieso called him “[i]ncredibly incompetent and vain” and suggested Obama “consider staying in Africa and giving all his money to his people.”

These are examples of things you cannot say in your private capacity as an American citizen who supposedly enjoys freedom of speech, lest the Thought Police find you racist.

Bow and scrape before moonbattery, or at the very least keep your head down. Otherwise, liberals are likely to destroy you if you work in education — and an increasing number of other fields.

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