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Sep 26 2019

ADL Declares Okay Sign to Be Racist

Like desperate seamen leaping from their sinking ship into shark-infested water topped with flaming gasoline, liberal institutions plunge one after another into a sea of absurdity, leaving behind any claim on being taken seriously. Watch out for the splash; there goes the ADL:

On Thursday, the Anti-Defamation League is adding 36 entries to its longstanding online catalog of extremist symbols, many of which are built around racist stereotypes that have been spread about African Americans and Jews.

The symbols indicate “that someone might be drawn to violence,” so obviously they must be repressed or at the very least closely monitored.

These sinister symbols include the numbers 109 and 110, as well as the familiar okay sign.

The O.K. symbol created by touching the forefinger to the thumb, for example, is seen by extremists as forming the letters “WP,” or “white power.”

Moonbats, you have been trolled. Pretending that the okay symbol has something to do with people being proud to be white was a deliberate and successful attempt by 4chan pranksters (Operation O-KKK) to make fools of the thought police.

Confirming that these prigs have no idea when they are being trolled, they also whimper in terror that Dylann Roof’s goofy-looking bowl haircut is a symbol of white power, “revered by extremists” as “The Final Bowlution.”

The okay symbol was firmly established in the mainstream culture before it became racist as the result of a joke. But then, the same is true of the Betsy Ross Flag, the joke in that case being a professional moonbat named Colin Kaepernick. The Chicago Cubs have already indefinitely banned a fan from Wrigley Field for making an okay sign.

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and Stormfax.

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