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Jun 11 2018

Affirmative Action for Air Traffic Controllers

Affirmative Action moonbattery won’t just cheat you out of a job; it could cheat you out of your life. Insanity left over from the Obama Administration continues to risk our lives by discriminating against more qualified air traffic controllers.

There are thousands of planes flying over the USA at any given time. Crashes near airports would occur constantly if not for the competence of air traffic controllers.

However, the Obama Administration had priorities other than public safety:

Michael Pearson, an attorney and a former air-traffic controller, is suing the FAA over the Obama “diversity” program. He explained to the Fox News Channel’s Carlson last week that under pressure from Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition, a group within the FAA, including the human-resources department and the National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees, “determined that the workforce was too white.”

To correct this supposed problem, 2,600 students were purged from the Collegiate Training Initiative, which prepares people for careers as air traffic controllers. A requirement was imposed that applicants for the job complete a “biographical questionnaire,” the purpose of which is to help weed out the most deserving candidates.

Remarkably, factors such as being unemployed and doing poorly in science in high school are weighed higher than having extensive air-traffic-control knowledge and being a licensed pilot.

That is, candidates are specifically rewarded for being less qualified. That ought to cure the whiteness problem.

Stay tuned for the next Democratic administration, which may grow frustrated with the failure of antiwhite discrimination in medical school admissions to achieve equity in the medical profession and impose Affirmative Action directly — with predictable results.

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