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Jan 02 2019

African Diaspora Enriches Melbourne

Western aid and medicine have set off an African population explosion that is changing the world, as the Dark Continent spills outward to engulf the rest of the planet. You no longer have to visit a spa in KwaZulu-Natal to see African wildlife. It is on display on the streets of Melbourne:

Another violent brawl involving a gang of African men has been filmed by terrified onlookers in Melbourne.

The incident, which took place on Christmas Eve, allegedly began when the gang asked a group of Vietnamese men for cigarettes. When the men refused to hand over the cigarettes, they were violently attacked.

When the oppressed mooch, you must scurry to comply.

Let’s hope Vietnamese can get away with objecting to this without being denounced as racists.

At least the savages only demanded cigarettes and not phones:

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