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Aug 07 2018

African National Congress Tweet Portrays Whites as “Murderers” as Race-Based Confiscation of Property Begins

As multicultural utopia unfolds under the rule of the African National Congress, the confiscation of white property without compensation is already underway in South Africa:

The ANC has targeted 139 selected farms that they plan to expropriate without compensation in the coming weeks as it moves to make good on its commitment to test out section 25 of the Constitution.

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg prefers that constitution to our own. If it gets in the way of the land-grabbing, it won’t for long. As mentioned earlier, it is about be amended to explicitly allow confiscation of property without compensation.

As when Jews experienced similar treatment under the Nazis, the victims are portrayed as the victimizers:

Never mind that ancestry in that part of Africa goes back farther for Afrikaners than it does for most local blacks, who moved south to get a piece of the wealth whites created. Being white makes you a “murderer.” It’s okay to seize farms that have been in the family for centuries from murderers, leaving them penniless and the farms to lie fallow. Still worse things might be okay.

When all the white farms have been confiscated, and South Africa becomes a second Zimbabwe, it will be dependent on Western aide for food. The ruling ANC has to move relatively slowly toward communism and genocide so as not to alienate its benefactors. It deleted the tweet, claiming that it expressed the view of some random member of the public, not the ANC itself. What a relief.

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