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May 05 2016

After Abandoning Self-Funding Pose, Trump Picks Steven Mnuchin, Who Has Worked for Goldman Sachs and Soros Fund Management, as Finance Chairman

If you have spent even a few moments listening to a Trump supporter trying to justify preferring the Donald to Ted Cruz, you have probably heard that Cruz is not qualified for high office because his wife works for Goldman Sachs, which serves the same purpose for tinfoil hat–wearing Branch Trumpidians that Halliburton served for their Code Pink forerunners. Yet right on the heels of Trump effectively sewing up the nomination, we read this:

Trump on Thursday named Steven Mnuchin, chairman and CEO of private investment firm Dune Capital Management LP, to serve as the national finance chairman for his presidential campaign.

Mnuchin, also a former partner at Goldman Sachs, will bring finance experience to the campaign’s fundraising operation, the statement said.

Mnuchin’s 17-year stint at Goldman Sachs is only the beginning. Get this:

He also worked at Soros Fund Management LLC, founded by liberal mega-donor George Soros.

Mnuchin finances Hollywood crap, including the over-the-top ultra-left enviro-propaganda piece Avatar.

Like someone else we know, he has donated generously for years to worst-of-the-worst far left Democrats. Beneficiaries of Mnuchin’s largesse include Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Charles Schumer, John Edwards, Jon Corzine, Al Gore, Chris Dodd, Mary Landrieu, Bill Bradley, Ned Lamont, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Have a look at the long list. It includes a handful of Republicans, but makes obvious that Mnuchin is a creature of the left — just like his new boss.

Speaking of the Great Orange One, why does Trump need a National Finance Chairman? Wasn’t a central part of his pitch that he would self-fund and therefore not be beholden to donors? Oh that’s right, that went out the window the day after Cruz dropped out.

Steven Mnuchin
Munchkin confirms that Trump personifies what his supporters claim to oppose.

On tips from Varla, Wilberforce, and Torcer.

61 Responses to “After Abandoning Self-Funding Pose, Trump Picks Steven Mnuchin, Who Has Worked for Goldman Sachs and Soros Fund Management, as Finance Chairman”

  1. Torcer says:

    So remember – Donald isn’t a part of the establishment…. even though he’s financed it for years now..

  2. Smith and Wesson and Me says:

    Better get used to the idea of President Hillary. That’s exactly what you are aiming towards. Either get on the bandwagon, or walk on foot all the way to a third world communist hell hole. What’s your alternative at this point, write in “Alfred E Neuman” on ballots?

  3. Skip says:

    Do you brilliant people really want 4 more years of the Obama regime with Hillary? Give it up folks, Donald Trump will be your next very successful president.

  4. Torcer says:

    Have you Trump supporters figured out that you’ve been had?

    BREAKING. Donald Trump Renounces His Own Tax Plan
    We’ve said over and over… and to no avail… that Donald Trump believes in absolutely nothing more than Donald Trump. During the course of this campaign, Donald Trump has proposed any number of half-baked, nonsensical ideas and now he’s in the process of reneging on them. One of the first casualties was his opposition to a higher federal minimum wage.

    Now there is a new victim. His tax plan.

    Trump put out a tax plan last year that included major cuts to income, estate and business taxes for the ultra-wealthy along with far less generous cuts for the middle class. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center estimated his plan would cut the tax bill for the top 1 percent of earners by about $275,000 a year on average and for the top 0.1 percent by $1.3 million. The overall cost would be $9.5 trillion over a decade.

    “I fight like hell to pay as little as possible,” Trump said at an event announcing his plan in September.

    But that was the old Trump. Pressed by CNBC on Thursday as to how he could simultaneously brand himself as a populist who will take on wealthy elites while proposing sweeping tax cuts for billionaires, Trump backed away from his plan.

    “I am not necessarily a huge fan of that,” he said. “I am so much more into the middle class who have just been absolutely forgotten in our country.”

    Trump described his tax proposal, which was the most detailed policy paper he put out in the campaign, as merely a starting point for a future deal.

    “You know, when you put out a tax plan, you are going to start negotiating,” he said. “You don’t say, ‘OK, this is our tax plan, lots of luck, folks.’ There will be negotiation back and forth. And I can see that going up, to be honest with you.”

    It’s important to note that these disproportionately large cuts for the rich aren’t a minor side feature of his plan, they’re the heart of it. A whopping 67 percent of the overall cost of his individual tax cuts would go to toward benefiting the top 20 percent of earners and 35 percent of it would go to the top 1 percent, according to the Tax Policy Center’s analysis.

    Trump’s abrupt dismissal of his own tax plan, which he regularly cited on the campaign trail, came a day after he signaled a willingness to raise the federal minimum wage, which would be a major reversal from his stance in the primaries.

  5. Torcer says:

    This is because Trump supporters made a very misinformed decision.

    The consequences are the result of their poor choice, NOT those who didn’t ignore the warning signs and updated information.

  6. MicahStone says:

    “After Abandoning Self-Funding Pose…”


    1. Those who know the facts know that Trump did NOT self-fund the primaries. Actually, he used the MILLION$ collected in his Veterans Support SCAM to pay for all expenses related to his campaign to date, while providing only a small token of funds to a very few Veterans organizations.

    2. Dave Blount has previously pointed out many pro-Trump moron sites (like Gateway Pundit), so sane rational patriots can avoid them. I have another to add to that list: Weasel Zippers. Here is an open letter I sent to Drew Fell, the originator of that site:


    I was concerned that the once-great WZ would suffer when you first allowed clearly incompetent stooges to post. Now that you have, for all practical purposes, abandoned WZ and allow Nik-MORON and Video-Gamer (enough said!) Bill to post nearly everything, WZ is firmly in the toilet of has-been sites.

    The final straw for me can this weekend, when your surrogates decided to favor the mindless comments for d-cRAT liberal con-man and fraudster Trump supporters over those who express sane views.

    WZ is now dead to me – I will never visit the site again and I will take as many rational, knowledgeable, informed, conservatives with me in doing the same as I can.

    –Micah Stone
    (You might not want to hold your breath until I again contribute financially to your site – but I wouldn’t mind if you did !)


  7. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Donald is a symptom of the terminal disease that infected the GOP since 1988. It went into a short lived remission in 1994 with Gingrich and the Contract for America, but soon spread more virulently. Either he buries it or resurrects it.

    No big loss if it is the former as they ceased to represent nor protect their party supporters for nearly 30 years. Since 2010 they have been the doormat that Obama and Pelosi wiped their feet on as they trampled our freedom, economics and saddled us with “new americans” and $10Trillion in new debt.

    The one time they controlled the White House, the gave us interminable war, continued economic decline and helped birth the police state we live under. The definition of mental illness is repeating the same acts and expecting different outcomes. Americans have decided to roll the dice and try for a different outcome. The establishment gave them no options.

  8. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Eating our own is not a good strategy. Petty and vindictive. Were any of you this virulent when the establishment saddled us with Mittens in 2012 and pulled every punch against a vulnerable light weight?

    I know many hated Mc Cain- still he represented the establishment and their suicide by nicety. How could they have let a Vietnamese POW that endured torture for years, not attack a red diaper baby communist who liked to “god damn America” in his church?

    If any of your really believe Trump is the worst of the evil in a Clinton matchup, you really need some help.

    He will do things that you are against, things that will infuriate you – but he might just work for the good of our nation or what’s left of it. Clinton already abandoned Americans to die and then rounded up an innocent film-maker to blame and she apologized to terrorists. Do you really think Clinton will do anything to benefit us?

    I have no illusions, I already know what Trump is, I know I won’t be getting shit out any of this, but he is preferable to Clinton.

  9. Owen says:

    They’re still hung up on their fantasy that Ted Cruz would have mopped the floor with Hillary, when in reality he couldn’t even win his own party’s primary in the deepest red of Red States, e.g. South Carolina.

    Trump might lose in November, but people are straight up delusional if they think one of the other Republicans would have done better.

    Conservatism failed because there hasn’t been anything left in this culture to “conserve” in a long time now. The Coolidge Administration isn’t coming back in the course of one presidential election.

  10. Torcer says:

    Donald is changing some of his core policy items, how do you know he will even be the same in a couple of weeks?

  11. Torcer says:

    4 Signs From The Last 24 Hours That Trump Suckered Conservatives
    So, you’re suckers.
    Yes, you conservatives who keep waiting for Donald Trump to turn into Ronald Reagan, who hope to unify behind him thinking that he’ll surround himself with good people and that they will guide him to all the best decisions. Yes, you conservatives who bought into the Trumpian nonsense that he would blow up the system and change things in politics. In the last 24 hours Trump has indeed pivoted – directly against all of his supposedly conservative positions. Here are four examples:
    Trump Embraces A Higher Minimum Wage.
    Trump Won’t Be Self-Funding.
    Trump Hires A Former Goldman Sachs Fundraiser Who Managed Money For George Soros. Remember that time Donald Trump suggested that Ted Cruz was in the pocket of Goldman Sachs (“I know the guys at Goldman Sachs, they have total, total control over him”)? Remember Snaggletooth The Trumper™ who told Ted Cruz that Cruz should be wearing his “Goldman jacket”? Now Trump has hired Steve Mnuchin, chairman and CEO of Dune Capital Management LP and former Goldman Sachs partner, to head up his fundraising team. Mnuchin also worked at Soros Fund Management LLC. Yes, that Soros. George Soros. Mnuchin also donated thousands of dollars to Hillary Clinton, among other Democrats; since 1998, he’s donated twice as much money to Democrats as Republicans.

    Trump Bashes His Own Tax Plan. Remember that tax plan Trump touted as supremely conservative? Yeah, that’s out the window now. Today, asked on CNBC how he could propose tax breaks for high earners, Trump simply dumped his plan. “I am not necessarily a huge fan of that,” said Trump. “I am so much more into the middle class who have just been absolutely forgotten in our country.” Instead, said Trump, his tax plan was merely a starting point for negotiations – just like his position on amnesty. “You know, when you put out a tax plan,” said Trump, “you are going to start negotiating. You don’t say, ‘OK, this is our tax plan, lots of luck, folks.’ There will be negotiation back and forth. And I can see that going up, to be honest with you.”

    So this is the new general election Trump. He looks just as dishonest and scheming as the old Trump, just with a fresh leftist taste sure to please the most ardent Bernie Sanders supporters. Conservative Trump voters – this is your Great Hope.

  12. Skip says:

    So, tell us what is the url of your outstanding blog/site? You are on little vote. If you are ignorant enough to vote for Hillary, go for it. Drew and Jim do not give a rats rear what you think. And do not compare this site to the two you mentioned…no comparison at all!

  13. ramrodd says:


    This is supposed to be anti-establishment?
    The establishment will continue to sleep like babies at this pace. They’re already 4-for-4 on getting in the Trump circle.

    Next, Trump has named as top National Security Advisor, the current president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass.


    Voted YES on extending the PATRIOT Act’s
    roving wiretaps. (Feb 2011)

    Voted YES on removing need for FISA warrant
    for wiretapping abroad. (Aug 2007)

    Voted YES on enlarging NATO to include
    Eastern Europe. (May 2002)

    Voted NO on limiting the President’s power to
    impose economic sanctions. (Jul 1998)

    In 2005, Sessions spoke at a rally in Washington, D.C. in favor of the War in Iraq that was held in opposition to an anti-war protest held the day before.

  14. Willard J Clinton says:

    I see the Canuck contingent is still mightily butthurt this evening. Trump is arraying the financial firepower to crush the communists in November, and plenty of the resources he lines up are going to be deployed down ticket. These money people know that they need Trump, not the other way around, and they know he knows it as well. Trump is keeping his friends close, and his enemies closer. These guys can see that the Trump juggernaut signals that there’s a populist-nationalist tsunami coming, and they are going to pay dearly to try and avoid being among the chiselers that are going to face the torches and pitchforks. I hope Trump bleeds these shysters for every dime he can squeeze them for.

    On another note, all the blabbering Cruzbots remind me of Baghdad Bob!

  15. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Damn Right! I have been saying that for weeks. What the hell did they Conserve since Reagan? What is left now and is it really something we want conserved??

  16. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    He has to “moderate” now.. Look, I know he is full of shit. I know his history, I know the shit his family did for years. Put it in perspective – look at the shit Clinton and Obama have done. Suddenly Trump looks like Mother Theresa. The bodies he buried were part of the game to play in business. The bodies Clinton buried were American men and women who believed in their nation and fought for it. Look at what the Bush family did for three generations and three presidential terms. Could Trump really be worse than Bush II and III?

    With the exception of Ben Carson, who among those Republican candidates didn’t plant of few corpses? That is the novelty of Trump – his sins were not as a politician.

  17. 762x51 says:

    Goldman Sachs? Isn’t that where Heidi Cruz worked? I seem to rememeber that being a major selling point for dissing Cruz as a mechanism of adoration for Lyin Donnie. Say it ain’t so?!?

    Just recap the list so far in the two whole days Cruz has been out of the race.

    We have learned that tRump was lying about his position on:

    $15/hr minimum wage
    Self funding his campaign
    the evil banking institutions, specifically Goldman Sachs

    Rest assured I have this saved and will be adding to it regularly and using it profusely for the next six months, perhaps longer.

    Silly tRumptards, you have been taken for the chumps you are, tRump Chumps.

  18. Mr. Freemarket says:

    “….his sins were not as a politician.”

    Yeah…he was, instead, renting politicians to do his bidding.

    FWIW, you can’t moderate away from insulting people. Trump has driven away the Hispanics. You can’t moderate away from taking a stance opposite of your previous stance….such as not beholding to anyone because you have financed your own campaign.

    Think anyone will say “well…he’s not as evil and corrupt at Hillary?”

  19. 762x51 says:

    I see you tRump Chumps are dutifully beginning the defense of Lyin Donnie like good little Progressives.

    Since you have tee’d up the ball so nicely with your populist-nationalist comment, lets look at the last time a nation tried that combination along with Marxist Progressive ideology which they learned from early 20th century American Progressives, just like you. Now denigrate me like a good little fascist.

    What could go wrong?

  20. Mr. Freemarket says:

    So…let me see if I get this right. McCain was a RINO (aka not a conservative). And by supporting him we lost. Romney was, again, a RINO…the only GOP candidate that couldn’t attack ObamaCare. And he lost, and many of us said “never again…no RINOs will we ever support.”

    But you seem to think that the problem was that they were part of the establishment and that’s the reason they lost?

  21. Mr. Freemarket says:

    The intention has been to conserve the US constitution. That’s it. That’s all we have ever tried to conserve. The fundamental framework of our government; the document that limits the federal government.

    You can kiss that goodbye.

  22. 762x51 says:

    Yes, we were quite virulently opposed to Mittens. MB opposed him vociferously and never did acquiesce to the GOPee establishment. tRumps Progressive ideology has been extensively documented here, your unwillingness to accept it does not invalidate it. Reality is weird that way.

    If you really believe tRump can defeat Clinton, you need some help.

  23. 762x51 says:

    So we should just abandon our principles and hand power to a Progressive like tRump.

    That is the most retarded argument I have ever heard. Of course, not having any principles of your own would make you think that way.

  24. 762x51 says:

    It’s not conserve as in conservation, sheesh. No wonder you don’t get it.

    Conservatism is about personal responsibility, self reliance and moral character, not saving water.

  25. Lobotomist says:

    tRump makes both McCain AND Romney look like genuine conservatives. How ironic is that?

  26. Elizabethssmith3 says:

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  27. Alphamail says:

    Why is it every time you comment you seem to portray America as the WWI Russian Social-Democratic Party, Republicans as 1917 Communist Party activists, and anyone who voted for Bush as a Bolshevik?
    Take your attempt at erudition (which is no more than your incessant disgust in what so many everyday Americans still place their hope and dreams) and join the incoming Rape-ugees who think like you do.
    Where were you when all this 1988-until-now political action took place? I’ll tell you – you were bitching about America then too. When, for God’s sake did you ever love (or even like) America? …..And don’t insult everyone by saying you bitch because you care….ugh.

  28. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    The Constitution? We don’t have no stinkin’ constitution for 20 years now.

  29. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    In 1988 I was in high school and still thought America was a pretty good place.

    As for the rapeugees, I am quickly developing a Dr. Stangelove mentality of embracing them, so long as the ISIS Commanders freed from Gitmo are settled it the middle of the most liberal districts, the districts benefitting directly from the faux-capitalist oligarchy, railing against “evil white men” and are confined there with access to plenty of fertilizer, fuel oil, korans and beheading knives for their “religious purposes.”

    I don’t care – yes you did pick up correctly on that. My forefathers cared and they were sacrificed on battlefields, just as their grandchildren have been sacrificed on the alter of open borders, endless immigration, social experiments, persecution and punishment for “white-privilige”.

    The immortal words of Chazz Palmenteri in A bronx Tale come to mind – when the movie’s young main character decried about a pitcher having made Mickey Mantle cry- he says “Mickey Mantle? Mickey Mantel doesn’t give a fuck about you – he made $100,000 last year.” Those words still strike me like a diamond bullet. The simple truth of them. America doesn’t care about you – it pulled in $4 Trillion last year and gave it to millions of “new Americans,” the oligarchy and millions of protected schemers – it didn’t give a fuck about you nor me..

    I am all for equality, I am just waiting for the equality of misery to be spread equally, God know we already paid our fair share.

    Man, you don’t get it. You don’t see up close and personal what I live with in this marxist anti-christian utopia that in fact controls much of the nation in one way or another. It’s not in my power to take your hopes and dreams away.

    Wow, this site is really deteriorating. A discussion of ideas , experiences and possible outcomes has rapidly devolved into crying over spilled milk, personal criticisms for not crying over that spilled milk and increasingly disjointed – strikingly like Glenn Beck’s de-evolution into a blubbering failed prophet – rhetoric.

  30. Mr. Freemarket says:

    The Constitution has been on life support. With two progressives running for the office of president, its resuscitation may be forever, beyond reach. Combined with that, the Trump nomination virtually guarantees that no republican will be elected president in the foreseeable future.

  31. Jodie says:

    He also changed his position on attacking candidate’s wives. He mercilessly and repeatedly attacked Heidi Cruz when Ted was running, but now that Ted is out of the running Melania has been insulted, he says it’s not okay to attack the wives.

  32. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    We shall see. One thing is for certain – a third Clinton term, where she has been allowed to commit crime after crime and has no opposition in the media or supposedly opposition party – will certainly see the end of the last vestiges of the Republic.

    A Waco every day – and a Ruby Ridge every night, at least for “the bitter clingers” who at this point have every reason to begin anew American revolution.

    If you really believe any of the candidates the Republicans ran stood a chance in a general election in this “transformed America” you are mistaken.

  33. Mr. Freemarket says:

    The reality is that Trump has the highest negatives of any candidate that the republicans could have chosen. And we all will live with the consequences.

  34. Torcer says:

    He has to “moderate” now.. Look, I know he is full of shit. I know his history, I know the shit his family did for years. Put it in perspective – look at the shit Clinton and Obama have done. Suddenly Trump looks like Mother Theresa. The bodies he buried were part of the game to play in business. The bodies Clinton buried were American men and women who believed in their nation and fought for it. Look at what the Bush family did for three generations and three presidential terms. Could Trump really be worse than Bush II and III?

    With the exception of Ben Carson, who among those Republican candidates didn’t plant of few corpses? That is the novelty of Trump – his sins were not as a politician.

    ‘not as a politician.’ That’s the point – He IS a politician.

    You just admitted you cannot trust what he says, so what is the point of trusting him?

  35. Torcer says:

    FWIW, you can’t moderate away from insulting people.

    No you cannot – people like Donald use such tactics to intimate people, and cease such insults as a ‘reward’ for getting behind them – as is some of his supporters at this point.

    Those are not the traits of a leader – and thus the extreme danger.

  36. Alphamail says:

    “Man, you don’t get it. You don’t see up close and personal what I live with…”
    Why is this always the fallback position for a cynical crybaby who isn’t getting his way? Even as a spoiled brat you fully understand American politics is in grave distress, and the ugly decades old transition to this point may take decades to get out of – if a Progressive Democrat is elected – but that is no reason to drag the wonder and joy of living in liberty down to your level of misery and cynicism.
    So I don’t get it huh?
    I was born during the final part of Hitler’s Nazi regime and many of my immediate family fought in WWII, or worked in shipyards or the defense industry, and my aunt was part of the Women’s Army Corps who taught our Navy pilots how to fly. At the end, everyone knew Hitler killed well over ten million people.
    I was eleven-years-old when Joseph Stalin finally ended his ruthless dictatorship whose forced industrialization and reign of terror, purges, starvation, executions, and exiles killed tens of millions and continued until 1953. In 1949 he set off an atomic bomb, initiated the Korean War, and began the Cold War.
    I was in the United States Army when Mao Zedong of the People’s Republic of China killed upwards of thirty-million people between 1958 and 1962, and I was part of an armed force in combat gear on the tarmac ready to invade Castro’s Cuba, as Kennedy and Khrushchev duked it out.
    I was working on a top-secret Air Force base in the Pacific between 1975 and 1979 when Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia and killed millions.
    When you graduated from high school I was working with Raytheon on my third of four top-secret Air Force bases as they developed the Star Wars program and the Patriot missile. And as a Los Angeles Police Officer I had the distinct honor of battling the early Black Panthers, as well as combating the human bile that is the Students for a Democratic Society (the Weathermen), who hung out at anarchist-infested Occidental College – Obama’s alma mater.
    In your disgusting rant about the evils of America you de facto compare Bush and the Republicans, as well as actual dishonest and corrupt politicians and their thirst for money and power, to the dictators of the past who killed hundreds of millions of people. How disconnected. This is the greatest nation in the history of mankind and has produced not only the concept of freedom but has backed it up by giving human beings the highest level of comfort ever seen. You were born into an era of luxury and liberty that you say your forefathers sacrificed for – well then, fucking act like it…! You say this website has deteriorated into “crying about spilled milk.”
    You have described yourself with laser-like accuracy.

  37. Johnny Monday says:

    WZ was one of my top go-to sites until they turned into a mini Trumpbart.

  38. Johnny Monday says:

    Drumpf would be Obama 2.0 but tremendously improved (sarc). He’s the perfect combination of Obama’s narciscissism, Biden’s brains, Hillary’s criminality and Bill’s lechery.

  39. BillyBob Bob says:

    I would say that the Trumpsters who hated on Cruz bc of Heidi’s abilities to garner six figures from Goldman Sachs (penis envy or 1% envy ala Bernie/Hillary/Democrat?) have some ‘splainin’ to do. Wonder how they would have responded if Trump would have selected her as campaign chairman? Whoa!!!

  40. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    If you are what you say you are, I admire what you did, I truly wholeheartedly do. But I disagree with you and I will continue to disagree with you. I have not attacked you, nor derided you. We have differences of opinion. Unfortunately from where I am, the nation you worked to secure has been terminally undermined and I am under no illusions of what is to come.

    You are attacking the wrong person. I am not crying over spilled milk. Mister you have no idea the things I see daily here in the Marxist utopia of NY and know first hand. Unfortunately NY is what controls the rest of the nation, this cancer has spread.

    We we discussing the current defacto Republican nominee, I say he is the perfect representation of where we are now and perhaps the only one to get the chance to do some good.

    I don’t get why if you are what you say you are, you find it necessary to deride me.

    I posit one question to you, and it is the same question my friend’s 93-year-old US Army Airman father who was shot out of a B-17 and spent three years in a Nazi POW camp constantly asks: “what was it for?” Looking at what your nation has become and the battles you allegedly fought – what has it accomplished now that we are into the final year of the president who is the ideological enemy of everything you stood against and all of his comrades now marching unopposed in our streets?

    Alas, I see why we disagree now.. the former Police Officer bit.

    Where I come from unless we made a “donation,” there is no befriending any police. Perhaps you are one of the good ones and I ‘ll leave it at that.

  41. Willard J Clinton says:

    Too funny. The “fascist” reference was certainly the corn in that whining little pantload. Here’s a video for you to watch while you clean yourself up:

  42. wTallaksen says:

    Someone please tell Cruz to blast this fraud after bashing him non-stop as being a Globalist owned by Goldman Sachs. as Trump now jumps head first in bed with them, like he was not all in with them from the beginning! This is only the tip of the iceberg to come you Trumpsters have been had!

  43. wTallaksen says:

    Don`t be surprised if he asks Biden to be his VP.

  44. wTallaksen says:

    Haass is Obama`s advisor, thanks for the Arab Spring and ISIS!!

  45. wTallaksen says:

    P.T.Barnum was right, there is a sucker born every minute! Trump is a pay to play establishment elitist corrupt crony capitalist Big Government N.Y.C. Progressive! No matter how smitten you are with this turd he is and has always been a turd.

  46. wTallaksen says:

    You are a certifiable idiot BS gobbler!

  47. Alphamail says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself for being defensive, when you could focus on what I meant. I’ll explain why I called you a crybaby and you tell me again if I’m wrong. First, I’ll make a couple of points, then tell you why you are not being grateful for what you have.
    To begin, I feel 95% of what you feel – about the state of the nation, how crooked and corrupt it has become, how Progressivism has compromised morality, unfettered illegal immigration threatens our security, safety, and jobs, and how this anti-American POTUS is purposefully undermining the very soul of the country. And I feel very strongly about valuing other people’s opinions – I have been in several arguments here lately defending other’s rights to disagree without ad hominem. But I am the first to holler if someone is being thankless or stupid. The remaining 5%, is my disagreement with you over how you view America and how it appears you are just giving up.
    There are two kinds of people. One type runs toward trouble to help stop it – like cops, firefighters, nurses, paramedics, military people, etc., and another type of person who runs away from trouble. In my opinion the people who run TO a problem generally see their life as a gift and a blessing, and the people who run from problems feel life owes them something – in that sense they never have enough, life is never perfect, and they can never be happy. Their life is a constant complaint.
    Think about it, you live in a nation where for the first time in human history you have been totally free of the threat of being among those hundreds of millions of people slaughtered or starved by their own leader, or of being attacked by foreign hordes. But…but…taxes are high, our leaders lie to us, I don’t like the nominee…
    Right now you live better than any Czar, Monarch, King, Potentate, or Dictator who ever lived (up to 100 years ago) but you obviously take it for granted. They didn’t have music on demand; 24/7 sterile drinking water; anti-biotics; electricity and all it entails – heat, light, cooling, stoves, freezers, and tools; planes, trains, and automobiles; and modern instant long-distance communication devices. You forget what we have, you forget what we didn’t have, and you forget the hundreds of millions of people throughout the generations who sacrificed or died so you can have all you have that they didn’t have. And if a 93 year-old doesn’t know what he fought for – THEN YOU SHOULD REMIND HIM. He fought for you, he fought for me, he fought for freedom, and liberty, and America, and for the right to never be told what to do, instead of being shot for not doing it.
    You forget what we have and you focus solely on what’s wrong and you complain that it isn’t enough – or perfect. I have spent a good portion of my life running to the problem – to the trouble – to help solve it. What pray tell, have you done to help remedy the nasty regression we have seen from 1988 until now? Are you a delegate? Have you written conservative articles for the internet? Have you volunteered for a Conservative candidate? What have you done to run to this political trouble to try and solve it and show you are thankful for the opportunity this nation has given you, and for the sacrifices others have made? Or does gratitude even play a part in your life?

  48. Willard J Clinton says:

    Why, I seem to have committed a “faux pas”…. Sorry to see you soiled yourself over it!!! Here’s a video for you to watch while you clean yourself up:

  49. 762x51 says:

    Thanks, I’ll add that to my list.

    I may not have time to gather all of the lies tRump has told but I will get as many as I can so I can rub the trolls noses in them.

  50. 762x51 says:

    Of course you did. You’re a Trumpette keyboard warrior, that is all you can do. In real life you’d be the one with a pant load because it isn’t all like your normal environment of masturbating in your basement while listening to Alex Jones.

    How funny to watch you Progressive vermin rush to defend your candidate for lying to you, just like any Obama supporter would do for their cult leader.

    Tell me turd eater, if you are a really good little Progressive and back every lie “the Donnie” tells, does he reward you by allowing you suck Boehners dick a little longer each evening, or do you just do it because you love it?

  51. 762x51 says:

    Your lies are as meaningless to me as your candidate and love object.

  52. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    What color is the sky in your world?

    I am the last english speaker on my block, the last Americans are being forced out, we have zero political voice unless we pay off someone. We won’t even bother to dial 911 again. The systemic rot is far more advanced here. Cops hide from serial killers as they slash men’s faces and heads on the subway – look up Joseph Lozito and Mad “Maks.” I nearly was Mad Maks’ first victim after having a run in with him two weeks before he killed 4 people – my “crime” was waiting for a red light to change as I drove to the supermarket.

    As for running towards problems, the “right thing” to do is to turn your back on them here. The corruption is beyond the pale. My friend was molested by a pal of the NY Governor as well as dozens of kids I grew up with. I have the poor bastard’s written accounts of what was done to him – but for a $500,000 donation to powerful rabbis and a few strings getting pulled by the governor – the lone charge was plead down to basically littering. His record sealed and because of the strings he pulled – there is no sex offender registration either. To make the most glaring point of the corruption and mockery of the victims – 60 Minutes and Anderson Cooper interviewed this serial child raping pervert and called him a hero – dozens of victims and they whitewashed it as having “illicit images on his computer” – I did everything in my power aside from the “illegal and morally wrong” – no one cares.

    I contacted every reporter even the head of CBS News with the dossier of public records and the written recollection of one of his victims – Putting my name and address on the return – and putting myself at risk. The District Attorney railroaded hundreds of men while ignoring for a price the victims of dozens of pedophiles. Even in my own high school, the District Attorney ignored pedophile victims of teachers and white washed the head of the school looting the “underprivileged endowment fund,” embezzlement and fraud is not a crime here since the school presented him with an award.

    The corruption of the police is worthy of Venezuela with my own father just missing his own execution by two corrupt detectives as he drove past one of their fresh kills. A few minutes sooner and he would have been a witness and had been murdered himself. 30 years later he realized how close he come to being killed. These indeed are the “NY Values” – unfortunately they have spread outside of NY.

    The only man ever issued a Presidential Pardon – to have it rescinded when W Bush’s aides informed Bush of the crimes this man committed and continued to commit – owns half of this neighborhood. He terrorizes homeowners out of their homes and threatens to literally steal their backyards and sue them into poverty.

    “Little people” here know not to even call the cops when there homes are broken into – because the police will not take a report and in fact they will threaten you for bothering them as they did my 82-year-old father.

    Drug dealers put “thin blue line” bumper stickers on their cars advertising their police protection.

    Homeowners are set up by cops for calling 911 – one man living not far from me faced seven years in prison for attempted murder of a police officer – the claim being that he tried to run him over as he pulled into his own driveway – Only when security camera footage showing what actually happened was released to the press was the man released. The crooked cop spent one day in jail and the six other cops on the video who supported the fraudulent charges never so much as saw a vacation day taken away Meanwhile, the poor homeowner is terrorized by his neighbor who literally is stealing his property and uses his friends in the Department of Buildings and police to terrorize him out of his own home.

    No one cares. We have already crossed the point of no return into a Soviet misery of cynicism, corruption and rot.

    You are very wrong to believe that we live free of the specter of being slaughtered wholesale.

  53. Alphamail says:

    First of all, that was a very eloquent and impassioned comment. We agree more than we disagree, and you are obviously a very decent and sincere person and for that you have my respect. Because of that I’m going to try and change your mind one more time (happy face here). I’m injecting humor because I believe that is important so as to know there will be no vitriol or unnecessary misunderstanding.
    My first question is, “Haven’t you heard of “white flight?” When I say I run TO problems I certainly didn’t mean to living quarters in a crime filled neighborhood run by corrupt politicians who would just as soon “off somebody” than pick their nose. You’re nuts…! You have a choice…! MOVE…! Please believe me when I say, not all places in America are like where you live. I realistically know how bad things are becoming in America and know exactly how far we are from critical mass, but unless people resist this tyranny by the government it WILL happen. You need to NOT give up and you need to learn to resist. Your first problem is not an attitudinal problem, it is a geographic one…! Move to a decent area so you can clear your head and make responsible decisions free from constant distraction. I may be wrong but I’m sensing masochistic tendencies which lead me to believe you may be Catholic…..that comment is sincere, with an element of humor.
    Here’s my argument:
    Let’s say you owned a home (America) – not just the outhouse (called N.Y.) – and your home was built by your dad and grandfather (our forebears) who loved your family and neighbors and worshiped God (our Creator), and they had worked their fingers to the bone (sacrificed) and engineered it for years (the Constitution) to withstand the elements (people who would destroy it) and to build certain barriers (congress) to prevent it from being overrun by outsiders (Marxists, Progressives, Communists, etc.) who wanted to take your house, your yard, your crops, your livestock, and your livelihood (freedom), and your decades long family dream (independence from government authority). One day the house caught fire (1960’s). It burned sporadically for days and days and then smoldered for weeks and weeks while you pondered what to do (now). You finally realized it had been set by the same people who you originally designed your house to be protected from (Prog Dems and GOPe). When you sought help against these outsiders and upgraded your security, the people you trusted and called to help, actually sent in electricians who purposefully mis-wired your home, and plumbers who created small leaks so as to be called back to fix their “errors” and make more money (I’m finished with the analogy-parentheses – you get the drift)…
    In short, your home became so damaged you had to make a decision to either take the time, energy, and resources to remodel and renovate it, or simply abandon the fight because you feel your dad and grandfather really wouldn’t give a shit and their concern for your family wasn’t really justified, and you personally don’t care if the home you have treasured since it was built by your family, has no meaning or value, and should be simply given away to the people who want to take it – free of charge and without so much as a whimper, who by the way, want to tear your family mansion down and replace it with a N.Y. outhouse.
    Decide what kind of man you are, determine how much courage you have, review your faith, and decide whether abandoning what your dad and grandfather and their faith wanted for you, should be given away without a fight to the devil himself.
    God bless

  54. Willard J Clinton says:

    WOW, that REALLY hurt, 762×51!!!

    I always know when I’ve got a moonbat cornered and feeling helpless when they start fulminating and hurling idiotic invective. I guess it works the same way with Cruzbots and Rothschild loyalists.
    Anyone want to rent some space in 762x51s head?!?

  55. Torcer says:

    That wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  56. 762x51 says:

    You need to look in the mirror, dumbass. I’m not the one supporting a Progressive for President, you are. tRump is all Progressive, always has been and you so ignorant and in love, you cannot admit to the reality that is about to engulf you.

    I don’t take EBT cards, it’s cash only, up front.

    Any time you feel like you really can corner me just say the word. I’m pretty busy but can always make time for a gunfight.

  57. wTallaksen says:

    What really knocked me over in laughter about Biden sitting behind the podium from Zero was that.(( I really believe this Crap coming out of this mans mouth.) With that idiotic looking fake serious scowl as the loyal Rump Swab he is hoping to conn America to believe the BS is true! What a Hoot! But, then again Christe looks like the perfect Rump Swab also standing behind Trump too behind a podium!

  58. 762x51 says:

    So, you are saying we should hold our nose and vote for the NY Progressive in order to stop the NY Progressive from being elected.

    Brilliant plan! I mean, it’s not tRump used to fund Hillary or anything . . . . wait . . .

  59. […] could not be bought by fellow members of the donor class, he chose as his national finance chairman Steven Mnuchin, formerly of Soros Fund […]

  60. […] already. Soon the Muslim ban will be forgotten, like his solemn promise to fund his own campaign so as not to be beholden to demonized donors, like his stand against economically deleterious […]

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