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May 09 2018

AIDS Explodes as Venezuela Collapses Under Socialism

When you succumb to moonbattery, you get the whole package — not just poverty and tyranny, but also AIDS, as demonstrated by socialist Venezuela:

H.I.V. has spread rapidly throughout the Orinoco Delta and is believed to have killed hundreds of the Warao indigenous people who live in settlements like Jobure de Guayo…

[T]he government has ignored the issue, medical specialists and Warao community leaders say, leaving the population to face a profound existential threat alone. Already, deaths and the flight of survivors have gutted at least one village.

Once again, you can thank socialism:

During the presidency of Nicolás Maduro, which began in 2013, Venezuela’s economy has crumbled, causing crippling shortages of medicine and diagnostic tests, and compelling many of the country’s best doctors to emigrate. …

AIDS activists and specialists say that H.I.V. infection rates and the number of AIDS-related deaths have skyrocketed. So, too, has the number of once stable H.I.V. patients whose health has collapsed for lack of a regular supply of antiretroviral drugs and medicines to treat opportunistic diseases.

On the bright side, even if there is hardly any healthcare in Venezuela, at least someone else pays for it.

You can’t blame socialism for all of Venezuela’s problems. Sometimes other aspects of moonbattery are to blame:

[Armando Beria] believes he may have contracted [HIV] through having sex with other men when he was younger — a common practice among young Warao, especially before they are married. Researchers believe that men having sex with men was an important means of early dissemination of H.I.V. among the Warao.

Now that it has become firmly established through depravity, the virus is spreading by heterosexual activity and through breast milk. Big Government isn’t going to help the Warao. Christian-type morals would have.

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