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Jul 12 2013

Air Force Vet Forced Out for Not Approving of Blasphemous “Marriage” in West Point Chapel

The Obama Regime’s war of extermination against Christianity in the Armed Forces continues:

A 27-year veteran of the Utah Air National Guard said he was reprimanded after he wrote an email objecting to a gay wedding in the West Point chapel and was later told to prepare for retirement because his personal beliefs about homosexuality were not compatible with the military’s policies.

“The military is trying to make examples of people who have religious beliefs that homosexual conduct in the military is wrong,” said John Wells, an attorney representing TSgt. Layne Wilson. “The end game is to force conservative Christians out of the military.”

Last December Wilson wrote a letter to a person believed to be a chaplain at West Point. He stated his displeasure at news of a same-sex ceremony held in the Cadet Chapel.

“This is wrong on so many levels,” Wilson wrote. “If they wanted to get married in a hotel that is one thing. Our base chapels are a place of worship and this is a mockery to God and our military core values. I have proudly served 27 years and this is a slap in the face to us who have put our lives on the line for this country. I hope sir that you will take appropriate action so this does not happen again.”

Instead of responding to the private email, the Commandant of Cadets notified the Utah Air National Guard – leading to an accusation that he had brought disgrace and discredit upon the Air National Guard and his conduct was inconsistent with the United States Air Force.

That is, by objecting to an outrageous blasphemy that at the time was probably illegal, Wilson brought disgrace and discredit against the degenerate moonbats who are reducing the military to a liberal social engineering laboratory.

Ironically, Wells pointed out, the Defense of Marriage Act was still the law of the land and TSgt. Layne was simply reporting “what he believed was a violation of the law.”

In addition to his reprimand, the Air National Guard terminated a six-year reenlistment contract. Instead, they gave Layne a one-year extension.

The purpose of the ongoing purge is clear. No one with moral principles, who might answer to a higher command structure than the one with Barack Hussein Obama at the top, can be allowed in a fundamentally transformed military, the objective of which is not to win wars, but to advance ultra-left ideology — and if need be to pacify a noncompliant domestic population.

The military of our near future, waging war on decency.

On tips from G. Fox, Bill T, and Clingtomyguns.

15 Responses to “Air Force Vet Forced Out for Not Approving of Blasphemous “Marriage” in West Point Chapel”

  1. marcus t. cicero says:

    Hey, the New Army…. Soldiers INTO the rear!!!
    Fuck obamabongodongo,,,,,,

  2. modd kenwood says:

    bringing national ruin to us with the blessing of the military and president of the united states…that’s our homosexual 4% of the population who are obsessed with genitalia and their partner’s every second of every day

  3. whotothewhat says:

    If changes are not made in who runs this country and our military in the next couple of years it is game over man. The military that has allowed the deviants to gain control should face a court martial and be ran out of the military. In the mean time militias should be formed in every state and in every county of each state and be grouped together with those that are already formed either directly by a state or those that citizens have currently formed. A national militia command and control not tied to Federal Government and not taking orders from POTUS should be established.

  4. Tim from TK says:

    Interestingly, although the pink FV433 Abbot SPG in the picture has clearly been co-opted by the moonbats in the picture likely thinking it an edgy statement of some sort, pink has a long history of being used for camouflage.

    In WWII Mountbatten Pink, named after Lord Mountbatten whose idea this was, and variants thereof was used on warships as it was thought better to blend against the sky at dawn and dusk. Earlier it was a component of some of the dazzle camouflage schemes used in WW I.

    More recently the SAS painted their modified Land Rovers pink as it was effective in the desert.

    History 1, ahistorical moonbats 0.

  5. StanInTexas says:

    Hey, we are going to allow gays to openly serve in the military, but no one will have to set aside their beliefs.

    Yeah, DATS the Ticket!!!!

  6. JS says:

    “his personal beliefs about homosexuality were not compatible with the military’s policies.”

    In other words, since Christian beliefs conflict with military policies, Christians are not allowed in the military.

  7. StanInTexas says:

    JS, what are the chances that same standard will be applied to Muslims, you actively kill homosexuals?

  8. Creepy Ass Crakah says:

    Exactly why my brother-in-law did not become a Navy chaplain even after he went through all the educational steps to do so. He read the writing on the wall and knew that eventually he’d be forced to go against his religious principals.

  9. Jeff says:

    I am would be willing to make a wager that the Air FARCE would have no problems with religious principles if the airman was a muslim. I am glad that I am retired now.
    To all those considering joining the military, in a word; DON’T. Serve your country? why? What is worth defending? Is homosexuality worth dying or being maimed for? The Constitution that you will take an oath to defend and suport is dead; disrespected and held in contempt by the PTB and the officer corp and policy makers. You are being asked to put yourself in harms way by those who are lying to you. I served for over 20 plus years, this is NOT my America any more. I honestly dont give a damn what happens to it now. What ever happens to America, it deserves it in full measure.

  10. Jeff says:

    Regarding homosexuals, I was willing to live and let live. What the other guy or gal did in their own bedroom was their own business, or other arrangements with their affairs. But, now that they are out to force to me to condone their behavior and punish via law if I tow the party line. Well, as cold hearted as it is the only good faggot or dyke is a dead one. Damn you all for not leaving me alone. Damn you all

  11. Dr. 9 says:

    It’s quite obvious that a decision has been made to not only feminize our military, but to turn it into one huge gay lounge. As one who served two tours in Viet Nam, i would do all i can to (discourage) any normal young person from serving this country, a country that treats it’s welfare parasites and illegals invaders better than it treats it’s combat warriors. This country is no longer worth fighting and dying for.

  12. Vic Kelley says:

    I feel sorry for TSgt. Wilson. There are other ways to serve your country, though. Maybe he can get work in some capacity with a Christian school or university.

  13. Flu-Bird says:

    Whats become of FREE SPEECH anymore? dose it only belong to the prilaaged liberal eletists?

  14. Lez Get Real says:

    We believe there is something no one is presenting about this case….

    That is, after digging further into this story and going to Wilsons Face Book page, we found that TSgt Layne Wilson probably did not originally contact Fox News about the religious freedom aspect of this story, but about the fact his cancer stricken wife had just been cut off from her health care over some very possibly illegal bureaucratic BS related to his veterans insurance benefits provider…….

    Instead of playing Wilson for your own ends…. you might want to get out there, find out what is going on and try to really help a vet who seems to be in serious trouble…..

    As LezGetReal has on its editorial board not only military veterans, but members of multi-generational military families, we have the greatest sympathy for Layne Wilson’s fight to save his beloved wife, despite his views on Same-Marriage and gays serving in the military.

    If Wilson had brought this story to us, we would have raised hell… and now that we know, we will do whatever we can to see those benefits are restored to him.

    No veteran of our armed forces, no matter how he has separated from the military, no matter his politics, no matter his religious views, should ever have his benefits endangered over a BS insurance company policy that he was challenging.

    Fox News has done this man a great disservice by not reporting what should have been the real story – a vet in trouble and desperately needing help.

    Hopefully someone can help right this wrong. We pray that his wife can resume her cancer care in time to save her life.

    From our veteran’s great-grandfather’s New Testament, which he carried into war:

    Matthew 35-36: For I was an hungered and ye gave me meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink; I was a stranger, and ye took me in; Naked, and ye clothed me; I was sick, and ye visited me; I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

    It is in this spirit of Christ that our hearts go out to Layne Wilson and his wife.

  15. Garpin says:

    I’ve been retired for over 2 decades now, in my time there were homosexuals male and female, everyone knew who they were but no one gave a shit. It simply didn’t matter to the jobs we were expected to accomplish.

    That said, I don’t remember seeing any of them in the pews on Sunday morning – ever. Matter of fact almost every personae I have ever know that was gay didn’t believe in God or adhere to any religion.

    So why would a couple of homos want to get married in the base chapel? One reason and one reason alone; to rub it in the rest of our faces.

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