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Oct 28 2019

Air Zimbabwe Loses Its Only Operational Aircraft

Zimbabwe — as we now call the starving husk of the Breadbasket of Africa, Rhodesia — continues to blaze a trail that will be followed by others. It established the template that South Africa is explicitly following and that Europe will follow in turn. Here, it demonstrates the near future of air travel:

The Airports Company of South Africa (Acsa) has impounded an aircraft owned by Air Zimbabwe over debt.

That was Air Zimbabwe’s only operational aircraft.

This comes as Air Zimbabwe was suspended from using the airport due to non-payment of debt.

Those who work in the airline industry could be in for a hard landing:

Retrenched workers at the national carrier, Air Zimbabwe, have yet to receive their severance packages a year after being let go.

At least they didn’t get paid off in worthless currency.

The seizure of the aircraft is a new low for the airline which has over the years broken records, including flying with only one passenger, as it struggles to restore customer confidence after successive years of mismanagement.

The good news for Air Zimbabwe is that before long mismanagement will be the new normal.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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