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Dec 06 2019

Al Green: After This Flops, We Will Impeach Him Again

At least once the impeachment farce gets to the Senate and Democrats have to come up with concrete reasons to impeach, the whole charade will collapse and go away, so that they can talk about something else on the news for a change. Or maybe not.

Cro-Magnon congresscritter Al Green (D-TX) is among the more straightforward in his party. He admitted even before OAC did that the reason they are impeaching Trump less than a year before he has to face reelection anyway is that they expect to lose the election if they cannot find a way to damage him. Now he tacitly admits that the reason House Democrats do nothing other than shriek about impeachment is that it comprises their entire platform. After this impeachment fails, they will just impeach him again. After all, it has already been established that no particular wrongdoing of any significance is required on Trump’s part.

Via Daily Caller:

Green said in a C-SPAN interview that a “president can be impeached more than once” and that there is “no limit” to the number of times the House can vote on impeachment.

This implies that Trump will be reelected, which becomes increasingly likely with every day the Democrats devote to alienating people who believe in our constitutional republic. Dems have already proven that nothing is beneath their base, but among voters who are up for grabs, few are likely to approve of their open willingness to subvert our system of government in a desperate attempt to inflict damage on a political opponent.

To get an idea of how desperate Green, Pelosi, and the rest have become, consider that he suggests digging up the Mueller report for the next impeachment attempt. After years of media/Democrat hype, the Mueller report turned out the same way as Geraldo Rivera’s adventure in Al Capone’s vault.

Green first introduced articles of impeachment in November 2017, less than 10 months after Trump was sworn into office.

Impeachment is already a casualty of this disgraceful crop of Democrats. It may never again be solemnly regarded as something other than an underhanded political stunt to kneecap opponents.

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