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Mar 01 2024

Alade McKen: Another Ivy League DEI Plagiarist

According to the principles of DEI, favored identity groups should reap unearned benefit from what was created by others. So it comes as no surprise that those hired on an Affirmative Action basis to implement DEI in academia have a conspicuous tendency to plagiarize:

The chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer of Columbia University’s medical school, Alade McKen, plagiarized extensively in his doctoral dissertation, lifting entire pages of material, without attribution, from sources that include Wikipedia, according to a complaint submitted to the university on Wednesday.

You might expect those who plagiarize from Wikipedia to have a hard time getting through high school. But black skin works magic, providing people like McKen with positions of power:

McKen, who holds a certificate in diversity and inclusion from Cornell University, oversees all DEI programs for staff at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, which includes Columbia’s flagship medical school, the Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, and is the largest campus of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. The center’s DEI initiatives include mandatory “antiracism” training for faculty and admissions officers, as well as an expedited hiring process for minority scholars.

McKen also works with the Columbia provost’s office, according to a fall 2023 bulletin announcing his appointment. That office oversees tenure decisions for the entire university, including the medical school.

Antiracism a.k.a. Critical Race Theory is the doctrine that all blacks are good and should be rewarded because they are “oppressed,” whereas all whites are bad and should be punished because they are “privileged.”

McKen’s dissertation contains some of the most extreme examples of plagiarism thus far. The 50-page complaint, which was submitted to Iowa State University as well as Columbia, outlines nearly 60 cases in which McKen, who assumed his post at the medical center last year, borrows passages from Africanists, education scholars, and diversity consultants without attribution.

Claudine Gay. Sherri Ann Charleston. Shirley Greene. Now professional racist Alade McKen. That’s just within the past few months in the Ivy League — which produces our nomenklatura.

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