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Jun 12 2018

Alan Dershowitz Laments Radicalization of ACLU

Even Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, a Democrat, and a former American Civil Liberties Union board member, is alarmed at the increasing radicalism of the ACLU, an organization that is dropping the pretense of concern for liberties to overtly promote a hard left agenda:

The final nail in its coffin was the announcement that, for the first time in its history, the ACLU would become involved in partisan electoral politics, supporting candidates, referenda and other agenda-driven political goals.

The headline in the June 8 edition of the New Yorker tells it all: “The ACLU is getting involved in elections — and reinventing itself for the Trump era.” The article continues: “In this midterm year, however, as progressive groups have mushroomed and grown more active, and as liberal billionaires such as Howard Schultz and Tom Steyer have begun to imagine themselves as political heroes and eye presidential runs, the ACLU, itself newly flush, has begun to move in step with the times. For the first time in its history, the ACLU is taking an active role in elections. The group has plans to spend more than 25 million dollars on races and ballot initiatives by Election Day, in November.”

The ACLU won’t just support Democrats, which it used to avoid doing overtly. It will throw its weight behind the most malevolent progressive kooks it can find. Dershowitz laments that the “center-left is losing its influence in organizations like the ACLU.”

Past support for the free speech rights of Nazis and the KKK is for show. These fringe elements are going nowhere, so it costs nothing to defend them. The purpose was to allow the ACLU to pose as a nonpartisan champion of liberty. That pose is so profoundly in conflict with the ACLU’s leftist agenda that it now must go out the window.

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