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Dec 31 2018

Alanna Partin and the Media’s War on Biology

The media has placed transsexuals at the pinnacle of the Cultural Marxist caste system. Privileged treatment has gone to the head of some, resulting in extremes of arrogance and entitlement that are astonishing to behold. This — in addition to florid psychosis — might help explain the behavior of Alanna Partin.

After this convicted felon reached for a loaded gun during a traffic stop (he was then tased), he demanded that his weapons be returned (including an AR-15 with no serial number) and that he be compensated $1,500 per day per weapon for loss of use. He proclaims himself entitled to an award of $100 trillion if his demands are not met.

In court, Partin behaved disrespectfully toward the judge and held forth with bizarre legal arguments. Evidently, he regards himself as a “sovereign citizen” to whom the law does not apply.

He also regards himself as a woman. Masculine pronouns are used here because he appears to be a man in need of a shave.

The Corvalis Gazette-Times refers to Partin only as a “Sweet Home woman,” not as a transsexual, and uses feminine pronouns. However, the media will use feminine pronouns for any man who proclaims himself to be a woman, even when we all know better, as in the cases of Bruce Jenner and Bradley Manning. The press wants to erase in the public mind any distinction between women and men who pretend to be women.

This highlights the confusion that results when the media prioritizes its progressive agenda over informing the public. We must judge by the picture whether Partin really is a woman. Similarly, we must refer to pictures or video in many stories where race is relevant or at least interesting but is not mentioned for political reasons.

We come for facts; instead, we get evasions and propaganda. This has an effect on credibility. The liberal media is destroying itself.

As for Partin, he demands a change of venue to federal court. If he could just get it changed to Portland, he might win.

On a tip from Heckrules. Hat tip: Blue Lives Matter.

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