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Sep 16 2011

“All the French Fries Are for MEEEE!”

…and if you don’t let her have all the French fries, she’ll squirt you with her flower:


Compliments of Mary. Tip from Trace.

37 Responses to ““All the French Fries Are for MEEEE!””

  1. ThatDorkEricDraven says:

    I think the flower more likely has knock out gas.

    No, dummy, not THAT flower!

  2. Goldenfoxx says:

    I sent an email to Darden (who owns Olive Garden), and told them I was boycotting their restaurants. I told them that I refuse to do business with anyone who gives in to government intrusion. I also pointed them to Moochelle who can’t quit eating fat cakes and fries. I called her a hypocrite. I guess I’m on the list. BOYCOTT OLIVE GARDEN AND RED LOBSTER!

  3. Resident Loon says:

    I boycott Olive Garden and Red Lobster because their service generally sucks.

  4. The MaryHunter says:

    That stupid exclamation point looks like Moochelle laying a big-ass trans-fat egg.

  5. StanInTexas says:

    …and then you put the cheese on top of the french fries so that it makes a creamy mountain of goodness like THIS!!!

    What? Not, that’s just for me. YOU go eat your pea and GET HEALTHY!

  6. AnonOnline says:

    Uhm, Mich isn’t a government official? I mean, not legally…at least as the law applies to you and I, anyway. She is a self-appointed czar, I guess – it’s like how military wives order themselves by the rank of their husbands and think that “since my husband is a General and yours is a Private you have to do what I say”.

    It is a nice gesture BUT the concern for the health of the “worthless consumers” should have been acted on by the Corporation a long time ago what with all the info about how too much anything is bad, etc.

  7. Trace says:

    I can haz cheezburger?

    Seriously though, I heard a piece on conservative talk radio this morning that said Olive Garden did it on it’s own, based on market deman, and Moochelle found out about it and moved in on it.

    Red Lobster is nothing but expensive fast food seafood to me.

  8. Fiberal says:

    Almost didn’t recognize Moose without her “All that for a f’n flag” sneer.

  9. Graycat says:

    Speaking of portion sizes, Moose with the caboose would not approve of the recently redesigned Easy-Bake oven. It now turns out larger portions than its many predecesors. It also has its own heating element, as the ever popular garden variety light bulb is being outlawed by government demand. The popular toy oven, a staple of little girls for almost fifty years, recently introduced a totally new appearance.

    The new design which looks more like a toaster oven,or a small microwave oven features a larger cooking space and the trays for the baked treats are bigger. Moose will screech about this in 5….4…..3 From the blaze…

  10. blue says:

    lets see, at Olive Garden
    endless salad bowl with dressing and endless bread sticks but no fries
    hmmm… you still get fat

  11. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    Did Dian Fossey snap this photo?

    Good grief. Watch your fingers, that mandible is dangeruzz!


    Dose barack use the jogging path slick willie put in?

  13. Seamus says:


    Olive Garden is Italian for people who have never had real Italian food. Red Lobster is only good for the Cheddar Bay biscuits, the rest is offal. I won’t eat at either place anyhow, this is just one more reason to take my business elsewhere.

  14. Maudie in Mandeville says:

    she’ll squirt you with her flower-or strangle the hell out of you.


    Tell the CSPI and PCRM to sell their vegan puke paste to the weirdos in los angeles

  16. Henry says:


    Here’s why I boycott Red Lobster (aka Dead Lobster):

    Hunt For Red Gold

  17. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:


    You are sooooooooo right. My husband comes from a huge Italian-German family and I’ve learned to cook authentic Italian food and the “Olive Garden” and most “pizza joints” are basically ‘fast-food’ versions of the real deal. When my Italian father-in-law told me that I made the best pizza he ever had eaten, that was a huge compliment to me because he had a pizza restaurant in Chicago before he moved to WA state, so, he knew what ‘real’ pizza was supposed to taste like. I also make homemade cheese ravioli and homemade Italian sausage [I grind it myself]. My lasagna, clams and linguine, Italian roast beef, Cioppino, Ciabatta bread, calzone etc. ad infinitum. I’ve almost mastered Italy.

    I’m also mastering Japanese and other Asian cuisines. I’ve almost perfected my homemade sushi!

    I love making Mexican food too but I haven’t made nearly enough of those authentic dishes yet.


  18. Funnybone says:

    But I like French fries!

    And sugar, real sugar, in my coffee!

    And imitation salt sucks and costs a lot; I sprinkle generous amounts of the real thing on just about everything cause I’m old and my taste buds are half dead!

    Leave me alone! Please.

  19. ent says:

    Every time I see that logo, it looks to me like a skinny-legged kid flying headfirst into the ground. Kind of fitting, in a disturbing way.

  20. AnonOnline says:

    Hey, as a side note, how much you think that thing on her collar costs? I see a GIGANTIC diamond ring, too. And that can’t be a mere department store outfit she is wearing.

    I’d say her get-up as pictured (including nail job, hair-doo, and buckets of make-up) totals at about $135k…

  21. tim says:

    what i see in that logo is a person on their knees with their hands up because the food police are there.

  22. Secret Squirrel says:

    Now if they would ditch teaching children how to be gay and actually put PE back into schools we’d see obesity rates drop. Fat chance on that (no pun intended) tough.

  23. KHarn says:


    “If you NEO-BAGGERS don’t do what I says, yo neck! RIGHT HERE!”

    REGRESSIVES: don’t bother whineing about the wording, I’ve heard OBAMA let some “ghetto talk” slip into his speaches.

  24. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    Separated at birth:


  25. Angie Mima says:

    Government OUT of my kitchen. Bitch.

  26. Seamus says:

    Sexy Snake-Eyes says:
    September 16, 2011 at 9:17 am

    I’m by no means a gourmet, but I know my way around the kitchen and can whip up some good grub.
    I had the same pizza problem while living in Seattle, most of the pizza there is dreadful. So I got pretty proficient making it myself, homemade sauce, etc. Living back in NY state, I can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a mom and pop Italian place with great food and authentic NY style pies.
    All reasons to not eat the culinary abortions served up at OG and RL.

  27. Festivus says:

    Best Seattle pizza – Pagliacci. I now have a craving for some…

  28. Festivus says:

    Oh, and I got distracted. That’s one scary effin’ broad.

  29. angryK9 says:

    I showed that picture to my grandaughter. She screamed and ran and hid behind that sofa.

  30. Bob Roberts says:

    Some of you may recall how gleefully the left compared Bush to various simians. The comparison images are all over the web. I figured maybe someone would try it with Obama but when I looked (briefly) I didn’t find any. But here is what I did find!

    I’m not surprised no Obama comparisons were done for two reasons: First, though we are closely (genetically) related to various simians (infraorder Simiiformes), we don’t all look that much like them. Bush did to a degree, Obama doesn’t, at least not in my opinion. Second, comparing Obama to a monkey… well that would be RACIST! I mean it was OK to compare Bush to one, but not OBAMA! That’s the sort of thing that would get you reported to AttackWatch double quick! And note I am not comparing Michelle to simians, the people who run the web sites I linked did that. Not me. So don’t report me, report them.

  31. Zorro says:

    Chimpelle’s ugly mug and clothes to match are strong appetite suppressants.


    Hands off my cheese burger wheatgerm inhaler

  33. Joek Loth says:

    That flower has got to be jabbing her in the neck. She either likes it (masocist) or its the reason for the dour look that she has all the time!!
    I liked the “Seperated at Birth” pic of Robert Roberts first pic of moosell and I think it was a Star Trek creature!! Lmyassoff!! Dave, do you remember that one?

  34. NMS says:

    The glassy eyes of moonbat zeal. Terrifying.

  35. Jimbo says:

    “All the French Fries Are for MEEEE!”
    Said the queen lard ass.

    What a jerk she (it) is. I’m 6′-2″ and 220 lbs. I bet her britches would swallow me like a 500 lb cockroach.

    Dear God – You see what the liberal’s worship. Real people (Your children) are at the ends of our ropes.

    As from the beginning of time, Lord, we trust in Your deliverance. Things are getting REAL smelly here.


  36. Adam says:

    Sexy Snake Eyes, I’d love to try some of that pizza.
    Back on topic, I think I’ve said it before here, but it still holds true: I still find it infuriatingly hypocritical that a disgusting sow of a woman with a known fondness for Five Guys Burgers and Fries (Whose burgers are among the greasiest I’ve ever seen) always seen stuffing her own porcine face with junk food (Have you heard about some of the foods that Moo- chelle and the other guests pigged out on at the White House Superbowl party?), and whose butt is large enough to land a fleet of stealth bombers on, has the gall to lecture us about overeating and obesity.
    The Obama administration as a whole is defined by hypocrisy.

  37. Lyn says:

    I didn’t vote for Obama. I never wanted to live in the Nanny States of America or People’s Republic of America or whatever it is becoming. Anyway I’ll eat what I want.
    This meddlesome regime thinks it knows best but it doesn’t.

    One more thing Mrs. Obama is starting to get the same personality traits as Whitney Houston. Really starting to act and look like she’s hitting the pipe.

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