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Aug 20 2013

Allies Turn Away From US as Obama Backs Radical Islamists in Egypt

Under our first anti-Western, pro-Islamist president, US foreign policy has entered the Twilight Zone. Saudi Arabia — home to 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers — is actually siding with Israel and the secular government of Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood insurgents and their ally, the US government:

The U.S.’s closest Middle East allies are undercutting American policy in Egypt, encouraging the military to confront the Muslim Brotherhood rather than reconcile, U.S. and Arab officials said.

The parallel efforts by Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have blunted U.S. influence with Egypt’s military leadership and underscored how the chaos there has pulled Israel into ever-closer alignment with those Gulf states, officials said.

A senior Israeli official called the anti-Muslim Brotherhood nations “the axis of reason.”

The Obama administration first had sought to persuade Egyptian military leader Gen. Abdel Fattah Al Sisi not to overthrow the elected government of President Mohammed Morsi and then to reconcile with his Muslim Brotherhood base.

But in contrast to some, General Sisi is no sissy when it comes to confronting radical Islam — even when significant financial pressure is brought to bear in its favor by Obama.

“Our ability to influence the outcome in Egypt is limited,” said Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, the U.S.’s main interlocutor with Gen. Sisi.

That’s certainly a relief.

Arab countries are stepping up to provide aid pulled by Obama. Astonishingly, they are the good guys, whereas the US government is backing Islamic terrorist insurgents. Unlike Obama, Arab nations want to arrest the spread of radical Islam so that the entire Middle East doesn’t turn into a giant seething Iran.

Meanwhile, Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies have been running amok in Egypt, largely targeting defenseless Christians. The following Christian institutions were attacked over a period of three days:

Catholic churches and convents
1. Franciscan church and school (road 23) – burned (Suez)
2. Monastery of the Holy Shepherd and hospital – burned (Suez)
3. Church of the Good Shepherd, Monastery of the Good Shepherd – burned in molotov attack (Asuit)
4. Coptic Catholic Church of St. George – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
5. Church of the Jesuits – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
6. Fatima Basilica – attacked – Heliopolis
7. Coptic Catholic Church of St. Mark – burned (Minya – Upper Egypt)
8. Franciscan convent (Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) – burned (Beni Suef, Upper Egypt)
9. Church of St. Teresa – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
10. Franciscan Church and School – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
11. Convent of St Joseph and school – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
12. Coptic Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart – torched (Minya, Upper Egypt)
13 Convent of the Sisters of Saint Mary – attacked (Cairo)
14. School of the Holy Shepherd – attacked (Minya, Upper Egypt)

Orthodox and Evangelical Churches
1. Anglican Church of St. Saviour – burned (Suez)
2. Evangelical Church of St Michael – surrounded and sacked (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
3. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. George – Burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
4. Church of Al-Esla – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
5. Adventist Church – burned, the pastor and his wife abducted (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
6. Church of the Apostles – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
7. Church of the Holy renewal – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
8. Diocesan Centre Coptic Orthodox Qusiya – burned (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
9. Church of St. George – burned (Arish, North Egypt)
10. Church of St. George in al-Wasta – burned (Beni Suef, Upper Egypt)
11. Church of the Virgin Mary – attacked (Maadi, Cairo)
12. Church of the Virgin Mary – attacked (Mostorod, Cairo)
13. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. George – attacked (Helwan, Cairo)
14. Church of St. Mary of El Naziah – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
15. Church of Santa Damiana – sacked and burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
16. Church of St. Theodore – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
17. Evangelical Church of al-Zorby – Sacked and destroyed (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
18. Church of St. Joseph – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
19. Franciscan School – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
20. Coptic Orthodox Diocesan Center of St. Paul – burned (Gharbiya, Delta)
21. Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Anthony – burned (Giza)
22. Coptic Church of St. George – burned (Atfeeh, Giza)
23. Church of the Virgin Mary and father Abraham – burned (Delga, Deir Mawas, Minya, Upper Egypt)
24. Church of St. Mina Abu Hilal Kebly – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
25. Baptist Church in Beni Mazar – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
26. Church of Amir Tawadros – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
27. Evangelical Church – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
28. Church of Anba Moussa al-Aswad- burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
29. Church of the Apostles – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
30. Church of St Mary – arson attempt (Qena, Upper Egypt)
31. Coptic Church of St. George – burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
32. Church of Santa Damiana – Attacked and burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
33. Church of the Virgin Mary – burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
34. Church of St. Mark and community center – burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)
35. Church of Anba Abram – destroyed and burned (Sohag, Upper Egypt)

Christian institutions
1. House of Fr. Angelos (pastor of the church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abraham) – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
2. Properties and shops of Christians – Burnt (Arish, North Egypt)
3. 17 Christian homes attacked and looted (Minya, Upper Egypt)
4. Christian homes – Attach (Asuit, Upper Egypt)
5. Offices of the Evangelical Foundation – burned (Minya, Upper Egypt)
6. Stores, pharmacies, hotels owned by Christians – attacked and looted (Luxor, Upper Egypt)
7. Library of the Bible Society – burned (Cairo)
8. Bible Society – burned (Fayoum, Upper Egypt)
9. Bible Society- burned (Asuit, North Egypt).

Obama was perfectly happy to keep flooding Egypt with our money so long as those responsible for these outrages were running the country. When they lost their grip on power, he secretly shut the money off.

Here is what Egyptians think of our current leadership (Anne Patterson is Obama’s ambassador to Egypt):

obama egypt

obama egypt

obama egypt

obama egypt

Obama is a traitor not only to the USA, not only to Western Civilization, but to civilization in general. If he is not soon removed from power, America will become an international pariah, fit only for the company of the Muslim Brotherhood and the al Qaeda–affiliated terrorists Obama has been helping to take control of Syria — and being bankrolled by our tax dollars won’t stop Obama’s friends from launching terror strikes against us.

Until we retake control of our country, the USA is no longer a force for good in the world; it is a force for evil.

On tips from St. Gilbert and R F.

33 Responses to “Allies Turn Away From US as Obama Backs Radical Islamists in Egypt”

  1. Max says:


    Thanks, leftards, for another (piss-poor) presidential pick.

  2. Cameraman says:

    Can”t we just deport the POS POTUS to Iran where he Belongs?
    Semper Fi

  3. Flu-Bird says:

    Obama is a WAR CRINIMAL and his Peace Prize needs to be revoked and the peace prize commity fired

  4. ThisObamaNation says:

    Obama said that when push comes to shove he would stand with the Muslims. Do not be deceived Obama IS a Stealth Muslim.

  5. Pek says:

    Well said. Forget the coup in Egypt. Start worrying about the coup that has taken place in the US. The Federal Reserve needs investigating.

  6. A. Levy says:


    “Beware the greedy hand of government, thrusting itself into every corner and crevice of industry…” —Thomas Paine

  7. Spider says:

    Why are those people protesting? Do they, like the weak, gullible, and brainless American sheeple, not know what the Muslim-in-Chief really is? He is a Kenyan-born, Marxist Muslim who promised his bros in the Muslim Brotherhood that, using the power and money of the US, he would hand them the entire middle east. And that’s exactly what he’s doing.

    Of course, he didn’t count on the Egyptian people refusing to be as passive and gullible as the American people. Now, he’s been forced to actually come out and show the world who’s side he’s really on.

  8. Jodie says:

    The only Muslims that I believe are the ones who say that Israel has the right to exist, that there is no room for a Palestinian state, that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and should not be divided, and that Israel should be able to build as many settlements as they want. (chuckle) How many Muslims do you think I believe?

    “The world, which condemns Israel for every announcement of new settlement construction, is oddly silent when the Palestinian-controlled government media continues to incite against Israel and call for its destruction, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s spokesman Mark Regev said Monday.

    Regev’s comments, just days before a second round of peace talks expected in Jericho, were in response to comments made by an announcer on the Palestinian Authority’s official Voice of Palestine, who said that “one day” there will be no Israel and “Palestine will be Palestine again.”

    Regev also cited a drama running on Palestinian television which he said showed Palestinians – after a Hamas-Fatah reconciliation – attacking a Jew and cutting off his ear-locks. “While this incitement is happening, we hear a deafening silence from the international community,” he said.

    “When Israel builds in areas which everyone understands will remain part of Israel in a final-status agreement, this is somehow perceived as a problem for peace. When Palestinians indoctrinate their people with hatred for Israel, and thereby directly undermine reconciliation, this is ignored.”

  9. whotothewhat says:

    I take this a positive sign. The rest of the world looks at our government and basically flips the bird. I love it, this will not bode well for ol Barry and his admin.

  10. Clingtomyguns says:

    Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood friends parade nuns through Cairo streets as POW’s.

    “Sister Manal, principal of a Franciscan school in suburban Cairo, watched for six hours as a mob looted the building, knocked the cross off the gate and replaced it with a black banner resembling the flag of Al Qaeda.

    ‘We are nuns. We rely on God and the angels to protect us,’ she said. ‘At the end, they paraded us like prisoners of war and hurled abuse at us as they led us from one alley to another without telling us where they were taking us.’

    Siblings Wardah and Bedour, two Christian women employed by the school, also found themselves having to fight their way through the mob while being groped, hit and insulted by the extremists.”

    … the USA is no longer a force for good in the world; it is a force for evil.

    Indeed, and embracing an absolutely Satanic foreign policy.

  11. TED says:

    But the media told us the world would love him…?

    Dear Egypt

  12. TED says:

    There is NOTHING stealth about Obama being a muslim, he proves that every day.

  13. Jodie says:

    “Swedish women don headscarves after assault on Muslim
    Woman wears headscarf. File photo The campaigners say hate crimes against Muslims in Sweden are on the rise

    Swedish women have been posting photos of themselves in traditional Muslim headscarves in solidarity with a woman attacked apparently for wearing a veil.

    Among the protesters from various faiths were politicians and TV hosts.

    The ‘hijab outcry’ campaigners urged the government to ‘ensure that Swedish Muslim women are guaranteed the right to… religious freedom'”.

    Instead, they should be wearing acid on their faces for all the Muslim and non-Muslims women who have had acid thrown in their faces by Muslim men and their families.

  14. IslandLifer says:

    Where is the leadership of the Christian and Jewish churches? Why are they staying silent about this? Christians are being systematically exterminated and no condemnation to be heard? Our government is truly evil. Where are the liberal Hollywood clowns? Does the cat have everyone’s tongue? What a bunch of worthless cowards!!!!

  15. Flu-Bird says:

    Egypt needs to totaly ban Obama from entering their nation

  16. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo. You represent the harmony between tradition and progress. I am grateful for your hospitality, and the hospitality of the people of Egypt. assalaamu alaykum.

    Thank you. And may God’s peace be upon you.

  17. IslandLifer says:

    Million muslim march is a flop.

  18. Lefty Mongtard says:

    All those allies are racists if they don’t love the immaculate chicago jesus messiah.

  19. justme says:

    The UN must intervene along with all of the civilized nations of the Western World to bring Regime Change to the United States. They must begin airstrikes to cut the head off of the head terrorist in the White House and all of his junta. Arm the American Rebels.

  20. Dr. 9 says:

    Don’t forget, he is the product of We The People. It is (WE) who are responsible for all that he’s done, and will do. Voter ID law? What’s truly needed is a voter sanity law.

  21. Lauran says:

    Note that the blame and ridicule from Egypt are pointedly aimed precisely in the direction they belong–at Obama…

    …and the Egyptians are 6800 miles across the globe but you leftards can’t see what’s directly in front of your faces.

  22. ThisObamaNation says:

    Rut Oh! Obama’s Turban Is Showing.

  23. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    To nationbuild, the left needs someone to declare the “good guy”
    No need for them to actually desire peace, or “Democracy”

  24. John Lewis says:

    The Saudi position has not been covered properly even in Fox News. From al Arabiya:
    Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal:
    “To those who have announced they are cutting their aid to Egypt, or threatening to do that, (we say that) Arab and Muslim nations are rich… and will not hesitate to help Egypt,” al-Faisal said in a statement carried by SPA state news agency.

    Prince al-Faisal criticized Western condemnations of Egypt’s security crackdown against Islamists saying Egypt is fighting terrorism.

    “All countries that take such negative attitudes toward Egypt should know that the blaze and ruin will not be limited to Egypt alone, but they will be reflected on all those who have contributed or stood by problems and disorders taking place in Egypt today,” Prince al-Faisal said.

    “We will not consider those who ignore these facts and drift behind the flimsy propaganda and lies as a good faith or ignorance, but we will consider them as hostile attitudes against the interests of the Arab and Islamic nations and their stability,” Prince al-Faisal added.

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  26. Jon Brooks says:

    Go Egyptian army!! Kill all of Obama’s terrorist friends over there. We still owe Hezbollah (one of the mooselimb brohood’s spinoffs) for the 284 Marines in Beirut. This will have to be the next best thing.

  27. Jerry Falwell's Biggest Fan says:

    So you guys get mad at muslims for burning Christian churches but support the EDL and other groups that attack and burn mosques? Don’t you see the hypocrisy?

  28. […] Sunny applies her cutting edge journalism to the Obama Regime’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies, and presents exclusive voice mail messages left by our Cindy Sheehan-esque Defense Secretary for his Egyptian counterpart General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, with whom Schmuck Hagel’s influence is limited: […]

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