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May 24 2020

Alyssa Milano’s Crocheted Mask

Just how clueless are the militant Tinseltown moonbats who righteously preach to the rest of us regarding what we should think and how we should live? Actress/activist Alyssa “Karen” Milano provides an indication:

A crocheted mask to keep out a virus. She should have gone into comedy.

Rumors could not be confirmed that Milano is putting up a chain link fence around her mansion to keep out mosquitos.

Karen I mean Alyssa claims there is a carbon filter underneath her crocheted mask. I doubt it, but maybe. Carbon filters are not recommended against Kung Flu anyway.

Here’s a better idea than witless Alyssa’s:

On a tip from Varla.

One Response to “Alyssa Milano’s Crocheted Mask”

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