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Oct 03 2019

Amari Allen Hate Hoax Reveals Media Rot

Hate hoaxes get traction in the willfully gullible media because they advance the media’s progressive agenda. The recent Amari Allen hate hoax is a case in point.

The first to report on the tear-jerking tale of 12-year-old Amari having her dreadlocks cut off by racist white boys at a private Christian school where Mike Pence’s wife happens to teach was local DC reporter Mikea Turner. She had previously advocated for laws (like they now have in California) protecting dreadlocks from discrimination — i.e., granting special legal status to the blacks who wear them (making them more difficult to fire or fail to hire and promote, etc.).

From the Daily Caller:

The reporter also used the claims by the Virginia girl’s family — which runs a “natural” cosmetics company that the reporter has previously promoted on air — as justification for the laws.

That sounds about as up and up as a Democrat impeachment inquiry. Fortunately for Mikea Turner, journalistic integrity has given way to leftist advocacy, so her ideologically driven corruption may have no negative impact on her career.

This gives an idea of the viciousness behind the hate hoax phenomenon:

Turner ran two segments with Amari and her family on Sept. 29. In the first, she questioned why the school had not finished its investigation and punished the students.

“You found out on Wednesday and notified the school almost immediately. They told you they’re not going to notify you about disciplinary action until Monday. How do you feel about having to wait that long?” she said.

“Devastated,” [Amari’s grandmother] Cynthia replied.

No doubt seeing the innocent 6th-grade boys lynched would have brought satisfied smiles. Thankfully, surveillance video debunked the hoax and prevented their futures from being ruined.

The family embarked on a media tour to promote Amari’s fictional oppression. It would have sent sales of their “Still Natural” cosmetics through the roof. Now that the hoax has been revealed, Mikea Turner’s WUSA, a CBS affiliate, has “deleted all articles and video about the story” according to the Daily Caller, and will not mention Amari’s name.

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